freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2019-08-13

_abc_hash -r helps sometimes00:01
_abc_without reboot00:01
twistedfateI almost installed & setup everything00:03
twistedfatebut I still don't have sound00:03
fsmithredhow are you testing sound?00:03
twistedfateby playing a video file00:03
_abc_Are you on ALSA or on Poettring audio?00:04
fsmithredin vlc or firefox or something else?00:04
twistedfatefsmithred: mpv00:04
twistedfatei think i'm on alsa this time00:04
_abc_are you? lsmod |grep snd shows something?00:04
fsmithreddpkg -l | grep pulse00:05
fsmithredshould just show some libraries00:05
twistedfateoh it's installed00:05
_abc_apt-get installs packages even if they conflict with another right?00:07
fsmithredaptitude why pulseaudio00:07
twistedfatedebdog: i just installed devuan ceres and i don't have sound again, lol00:08
twistedfatei just purged pulseaudio, halp :D00:08
debdogtwistedfate: same 'puter? run again00:09
_abc_I had no trouble purging pulse and installing alsa00:09
twistedfatedebdog: same pooter, ye :D00:09
_abc_on ascii00:09
twistedfatebut i don't have alsa-info.sh00:10
twistedfatefor some reason00:10
fsmithredaplay -l00:10
debdogtwistedfate: do you need HDMI sound or can we get id of it entirely?00:10
twistedfatedebdog: don't need it, don't want it :D00:10
twistedfate(for now) xD00:10
_abc_/etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart might/should fix it?00:10
debdogthere are two ways (I am aware of right now): block HDMI or set the other one as default00:10
debdogwhich one should it be? twistedfate00:11
twistedfatealsa-info ^00:11
twistedfatedebdog: let's set the other one as default00:12
twistedfatethe good one00:12
twistedfatethe working one :D00:12
debdogok, gimme some time to pick some info from the script00:12
_abc_Porcessor: unknown:: is this a vm?00:12
twistedfate_abc_: no, it's a new Ryzen 5 3600, probably not fully supported yet00:13
twistedfatet'was released this July00:13
debdogtwistedfate: same as before, create said file.00:13
debdogwell, either ~/.asoundrc or /etc/asound.conf00:13
debdogsame content00:13
debdogalso, do not forget to install apulse00:14
twistedfatedebdog: forgive me, my memory is crap, what do i need to add to that file?00:14
debdogdefaults.ctl.!card Generic00:14
debdogdefaults.pcm.!card Generic00:14
twistedfateand any personal preference between asoundrc or asound.conf?00:14
twistedfatewhy is apulse needed?00:14
debdogrc is per user, conf is system-wide00:14
twistedfateconf it is00:15
debdogapulse is for the progrs that still require pulseaudio. except it's a plugin for alsa and not an entire server runnning upon alsa00:15
twistedfategot it00:15
twistedfatedone all of it00:15
twistedfatesounnd works now!00:16
twistedfatedebdog: <3 <3 <300:16
twistedfateyou sir are a gentleman!00:16
debdogoops -lol00:16
debdog*meant \o/00:16
debdognp, just glad I could be of any help, for once00:16
* _abc_ is half asleep, 1:20AM here00:17
twistedfatesame here00:17
* debdog is one hour behind00:17
twistedfateonly it's 12:17AM00:17
_abc_ddrescue is a sneaky as the Whirlp* washing machine with AI we have. Lies about ETA all the time. Think Windows progress bar.00:17
_abc_I think our AM is different from your AM by about 10 time zone hours.00:18
debdogohhh, am00:18
_abc_0121 in 24h system00:19
debdogwait, what00:19
debdogyah, so I am one hour behind00:19
debdog<-- dshermany00:20
_abc_Yeah I am further East.00:20
twistedfateis there an easy way to install everything mesa?00:20
twistedfateand i386?00:20
twistedfateerm, bothj 32bit and 64bit00:20
_abc_mesa gl or accelerated?00:20
_abc_accel requires the exact driver for the hw you have00:21
_abc_Is nouveau the thing to use with Ryzen gpu's?00:21
TwistedFateit's for nvidia00:21
debdogno meta package that I am aware of00:21
