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ibanjaCan docker be installed in Devuan?00:21
gnarfacei've never done it but i've heard it can be done00:22
ibanjaI couldn't get the service to run, so I uninstalled, and now I have a partially install docker error... dpkg: error processing package docker-ce (--remove)00:23
ibanjathis happened twice now. I'm thinking it00:23
gnarfaceadd --purge00:23
ibanjais to do with the init00:23
ibanjaI did a purge.00:24
gnarfaceapt-get --purge remove [package name]00:26
gnarfacethat doesn't clear it?00:26
ibanjaI can fix the problem, but was wondering if anyone else had issues. I've been unsuccessful on two computers.00:26
ibanjaNo, it doesn't00:26
gnarfacehang around, someone has to have seen the same error...00:27
gnarfacetry it from fully installed?00:27
ibanjaI will try to install again00:27
ibanjathen retry00:28
gnarfacedo you know what it leaves behind?00:29
gnarfaceor what it is choking on exactly?00:29
ibanjadocker-ce-cli and are both dependencies that it doesn't want to install.00:32
ibanjanow it won't reinstall.00:32
gnarfaceibanja: try adding the packages all to the same command-line00:33
ibanjagnarface: got it... apt-get -f install, which didn't work before fixed the issue.00:34
ibanjanot it uninstalled...00:34
ibanjanot should have been "now" ... now it is uninstalled.00:36
ibanjathis is the second time this has happened on two different machines... I'm  curious to see if anyone here has any pointers.00:36
gnarfacei think if you put them all on the same command-line in the initial remove command it usually works00:40
gnarfacebut like i said, never tried tocker00:40
gnarfaceit is probably a bug in the package00:40
ibanjaI have a feeling it's a systemd thing.... The docker repo is designed with regular debian in mind.00:46
ibanjathe docker repo, that is.00:46
gnarfaceit could be00:54
gnarfacemaybe it is permissions related somehow...00:54
golinuxThere are docker images at git.devuan.org01:03
golinuxibanja: You might want to check that out.01:04
kiwi_8devuan is great.01:38
golinuxWe made debian great again!01:40
djphgolinux: well ...01:42
golinuxdjph: Sorry . . . just couldn't resist01:43
djphgolinux: more the "debian is still crap, but at least there's a good alternative"01:43
kiwi_8I wanted to express thank you for it, and the nice help I got from gnarface and fsmithred for helping installation issues.01:49
gnarfaceyou're welcome kiwi_801:49
kiwi_8How could i be that mislead?01:50
kiwi_8... all the years .01:51
kiwi_8 /misled01:52
ahazwhy is debian crap13:02
ahazbesides systemd?13:02
djphthat's about the whole of it (and the politics)13:03
systemdlete2Is there a complete set of the iio libraries and tools?  I see people discussing libiio and iio-sensor-proxy on cinnamon forum re accelerometer support.  I know this 2-in-1 supports auto rotation because Win10 does it (when I had it installed I mean).13:05
systemdlete2I was able to install some of the iio stuff, but I am wondering if I am overlooking something maybe devuan's particular packaging or the like?13:05
amarsh04buZz I keep timidity at an old version to keep pulseaudio working13:22
amarsh042.13.2-14 or something13:23
amarsh04buZz 2.13.2-4113:25
ahazin talks with the alsa folks, it could be extended to allow per-app volume scaling13:27
ahazin case anyone with some vim and vigor wants a project13:27
onefangWhat if I have some other editor and vigor?  B-)13:50
fsmithredwhat if I already have per-app volume scaling with alsa? I didn't do anything special.14:38
ahazfsmithred: how do you do it14:39
fsmithrednot sure, but maybe it's just a vlc feature14:39
fsmithredI had 1 instance of audacious and 1 of vlc14:39
ahazindividual applications can implement software volume scaling14:39
ahazmedia players often provide this14:39
fsmithredok, looks like vlc has it, audacious does not14:40
ahazit is theoretically possible to make an alsamixer that gives you a slider for each active sink14:40
ahazmaybe sink is wrong word14:40
ahazbut you can see these things in the proc tree14:40
fsmithredI'd like a jack plugin for firefox14:43
