freenode/#devuan/ Thursday, 2019-09-05

nexgen2please let me know, when Beowulf is going to be released?05:38
nexgen2any estimate like month?05:39
nexgen2can we see a list of open blocking bugs yet?05:39
gnarfacenexgen2: no official release date yet06:14
nexgen2any significant difficulties?06:15
systemdletegnarface:  Back to my laptop install problem?  (If you have a moment)06:15
gnarfacenexgen2: has some bugs, not sure if it's complete06:15
nexgen2what does not work yet?06:15
nexgen2all solvable in a time?06:15
gnarfacesystemdlete: what was the problem again?06:15
systemdletehangs while trying to find cd-rom device06:16
gnarfaceoh, right, and that was the netinstaller06:16
systemdleteright net06:16
gnarfaceand you tried it in expert mode?06:16
gnarfaceand you checksummed the image?06:16
systemdletewell, no, but I can do that from the host (Devuan  ASCII) that I creaed the drive?06:17
gnarfacewhere you used dd06:17
gnarfaceyes you can checksum there before you write the image06:17
gnarfaceit's just a way to check to see if the image was corrupted during download or something.  that could be causing this06:18
gnarfaceyou're supposed to check it anyway in case of tampering though06:18
gnarfaceand yes, i have actually seen this exact failure, caused by a corrupted download of the install image, more than once06:19
gnarfacebut that said, it could be something weird about the hardware too, i don't know for sure.  you might get some useful output if you're on the 4th virtual terminal when the install chokes06:19
systemdletelast time I had anything like that (whic I can recall, that is) was back in modem days06:19
gnarfaceor one of the 2-4th ones, anyway06:20
systemdleteah, yes.  the 4th vt.  thanks for reminder!  (I should have done that)06:20
systemdletechecking it now.06:21
systemdleteI mean trying to do a cmp06:21
gnarfaceis the network already setup yet at that point?06:22
nexgen3is it harder to make this release compared to earlier one?06:22
nexgen3Beowulf vs Ascii06:22
gnarfacenexgen3: why don't you just give it a try?06:22
systemdletegnarface:  not sure yet06:22
gnarfacesystemdlete: that probably means no06:23
gnarfacesystemdlete: do try it in expert mode, too06:23
nexgen3I tried to partially upgrade Ascii yesterday and it failed to login after done06:23
gnarfacesystemdlete: (the text mode, expert mode, to be sure)06:23
nexgen3I wanted only to update qemu06:23
systemdletegnarface:  I will try that next, as soon as cmp finishes06:23
gnarfacenexgen3: that bug has something to do with some polkit file.  if you ditch your graphical login, you can avoid the issue06:23
nexgen3it depends on a newer openrc too06:23
nexgen3rc-status seg faults then06:24
nexgen3so openrc got broken06:24
nexgenupdated only a few packages06:24
nexgenabout 10, not complete installation06:24
nexgenit is not correct of course06:25
nexgenbut would not like to do a full upgrade till release done06:25
gnarfacenexgen: well, a partial upgrade could be causing *extra* problems for you, just fyi06:26
nexgenThough I tried Beowulf on ARM, looks fine06:26
nexgensure it can06:26
nexgenit was just a try06:26
nexgenthen I did zfs rollback and on ascii now again06:27
systemdletegnarface:  thanks again for the help. Cmp comes back ok (after I remembered to limit the number of bytes to compare!  ::EYEROLL::)06:28
systemdleteSo I am willing to say the usb device has integrity and the image is good.06:29
nexgensomeone tries to break my connection instantly, it is silly since this session is from a server console06:29
nexgenin another country06:29
systemdletegnarface:  I skipped the first 4 steps (using the expert mode) and went straight to load installer modules.  It found the cd-rom drive.06:32
systemdletetells me to continue.06:32
systemdletebut do we want to know why (the vt 4 trick?)06:32
systemdletetext mode makes quick work of detecting the cd-rom.  I hard rebooted the laptop and went directly to the detect cd-rom step this time and it found it almost instantly06:37
systemdlete(I think this may have been the solution last time also, but IDR clearly)06:37
onefangIs nexgen3 the next generation of nexgen?06:41
