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drizztdacav_: I have a friend who had difficulties connecting to the console using USB-UART too00:51
drizztHe gave me the link to the solution (something about the port being used for something else in the default config ?)00:52
drizztI'll try to find it again00:52
drizztdacav_: it's in french, but I think google translate may help you, and anyway it should give you hints about how to get it working00:55
omgwtfbbqhi :)  there's no /etc/default/grub with grub-efi-amd64 installed - how do I change GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT then?04:00
gnarfacemaybe you're still missing a grub package?04:02
gnarfacethere are several04:02
gnarfaceor maybe it didn't get installed correctly - that is a generated file04:03
gnarfaceas far as i can tell anyway04:03
omgwtfbbqgnarface: grub-common, grub-efi-amd64, grub-efi-amd64-bin and grub2-common are installed (and this box boots correctly - I'm writing on it now)04:04
omgwtfbbqonly thing I have is /etc/grub.d directory and /boot/efi/EFI/devuan/grubx64.efi file04:05
gnarfaceare grub-pc and grub-pc-bin exclusive with grub-efi*?04:08
gnarfacemutually exclusive i mean04:08
omgwtfbbqyes, they are04:08
omgwtfbbqliterally the first thing I've tried04:09
gnarfaceand you checked to make sure your grub packages all have status "ii" in the output of "dpkg -l" right?04:09
gnarfacecould be a bug04:09
omgwtfbbqyeah, all of those I've listed are ii marked04:10
gnarfacewhat happens if you populate /etc/default/grub?04:10
gnarfacedoes it get obeyed?04:11
omgwtfbbqI haven't tried04:11
fsmithredyou can have all the grub-*-bin files installed04:13
omgwtfbbqfsmithred: but should I?04:13
omgwtfbbqor I'm better off manually adding /etc/grub/default file?04:13
omgwtfbbqyolo, I'll add it manually04:14
fsmithredyou should only need one04:14
fsmithredI install all for making uefi/bios compatible live isos04:14
omgwtfbbqI never had EFI equipped computer before (well, maybe excluding few Macs which of course ran macOS and not anything else)04:15
fsmithredhow did you install this system?04:17
fsmithredoh, he's gone04:18
fsmithredme too. g'night.04:18
gnarfacedistro mixing maybe04:22
gnarfaceor trolling?04:22
dacav_drizzt: Thanks for your help.  Yes, I've stumbled into a couple of articles about settings for the shared UART... The Pi3 image is a vanilla image, downloaded from the devuan site. But I'll read up the link you sent me.  Thanks :)08:44
agrisHello, How do I generate a backported package?09:17
agrisI want to install cgit v1.2.1 but all that exists in stable is 1.1 and apt-get install -t ascii-backports cgit doesn't seem to change anything09:18
drawkulagrab debian's deb-src of it and rebuild it on ascii?09:38
agrisand anybody have any idea why I can't set any ip6tables?09:44
drizztagris: you can also try to change your source.list to add unstable, update the latest version, and switch back.11:08
drizztOr you can download the .deb and install the package using dpkg -i11:08
drizztagris: and for iptables, the people handling iptables packages seem to have a big personnal problem ... they replaced the content of iptables by nft11:12
drizztinstead of creating a new package which does not break every system11:13
agriswhat the fuck11:13
drizzttheir new solution is not yet fully functionnal, so they had to impose it on everyone11:14
drizztthink about systemd ...11:14
drizztyou hopefully should have /usr/sbin/ip6tables-legacy11:14
agriswhat is this? gtk3 but for network administrators?11:14
drizztremove the link /usr/sbin/ip6tables11:14
agriswho did this? netfilter or debian?11:14
drizztand ls -s /usr/sbin/ip6tables-legacy /usr/sbin/ip6tables11:14
drizztand ln -s /usr/sbin/ip6tables-legacy /usr/sbin/ip6tables11:14
drizztnot ls11:15
drizztwho ? don't know ... don't have time anymore to argue with debian maintainers11:15
agrisiptables isn't even stable yet, how can we be switching?11:15
agrisip6tables doesn't handle connection filtering on FF02 addresses 100% correctly yet11:16
drizztthey will always tell users that thezy know nothing, that it's not their fault but another package fault, or such kind of things11:16
agrisso is this it? Is debian kicking everything they stood for in the bucket?11:16
drizztagris: nft is the new framework in the kernel from what I understood, in order to solve many ip/xt/nf tables problems11:17
drizztbut it's not yet a replacement of ip/xt/nf tables as some parts are not working yet11:18
drizztand it's a new tool, which needs to be tested11:18
agrisIthat's not the debian way11:18
drizztand the command syntaxe is not compatible with iptables one11:18
drizztbut they say it's simpler (the syntax) ... but it's not the case from my point of view11:19
drizztit's unreadable11:19
drizztoptions do not have dashes anymore, so you get long lines and no clue to what is an option name and what is the option argument11:20
agrisi'm all for getting a PF like syntax for Linux but not being the beta tester of an experimental implementation11:21
drizztand the worst is the fact that being unable to make somthing good, they had to replace a working tool by their new shit to force others to test and use it, breaking all machines using it11:22
