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brabowell, i hope now poettering dun dit it00:47
free_rabbitbuZz and gnarface thx it works now. i have to set the screensaver off with "xset s off"01:14
free_rabbiti wonder why there is a screensaver...01:15
free_rabbiti did not notice that any was installed01:15
free_rabbitmaybe this comes with lightdm or something?01:16
brabofree_rabbit: i still have:01:19
braboxset s off01:19
braboxset s noblank01:19
braboxset -dpms01:19
braboto make sure no blanking happens01:19
brabocould be there's cargo cult in that though..01:20
buZzfree_rabbit: w00t01:20
free_rab1itbrabo: thx i will add this01:50
free_rab1itbuZz: what is it?01:50
free_rab1itoh! it is enabled again, so i need to set it everytime the user is log in again?01:52
plasma41onefang yeti: I still have the Jessie Beta ISOs on my hard disk. I'm even still seeding the torrent for Beta 2.01:58
free_rab1itok wrote it to the start script of pekwm02:00
free_rab1itdoes anyone here use lightdm?02:00
gnarfacefree_rab1it: does it just blank the screen then turn it off, or does it actually animate something?  if you see an actual screen saver come up, check for the "xscreensaver" package.  the WM, the BIOS, and even vlc or other media players can mess with dpms settings and defaults directly though, so if you're just getting "blanking" behavior it could be any or all of the above02:00
gnarfacethe on-screen menu of the display itself may even allow you to set defaults for dpms behavior02:02
gnarfaceand it is not unheard of for some media players to have bugs that set it wrong or conflict with each other02:02
free_rabbitgnarface: i didnt not install any screensaver, so there is no xsreensaver, it was just blanking the screen after 10 minutes, but now it is solved ;) thx02:02
gnarface(vlc is *supposed* to be smart enough to disable it but as you can see that has a known history of not working right)02:02
gnarfaceyea no problem02:02
free_rabbitthis problem was only on this beginner system on my system i never had such a problem, so i think some gui program must do something here that blnaks the screen02:04
gnarfacevery likely, but if it is different hardware remember that even the BIOS could be setting different defaults independent of any software running on it02:04
free_rabbitno both are t6002:05
gnarfaceoh alright02:05
gnarfaceit might be the window manager itself02:05
free_rabbiti think lightdm is do something here....02:05
free_rabbitdwm? no of course not i used it too02:05
gnarfaceis the window manager?02:06
free_rabbitand lightdm isnt easy to configure.... its so anoying but i couldt find an alternative for it...02:06
free_rabbit and
gnarfacethere is also slim02:07
gnarfacebut you have to switch from elogind to consolekit to use slim02:07
gnarfaceor it won't work02:07
gnarfacethere were others once... i think systemd ate most of them02:08
free_rabbitslim i remember... something was there...02:08
free_rabbiti will have a look..02:08
gnarfacehere there's some info in the release notes about which recommended default window managers go with which login managers and permissions backends02:09
gnarfacedwm isn't mentioned but the information in there might still clear some stuff up for you02:09
free_rabbit looks like slim does not have a button to shutdown or reboot, but thats what i need for this beginner system.. =(02:11
gnarfaceah i see02:11
free_rabbitoh the windowmanager ion the beginner system is pekwm02:11
gnarfacei guess i can't really help with that quest, i never really got into the gui login thing02:12
free_rabbitit is for an older lady who never used a computer before ;)02:12
free_rabbitgnarface:  i knew that text file you linked but thx ;)02:13
free_rabbithere thats pekwm its very cool powerful and tiny:
gnarfacejust making sure free_rabbit02:14
free_rabbiti have combined it with the lxpanel02:15
free_rabbiti have first tried other much smaller panels, but they all have problems02:16
brabofluxbox does it too (screen blanking)02:16
free_rabbitbrabo: ah ok.02:17
free_rabbitprobably i should take a look at the pekwm confs again maybe somethings there, it is pretty customizable02:18
free_rabbithm.. no theres is nothing in the pekwm config files about blank, screen, displ...02:21
free_rabbitis it possible that the lxpanel does it?02:22
free_rabbit(it is so bloated ^^)02:22
gnarfacei don't know enough about lxpanel to answer for sure, but it's definitely possible02:28
brabofree_rabbit: i believe for flux i had a quick look, didn't see where i could configure it, and threw those in a script i now just execute.. lame, i know02:29