systemdletecan't read ctr while initializing i8042 after first booting up the graphical install.  Just hangs there06:42
nexgenmost likely just an intention to try a K6 CPU06:42
systemdleteand that's from a cold boot06:42
systemdleteok.  Cold boot.  Graphical install this time.  Got same error about the i8042, but it gets to the select language step06:45
systemdleteSo this is apparently a timing issue... or... hw06:46
systemdletefound the cd-rom this time!    WTH???06:46
systemdletegnarface: I hadn't tried graphical before the other (expert, text) install attempts.  I am wondering if it is because the laptop was off (cold) for a long time06:47
systemdleteThis tiny laptop has no fan... so maybe a component(s) is overheating sometimes06:48
gnarfacesystemdlete: it is a mystery to me still too.07:08
gnarfacesystemdlete: the i8042 error, did you google that?  you may need to add kernel parameters07:08
gnarfacekernel command-line options i mean07:08
systemdletewell, apparently this i8042 error has been around for ages.  But the install DOES continue, at least this time, and from what I can tell from other people's posts, it looks like it may be intermittent.07:10
systemdleteAt any  rate, now I am trying to set up wireless networking.  It is asking for the ESSID, I enter xfinitywifi, then it wants the WPA2 password and I am not sure what it is supposed to be; that's not how I connect my phone to the Internet.07:11
systemdletexfinitywifi wants your comcast id and password for that ID.07:11
systemdleteThat's how I did it when windows was on this laptop07:11
gnarfacesystemdlete: look for a sticker on the side of it maybe (just guessing)07:16
gnarfacesystemdlete: but it's probably supposed to be something you set yourself in some admin console07:16
gnarfacesystemdlete: and you should change the default SSID too07:16
systemdleteOh, I know my xfinity login and password for xfinitywifi hotspots.  Trouble is, the installer is not asking for that info.07:16
systemdlete(this is not a local home wifi!)07:17
systemdletebtw, the touchscreen works, even in the graphical installer... :)07:19
systemdleteI wonder if the full ISO might be better in my case.07:21
systemdleteThat way, I can install the system and then use the desktop to (easily) connect to the internet07:22
gnarfaceis there a ethernet cable option?07:22
systemdleteOTOH, it might not be easy.  I have never tried connecting anything other than a smartphone to xfinitywifi hotspot07:22
systemdleteactually, I do have a usb-eth dongle, but there is only a single USB port, and I don't have a hub.07:23
gnarfacethe installer may see the wired ethernet as the first and primary net connection07:23
systemdleteAnd I don't know if setting up eth over usb is possible even in the expert mode (but it could be)07:24
systemdletebut it does ask for wpa info!  So it can't be the only thing it looks for07:24
systemdleteI think the windows wireless setup had a special routine/handler for xfinity/comcast07:25
gnarfacei wonder if it is a firmware issue07:25
systemdletethere is NO ethernet port on the laptop (sorry, should have mentioned)07:25
gnarfaceit is common for wireless devices to only offer limited functionality when operating without the non-free firmware07:26
gnarfaceomitting wpa2 is one of the limitations that is common07:26
gnarfacei'm wondering if the installer isn't offering wpa2 because your device isn't offering it07:27
systemdletethe installer gets to the detect network hardware step, detects the wireless device successfully.07:28
systemdleteIt assumes I want to configure the wireless (given there is nothing else)07:28
systemdletethen it presents me with a list of network ESS it finds, I pick xfinitywifi07:29
systemdletebut then it gives me a choice of either WEP or WPA2/PSK07:29
systemdletethere is no option for the kind of connection required for comcast/xfinitywifi hotspot07:29
gnarfaceoh, i thought you said there was now WPA207:30
systemdletewhere I would enter my comcast ID and password07:30
systemdletethere is!07:30
gnarfacetry that07:30
systemdletesorry, I'm not following you.07:30
gnarfacetry wpa2/psk07:30
systemdletewhere would I enter my login info?07:30
gnarfaceprobably later, like at boot time07:31