fsmithredafk (coffee time)14:46
buZzamarsh04: honestly, i dont require a always-on midi renderer14:48
buZzthe moments that i do, i just startup fluidsynth, cause soundfonts sound much better14:48
buZz-especially- this soundfont ;
buZznight&day compared to timidity, imho14:48
buZzoh, thats in repo aswell i think14:49
buZzoh, no14:50
buZzooooo my housemates will be glad15:24
buZzsomehow i fixed the 'mixer stays at 100% when i remove my headphones'15:25
buZzlast night again i accidentally unplugged headphones and movie was a bitttt loud15:25
ahaznice link thanks buZz16:12
ahazhavent heard general midi in .. decades?16:12
buZzahaz: heh, with all these musicnerds around me building modulars etc, i hear a lot of MIDI :)16:12
buZza friend even just wrote a ncurses based midi sequencer :)
ahazpff, cv16:13
buZzsure, but midi-2-cv and cv-2-midi16:13
buZzso they can use those hip sequencing machines etc16:13
ahazncurses is an abstraction layer with no use now though16:14
ahazunless you want to run it on an old wyse terminal16:14
buZzof course he runs it on a terminal16:14
buZzhow can you be a hacker with smiley icons on your desk like a MyFirstSony16:14
ahazyeah but ncurses limits you to lowest common-denominator capabilities16:14
ahazany xterm compatible will have ansi escape code support now16:15
buZzwhat do you want then, sixel support?16:15
buZzyeah, ncurses can use ansi16:15
ahazyes but it's a gimped api to it16:15
ahazmuch easier to just do ansi directly16:15
buZzi dont see why16:15
buZzoh sure, its possible to do it directly16:15
buZzbut ncurses (and ncursesw) allows stuff like scrollable windows and gui buttons etc16:16
buZzand resizeing with the terminal16:16
buZzand easier mouse support :)16:17
ahazwell i'm not using it anymore16:17
buZzthats ok16:17
ahazscrolleable = redraw buffer with offset-1/+116:19
ahazand no working around ncurses color limitations16:20
ahaz"you have exceeded your limit of fg/bg color combinations"16:20
ahaz"sorry dave, i can't draw that"16:20
ahazthough that is finally being addressed16:21
buZzwell, many terminals can do 24bit color now, i dont think ansi ever offered that either :P16:35
ahazwell it does now16:41
ahazlooks like youtube just broke youtube-dl, mpv and vlc again16:41
golinuxAnd how was all that a Devuan-specific support discussion?16:56
Soo_Slowis devuan far behind debian, or not? I mean - iirc current stable debian is buster, while devuan's home page says that ascii (based on stretch) is stable release and beowulf based on buster is in development17:00
MinceRthey claim buster to be stable, but it isn't :>17:01
ahazthe occasional problem with packages in beowulf (for me maybe one or two, ever) is far outweighed by having current libs for compiling17:02
ahazi'm on a desktop though, not a server trying to have high uptime17:02
golinuxahaz: Interesting comment as most of the bugs holding up Beowulf release are in desktoppy stuff.17:04
Soo_Slowwell, Im on desktop too. Got tired of systemd-related issues and trying to find anyhow stable distro to migrate to17:04
Soo_Slow*anyhow stable distro without it17:04
ahazi use xfce here17:04
ahazno idea what problems people are having17:05
Soo_Slowcurrently Im on manjaro (arch-based) with cinnamon17:05
ahazyeah those modern DEs are ... playgrounds for problems17:06
Soo_Slowexcept I didnt say a thing about modern DEs, but issues with systemd...17:54
james1138ahaz: what version of youtube-dl are you referring to please?18:08
ahaz9/1, see the github page18:09
james1138Humm - I appear to be using youtube-dl 2019.07.02-dmo1.  I hope I am still okay.18:13
ahazyou are getting playback/downloads?18:17
james1138I have not tried.  Give me a few moments.18:19
buZzwhy not just update it with youtube-dl -U ?18:20
buZz(i always put such often updated software in ~/bin)18:20
ahazit's a new breakage since a few hours18:20
ahazno update yet18:20
buZzon youtube links?18:20
buZz2~ERROR: This video is unavailable.18:21
buZzwith latest update, yeah18:21
james1138Nope - I get "video unavailable" - it worked yesterday!!18:22
buZzits been a couple days for me since i've used it18:22
