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buZzFatPhil: ah ok09:54
lsjetinstalled Ascii to flash drive in a thinkpad L450 running Windows 7 (installed on mbr partition and using bios compat to boot). Install completed and rebooted successfully ONCE. After that, I get dumped into a grub-rescue shell with a message about invalid arch-independent ELF magic. Nothing I do to boot from this point onward to try to get grub to boot works.14:56
fsmithreddid you try booting the install media and going into rescue mode to reinstall the bootloader?15:00
fsmithredlsjet,  ^^^15:02
HumanG33kdo we know when next release occurs ?15:03
fsmithredwe'll tell you15:03
lsjetfsmithred, yes. I can get to rescue mode, but nothing I've tried seems to fix grub.15:04
r3bootTried the steps specified in there already? (eg, install a 64 bit grub efi stub)15:04
fsmithredif it's set up to boot bios, does it even have an efi partition?15:06
lsjetr3boot, saw that but doesn't seem relevant. There is no efi partition15:06
r3bootlsjet: are you using BIOS or EFI boot?15:07
lsjet...and it did successfully boot into the newly installed system at the end of the install.15:07
fsmithredwith the installation media still plugged in?15:08
lsjetIt's an efi system, but is using bios compatibility mode - Win7 installed on a mbr partitioned drive (Windows restricts BIOS=MBR, EFI=GPT in a way linux doesn't)15:08
lsjetfsmitred, I've tried both with and without the install media...the first successful boot was without it15:09
fsmithredok, just checking. Sometimes grub gets installed to the usb stick.15:09
fsmithred(sometime bios and kernel don't agree on which is the first hard drive)15:10
lsjetAT first I suspected it was because the drive letters got reordered, but I believe it is something more fundamental now15:10
lsjetbeen pulling my hari out for hours15:10
fsmithredgo there15:11
r3bootOk, so how are your partitions organized?15:11
lsjetsda has two partitions (windows). sdb has a single partition for devuan (no swap). sdc (when present) is the installer15:12
lsjetabout as simple as I could get15:12
fsmithredinstall grub to sdb, press F12 at boot and select second drive to boot15:12
fsmithredthat doesn't really fix it, though15:13
* lsjet chuckles. Yeah I tried that.15:13
lsjetIt wouldn't boot that way15:13
lsjetI can't explain that15:13
lsjetThe bios treats sdb as unbootable even after successfully installing grub to it from a rescue shell15:14
fsmithredFWIW, I'm playing with a borrowed T420 and I can only get it to boot when there's a live-CD in the bay15:15
lsjetI've done tons of installs for debian and devuan, but it's been a long time since I've done a dual-boot (Windows sucks), but this is for someone else eager to try linux. It's not making a great first impression.  :(15:15
fsmithredit doesn't necessarily have to boot from the CD, but it has to be there15:15
lsjetBIOS bug?15:16
fsmithredpretty sure it has the original bios from 201115:16
fsmithredlaptop holds two hard drives?15:18
lsjetOne one hdd. sdb is a usb drive. Honestly now, I'd settle for getting it to be able to boot back into windows.15:18
fsmithredI had to make a special grub entry to boot from usb15:19
fsmithredset root=(hd1)15:19
fsmithredor maybe it was hd0, I forget. they keep switchig15:20
lsjetwindows is on hd0, yeah I know what you mean15:20
fsmithredchainloader +115:20
fsmithredand it boots from the usb's bootloader15:20
lsjetThe weird thing is that in the grub rescue shell (on the hdd, not the installer) none of the typical commands for booting seem to work. I can set the root, but chainloader, linux, etc. don't seem to work15:21
fsmithredthere are some different commands for grub rescue15:22
fsmithredset prefix=something15:22
fsmithredgrub rescue> set prefix=(hd0,1)/boot/grub15:23
fsmithredgrub rescue> set root=(hd0,1)15:23
fsmithredgrub rescue> insmod normal15:23
fsmithredgrub rescue> normal15:23
fsmithredI'm pasting from notes. I don15:23
fsmithred't recall if I've ever done this15:24
fsmithredgrub rescue> insmod linux15:24
fsmithredgrub rescue> linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-29-generic root=/dev/sda115:24
fsmithredgrub rescue> initrd /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-29-generic15:24
fsmithredgrub rescue> boot15:24
