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golinuxHi.  If you have a support question just ask.  If you want to chat, please move it to #debianfork.  Thanks06:16
gavleeSome trouble running the vagrant boxes, when I apt-get it times out because I have no ipv6. any ideas please?06:23
xrogaanwhat fails?07:34
xrogaangavlee: the vagrant or the apt cmd?07:34
thijsoWhat do I need to put in my grub.cfg if I want to boot the devuan ascii live cd directly from a USB stick? My boot ends up with "(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system" and stops...10:43
thijsoIn another forum I found the kernel option 'live-media-path='. That sounds kinda what I need, but what's the path? I assume something like /live/filesystem.squashfs                                                               |976376K|Jun  6  2018|10:51
thijsoOops.. bad paste.10:51
thijsoAnyway, that didn't work.10:52
thijsoHmmm. Think I have a workaround for now. I get dumped in a initramfs so I can manually mount my stuff and continue the boot. I hope. Trying that now...11:14
Kjetilhm.. struggelig a bit with the nvidia drivers. Installed the nvidia-legacy package but modprobe nvidia fails with "Module nvidia-legacy-340xx not found in directory..." Even though it is present under updates/dkms in that folder11:45
debdogwhat if you put a symlink in 'directory' pointing to 'updats/dkms'? Kjetil. just a thought, hadn't had any experiences with the packaged version of the nvidia driver11:52
KjetilThink I managed to figure it out. There is a package named nvidia-legacy-driver-340xx and one named nvidia-legacy-driver-304xx, and I have managed to mix those somehow11:56
ErRandirdid the install rerun depmod? the drivers should be in in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/*11:56
KjetilThanks anyways12:00
KjetilOne nice improvement would be to have a big warning when it doesn12:00
Kjetil't generate modules for any kernels due to missing linux-headers12:00
fsmithredthijso, if you used dd to make the usb stick, do something like the following:12:18
fsmithredset root=(hd_whatever)12:19
fsmithredchainloader +112:19
fsmithredif you're on grub command line doing this, then also add 'boot' to make it go.12:20
fsmithredif you want to boot the iso file from a directory on your hard drive, do something like this:
fsmithredcorrection: set root=(hd1)   (it's probably hd1)12:30
Evilhamgavlee: around?12:40
EvilhamIf you have no ipv6, then ipv6 shouldn't be used12:41
thijsofsmithred: thanks. I'm actually running this off an USB stick. I've got multiple ISOs on it (ubuntu, debian, older devuan) and use grub to boot into the right one. It's always a little fiddly to get it to work. I'll look at the site, maybe that's what I need. Thanks12:49
thijsoThank fsmithred, that was the magic incantation I needed on that site. So simple in the end...12:55
thijsoAt least, I think so... Now booting into X I hope, but blank screen for now... ;)12:55
thijsoAh, oops. Needed username=devuan in the cmdline12:57
Evilhamgavlee: I just ran even more tests in IPv6-constrained environments and they default to using IPv4 addresses, my guess is that your network is not properly set up and you probably would have issues with many other things because it makes the system thinks it has IPv6 connectivity and it doesn't13:04
thijsoHhmmm... I can't use XFS in devuan?13:04
thijsoI'm sure I could in jessie...13:04
Evilhameven though one of my tests gave a proper Ipv6-address and deliberately broke the connectivity, and apt still defaulted to using ipv4 addresses13:05
thijsoHmm, nevermind. Figured it out. Sorry for the noise.13:14
gavleeHello again. sorry, I crashed out only just saw the messages.. Have been using Ubuntu in vagrant fine, gentoo, debian , I really don't know what the problem is13:30
gavleewhen apt run I see an ipc6 address , i don't normally see that13:31
EvilhamI need more information13:34
Evilhamlike the actual logs13:34
Evilhamthe kind of connectivity you have13:34
Evilhamstuff like that13:34
Evilhamthe contents of your sources.list13:34
gavleesure. I am running a pretty big build in vagrant right now but when it finish I will test again. just strange other boxes work but not the devuan one, am not ruling out problem my side thought. appreciate the help, thanks13:36
thijsoSo, if I have an installed ascii system with X and everything, can I reduce that system to just a barebones tty system (so no X server etc) by uninstalling task-xfce-desktop?13:39
gavleeand not much I change, when I try it I thought of replacing debian because of a project that uses an old debian version would be easier but I couldn't even apt-get , tried disabling ipv6 in provision script but kinds got busy with other stuff and forgot.... was pressured into the question . honest :)13:40
thijsoHhmm, seems I might need to remove some X server specific things in addition13:40
Evilhamgavlee: no worries, IPv6 support in the Round Robin dos happen to be super new13:41
Evilhamso if there are issues, we want to know13:41
Evilhambut as far as I can see, everything is fine :-D13:41
Evilhamso if there really are issues, there is something not being checked for13:41
thijsoAh, wait. Found task-desktop.13:42
Evilhamworst case it's something on your side and we can solve it :-)13:42
gavleeI am usually the person the rolls up and says it's something is broken when it's not . lol13:42