buZzi wonder how well movgrab works nowadays18:22
* buZz clones
buZzurf, that repo needs a cleanup, does -not- need executable rights :D18:23
buZzhmm, nope, also wont fly18:28
james1138Just upgrade youtube-dl - Binary Package youtube-dl_2019.08.13-dmo1_all.deb... no improvement.  <sigh>18:29
james1138I meant I upgraded18:29
james1138So... anything that depended on Youtube-DL is now "SOL"....  QMPlay2 and XT7-Player-MPV in my case.18:32
fsmithredjames1138, this seems to happen every few months18:33
fsmithreddownload new version when it's available: wget
james1138Between youtube-dl and QMPlay2... I was happy and did not care about installing bloated Kodi. <frown>18:34
james1138Sorry - closed wrong window18:39
buZzyour irc client seems buggy james113818:41
buZzits trying to send multiple PART msgs in one msg, but thats not compatible with freenode18:41
buZzso its leaking all channels you are in on each time you close it ;)18:42
buZznot a big issue, but still, unneeded18:42
james1138Let me turnoff/remove plugins. Back in a few moments.18:44
james1138I am back and youtube-dl still not working even after upgrade python3-module-youtube.18:47
buZzjames1138: your last quitmsg didnt seem to leak your channels :)18:49
james1138Found possible alternatives to Youtube-DL
james1138I guess I could try SMPlayer and SMTube18:57
james1138Arrgghh... Going to get myself something to eat. Even Smplayer and SMTube no longer works when it comes to watching youtube videos!!19:04
ahaznot surprising when youtube changes the api19:18
telst4ryeah.. youtube-dl-gui 0.4 still seems to work, eventhough it breaks the names.19:23
g4570nyoutube-dl said: ERROR: This video is unavailable. 😕19:29
james1138This sucks!! Appears even Kodi required youtube-dl to watch videos!!20:09
MinceRyoutube-dl -U   tends to fix it relatively soon after the API is broken20:20
sixwheeledbeastIt broke today from what I can gather on github20:20
james1138MinceR: how do you add the "-U" command??20:21
MinceRit's a parameter20:21
MinceRbut it only works if you installed ytdl manually20:21
MinceRi.e. it can overwrite its own executable, and probably needs to be in your home too20:22
free_speechno it doesn't need to be in your home ... if it isn't and if it isn't writeable for anyone, just use sudo youtube-dl -U20:23
free_speechin my case it is in /usr/local/bin20:24
MinceRi see20:24
MinceRjust be careful not to overwrite a copy managed by your package manager because then your package manager will probably overwrite it :>20:25
james1138I just did sudo youtube-dl from root terminal - it says "youtube-dl is up-to-date (2019.09.01)"20:25
free_speech2019.09.01? then it is up to date20:26
free_speechyoutube-dl -U20:26
free_speechUpdating to version 2019.09.01 ...20:26
free_speechUpdated youtube-dl. Restart youtube-dl to use the new version.20:26
james1138free_speech:  the command does not fix the problem of viewing youtube videos.20:27
free_speechthen download the video by typing youtube-dl [URL], and watch it locally then20:28
free_speechwhich player do you use? one that depends on youtube-dl ?20:29
free_speechlike mpv ?20:29
buZzi think nearly all depend on the same logic for grabbing the video20:31
buZzwhich is all broken20:31
free_speechvlc doesn't have youtube in its dependencies - and it can play youtube-videos20:32
free_speechs/doesn't have youtube/doesn't have youtube-dl20:32
james1138Problem I personally have with VLC is that Kodi, SMPlayer2 and QMPlay2 all have the ability to browse Youtube and watch videos (assuming youtube-dl works) without having to copy and paste URL.20:37
free_speechI didn't ever use a media-player to browse youtube ... so - I'm out here.20:40
free_speechSMTube is a stand-alone graphical application which allows one20:51
free_speechto search and download Youtube videos. Although it is part of20:51
free_speechthe SMPlayer project, it can be used with any multimedia player20:51
free_speechsuch as mpv, MPlayer, VLC, Totem or Dragon Player.20:51
free_speechever tried this?20:51
james1138Tried SMTube eariler today after install - unable to watch videos.20:52