systemdleteok, what would I enter for the pass phrase?07:31
gnarfaceor on the next page...07:31
gnarfacethey didn't give you a password?07:31
systemdleteIt is asking for the WPA2 passphrase, not my comcast ID/login07:31
gnarfaceyou sure they didn't make that the same thing?07:31
systemdleteI don't know of one, or can't recall one.  Never had to do that for Windows.07:32
systemdleteno, they are different.07:32
systemdleteI'm not sure how Windows 10 was able to do it.  I'd have to rebuild the laptop and see if I can figure out how it does its magic there.07:32
gnarfacewindows has secret evil tricks that linux doesn't support yet.  that IS a thing. you're not going crazy.07:32
systemdleteOr maybe ask comcast/xfinity support... yecccch.07:33
gnarfacei forget what it's called07:33
gnarfaceit's super insecure07:33
gnarfaceWIP or someshit07:33
systemdleteOh I AM definitely going crazy.   But, mind you, my smart phone is android, and I think that is a hacked-up linux box IIRC07:33
gnarfaceit's for inital wifi auto configuration and it just picks the passphrase randomly for you and hides it and never asks again probably07:33
gnarfacedid you set it up already? maybe you can get the password from the windows box somehow....07:34
systemdletepossibly.  But when I entered a random string for WPA2 (that's the noise I wrote by accident here, meaning to type it into the laptop!  sorry about that...)07:34
gnarfacecomcast tech support will probably tell you they don't support linux :-p07:34
systemdleteit fails, of course.07:35
systemdleteThat's if you can even get them to acknowledge that you are not on Windows or MAC in the first place.07:35
systemdleteI've googled for help on this btw07:35
systemdlete"How can anyone be on a system that is not EITHER Windows or Mac?   Sorry, sir, that is just not possible sir."07:36
systemdlete"There is no such thing on Earth that is not running either of these 2 venerated OS's."07:36
systemdlete"Is there something else I can help you with today?"07:36
gnarfacei think you should try the wire07:37
systemdleteOK, how?   Only one USB port, no hub here.07:37
gnarfacemaybe you still need to set it up, and maybe you can connect to it07:37
gnarfaceover the wire07:38
gnarfacedidn't you say you had a usb wired ethernet adapter?07:38
systemdletethere IS the power port, which is USB.07:38
systemdleteBut I don't have a gender changer for USB either   :(07:38
gnarfacedoesn't the comcast device have a ethernet port?07:39
systemdleteThe dongle is female and so is the other end of the power cable.07:39
systemdleteOh, heheheh.07:39
* systemdlete just cannot make his own life and everyone else's challenging enough07:39
systemdleteI have my own surfboard modem.  No extra ports there either.07:40
systemdleteoh... then again07:40
systemdleteI guess I could connect directly from the laptop to the sb modem07:40
gnarfaceconnect the wired ethernet, then the network connection won't require a password just to get to the router's login page07:40
gnarfacethen you can set the wifi password to whatever you want07:42
systemdletewell, for that matter, I could just connect the wire to my desktop box.07:42
gnarfacethat's the theory, anyway07:42
systemdleteagain, the dongle is female usb end07:42
systemdleteor is it male?07:42
gnarfacethe desktop box should work fine, i'm betting that all you need is a computer with a working ethernet port and a web browser07:43
systemdleteoh I've got that and more07:43
systemdleteI'm just trying to figure out how to connect all the pieces given the genders07:43
systemdleteI've actually got 2 dongles.  So I could theoretically connect a dongle to the desktop and the laptop, and connect them by a short piece of ethernet...07:44
systemdleteonly problem with THAT arrangement is that, I've discovered the hard way, that these dongles give flaky connections.07:45
systemdletegnarface:  the laptop has a USB C port!!!!07:46
systemdleteI forgot about that, because I don't have any USB C equipment, so I've just kind of ignored that.07:46
gnarfacewait, is the desktop using a different router?07:49
gnarfaceif it is already connected wirelessly, it might still be able to see the router's configuration panel, which would show you the wifi password07:49
