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xrogaanI did an apt upgrade on ascii, and I got this after the download of the packages:
xrogaanshould I be worried?04:39
xrogaanoh, nevermind04:40
xrogaanwas on the wrong directory04:40
xrogaansilly me, teach me to do stuff before bed04:41
systemdlete2how can I get a newer kernel for ascii?  I have 4.9.0-9, and I think, based on Internet posts addressing my issue, I need about 4.1006:35
golinux0 results for "linux-image-4.10" in any06:43
systemdlete2any newer maybe?06:43
systemdlete2like 4.19?06:44
golinuxGive it a spin: https://pkginfo.devuan.org06:45
systemdlete2I thin I found it,thx golinux06:45
golinuxCool!  You know . . . teach a man to fish . . .  ;)06:47
systemdlete2right.  Now teach me best wait to bait a hook... dpkg or apt?06:50
systemdlete2(sorry I've forgotten)06:50
systemdlete2I don't see a download link for the package I want06:52
systemdlete2the links there only link another web page, not a file06:54
djphsystemdlete: they're equivalent.12:37
systemdletedjph:  What is equivalent to what?   (sorry, maybe I am dense...)13:32
systemdleteI solved it by just "apt -t ascii-backports linux-image-whatever-the-heck..."13:33
systemdleteit installed the 4.19 kernel and it really DOES make my laptop settle down.  It is much more stable now.  I can log out of xfce 10x, or it seems, and no longer hangs.  But stay tuned; I've seen these issues return13:34
systemdleteTrouble is, I may need an even MORE recent kernel to resolve my cinnamon issue, which also ultimately hangs the system.13:34
systemdleteNot sure what might be available beyond 4.19, unless I consider upgrading to beowulf or something.13:35
systemdleteI'd like to use cinnamon because I've heard that cinnamon offers a good experience on a touch tablet.13:36
systemdleteoh, just got it, djph.  Guess I should have gone back and thoroughly read what I wrote there.13:37
systemdleteyou are saying I could have used either apt or dpkg in that instance.  OK, I'll keep in mind for future.13:38
djphsystemdlete: apt and dpkg15:42
djphsystemdlete: well, assuminv the package is in the repos.15:42
systemdleteYeah, I figured you out.  (finally, sorry it took me some time)15:43
systemdleteanyway, I've got cinnamon running ok now.   The kernel update was badly needed, as gnarface suggested.  It is a newer kernel, seems stable.15:44
djphheh, good deal systemdlete15:45
systemdleteI also had to fix the orientation of lightdm -- there is a way to configure a setup script for lightdm and all it does is call xrandr to rotate the screen.15:45
systemdlete(well I sure pestered enough people here enough times!)15:45
systemdleteonce lightdm was straightened out, cinnamon magically started working correctly.  Trouble is, the touch gestures don't translate with the rotation.15:46
systemdleteBut I continue to google items, trying to make this work for me.  One thing I've concluded is that there are no DE's at this time that create a truly touchscreen-friendly user experience.15:47
systemdleteoh well.15:47
systemdleteIt is nice having a new laptop anyway.  Someday I'll be able to use it as a tablet, too.  I just have to be patient.15:51
systemdleteactually, it will work as a tablet, but only if I rotate it back to portrait mode.  For this, cinnamon works very well.  The only sticky point now is the virtual keyboard (my current "project")15:53
xrogaansystemdlete: use backports16:02
xrogaan4.19.0-0.bpo.5-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.37-5+deb10u2~bpo9+116:02
systemdletegot that already, xrogaan.  thanks16:02
systemdletemade a VAST improvement in stability.16:02
xrogaanis that so?16:14
systemdleteyou are surprised xrogaan?  In fact, many posts indicate that kernels after about 4.9 stabilize their systems16:56
systemdlete(googled it)16:56
xrogaanprobably depends on the hardware16:59
james1138General question. Is there a chat group to discuss Linux games?18:29
fbtWell there's the GoL community, although their main chat is on Telegram18:31
fbtThese guys:
james1138Big thanks FBT!18:34
HyperTableshow do I install docker? I see no `` package18:36
HyperTablesPackage is not available, but is referred to by another package.This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, oris only available from another source18:37
r3bootHyperTables: your best bet is to install the upstream docker packages,
HyperTablesthanks - will give that a try18:41
fsmithredbeowulf has docker.io18:41
fsmithred(in case upstream doesn't work)18:41
HyperTablessudo service --status-allshows19:22
HyperTables [ - ]  docker19:23
HyperTablesah got it I had to do `sudo service docker start`19:23
plasma41james1138: You may want to check out #libregamenight here on freenode.20:31
james1138What is the libregamenight chat?20:34
gnarfacesystemdlete: enlightenment 0.17 and later have a some sort of mobile/tablet mode that might be worth checking out for you.  i've never tried it myself though.20:41
golinuxAll this is OT and should be on #debianfork  ;)20:41

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