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TwistedFatelm-sensors cannot detect any sensors on my new Ryzen 5 3600 & MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX motherboard.. Can anybody help?12:58
TwistedFatealso debdog lemme know if you are here :D my mic still doesn't work :(12:58
debdogTwistedFate: oops, sorry, was OOO yesterday. have you tried what fsmithred suggested?13:11
TwistedFatedebdog: ye, still doesn't' work13:18
specingIf you want everything to work smoothly and be supported, buy old hardware13:21
specingor new hardware that is designed to run Linux13:21
specingyou did neither of these and now you have compatibility issues13:21
fsmithredTwistedFate, which kernel are you running?13:22
r3bootyou forgot option 3; Write drivers yourself13:22
TwistedFatefsmithred: Linux devuan 5.2.0-2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.2.7-1 (2019-08-07) x86_64 GNU/Linux13:23
fsmithredI guess that's about as high as you can go now13:24
fsmithredbut specing is right13:24
fsmithredit'll probably work in a few months13:25
r3bootTwistedFate: you can speed up the process by submitting a bugreport to the kernel. See also
TwistedFatespecing: Realtek ALC 892 integrated soundcard is more than a few years old13:25
fsmithredDid you try changing the order of the cards in /etc/modprobe.d/ ?13:26
TwistedFatefsmithred: i only have 3 files there, amd64-microcode-blacklist.conf  dkms.conf                       intel-microcode-blacklist.conf13:27
fsmithredright, you'd have to make alsa.conf13:27
specingTwistedFate: I didn't say how old :)13:28
specingTwistedFate: I buy 2008 laptops myself13:28
fsmithredyou could try it instead of asound.conf13:28
TwistedFatespecing: it's 6 years old *at least*13:29
TwistedFatei don't want to buy ancient hardware to run gnu+linux on it13:29
specingthen buy new hardware designed for GNU+Linux13:30
TwistedFateespecially now when the hardware support is better than ever, these things should not happen at all13:30
TwistedFatewhat is designed for gnu+linux?13:30
specingThey don't, if you buy hardware designed or certified for GNU+Linux13:30
specingTwistedFate: e.g. RaptorCS Talos workstations, System76 workstations/laptops, ...13:30
r3bootMost hardware is designed to be Windows certified. Linux certified hardware is harder to find13:31
specingTalos wont run windows at all13:31
TwistedFatei don't agree at all13:31
TwistedFatebut let's not stray from the topic13:31
r3bootspecing: hmm, now you made me wonder if NT4 would run on the Talos :) (not that I have one...)13:33
fsmithredthe fix I'm thinking of probably won't work in your case. Both your cards use snd_hda_intel, don't they?13:34
fsmithredneed food - back in a few min.13:35
TwistedFatedebdog: any ideas? :314:59
debdogTwistedFate: TBH, not really, atm. How did you determine the mic isn't working?21:25
TwistedFatedebdog: i tried voice chatting with a friend over steam and i did arecord21:37
TwistedFateboth were silent21:37
fred``upgraded stretch ages ago to ascii and ever since the fail2ban doesnt seem to works anymore21:44
fred``i searched via google and also 'apt-get purge'd fail2ban21:45
fred``but its actually not banning21:45
fred``searching in the backlog of this chan showed some ppl asking the same question, but there were no answers21:46
fred``2019-08-14 21:38:14,695 fail2ban.actions        [27182]: NOTICE  [sshd] Ban 201.6.x.x21:47
fred``2019-08-14 21:38:14,695 fail2ban.actions        [27182]: NOTICE  [sshd] Ban 201.6.x.x21:47
fred``"iptables -L | grep 201.6.x.x" --> show nothing21:47
fred``the hosts dont get banned by iptables21:50
fred``the iptable f2b chain is available though21:54
fred``hm - strange22:04
fred``no one of the ips is banned22:05
fred``*now one22:05
fred``the first detected ip isnt banned, but the ones following are22:07
fred``nvm - i'll keep a eye on it22:07
TwistedFatei need a sanity check :D23:19
TwistedFatewhy does devuan restore the previous OS state when i reboot?23:19
TwistedFatewith all previos programs open23:19
TwistedFatei'm using kde plasma desktop23:20
golinuxProbably because you are telling it to do that.23:21
golinuxDrill down into the session settings23:21
fsmithredkde does that23:35
TwistedFategolinux: partially correct23:49
TwistedFatefsmithred: correct :)23:49
TwistedFatei just disabled that option23:49
fsmithreddid it put all the apps on the first desktop?23:52

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