systemdleteno the desktop is hardwired into  the modem.  I don't use wifi at home atm.07:51
systemdleteA wireless router -- I've got more than one of those...07:52
systemdleteand they work.07:52
systemdletethanks gnarface!   When you said "router" I thought of an integrated modem/router, not just a plain old router.07:52
systemdleteThis is why I need people.  My imagination is limited07:53
systemdleteSeriously, I think that is the ticket.07:53
FersureHi everyone, I'm about to try installing devuan for the first time and it's going to be on a linode.08:15
FersureAny advice/tips/guides? I'm moderately experienced with debian/ubuntu, so I'm feeling good about it. But anything specific to devuan and linodes would be appreciated. :)08:16
gnarfacenever tried it, but if there is info for linode and debian wheezy, it might be relevant08:20
gnarfaceat least partially08:21
Fersureah okay, thanks. I'm kinda wondering how to do it without an image, too.08:23
FersureNever tried that on linode, so should be a challenge08:23
systemdletegnarface:  wireless connection successful.   Install continues (and ty ty ty again and again!)08:32
gnarfaceno problem08:35
systemdletedetecting hardware, please wait...  unresponsive08:36
systemdletetried f4, alt-f4, ctl-alt-f4... nada08:37
systemdleteI might try this in expert (text) mode08:37
systemdleteusb stick led still oscillating low-bright as usual08:39
gnarfacedoes it do that to indicate read/write traffic?08:40
gnarfaceif so, you should just leave it go08:40
systemdleteI think so, yes.08:40
systemdleteIt's been more than 5 minutes08:40
gnarfacecan you check for network traffic?08:41
gnarfacehardware detection can fail08:41
gnarfacebut it should time out08:41
systemdleterouter led not flickering, but let me check on desktop08:41
gnarfacenetwork and disk i/o can be real slow too though08:41
systemdletewireshark capturing ethernet port on desktop box shows lots of SSDP messages08:43
systemdletethat's it though08:44
systemdletepart of HTTP I think -- the info field for the packets say "NOTIFY * HTTP/1.1"08:44
systemdleteSSDP:  Simple Service Discovery Protocol08:45
gnarfacesome auto-setup stuff08:45
systemdleteooh.  wait.08:45
systemdleteI set up that ethernet port originally for use on my test lan.  I think I set it up for internet access08:46
systemdletethe other device on that network is my test box, which is really flakey at the moment.08:46
systemdleteI might have to replace the board on that guy, but a different matter.  Point is, I can't seem to get it to boot the perfectly good devuan install there to see if that subnet has internet or not08:47
systemdletethe source of those packets appear to be from the router08:49
systemdletesome sort of broadcast on 239.355.255.25008:49
gnarfacewell this now might not be a network issue08:49
gnarfaceyou might have actually run into a kernel problem or a hardware problem08:49
gnarfaceor a kernel problem with the hardware08:49
systemdleteon the desktop box?08:49
systemdlete(which is running ascii, btw)08:49
gnarfaceno i mean on the one you're installing to that hung on detecting devices - that was the netbook, right?08:50
systemdletethis seems very intermittent, gnarface.08:50
gnarfaceit could be a hardware defect but it is probably just a kernel issue08:51
systemdleteI think those SSDP noises are for the router's own web interface08:51
gnarfacemaybe a newer kernel would fix it08:51
gnarfaceconnect to the router's ip in a browser08:51
systemdletewhat is the prescribed way to create an ISO with a newer kernel?08:51
systemdleteooh. good idea08:51
systemdleteactually, I've done that.  I had to in order to get the wifi info to connect from the laptop.08:52
systemdleteIf I could get to a cmd prompt on the laptop08:52
systemdleteI could see if I could ping, say, google or or the like08:52
onefangJust maybe not, they seem to be having troubles.08:56
systemdletegnarface: I was able to look at the router's dhcp client log and I got its address.  I tried pinging the laptop, no response09:03
systemdleteok, my smart phone can connect to the router, but no internet09:04