free_speech(doesn't either depend on youtube-dl by the way)20:54
james1138free_speech: Said to say - even if I was able to use SMTube - SMPlayer2 has appears to have no ability to browse internet radio stations without copy and paste. I would have two application - one unable to browse internet radio and the other unable to browse YouTube.20:57
free_speechso you want one application being able to browse internet radio AND youtube as well?21:00
golinuxAnd how is this a devuan support problem?  Maybe Debian fork would be better . . .21:00
james1138Agreed golinux21:01
tom_james1138, it's not that21:02
tom_I'm having trouble with youtube-dl, (the tool mpv uses directly to scrape youtube)21:02
tom_youtube must have changed something again21:02
tom_try updating youtube-dl21:02
tom_ looks broken too21:03
james1138Tom_: I am using the most current youtube-dl /  2019.09.0121:04
tom_give it a few hours and update. It's always this cat and mouse game with google and scraping to put it in open standard formats21:04
golinux#debianfork for youtube-dl questions, please21:05
free_speechwasn't debianfork a channel being relevant *before* the first devuan release?21:06
gnarfaceit is still relevant21:09
golinuxfree_speech: It is our general chat channel21:16
fsmithredHow does anacron know whether I'm on battery or AC? It hasn't run in a long time despite the fact that I'm using AC power. I think it's confused.21:21
james1138tom_ and free_speech: just fixed and sent private chat message with solution21:22
james1138Sorry Golinx: I am just posting the solution so everyone else will not be asking the same... install YouTube video downloader (node-ytdl-core) - Node.js module from terminal or Synaptic Package manager!!  ytdl-core is a Node.js module which provides an API to get a readable stream for a YouTube video.Node.js is an event-based server-side JavaScript engine.21:25
buZzbug is now closed on youtube-dl21:27
buZzsince 30mins21:27
buZzUpdating to version 2019.09.12 ...21:27
buZz[download]  14.9% of 50.62MiB at  3.55MiB/s ETA 00:1221:27
gnarfacefsmithred: it might have something to do with acpi-support21:27
fsmithredI take it back. cron.daily and cron.hourly are both in syslog up to present (more or less) but grep only finds those patterns in the beginning of the file and ends its output with "binary file /var/log/syslog matches"21:27
fsmithredfile says it's ASCII text21:28
gnarfacesomeone complaining about the same thing happening with systemd in 2014 but may be related:
gnarfacethey are suspecting bugs in acpi-support or pm-utils21:29
gnarfaceit seems to be something that doesn't affect every machine21:30
gnarfaceso maybe it's something to do with how acpi is reporting or failing to report power states21:31
james1138Upgrading to acpi-support_0.143-321:31
james1138Upgraded to pm-utils_1.4.1-1821:33
fsmithredmaybe I should install that.21:33
fsmithredacpi-support I don't have21:33
gnarfacetheir bug report about systemd suggests to purge it so seems worth a try21:33
fsmithredoh, james1138 has a newer pm-utils21:34
fsmithredguess I should take some upgrades21:34
ahazyoutube-dl just updated to fix today's breakage! \o/21:35
fsmithredgnarface, purge acpi-support? (I assume they didn't say to purge systemd.)21:35
gnarfacefsmithred: yea, acpi-support, but since you don't have systemd, maybe the opposite works for you?21:36
fsmithredoh, good thinking21:37
fsmithredany guesses as to why grep thinks syslog is a binary file and won't read the whole thing?21:47
gnarfacesome stray unicode characters in there or something21:48
fsmithredI'll move it and restart rsyslog21:48
gnarfaceyea, i'm not having that problem here so chances are something stuffed some binary characters in there21:49
gnarfaceyou might want to find out what is doing that because it seems like a mistake21:49
fsmithredit's really old for a syslog file, too. I haven't run this laptop a lot.21:49
free_speechdo the systemd people at least even take bug reports serious? or do they react on bug-reports  like "not our fault -> closed" ?21:56

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