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wooogabooogahi there :)  how hard would it be to write a script randomizing which WAN should be activated this time?02:08
wooogabooogawould it even work with multiple (4? 6?) LTE and/or 3G modems?02:08
phillipsjkThought the freebsd channel was joking:
golinuxSaw that on the Debian forum also04:10
phoggthe varlink user/group API thing seems harmless enough, but the homedir part is pretty mad04:20
furrywolfobviously they have to find more ways to make sure your software breaks unless it's written for systemd and only systemd.04:30
phoggI am sympathetic to some of the goals, but very against the technical decisions made at every level in attempting to get there.04:36
phoggI therefore do like to look at what problems they're solving and why. Not all of it is bad, just badly done.04:36
qbmonkeysystemd-homed maybe looks like a intro in to home eventually being home-as-a-service, ;005:57
m3ttidamn guys have you read that about systemd currently
telst4roh boy..09:16
m3ttitelst4r, yes thats discusting they completly rewrite linux in :D09:17
m3ttisome time soon we'll have systemd-kerneld :D09:17
telst4rThen simply rename it Lennartd :P09:19
m3ttiwhy do somebody need a new way to handle home directories?09:20
m3ttifrom init 0 :D09:20
telst4rI kinda see the argument for strict way of handling home, mainly programs trashing with their own dotfiles instead of making the use of .local, .cache etc.. but why should it be from init 0?09:22
m3ttithats it if we can make sure as a community that all files for the user should be located in these folders that would solve some of the stuff already09:24
sixwheeledbeastwhy does home need to be "more portable"?09:26
m3ttisometimes i have the feeling some of the linux folks just want to do something big and totaly changing so that they can tell everybody how awesome they are. But thats exactly not what we need. We need people who take resonsebility and try to make linux awesome as it is. It works just add some stuff don't rewrite all the stuff over and over again.09:27
yetiI'm the only daemon being allowed to do sth with my $HOME!09:29
yetipasta & ramen!09:30
sixwheeledbeastThe other argument is why create even more feature slip when there are still issues/bugs/vulnerabilities found with the "init" system. There's 1111 issues on git at the moment and we know how quickly they close many of them...09:32
telst4rIs home not portable already? just put it in the new place and mount? or is it some pulseaudio that breaks after that?09:34
m3ttisixwheeledbeast, bugs that are beatures :D or you missused the application09:35
sixwheeledbeastindeed they are the 4k closed ones.09:36
telst4rheh. the 'you're holding it wrong' argument.09:36
m3ttitelst4r, i never knew there was an issue with home :D. and even though i had never issues with alsa too :D09:37
m3ttiand on bsd also oss worked great09:38
omnioso far the only problem that I had with home portability was that some programs wrote the username to their config files but I doubt systemd is going to solve that09:43
Evilhampkgmaster is part of deb.devuan.org09:48
Evilhamso that's a bit redundant09:48
Evilhamthe files are .deb :-p09:48
EvilhamIf this is going to turn into random feature bashing please move to #debianfork09:49
* Evilham noting that the original mention was on #freebsd-social and #debianfork would be devuans equivalent09:49
Evilhamoh ffs, again delayed messages, feel free to ignore everything until the hint to move to #debianfork :-p09:49
aitorhi there12:31
Guest87438sev7en: about your link above...12:33
Guest87438se7en, i mean12:33
Guest87438about your link above: RMS has resigned from both MIT and FSF four days ago12:34
DonkeyHoteithat's what the link was about, yes. however, this is not the channel for it; take it to #debianfork12:36
* Evilham thanks DonkeyHotei :-)12:40
mtnmanhow can dpkg-reconfigure tzdata be run non-interactively by a script?15:52
mtnmanEvilham: thanks!15:58
avboxA new version av AVMultimedia is out. If you wanted to know how fast it is, see (and yes you will find comparison with Debian, Knoppix and Ubuntu).22:50
fsmithredavbox, sorry I haven't had time to do any more testing. I'm getting ready to go away for a month.22:54
avbox fsmithred: No problem, I got inputs to many. If you find something, just post it on the devuan forum.23:02

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