systemdletefirewall problem on the desktop09:04
systemdletenope.  It's def the router's config.  I'm working on it.09:21
kiwi_28Hi, I am newbie, and I used debian sid around 2004, fairly because the stable libs were to old, shall I do the same with ceres, or is there no need to avoid stable, say the ppa bleeding edge of developement projects?12:47
kiwi_28Well I start downloading debian ascII right now, stop me, if do wrong, please. ..12:49
buZzimho grab ascii , install , then just distupgrade to beowulf if you really want to12:51
buZzbut ascii is fine12:51
buZzif you dont run a ton of weird stuff, the in-ascii libs are fine12:51
kiwi_28Thanks buZz, I will do so. Another question: It is i got internet over usb tethering of and android mobile here, so I opt install a base system till APT and then installing chroot from a xubuntu system, till to have the internet working, well, if no other advice ..12:54
buZzi dont see why12:55
buZzjust grab the 'full' cd1 of devuan ascii, install some base desktop with that12:55
buZzthen boot into it, fix up your usb internetting , and start updating?12:55
kiwi_28I need to configure internet without having it, thats why.12:56
kiwi_28I needed systemd, networkmanager, nm-applet by now.12:57
kiwi_28Get me.12:57
buZz> ifconfig usb0 up && dhclient usb012:58
buZzyou may need to enable 'usb debugging' for that12:58
buZzor some work with only 'usb tethering' enabled12:59
kiwi_28Yes, it is that not even debian installer routine (dhclient) could not configure network, so I am not complete out of my plans, but I value you help. Thanks so far.13:03
kiwi_28do I need the 3 CDs or just install (to partition) from devuan_ascii_2.0.0_amd64_desktop-live.iso ?13:09
kiwi_28Would do the latter..13:10
kiwi_28if not stopped .. (;13:11
buZzjust cd113:25
fsmithredkiwi_28, did you test hibernation with the live-CD yesterday?13:38
kiwi_28fsmithred: download of live image is finishing in 13min.14:10
kiwi_28buZz: for installation, too.14:11
buZzi never installed from livecd , no clue if that has as many packages as CD114:11
kiwi_28.. if there is an install option at all to expect14:14
buZzi'd think so .. not sure14:16
fsmithredlivecd will install essentially the same as netinstall with xfce desktop choice14:23
fsmithredcd1 gives a partial desktop install14:23
fsmithredsome of the missing packages are on the cd, some not.14:23
fsmithredI think it does not install firefox, wicd and I don't remember what else.14:24
buZzhmm, ok, wel14:25
fsmithredkiwi_28, here's a guide for the live installer:
buZzfsmithred: i -think- if the android in question offers proper usbnetworking , that commandline i gave would work for internet14:26
buZz12:58:08 < buZz> > ifconfig usb0 up && dhclient usb014:26
fsmithredthat would be good14:26
fsmithredfor a default xfce install to a single partition, the end result will be almost identical for live install or netinstall iso, but the live install will only take 10 minutes.14:28
fsmithredfor lvm, raid, more complicated partitioning than just a separate /home, or anything other than full desktop install, the live-iso won't do it.14:29
buZzah ok14:30
fsmithredwell, minimal-live will give you no desktop.14:30
fsmithredbut a lot more than just the standard system utils14:30
buZzi guess we just have to wait for kiwi_28 to report what worked for him/her14:31
fsmithredif it's the same kiwi as yesterday, I'm still waiting to hear about hibernation test14:31
buZzi think kiwiirc still gives kiwi_xxx nicknames by default14:33
buZzthey do seem to share ISP ;) at least , both came from 46.114.x.y14:34
kiwi_28yes its me.14:37
kiwi_28so now I read everything so far, thank everybody and now I must leave to reboot this computer, right? Bye so far.14:46
fsmithredgood luck14:46
fsmithredyou might be able to connect with us while running the live14:47
fsmithredand while doing the install14:47
hightower3Hey can you remind me where is the devuan installer for mipsel14:59
hightower3lol sorry I mean ppcle15:00
hightower3found it,
james1138Was reading about the new desktop environment called "Jade".  From what I see so far - Devuan could save itself some headaches by NOT adding it to the choices of desktops during install.