braboi just wanted it to stop blanking..02:29
free_rabbitbrabo: i thought you were using xset too?02:30
gnarfacethat's what he's saying02:31
gnarfacei put the xset commands in a script02:31
gnarfacefor all i know lxpanel is calling xset directly too02:31
brabothat :)02:31
brabopossibly, but it'd be the only feature i'd want so it'd be a bit overkill02:31
free_rabbitoh isee! sorry ^^ yes ive done the same in ~/.pekwm/auto02:32
braboin the end, if it works the way you want, that's what counts :)02:32
braboi'm actually curious atm to see what's going to happen with init in debian02:33
free_rabbiti will have a look at lxpanel confs (never used them before) but at the moment i try to figure out how to proper. configure lightdm (this thing sucks so much.. -.-)02:33
braboi see systemd now wants to handle home dirs too, and it breaks ssh. but hey, just have to login locally before you ssh in and it's all cool no?02:34
free_rabbitbrabo: yes your right thats what counts, but it is always good 2 now whats going on on your system ;)02:34
brabofree_rabbit: agreed!02:34
free_rabbitbrabo: systemd? you mean that new kernel?02:34
brabojust saying, there's usually a lot of ways to get something done02:34
brabofree_rabbit: hahaha02:35
brabosystemd-freebsd: systemd freeBS daemon - generates bullshit at no extra cost02:35
free_rabbityou know the suckless site about systemdeath.. err systemd?02:35
braboi believe i have seen it yes02:36
free_rabbitoh ok =)02:36
brabofree_rabbit: that's so overkill for an init ;) ;)02:38
brabolook, a few sloc less!02:38
brabobut ye, that's about all an init has to do. and should.02:39
brabosystemd is worse than emacs..02:39
brabothough what makes that i'd never ever would want to use systemd is the policy on bugs02:40
free_rabbitoh thats nothing! my init can buy food, clean my room, do babysitting....02:40
brabooh, let's quickly close this bug. walk away. what bug?02:40
brabobug remains02:40
brabothat to me is truly unforgivable02:41
free_rab1iti still dont get why people do want something like systemd.. but maybe im still to much noob ^^02:42
braboi am curious though, how this is going to evolve in debian. seems some tensions are rising about init system diversity02:42
free_rab1ithey my nick is gone... o-=02:43
braboi guess it's unavoidable when the default init has such scope creep and everything gets so entangled in it02:43
free_rab1itpoettering just want to build a better windumbs...02:43
free_rab1iti do reconnect do get my nick back...02:44
braboa better? if windows had an ssh i'm sure you could at least ssh in without being logged in locally..02:44
free_rab1itstrange.. o_002:48
brabo02:44:25 < brabo> a better? if windows had an ssh i'm sure you could at least ssh in without being logged in locally..02:50
gnarfacetake the anti-systemd soapboxing to #debianfork, the official ranting channel.  nobody disagrees with you here but this channel is supposed to be reserved for support02:51
gnarface(as in technical support, not emotional support :-P)02:51
brabognarface: a simple "off topic" would have sufficed02:51
gnarfaceand i believe windows does have openssh now02:52
braboand the last thing i need is emotional support. suggesting i am in need of that is offensive02:52
gnarfacei could be wrong02:52
gnarfacewe all need emotional support from time to time, we just can't all admit it to ourselves02:53
brabognarface: off-topic02:56
free_rabbitgnarface: lol there is an official ranting channel? XD03:11
free_rabbitgnarface: windumps is copying more and more from linux...03:12
gnarfacefree_rabbit: yea #debianfork was put up by these guys before they decided on a distro name i think.  it's still a devuan operated channel though.03:13
gnarfacelots of us are in both channels03:17
free_rabbitgnarface: i see =D04:19
free_rabbitis there a way to replace the text for disk decryption befor booting (this volume group bla not found pleas unlock sdafoo and somethin)04:21
free_rabbiti like to display only "Please type in your password to decrypt your Hardrive" or something04:22
cehtehits free software :D04:24
free_rabbitcehteh: i know... i ment where to change thios text04:26
cehtehi guess you have to grep, dmcrypt and then somewhere in the initrd toolchain04:27
free_rabbitok.. dmcrypt04:30
free_rabbitfind / -name *dmcrypt* only outputs: /usr/lib/eject/dmcrypt-get-device04:33
cehteh# which cryptsetup04:35
cehtehyou have to dig a bit deeper, i dont know by myself where the strings are stored and if they are  perhaps localized04:36