fsmithredI would probably boot a live-usb and chroot in to see what's going on15:25
lsjetI've done the grub-rescue thing before too. It always seems to be slightly different...either becuase of grub version differences or system differences. *sigh*15:29
fsmithredgpt or msdos partition table?15:30
lsjetin this case, msdos15:30
fsmithredok, so you don't need a special bios boot partition15:30
lsjetI think for now I'm going to focus on getting win7 booting again and revisit the devuan install at a later time. Thanks for the help though15:31
fsmithredis there some free space (1mb) before sda1?15:32
lsjetThe owner of the windows install is getting nervous15:32
lsjetI don't believe so15:32
fsmithredgrub needs that15:33
lsjetother than what's typical15:33
lsjetmbr partitioning typically leaves sufficient space before the first partition starts15:33
fsmithredgparted does, I know15:33
lsjetI thought you were asking if I had extra blank space for another partition15:34
fsmithredmake a live-CD for friend, set it to boot into ram15:34
fsmithredhe won't like that it boots slowly,,but he'll be very impressed witih the running speedd15:34
fsmithredafter you repair win boot15:35
lsjetyeah, I think mixing windows and grub on this system is a bad idea.15:35
fsmithredI did dual-boot install on a T430 about a month ago, and it all went perfectly15:36
lsjetOk this is weird. I booted a win7 rescue disk - something I've done a hundred times over. And the option to do a startup repair reports no problems and won't fix anything. WTF15:36
lsjetbut rebooting with no usb drives gives me a broken grub shell, so...WIndows sucks. Did I mention that?15:37
fsmithredand it wasn't news the first time15:37
fsmithredI always wash my hands after running windows15:38
lsjetI won't even allow Windows on my home network anymore.15:38
lsjetNot even guest wifi15:38
r3boot#debianfork ;)15:38
lsjetok, system is booting again. going to install Devuan again but keeping grub on the usb drive this time around. More annoying to boot, less annoying to fix.17:14
lsjetif he were booting uefi mode, I'd just use refind. Way easier to deal with than grub.17:15
specinglsjet: the least annoying is if your "bios" already has GRUB inside17:16
lsjetin that case I'd still rather go with something like uboot (at least on ARM, never tried on x86) I really, really , do not like grub..17:18
lsjetThe whole "don't edit this config, let us generate it" approach bugs me too.17:19
r3bootyou might like syslinux then17:20
lsjetI've used it (long time ago), but not recently17:20
* r3boot uses it for all desktops, except for the openbsd ones17:20
r3boot(but those run arch; I dont know the state of syslinux in devuan)17:21
lsjeton uefi systems, I really like refind. It's simple, reliable, and actually looks nice too.17:21
* r3boot doesnt really care, as long as it works and it boots a kernel :)17:21
r3bootand as long as it's not LILO/MILO, shudder17:22
lsjetHaven't touched lilo since the 90's17:22
r3bootsame, that piece of crap got replaced the moment grub came out, atleast on my boxen :)17:25
r3bootand my Alpha boxen all run OpenVMS nowadays, so #care for MILO17:25
surrounderstill used lilo until a few weeks back when my slackware server died17:26
r3bootjust ... wow17:27
fsmithredr3boot, extlinux works in devuan (syslinux on usb)17:31
fsmithredlilo works, too17:31
fsmithredso I've heard17:31
r3bootsyslinux is in devuan as well17:32
fsmithredeverythiing that's in debian except systemd17:32
r3bootAnd that for the distro that advertises init freedom ;+17:32
r3bootokok, I'll quit & move to a hackerspace .o/17:33
fsmithredlol. we're aware of the apparent contradiction17:33
fsmithredbut "debian without systemd" is the goal17:33
r3boothehehe, no comment, apart from that :)17:33
r3bootI just tought it was a funny situation, and I was making a joke about it17:33
r3boot(hence the ;+)17:33
fsmithredanyone is free to use "debian with systemd"17:33
fsmithredI appreciate the joke17:34
lsjetI think of it more as 'freedom from init(systemd)'18:03
lsjetsystemd has so many subsystems and parts now, it's becoming increasingly difficult to run systemd with anything other than the systemd sanctified tools.18:04
golinuxMoving this conversation to #debianfork18:07
Centurion_Danwhois obeardly22:45

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