golinuxjames1138: You find the weirdest stuff to post.16:12
golinuxWhy would that even be on our radar?16:12
james1138Golinux... it may cross someone's mind for future versions of Devuan. Sorry if I was outta line for posting.16:13
golinuxMight have been better on #debianfork.16:14
golinuxas it's not a support question16:15
drawkulaweb tech... so that your desk gets all the web bugs too?16:37
* drawkula waits for a unix rewrite by a web developer16:38
drawkula <<< but that looks cool!17:04
golinuxdrawkula: Try #debianfork17:09
kiwi_31hi, just installed devuan, I can not configure hibernation with uswsusp, Is it that devuan uses a "/swapfile" that defaults to 250M, which is far to less? How could one change that?18:01
kiwi_31 to less/too little18:02
fsmithredyes, you need a swap partition as big as your ram18:02
fsmithredyou have room to make another partition?18:02
fsmithredkiwi_31, ^^^18:03
fsmithredmake a swap partition and add a line to /etc/fstab to use that partition. Remove or comment the line for the swapfile.18:05
kiwi_31free -h tells that the system uses the swapfile in the root directory? I have a big swap partition or would provide a bigger swapfile, but I do not know how.18:06
fsmithredwhere's the swap partition? /dev/sd??18:07
kiwi_31the unused swap partition resides in sda618:08
fsmithredswapon /dev/sda618:09
fsmithredto have it persist after reboot, you must add it to fstab18:09
fsmithred /dev/sda6  swap  swap  none  defaults  0  018:09
fsmithred^^^ that's wrong18:10
fsmithred /dev/sda6  swap  swap  none  0  018:10
james1138Support question about Devuan.  I found "Avahi" running in the background - is that needed for daily use? The laptop that I installed Devuan on is not part of any network that I know of.18:16
hightower3not needed, eradicate it18:17
fsmithredjames1138, I don't think it's needed. I never install it, and all my computers are connected on the local network.18:17
fsmithredI don't need help finding them.18:17
james1138Thanks all. I must have installed it by mistake awhile back but just did not look close enough to notice.18:18
fsmithredsomething probably recommended it18:18
fsmithredyou can avoid a lot of cruft by installing without Recommends18:18
hightower3though you might find yourself missing some things that you were previously taking for granted :)18:20
hightower3when this option is used18:20
fsmithredtrue. Look at what's not being installed and add any that you want.18:20
james1138I kept the avahi library...  appears to be needed by things like file-roller, audacity and others.18:21
hightower3yes, james1138 btw you can look into things called debfoster and deborphan18:35
hightower3I personally like debfoster a lot... it iterates over the package list, asking you if you want to keep/remove packages, while taking into account what they depend on and what depends on them18:36
james1138I have deborphan but never heard of debfoster - will try that.18:39
MobosmithI'm looking to get a newer version of mono than the one I have19:12
Mobosmithwould I find a newer version in the backports repositories?19:13
fsmithredMobosmith, I don't think there's mono in backports19:17
fsmithredyou would have to upgrade to beowulf or backport it yourself19:18
MobosmithI could add a repository off the mono website that's meant for debian 919:18
fsmithredthat would probably work. Just be careful and check what else it will install.19:18
Mobosmithbut I don't know if I can run old and new versions at the same time either19:19
fsmithredneither do I19:19
Mobosmithare the steps to update to beowulf available yet?19:19
fsmithredif they use deb packages, it'll probably replace the version you have19:19
fsmithredupgrade to beowulf might be easy or difficult, depending on what you have installed19:20
Mobosmithyeah I need a version newer than stretch19:20
fsmithredbasically, replace 'ascii' with 'beowulf' in sources.list, update and dist-upgrade19:21
fsmithredcomment out beowulf-updates and beowulf-backports if you have them listed. They don't exist yet.19:21
fsmithredMobosmith, what desktop are you using?19:22
Mobosmithwhat sort of stuff might break if I do? I'm using MATE. Got Xfce as a backup UI...19:22
fsmithredwell, the task-*-desktop packages aren't ready19:23
fsmithredso, if you installed a full desktop from the installer, you might run into some trouble19:23