drizztbut debian doesn't care anymore about users.11:23
drizztBug reported : won't be fixed11:24
drizztsystemd creator even writes that they wont fix until somone manages to make an exploit of the bug :
drizzt(one they notice ...)11:25
drizztthat's how they think security works ...11:26
drizztanyway, gotta fo, have fun :)11:26
EvilhamHum, I've actually used nftables quite successfully since ascii/stretch11:34
EvilhamBut I was indeed surprised to see that it was being pushed that way for buster11:35
drizztEvilham: ho, it's far from unusable, but nft websites states that some parts are still missing12:39
drizztand breaking systems to force them to move to nft is stupid12:39
drizztmany (most ?) people will do the exact opposite12:39
EvilhamYup, it was a bit rushed12:40
drizztsame as systemd ... seems to be the new debian way (or same for all major distributions ?)12:46
drizztmakes me feel it's as good as systemd ...12:46
grayriderwhy is "nethack" installed by default??19:36
Jjp137by any chance, did you select the console productivity task during install? for some reason, nethack-console is a recommended package of task-console-productivity, and iirc recommends are enabled by default19:38
Jjp137otherwise, I have no idea19:38
grayriderlook at the source code for nethack.  Disguised as dungeons and dragons.19:51
grayriderI think I did select console productivity now that you mention it.  Live and learn.19:53
grayriderLooks like a typical trojan19:54
jonadabNetHack is a game.  Not sure why it would be recommended by a productivity package.20:03
jonadabI mean, it's a _good_ game, but I'm not sure how that qualifies as productive.20:04
jonadabRather the opposite, if anything.  You start playing, and five years later you realize you haven't done anything productive ad interim.20:05
devuanHello, i have problem with xfce4-terminal.It simply does not dispaly the output of w,who and users command.Any idea what is wrong?thanks20:13
retakdoes it output from other programs like ls? ^^20:50
devuan1Hello, i have problem with xfce4-terminal.It simply does not dispaly the output of w,who and users command.Any idea what is wrong?thanks21:14
retakdevuan1, what is with commands like ls? ^^21:17
devuan1retak: everything is all right with other commands.Just the mentioned three commands does not work in xfce-terminal and mate -terminal.In xterm and uxterm they are working21:19
retakstrange. this commands does nothing special else then the others21:20
retakmaybe no user is logged in? :D21:20
Akuliseems like 'who' shows a list of xterms that are currently running, but mate-terminals don't show up in the list21:21
Akulii opened multiple xterms and saw them all in 'who' output21:21
fsmithredwho gives no output here (ascii) but w does.21:22
devuan1retak:When i encountered this behavior i tried to reset both terminals, it worked once, i could get the correct output,but afterwards it just stoped.This is what i get
fsmithredsort of...21:23
fsmithred0 users21:23
Akulitry opening up a bunch of xterms21:23
fsmithredi guess I don't count21:23
devuan1Akuli: it works in Xterm and Uxterm but xfce-terminal and mate-terminal nothing21:24
fsmithredfrom the current terminal or from somewhere else?21:24
Akulidevuan1, open 3 or so xterms and uxterms, then while they are open, run 'who' in mate-terminal21:24
Akuliif i don't close or open terminals, i always get the same output in every terminal21:25
fsmithredyeah, mine lists the tree xterms21:26
fsmithredxfce-term is not counted, even if I run 'who' from the xterm21:26
devuan1Akuli:Yes now i can see the output in xfce-terminal21:26
_abc_Is the firefox on devuan ascii mainline immune against the exploits mentioned here: ??21:26
devuan1Akuli: as said just tree xterms no xfce-term21:27
Akulii think the terminals are starting bash differently21:28
Akuliif i log in from a tty, i see it in 'who' output21:28
_abc_bash started withouth - is not a login shell and not in who21:29
Akulix session works without a login shell?21:30
_abc_x session itself usually logs itself as a "login"21:30
devuan1As i said at the begining it displayed the output twice but since then it does not show anything21:30
_abc_terminals have the choice to do that too or not21:30
_abc_f.ex. now I'm on ascii and w shows no-one home, only X11 session is on, with several xfce4-terminals open21:31
_abc_This is in fact a failure of the system but a small one21:31
_abc_Also last and lastlog lie in that a lot of people did never log in.21:32
fsmithred_abc_, ^^^ firefox-esr21:32
_abc_fsmithred: but are they fixed in esr? I'm on the latest esr21:32
_abc_stretch is ascii no?21:33
fsmithred60.8 in ascii is fixed21:33
Akuli$ firefox --version21:33
AkuliMozilla Firefox 60.8.021:33
_abc_I also have 60.8.0esr21:33
_abc_fsmithred: can I /query you?21:33
Akuliarray.pop lol21:33
fsmithredit's in ascii-security21:34
fsmithredand also jessie-security21:34
fsmithredyes, pm please21:34
devuan1So i guess its a bug and should be reported21:38

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