freenode/#devuan/ Monday, 2019-07-29

brocashelmi hope devuan never gets a discord01:38
brocashelmit's literally the worst thing to ever happen to any community. 100% guarantee kill towards any forum01:38
brocashelmi would HATE to have to make a discord account to get help with devuan, because normscum chose to "get with the times" and leave the forums to rot01:39
DonkeyHoteidiscord is centralized and proprietary01:43
brocashelmseeing far too many gnu/linux distros support that garbage and i would hate to see more go that direction01:44
brocashelmirc is great because it has none of that nonsense with being voip01:44
brocashelmdiscord is to communities what systemd is to gnu/linux01:44
brocashelmbut i won't derail this chat further. just annoyed how everything is getting so generic and the feel of a community is decaying01:45
Evilham</OT> :-)02:01
retak_there is always one xkcd comic to explain the situation :)02:20
brocashelmxkcd when it was good02:33
xrogaancould setup a matrix bridge though03:55
drawkulawhat about including an irc client in the standard install and live cds?03:56
xrogaanor gitter03:56
xrogaanBecause younglings frown upon what seems old, even though it's still working perfectly.03:56
drawkulathen they are not the target audience for devuan03:57
drawkulawait a bit and "do more with less" will e a trend03:58
xrogaanTo not confuse with KISS03:58
drawkulanothing with a GUI is KISS04:00
drawkulaok... but back to community fragmentation... I think there should be ouposts redirecting the crowd to only a handfull of different media04:01
drawkuladancing in every clicky colour experiment only harms04:02
drawkulaif a perfect gatewaying is possible, then declare that combination as one04:02
drawkulain other cases, be conservative04:03
drawkulairc is like C... it'll be there for some more decades04:04
drawkulathat sure is not guaranteed for all this other hipster stuff04:04
drawkulastudd like /r/devuan does not help04:05
drawkulathat's unofficial and low traffic and generates more questions than answerd04:06
jordilawhen '$ df -h' ing, the terminal is no answering with the expected info. In fact, is not answering at all... Uh!?. Then i tried '$ ncdu'... and folders/files scanning process starts with a ' Warning: [..] │  some directory sizes may not be correct   '. What am i missing here ?10:14
* jordila i'm wondering wether if is has to do with the fact that i have a /mnt/sshfs/myremotefolder, maybe ?10:19
jordilaNevermind. Yes, my hypothesis was correct. Umounting those sshfs units did the job. No issue anymore.10:22
retak_yeah if the network connection breaks while sshfs is mountet.... can be ugly from time to time10:24
jordilaGiven the fact that i'm now in a valley in between high mountains... on a quite unstable connection, it might be the case, retak_10:31
agrisMy LXC containers that use OpenRC are stuck in perpetual sysinit runlevel11:28
agrisno idea why11:28
agrisit appears to still be launching via init11:48

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