freenode/#devuan/ Thursday, 2019-08-08

ServiceRobotgood evening, or morning, gentlemen07:58
golinuxServiceRobot: You ever get openrc running?08:09
golinux(and ladies)08:10
drawkula(and aliens)08:13
onefang(and, um, whatever it is that I am)10:16
drawkula(and *)10:22
divansantanaso keen to reload my server at home with devuan. :wahoo:22:08
divansantananow I wonder, anyone know if bcache will work with devuan, as the root volume?22:09
divansantanaMy idea, two ssds in raid0, with 3 slower hdds, all mixed together with bcache, to speed things up.22:10
divansantanaI then would want to use ansible to manage all22:10
divansantanaI do wonder if supports devuan. If not, should be mostly easy to add support.22:11
EvilhamIt does22:19
EvilhamI added it22:19
EvilhamBut it should be updated22:19
EvilhamI can do that if you plan on using debops with devuan22:20
Evilham(basically pushing a local branch, because I've been waiting for Beowulf to be stable)22:20
EvilhamPing me / send me an email, otherwise I'll just wait until release :-)22:23
divansantanaEvilham:cool. I'll see so - thanks. Prob be a while til I get to that.22:24
EvilhamIt'd be useful to have non-systemd users testing22:26
EvilhamThere's btw #debops, so let's move it there if you will be using it22:27

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