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avboxOver the last weeks I created a RAM based devuan beowulf based distro AVMultimedia, see It has kernel 5.2.x and all needed apps in RAM for a power desktop (inkl. 4k editing). How can it added to devuan-derivatives?17:13
golinuxavbox:  Please open a thread at so Devuan users can have a look.17:20
avboxI try to register, but it is asking for default login manager. I answered bash. Unfortunatelly, it does not let me in.17:23
avboxthen it asked for the first five prime numbers (I answerd), then it asked for last name of linus torwards. I can't get in, or what is wrong?17:25
omniothen your answers were wrong?17:26
avboxFirst primer numbers: 1 3 5 7 11, name of linux founder: torwads, stable devuan release: ascii. One of the questions should be right?17:27
nemoavbox: well. "first prime numbers" is clearly wrong 😃17:29
nemooh. haha17:29
nemoI'm slow w/ joke17:29
avboxOk, first prime numbers are 2 3 5 7 and 11, but stable devuan release is ascii, or not? And I answered too ssd as solid state disk, did not work. Should it be such difficult to register?17:32
james1138Avbox:   Like Knoppix[?17:33
nemoavbox: anyway. bash is obv not a login manager ☺17:36
nemoavbox: did you really say "torwads" ? I'm losing track of where you're being serious now17:36
avboxOn second round I got it, registration was done, I will publish it there. About the question if it is like Knoppix, I don't think. I put everything on squashfs and copy all to tempfs ram, than I mount it with overlay. You don't need the stick after starting up and I can put al the stuff (actually 6gb) into 3gb of ram.17:36
avboxnemo: Frankly spoke, first I'm not native english speaker, second (my problem) I'm not so eager to answer such questions, but as I already said, I managed it (I consulted web and wrote the right name of linus). No problem anymore.17:38
nemoah ☺17:40
nemoavbox: 'sall good.  "torwads" and "1 3 5 7 11" seemed like deliberate joke wrong answers is all17:40
avboxnemo: It is serious, really no joke, but it might be that I'm a bit tired (was a huge job to get it all working).17:40
nemoavbox: Deutsche ou Français? ☺17:41
avboxEven more worse, Swiss German17:41
nemoheh. 'sall good. french I learned was belgian so I pronounce my numbers all wrong17:41
helios21another grave systemd security issue: [oss-security] CVE-2019-15718: Missing access controls on systemd-resolved's D-Bus interface21:43
Wonkawhat could possibly go wrong...21:44
KjetilNothing. Nothing ever goes wrong with STD21:46
fsmithredHere's the link. Google doesn't know about it yet.
Lydia_KI'm just so glad they put so much effort into making a rounder wheel for us all </sarcasm>21:53
r3boot#debianfork people, this channel is about devuan22:04
golinuxr3boot: Thank you for stating the obvious,  Appreciate your help.  :)22:15
tha1hello folks. quick question does Devuan get around sysd compatibility and the like in the same way as MX linux in thta there are still sysd files on the system or is Devuan devoidof all sysd files?23:08
tha1also is there a way to dl ceres23:09
tha1or i just add thos erepos23:09
gnarfacetha1: there are still systemd runtime libs but they're assumed to be vestigial in this state23:15
gnarfacetha1: there's no ceres installer but you could always use debootstrap instead of upgrading from an older release23:16
golinuxtha1: No.  MX still allows users to switch to systemd if the want.  IOW all the systemd hook remain in place. That is not possible in Devuan.23:17
golinuxWe have a blacklist of packages that are uninstallable because of systemd dependencies.23:18
james1138I agree with GoLinux - and found out the hard way that MX still has systemd... it is just "disabled".23:22
golinuxThey are still using a version of the systemd-shim23:23
james1138After finding out the reality about MX - could not re-install Devuan fast enough for my taste.23:23
tha1thank you i just wanted clarification.  i appreciate mx linux posting it clearly on their page i just wanted to mae sure the absense of that disclaimer here didn't mean it just wasnt being disclosed  ;)23:24
tha1glad to hear there is no accomidations made23:24
james1138I think "MX" new nickname should be "Muddy" due to the mix-mash of systemd and systemd-free parts of Debian.   <grin.23:26
tha1yea i am not a fan of that either f not because i don't have the expertise or coding skill to evaluate the solution23:27
james1138...or "MX"  equals "Mixed-up".23:27
tha1i am looking for a pure sysd free os like parabola or gentoo but debian23:27
r3bootWell, there is Free/Open/NetBSD ofcourse23:27
tha1yea ik lol23:28
james1138Tha1: the choices are Knoppix or Devuan.23:28
r3bootthose are guaranteed systemd free, but they do use shims for things like gnome (afaik, I run mine with xfce4)23:28
tha1i mean if time was not of the essence i would use gentoo all the time23:28
tha1void is interesting with the package manager that compiles to and i havent heard knoppix in a while thta is is old sysv ig?23:29
james1138Thumbs up on XFCE.23:31
gnarfaceknoppix just released a new version with much fanfare that is once again systemd free23:31
golinuxThere is no shim in Devuan23:31
tha1yea long time xfce fan myself.  lx stuff was always buggy23:31
golinuxHow can knoppoix do gnome3 and KDE without systemd?23:35
golinuxsystemd isn't even mentioned on that page. So I'm confused . . .23:36
golinuxBut this discussion should probably move to #debianfork . . .23:36
tha1yea i was just reading that link looks pure sysd to me23:36
tha1oh sorry23:37

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