free_rabbit/sbin/cryptsetup that is a binary...04:37
cehtehyes somehere in the infrastructure around that04:38
cehtehthere is some init file for setting up the crypto stuff and that gets build into the initrd as well04:39
cehteh(or some other script for that job)04:39
free_rabbitcehteh: i found something in /usr/share/cryptsetup/initramfs/bin/cryptroot-unlock04:46
free_rabbithm.. but theres only that question for unlocking the disk, not all the stuff before (volume group not found, warning etc...)04:48
free_rabbitis that doing by other programs?04:48
cehtehlikely, sry you have to search by yourself, 4.50 am here and i go to bed04:49
cehtehheh for you as well :D04:49
cehtehpossibly a good idea to search backwards, starting with unpacking the initrd, because thats smaller and thats the place where it shall end04:50
free_rabbitcehteh: ok thx and good night04:53
free_rabbitbye other people04:54
chomwittgood morning from Greece08:33
golinuxMost everybody is sleeping now08:34
chomwitti am happy to announce that i have my first devuan ascii cloud server up and running09:56
chomwittgolinux: sorry09:56
chomwittpauli the famous theoretical physicist used to work late and wake up late09:57
golinuxYeah.  3am here09:59
MinceRyet there still are people whose only achievement in life is that they wake up early and as a result they judge other people on the basis of whether they do so10:06
onefangThe sun is setting here on this side of the planet.10:07
chomwitthow could i prove that i have a devuan vps running ?10:27
chomwittthe ip only shows the apache page10:27
LtWorf_prove? Give out ssh accounts so people can make sure10:31
r3bootlsb_release -v > /var/www/index.html, and serve that? :P10:43
chomwittr3boot: cool idea10:54
r3bootdont forget the 'powered by devuan' badges :P10:55
chomwittah the badges!11:03
chomwittwhere are they?11:04
chomwittbut thats not really proof. what about dpkg -l | grep systemd11:05
r3bootuse gimp and create your own :)11:05
yeti     __11:06
yeti     \c)  . o O ( I see no Systemd! )11:06
r3boota sha256sum of your vmlinuz file maybe11:06
yeti                          2018-04-10, yeti11:06
chomwittu mean ,,as in create a better badge or as in create the first ever badge ?11:06
errandir1popcon shows devuan but not which version11:08
toprowith beowulf release, what are the chances of a devuan image for raspi 4?11:17
jaromilpretty high, best asked in #devuan-arm11:18
toprook, thanks. will ask there...11:19
buZzr3boot: no longer gimp11:37
buZzits now 'glimpse' :P11:37
r3bootoh, ghe, yeah, sorry! :P11:40
onefangI dunno, has glimpse hit Devuan / Debian package repos yet?  I still use GIMP.  ;-P11:42
buZzonefang: lol no11:43
buZzafaik, they're still learning C++11:43
onefangAh, they have only glimpsed at the source code.11:43
buZzthey found things to get triggered on by the 'glimpse' name though, so it might be renaming again soon11:44
retak_where is c++?11:55
r3bootwerent they going to rewrite it in rust? :P11:59
retak_they should use C. so the project dies fast12:00
onefangThey would have to understand the C++ to port it to Rust.12:00
jaromilbuZz: lol13:46
buZzjaromil: yeah its such a weird story :D13:46
jaromilwell i guess the same people now is busy ruining RMS' life13:47
buZzmost ppl that are involved on that fork, werent even born when GIMP got released13:47
jaromilthat young? you mean 19yo?13:47
jaromilgimp was born with gtk-113:48
buZzyeah seems like it13:48
buZzofcourse, gimp toolkit13:48
buZzjaromil: hey maybe you wanna join dreamer and me, in making a videoclip for some uptempo darkjazz song13:49
buZzhonorary Puik. member13:49
buZzwe could use a actor for some scenes ;)13:50
onefangThink you have gone well off topic now.  #debianfork?  or maybe #devuanjazz?13:52
jaromilbuZz: cool!! tell me when13:55
jaromilyes or dyne channel13:55
furrywolfjames1138:  your client is still broken, and doesn't know how to send a quit properly.18:54
james1138Oh!  Sorry - let me go back and fix. I recently upgraded.18:55
furrywolf          #startrek :QUIT :Leaving."]18:55
furrywolfgrr, paste fail.18:55
james1138Ahh: I added a extra chat channel - strange. I deleted the channel completely18:58
furrywolfyour client is apparantly attempting to send a bunch of commands but instead failing and sticking them in the quit message.19:02
onefangEven worse, for those of us using IRC clients that turns certain letter combinations into icons, parts of those commands are turning into faces with poked out tongues.  lol19:18

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