stovepipevega graphics "just work" with kernel 4.17 and above00:22
_abc_Is AMD linux friendly nowadays?00:23
gnarfaceyes, they try00:23
TwistedFatemore friendly than others00:23
gnarfacethey still hold some proprietary firmware close to their chest00:23
specing_abc_: get IBM00:23
_abc_binary blobs are a fact of life00:23
gnarfacebut they try to make the open source parts work nice with kernel DRI00:23
specing_abc_: no00:23
specingIBM went fully open with firmware00:23
specingeven the microcode is free00:23
_abc_specing: ibm? ibm just bought rh and is going to make everything a dockable service00:23
specingYes, IBM00:24
specingIBM POWER9 processors00:24
gnarfaceit actually matters a lot that AMD is pooling support on mesa and kernel native hardware accelerated rendering API stuff (unlike NVidia's strategy of just driving a truck through the side of anything they don't like)00:24
_abc_Oh, ok. Run devuan on an AS400?00:24
specingraptorcs is making server and workstation boards for them00:24
_abc_Actually AS400 did not use powerpc. Not sure now. /me is really sleepy and just makes noise now.00:26
_abc_Oh yes it did.00:26
_abc_Something is definitely off with the kernel here.00:29
_abc_3 different devices on 2 buses have buffer problems when large amounts of data are moved in io. flash devices on USB and internal SD card reader (Ricoh)00:29
_abc_Using direct io makes it work fine00:29
TwistedFatei'm rusty with devuan, do I need to enable multiarch for both 32bit and 64bit or I just need to install foo:i386?00:29
gnarfacepresumably amd64 is the one you already have00:30
gnarfaceso you need to just add the i386 arch, then run "apt-get update" again for the :i386 versions of everything to show up00:30
TwistedFatewhere do I add i386 arch?00:31
gnarfacedpkg --add-architecture i38600:32
debdogapt-get update00:32
debdoggnarface beat me to it00:32
gnarfacedpkg --print-architecture && dpkg --print-foreign-architectures00:33
debdogfor future reference:
gnarfaceah yea, the debian wiki is a good place to look for references on this type of thing00:33
TwistedFatewhat the heck O_o00:40
TwistedFatebash: usermod: command not found00:40
debdog"su -" (wild guess)00:41
slvr_it's in /sbin or /usr/sbin00:41
slvr_to fix it for a session do PATH=/sbin:/usr/sbin:$PATH00:42
slvr_why they no longer do that by default is probably above my pay grade.00:42
TwistedFatedebdog: i tried it as root00:43
slvr_check your path as root00:43
slvr_echo $PATH00:44
TwistedFate /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games00:44
slvr_ok now run PATH=/sbin:/usr/sbin:$PATH00:44
slvr_suddenly things will be sane and work again.00:44
debdogoh my, wasn't aware it became so complicated00:45
TwistedFateSteam installed, gonna install a game to try it out00:48
TwistedFatei'd feel much safer though, if i could somehow check my CPU temperatures00:49
TwistedFatesensors doesn't show it for some reason :/00:49
gnarfaceapt-get install lm-sensors && sudo sensors-detect00:50
gnarfaceer, sudo for both of them00:50
gnarfaceyou know what i meant00:50
gnarface(as root)00:50
slvr_oh god. so debian broke the path because they are Very Smarter than users, and left a config file option to revert it. 'ALWAYS_SET_PATH yes' in /etc/login.defs should fix su properly.00:51
TwistedFatebash: sensors-detect: command not found00:51
slvr_It'd be cool if devuan could set that by default so as to be more user friendly.00:52
fsmithredslvr_, have you tried that?00:52
fsmithredI just put the path in root's .bashrc00:52
slvr_does it work when you run su normally?00:52
fsmithredand you keep enough of the user's environment to run graphical apps00:53
slvr_good to know. I tried in ~root/.profile and it did not.00:53
fsmithredI'm gonna try the login.defs fix00:53
TwistedFate/usr/sbin/sensors-detect worked00:54
TwistedFatei'm guessing i'd have to reboot in order for that path thingy to take effect00:58