MobosmithI already have ASCII and would be updating19:24
fsmithredand maybe various other little glitches19:24
fsmithredsomeone recently ran into a problem trying to install gnome-disk-utility, because the current version of udisks2 is too old.19:25
fsmithredI've done a few upgrades with xfce that was installed without metapackages, and the upgrades went smoothly.19:26
Mobosmithis there a guide to the dist-upgrade I can read somewhere?19:27
golinuxjames1138: Please do not post links directly to debian repos.  Memorize this url:
fsmithrednot a new guide, but it shouldn't be too different from jessie to ascii upgrade. You really should have a full backup or do it on a test system first.19:30
Mobosmithalright thanks for your help. I might attempt it later today19:35
kaun_I had upgraded continuously from 2.2 till 5.x I think. Didn't need no guide! Maybe a Linux system of today is more involved to update.19:36
fsmithredIt'll be less involved when beowulf is actually ready.19:39
fsmithredHere's an account of a very easy upgrade to beowulf. (YMMV):
kiwi_90Hi, I tried a lot to have first suspend and then resume and then again suspend working, with uswsusp s2disk: Now it says:s2disk: "Could not stat the resume device file. Reason: No such file or directory"19:59
kiwi_90Anybody an idea? Thanks in advance.19:59
fsmithredI think you can enter that in /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf20:04
fsmithredand then run 'update-initramfs -u'20:04
fsmithredmaybe that's the wrong file20:06
fsmithredoh, maybe just run 'update-initramfs -u'20:07
fsmithredI think it will find the swap partition. You added that to fstab?20:07
Centurion_Dankiwi_90: usually that's the swap partition - make sure it's atleast as big as your ram21:29
fsmithredCenturion_Dan, he started with a swapfile and then switched to using a swap partition.21:31
fsmithredI think he just needs to rebuild initrd.21:32
r3boothmm, wasnt it a kernel parameter that could be set for the hibernate device?21:33
r3bootah, yes, resume=/some/block/device21:34
fsmithredyeah, I guess that would work, too.21:36
fsmithredThere's a file for it in the initrd. conf/conf.d/resume21:37
fsmithredand there's a file where you can set RESUME=none, which is helpful if you're making a live-iso21:38
fsmithredI thought it was initramfs.conf, but the man page says nothing about resume.21:38
gnarface /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume21:43
fsmithredAh, it goes in /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume21:43
fsmithredyou type faster than I do21:43
gnarfaceit's all tab completion and high mouse sensitivity :-p21:43
fsmithredbut he shouldn't even need to do that, should he?21:44
fsmithredIf he configured a swap partition in fstab after the installation, therefore after the last time initrd got rebuilt.21:45
fsmithredwon't update-initramfs find it?21:45
r3bootI mistyped; I have aliases (/<number>) which maps to /window <number>21:49
fsmithredoh, I was trying to interpret that smiley face21:49
r3bootGhe :)21:49
gnarfacefsmithred: yes, he shouldn't have to normally, but if he moved it he would21:50
gnarfaceor if it wasn't setup at install time21:50
gnarfaceit may or may not be defined at all, but if it's not defined it might pick the wrong one21:51
gnarfacedefault behavior i think is to just use the first available swap it finds21:51
hightower3By the way, just to say it here because I don't want to bother posting to the DNG mailing list. Regarding the recent thread on this list where people have somehow concluded that IBM has deprioritized power9 platform and that that's why they open sourced the design...22:21
hightower3not true, they want to make power9 very relevant and also have plans for up to power12 and beyond22:22
hightower3that's the reason why they opensourced it, as well as to make it possible for embedded companies to have an ISA that's not obtainable only through high licensing costs22:22
r3bootyeah, and that's a nice ramp-up for more zSeries sales :)22:23
MinceRnice ramp-up for selling the department that deals in CPUs :>22:24
r3booterr, iseries and their aix line, sorry :)22:25
hightower3(And if anyone wants to buy this stuff at "normal" prices, it's available on )22:25
