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ukinela police chase03:01
ukinelive on fb03:01
golinuxHow is this a Devuan support question?  The is not a general chat channel.03:12
golinuxukine: ^^^03:12
* golinux thinks it might be a bot . . .03:13
ukinei apologize golinux. will not happen again.03:18
ukinethe crown purviews this channel and it seemed like a necessity at the time. i'm a little tipsy. won't happen again.03:18
golinuxukine: #debianfork is our general chat channel.  :)03:21
user844842greetings o/ how can i find out more about this entry in dmesg ? sr 4:0:0:0: [sr0] CDROM not ready.  Make sure there is a disc in the drive.14:00
user844842was not using the cdrom14:00
r3bootthat was a scsi probe command, testing to see if a cdrom was inserted14:00
r3bootthat happens with removable media, especially older style media like floppies and cdroms14:00
user844842thank you r3boot14:01
user844842i'll look more into scsi probe commands. any other ideas welcome :D14:01
r3bootbasically, if you have a cdrom, it will offer a device api, regardless if a medium is inserted or not. More modern removable media (like SD), will only offer that device api when a medium is inserted14:02
r3bootand as long as your cdrom device driver is loaded, it will do a probe to test if a medium is inserted14:02
r3bootold style stuff, dont spend too much energy on it unless you're into vintage computing ;)14:03
r3bootyou probably triggered it by looking at a filesystem via some graphical file manager btw, which tried to do a listing of some cdrom mountpoint, causing the kernel to check for a medium14:05
user844842i only have a week of old logs to check against, but i don't remember seeing it before now. and so i wonder why now14:07
r3bootsomething triggered the reading of the cdrom, so I'd start by checking where the cdrom would be mounted (either statically defined in /etc/fstab, or via some media-mounting service from your desktop environment)14:08
user844842oops apologies i missed your last line there. thank you again for the help here r3boot. i'll check those out :D14:09
r3bootnext, find out what uses that mountpoint, and check the logs of those apps (if any)14:09
r3bootno worries :)14:09
r3bootbut again, dont spend too much efford in it. If you dont use the cdrom, you could also unload the 'sr' driver, or physically remove the cdrom from your computer14:09
james1138General question about Devuan.  Will there be a Beowulf ISO in the future?17:28
golinuxOf course17:33
james1138Sorry.. sidetracked. I apologise for any rudeness on my part.18:16
james1138Is there a rough timeframe for the release of the ISO?18:17
james1138Sorry all!!  Learning to do IRC from Cell phone. Must remember to keep window open.  At Ren-Fair helping sell stuff and passing time by chatting.18:32
james1138I got confused by upgrade using Bootstrap even after watching YouTube videos. Hence my grovelling about Beowulf ISO.18:34
james1138Non ISO question... does Flatpack demand systems like snap??18:40
james1138in mean systems18:40
james1138that bad buZz?!18:42
buZzjames1138: there's no timeframe, but probably soonish18:42
buZz(iso for beowulf)18:42
james1138thanks for the update on the ISO buZz18:43
james1138Will chat with all later.18:44
WonkaJjp137: IRC from smartphone works better when using mosh (with JuiceSSH for example) to some always-on box.19:39
Wonkaer, james1138 of course, who left, of course.19:40
x3dreHi - I'm trying to install virtualbox 6.0.10 onto my virgin devuan installation but I'm running into dependencies issues. The version running on my laptop is devuan 5.2.0-2-686 #1 SMP Debian 5.2.9-2 (2019-08-21) i686 GNU/Linux.20:55
x3dreI'm having trouble trying to install python.20:55
x3dreHere's the error message.Checking for Python support:   ** Python not found!20:56
x3dreWhen I check in synaptic it shows python is installed.20:56
x3dreinteractive high-level object-oriented language (Python2 version) 2.7.16-120:57
x3drethere is much  more to install but I don't know what else from python libs etc too install .. Any help will be appreciated. :)20:58
sixwheeledbeastpython 3.721:00
sixwheeledbeastdpkg -l | grep python321:01
b3bgdquote: "Python version at least 2.6 is required. Since Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1, Python 3 is also supported. "21:02
x3dresixwheeledbeast I did that and a long list appeared.21:02
b3bgdx3dre: what does python --version tell you?21:05
x3dreI see now that I need dev and libs installed :)21:05
sixwheeledbeastPretty sure 6.0.10 depends python 3.7>21:06
Akulidevuan and most other systems come with two pythons, both x.y versions are available as pythonx and pythonx.y, e.g. python3, python3.5, python2, python2.7 on this system21:06
Akulithere is also an executable named 'python' that usually points to python2.7 for historical reasons, lol21:06
x3dreI'm still using an i386 laptop is the a virtualbox i386 deb file for easier install that doing it from source.21:07
furrywolfyou can't install 3.7 on ascii.  run python3 instead of python to see what version of python3 you have.21:07
Akulii have installed virtualbox 6.0 and it uses python2.721:07
Akuliit "just worked" when i installed it21:07
furrywolfif you just run "python" you get python 2, need to run "python3" to get python 3.21:08
x3dreok furrywolf :)21:09
b3bgdx3dre: where exactly did you get virtualbox 6.x for i386?!21:10
b3bgdisn't it compatible with amd64 only?21:11
x3dreI got the tar.gz file off the oracle site.21:12
fsmithredthey offer a source tarball?21:13
b3bgdI was pretty sure that 6.x dropped support for i386/i686... on their downloads page for Linux it says the same, no support for i386, only amd64... not sure what to say here21:14
x3dreSo only amd64 is supported ? :o21:15
b3bgdI don't understand where you downloaded tar.gz from, I don't see anything like that21:16
b3bgdfsmithred: yes, they have source code for most things; i think usb 3.0 is closed-source and the like21:17
sixwheeledbeastinstall 5.2 from the repos instead?21:17
b3bgdbtw, source code is tar.bz2, not tar.gz :P21:17
x3drethat's the file I have :)  I'll find the exact link...21:18
b3bgdyes, that is the source code... but it won't work for i38621:19
b3bgddo what sixwheeledbeast says, get 5.x21:20
x3dreok b3bgd :)21:22
x3dreThx all for your help :)21:28

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