slvr_log out log in00:58
debdogor source .bashrc00:59
fsmithredadding that line to /etc/login.defs works. (Yes, you have to add it. It's not there.)01:16
fsmithredsorry that took so long - qemu keeps trashing my image file01:17
gnarfacethis is on ceres you're looking at fsmithred?01:20
gnarfaceor did they actually do this to ascii?01:21
gnarfaceer, beowulf?01:21
debdogascii has it, tto, I just found out01:21
gnarfacethat's just rude01:21
debdogso, someone ended up creating login.defs because profile wasn't enough?01:21
gnarfacewhy even change how it works?01:21
debdog# /etc/login.defs - Configuration control definitions for the login package.01:22
debdoglogin package? what is that01:22
debdogpam shit, it seems01:22
gnarfaceit's the thing that logs you in01:22
fsmithredbut it's the same01:23
fsmithredshouldn't be in ascii01:23
debdogcat /etc/devuan_version01:23
debdogl /etc/login.defs01:24
debdog-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 10477 Mai 17  2017 /etc/login.defs01:24
fsmithredoh, I thought you meant the PATH problem was in ascii01:27
debdogahh, no, just that file. never heard of it before today01:28
fsmithredI've got it in jessie and wheezy01:28
debdogwell, if it is pam related, it really might be old01:29
TwistedFatehuh, weird, after reboot i no longer have sound01:29
TwistedFateand that $PATH thingy doesn't work01:29
fsmithredwhat did you do?01:30
TwistedFateand sensors still show same scarce info01:30
debdogalsa-utils is installed? TwistedFate01:30
TwistedFateslvr_: ^01:30
TwistedFatedebdog: yes01:30
debdogrun that alsa-info thingy again01:32
debdogTwistedFate: sorry, cannot find anything why it shouldn't work on a quick glance01:36
TwistedFatehold on01:37
TwistedFatenow it works01:37
debdogasound.conf is still there and mixer settings seem ok, too.01:37
fsmithredexport PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin01:37
fsmithredput that ^^^ in /root/.bashrc01:38
fsmithredor edit login.defs01:38
TwistedFatedunno if it's the newer mesa or kernel or this new ryzen, but Left 4 Dead 2 runs much smoother01:45
TwistedFateconstantly above 200 FPS01:45
TwistedFatedebdog: help :/13:18
TwistedFatemy microphone doesn't work now :S13:18
debdogTwistedFate: where did you plug it in, front or back?13:24
debdogif it's an usb-mic you prolly have to tell the software to use this hardware13:26
debdogmake sure mixer control 'Input Source 0' is set to the plug your mic is connected to13:33
debdogand 'Front Mic' and/or 'Rear Mic' is not muted and open13:34
debdogthat's in alsamixer --> F413:34
debdogsorry, g2g right now, will be back in 'bout six hours or so13:35
TwistedFatedebdog: back13:38
TwistedFatestandard MIC jack13:38
TwistedFatedebdog: this is what i currently have
TwistedFate alsa info13:48
fsmithredTwistedFate, your mic is plugged into the rear?14:08
TwistedFatefsmithred: ye14:14
fsmithredyou could try switching to front, in case the labels are reversed. I've seen that (once).14:22
FlibberTGibbethi, how can i tell if i've successfully purged system and am running sysv instead? is pid #1 '/init' healthy??15:21
FlibberTGibbetand if mangling devuan 10 into Devuan, is it 'beowulf' in sources.list?15:22
FlibberTGibbetsorry, Debian 10 into Devuan15:22
FlibberTGibbetah. well. appears to work. Devuan in WSL :D15:37
brutsertrying to follow this guide: < get .xsession-errors > < what additional packages do i need to get rid of most crucial ones? < i can boot to xfce desktop, just during boot i get a big white square on top of black for 30-415:54
brutser0secs, then some flickering into the xfce desktop < and those xsession errors15:54
brutseri need minimal install for low resources system15:54
TwistedFatedebdog: highlight me when you see this20:39

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