onefang"super new" as in "it was implemented yesterday", for various values of "yestorday".13:42
Evilhamssh ssh :-D13:42
fsmithredthijso, why not use the minimal live?13:43
thijsoBecause I already did this... But yes, that would be the sane thing to do...13:43
gavleeI will have another go and report back then . thanks again13:43
Evilhamgavlee: I'll be afk for a bit, in between try to reproduce the issue, provide the info I asked for and maybe onefang can lend you a hand13:43
fsmithredoh, ok. I get it.13:43
onefangI'm about five minutes away from dinner being ready, I might not be able to help much soon either.13:44
gavleeI just woke up and had no coffee yet but had to respond to the questions. will be back later too13:52
gavleeappreciate the help ^^13:53
thijsofsmithred: so, I decided to do the sane thing and install from minimal-live, but now I get the error14:04
thijsodamn, I meant: now I get the error "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system" again. With the same config as I used for desktop-live...14:05
thijsoThe contents of the two isos looks similar. At least, the directory structure for /live is the same, with the same files in there, just different size, which is logical14:06
fsmithredthijso, you installed the minimal live onto the usb, so it's not a regular installed system?14:59
fsmithredare you booting uefi or legacy bios? (minimal-live doesn't do uefi)15:04
thijsofsmithred: no, I put the minimal iso on the usb stick, just like the desktop one. I have a grub.cfg there that boots into the correct iso. The link to the page you gave me gave me the correct way to make the desktop version boot, but for the minimal one that doesn't work.15:07
thijsojust legacy bios15:08
fsmithredI can try it in a couple minutes15:10
fsmithredstill trying...15:21
fsmithredthijso, I got it to work. Booted the i386 minimal-live iso from grub menu. This is on uefi. I'm not sure if that matters.15:30
fsmithredthijso, I can pm you my exact boot entry15:33
thijsofsmithred: thanks! I'll give it a try15:55
thijsohmmm, that doesn't change anything for me16:02
thijsoMaybe because I'm using the amd64 one?16:03
fsmithredI don't think so. Um, I think I did add username=devuan16:03
thijsobut do I understand correctly that the findiso= just needs to point to the iso file itself?16:04
thijsoYeah, I have username in there. But it fails before that.16:04
fsmithredeither that or findiso="$isofile" should work16:04
fsmithredmake sure there are no typos16:04
thijsoNo typos as far as I can see16:13
fsmithredcheck sha256sum on the iso?16:17
thijsoyeah, that's correct16:17
thijsoIn the filesystem.squashfs I do see that there are symlinks pointing to /boot instead of boot in the minimal version. initrd.img for example. In the desktop iso they all point to boot (without the starting slash). No idea if that's a problem or not16:18
fsmithredusually, vmlinuz and initrd.img links are done differently: one absolute path, one relative path16:19
fsmithredI don't know why16:20
debdogbug. they should be relative, both16:20
debdogI think it eas fixed in ASCII16:20
fsmithredalso odd that the desktop-live and the minimal-live are different. Both were made with live-sdk16:20
fsmithredyeah, I see both are relative path in ascii16:21
thijsofsmithred: really? I don't. I have a -desktop and a -minimal ascii iso, and they are different. One has only relative (desktop), minimal has both. It's the amd64 version if that makes any diff16:40
fsmithredmine was installed from a Refracta-9 (ascii) iso. But both as relative links is not from Refracta.16:46
fsmithredprobably comes from kernel postinst script16:47
gavleeWant to report that the vagrant box works fine now. not sure what the issue was but thanks for the help. Should make it much easier to work without the systemd stuff which is great.17:28
gavleeI've updated vagrant and changed some proxy settings so maybe that was it17:31
gavleesorry for the noise and thanks again for the help and the vagrant box happily testing away now :)17:33
Evilhamgavlee: cool! no noise at all :-D adding IPv6 support is something that was long due, so it'd have been a shame if it had meant issues for legacy-ip users :-)รง17:35
gavleewas strange other vagrant boxes work but the devuan box didn't. anyway all is well17:37
gavleeI am running the box but found no /vagrant inside the container17:56
gavleelet me look again17:57
gavleeplease if any pointers to code I could look at that sets up the box, it's a little bit different. been running packer to create my own boxes and it's a pain to get the vagrant boxes set up right I know still fighting with mine lol18:01
gavleei think there should be a vagrant user and some virtualbox guest additions that set up synced folders18:01
gavleeok. getting ipv6 error again on apt-get.. strange that it worked once just now and does not again18:18
gavleedon't think vagrant likes me very much18:18
gavleein my provision script it disabled ipv6 so maybe the reload fixed the box on next boot.. not sure where the problem lies18:20
gavleei know other vagrant boxes work ok18:20
Evilhamgavlee: looks like a mirror may br having issues, it hapoens to support ipv6, but also ipv4 :)19:40
SchoumiHi, Any idea when beowulf will be available?20:29
furrywolfit's available now, and from what I've heard, reasonably functional, but it's not officially released yet.20:58

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