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Beerbelott1Err:1 ascii-security/main amd64 libpq5 amd64 9.6.15-0+deb9u1 404  Not Found [IP: 2001:4ca0:4300::1:22 80] E: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found [IP: 2001:4ca0:4300::1:22 80]02:14
Beerbelott1Has anyone else got a problem with that mirror?02:14
gnarfacedoes it persist?02:15
gnarfacesome transient errors can be expected while the mirrors update02:16
gnarfacedon't panic unless it persists02:16
Beerbelott1Well how long shall I wait to accept that as decent?02:17
Beerbelott1to consider that as not decent*02:18
Beerbelott1sentence logic reversed :D02:18
gnarfacewell, it depends on what they're doing to it.  normally i would just have the round-robin entry in my sources, and i would just retry to get another mirror.  i wouldn't bother complaining to anyone unless i saw the same package error twice.02:32
gnarfacehow long has it persisted so far?  and are you only using that one mirror?02:32
gnarfaceif it's just one package on one mirror, and it's been gone for more than a few minutes something might be up.  more than a few days - something is definitely up.02:33
gnarfaceif you try again right now and it's fine though, probably they were just actually copying a new version of it to the server at that moment and you got unlucky02:33
gnarfacethere have been some weirder problems with dns stuff and amprolla redirects and outdated mirrors and such, but that is more rare02:34
Beerbelott1Just retried02:52
Beerbelott1to no avail02:52
gnarfaceyou did run like "apt-get update" first, right?02:52
Beerbelott1Almost 40 minutes now02:53
Beerbelott1update & upgrade chained, as always02:53
Beerbelott1using as APT source02:53
Beerbelott1Is there a way to force RR other then cheating with /etc/hosts?02:53 is the RR02:54
Beerbelott1I know02:54
gnarfacei think the answer is no but i don't know for sure02:55
Beerbelott1Unless I try to control resolution be cheating it, it seems consistently sends me back to that mirror02:55
gnarfacemaybe it is the dns?02:55
Beerbelott1What do you mean?02:55
gnarfacewell i get like a good dozen ip addresses back for that host02:56
gnarfacerun "nslookup" what do you get?02:56
Beerbelott1Wait, there is sth fishy here02:57
Beerbelott1another mirror failed on the same package02:57
Beerbelott1E: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found [IP: 2001:878:346::116 80]02:58
Beerbelott1what the...02:58
gnarfaceuh oh02:58
gnarfacelooks bad02:58
gnarfacecheck that one02:58
Beerbelott1I got a 404 from my machine02:59
Beerbelott1I don't think I'll get anything else from my remote02:59
gnarfacei wonder where it went?02:59
gnarfaceone package had a problem before...02:59
gnarfacea problem with amprolla?03:00
Beerbelott1Well resolving w/ the IP address seems to lead nowhere03:00
fsmithredI just downloaded the package from pkgmaster03:00
Beerbelott1 is OK03:00
Beerbelott1http:// is not03:00
gnarfaceif it he package is unchanged from debian, it could be a debian issue?03:00
fsmithredafter an uupdate. No problem with either03:00
Beerbelott1mb sth related to propagation (rsync or otherwise)?03:01
Jjp137according to this, 9.6.15 was just accepted really recently:
Jjp137so maybe you got (un)lucky and the Debian mirror doesn't have it yet03:01
fsmithredmaybe. The lmu repo has 5.9.1303:01
Beerbelott1Well so far that's 2 repos out of sync03:02
Beerbelott1I'll try to continue playing Russian roulette 'til I'm lucky or dead03:02
Jjp137yea I actually was on and it said 9.6.13 for a bit and then I refreshed the page and now it's 9.6.1503:03
fsmithredyou're using in sources.list?03:03
Jjp137(on the website, not using it in sources.list, in case someone gets the wrong idea :p)03:03
fsmithredyeah, I was using a browser, too03:03
fsmithredto look03:03
fsmithredused apt-get to download03:04
fsmithredand got the newer version03:04
Beerbelott1fsmithred: Yes,, and so far the 2 tested mirrors are fail03:04
Beerbelott1It's interesting update got info on the new package while retrieving it is not possible03:07
Beerbelott1Does that mean my update was lucky?03:07
Beerbelott1or might this be a sign of difference index vs content?03:08
ServiceRobotgreetings superiors!03:09
Beerbelott1Well. I'll sleep on it ;)03:11
gnarfacehmmmm... could it be a ipv6 issue?03:16
Jjp137it's probably that the Debian mirror that they were sent to didn't have that version of the package yet, since it was just accepted very recently03:18
gnarfaceso it's "lucky"03:19
Jjp137yeah lol03:19
andy5995The "maintain a package" link mentioned at is broken. Anybody know the correct one? Thanks06:26
golinuxandy5995: We pulled the d1h walk through because it was outdated.  I thought we had removed all references to it.  I'll remove that one now.07:09
golinuxUnfortunately, there is no replacement available.07:09
golinuxDone.  Thanks for catching that07:12
ServiceRobothey peeps07:54
debdoganyone else missing the mouse pointer on beowulf's xfce4?14:08
debdogcould this be kernel related? Linux amilo 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.78-1 x86_64 GNU/Linux14:09
debdogto be clear, the mouse pointer is invisible but working14:12