kiwi_96hi, my first installations acpi experience is hibernation is still not working:and after first suspend fails even in s2ram: "s2ram_do: Device or resource busy" . The computer is heating up, the fan goes without pause, but top knows nothing, clearly I have to reboot later. Any guesses?22:30
fsmithredkiwi_96, what have you done so far?22:31
fsmithredwith the swap, I mean.22:31
kiwi_96Hi fsmithred22:31
kiwi_96Nice to meet you.22:32
kiwi_96As told I managed obviously to prepare a uswsusp.conf that can suspend and resume once, but then fails.22:33
fsmithredsorry, I have no ideas22:35
kiwi_96This file is about 10 lines long, I dont know how to show it, neither still how to prepare the logs, but would.22:35
kiwi_96.. in the forum, right?22:35
fsmithredpaste.debian or pastebin or something like that22:35
fsmithrednc 9999 < <file>22:36
fsmithrednc 9999 < filename22:37
fsmithredlooks better22:37
fsmithredor forum22:39
kiwi_96It is mainly the same behaviour I experienced from ubuntu systemd, which at this point came with these heavy impacts.22:41
fsmithredI've never used s2disk.22:41
fsmithredI've used pm-hibernate and pm-suspend22:42
kiwi_96I give it a try, do not bother if next moment I fall out ..22:43
kiwi_8The same.23:00
kiwi_8Was it an idea acpi module to reset or the ACPI firmware, this is at leastwhat the kernel log claims.23:01
gnarfacekiwi_8: there are BIOS/EFI settings that can sabotage hibernate23:13
kiwi_8It used to work, with the same bios entries, and came with an ubuntu upgrade, do you really mean a bios issue was likely then?23:32
gnarfacei mean you might have changed the bios values accidentally23:34
gnarfaceas part of a normal previous bios upgrade23:35
gnarfaceor just loss of motherboard power23:35
gnarfacelike if the cmos battery is dead23:35
gnarfaceand there are a couple settings that are common in the wild, that could have sabotaged hibernation capability23:35
gnarface"memory hole at 15k" or something like that23:36
gnarfaceand available power management states23:36
gnarfacebasically, i'm not questioning whether it used to work with the same bios entries.  i'm questioning how sure you are they're actually still the same.23:36
kiwi_8cmos: I found this line in the syslog:Sep  5 23:13:50 hhh kernel: [ 4980.462935] rtc_cmos 00:01: System wakeup disabled by ACPI23:37
gnarfaceyou do have acpid installed and running though, right?23:38
gnarfacethere could be some acpi related packages missing23:38
kiwi_8Just where the error apparently happened ..23:38
kiwi_8quite sure23:39
gnarfacemake sure you have these two packages: acpi-support-base acpid23:39
gnarfaceyou might also need pm-utils23:39
kiwi_8I had them23:39
kiwi_8The latter is installed.23:40
kiwi_8but late, when the error already happened:23:41
kiwi_8maybe I shall reboot with pm-utils installed.23:41
hightower3Hey is libvirt-daemon-system known to not be installable on ppc64le? I get "depends: policykit-1 but it is not going to be installed"23:44
hightower3and looking deeper into dependencies libpolicykit-1 depends on libpam-systemd etc.23:44
gnarfacehightower3: i think there are known issues with policykit in beowulf right now23:47
gnarfaceyou don't actually need it if you're not using a graphical login though23:48
fsmithredit should be ok, but possibly not for all arches23:48
gnarfacehmm, could there be missing ppc64 packages?23:48
gnarfacedue to lack of build hardware?23:48
fsmithredyeah, I think there are23:48
fsmithredno, there is a problem with the build system23:49
fsmithredlibpam-elogind should satisfy the dep23:49
fsmithredhightower3, what version of policykit-1 can you see?23:50
hightower3I see 0.105-18+deb9u123:51
fsmithredthat's stretch23:51
hightower3cat /etc/devuan_version --> ascii23:52
fsmithred     0.105-18+devuan2.3 2023:52
fsmithred         20 experimental/main amd64 Packages23:52
fsmithred0.105-18+devuan2.11 in ascii23:53
fsmithredbut I'm looking at amd6423:53
hightower3the difference is in the ppc64le then23:53
hightower3you suggest I override the depends and just install libvirt-daemon-system, or no suggestions at the moment?23:55
fsmithredI don't know what that will do23:56
hightower3will try23:56
fsmithredI know it's possible to function without policykit-123:56
fsmithredbut I don't know about libvirt-daemon23:56

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