debdogsame with lightdem, slim and fluxbox. so definitely no xfce4 issue14:40
debdogprolly a kernel, driver, something issue after all14:41
errandir1maybe the colour mask is making it transparant. wouldn't know how to fix that, I have not seen this.14:47
debdoghehe, pun intended?14:51
debdogok, with beowulf's kernel the cursor is visible but the other problem came back14:55
debdognow the laptop does not halt/reboot properly, just hangs there at shutdown when poweroff/reboot is called.14:57
debdogbeen fighting this issue for weeks now and the only solution I found was to use that elderly kernel14:57
errandir1no pun intended, but a happy accident15:15
fsmithreddebdog, is elogind installed?15:17
debdogfsmithred: no, consolekit is. but,in this case, I sort of doubt that's related15:21
debdogI'll take some pictures....15:21
xe-nonI just migrate to devuan acii , network and audio isn't working15:32
fsmithredxe-non, is there an interface name in that pic? I can't read it.15:35
fsmithredif you switched from debian to devuan (and from udev to eudev) then inteface names have changed. enps-whatever is now eth015:36
emdetefsmithred: btw: can you explain (or link to) what this enps naming is coming from? i never understood the meaning of the name...15:39
fsmithredemdete, google for 'predictable interface names' and get the explanation on Lennart's blog.15:40
fsmithredI think...  en for ethernet, s for slot, p for ?15:41
fsmithredit gets named accordiing to where the network card is plugged into the motherboard15:41
fsmithredso that the names can't change on next boot15:41
fsmithredand you can predict what the name will be15:41
fsmithredI guess by opening the box and looking15:41
emdeteyou could better use the mac address for that 😉15:42
fsmithredum, on some wireless dongles, it does that15:42
fsmithredifup wlx-83983743986-351045719 ;; bogur-2h5n15:42
fsmithredpredictable != memorable15:43
fsmithredI gotta go. bbl.15:43
drawkulaat least its shorter than new onion addresses ;-)15:43
debdogturns out taking screenshots is harder than expected...15:48
debdog and
emdeteah, systemd/udev actually does it: enx78e7d1ea46da15:49
r3boothuh? how do you configure that??15:49
r3booton arch, you still have the predictable interface names15:49
r3boot (btw)15:50
emdetemanually... fourth option they provide, you create a conf for that15:51
xe-nonfsmithred: Is it clear?15:56
errandir1xe-non: best check in 'ifconfig -a' if you have an IP address16:32
errandir1Can't help with pulseaudio, I don't use that16:32
xe-nonerrandir1:  what are you use?16:36
xe-nonAs pulseaudio ?16:37
xe-nonifconfig -a
errandir1I use ALSA, and sometimes jack. To check ALSA run 'aplay -l'16:39
xe-nonaplay -l
errandir1So your eth0 does not have an IP adress, which I guess you would use for networking16:43
errandir1maybe your /etc/network/interfaces still have the old inferface name?16:45
errandir1Regarding aplay: that looks fine. So your hardware is recognised and if functional.16:46
xe-noninterfaces.d is empty16:53
errandir1There is no external network configured at all in /etc/network/interfaces. Do you know what you used before you migrated?16:57
errandir1ok, you should add that into /etc/network/interfaces then, using lines like 'auto wlan0' and 'iface wlan0 inet dhcp'17:33
xe-nonHow to restart network???18:03
errandir1Once that is in doing 'ifup wlan0' should bring up the interface18:07
xe-nonthanks it worked
andy5995Is there a recommended way to upgrade from Debian Stretch to Devuan ASCII?21:54
drizzthello everyone !22:12
drizztI'm currently working on getting a devuan ceres with latest kernel on an orangepi zero board22:13
drizztI have a working system (though support is incomplete, no Wifi yet)22:13
drizztI have created a small program to solve the very late crng init problem (which is reported here : and here : and here :
drizztit is not limited to systemd systems, and the programm I wrote is dedicated to sysvinit users22:21
drizztI'll write a little "how to use it"22:21
drizztand it could be integrated in a devuan package (new or existing one)22:22
drizztIf you're interested in devuan ceres on orange pi zero with latest kernel, you can read the informations I gathered here :
golinuxdrizzt: You should post that on #devuan-arm too22:38
dacavHello :) I've installed devuan on my raspberry (3b), and it seems to work (it boots, it gets an IP address from dnsmasq, I can see it has ssh open).  I'd like to log in, but sshd hangs up as soon as I try.  Ssh allows root login (I could see it by mounting the micro-sd and looking at /etc/sshd_config), but just to rule that problem out, I've added a non-privileged user. No luck.  Also I'm not managing to23:16
dacavuse my USB-TTL for serial console access.  Do you have any hint?23:16
dacavI have to go, but I leave dacav_ connected, to catch any kind hint :) Bye23:24
* dacav_ here23:24
stiltrdacav_: You may have better luck on #devuan-arm. That's where the Pi stuff gets talked about. Granted it's pretty quiet most of the time. Are you using the Pi3 image from devuan or did you cook it yourself?23:27

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