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free_rabbiti am runnig the ascii 2.0.0 armel image on a Raspberry Pi model B rev2. and when i run startx it shows up the windowmanager and mousepointer, but then freezes and i need to do a hardware poweroff02:35
gnarfacefree_rabbit: you might want to hang out in #devuan-arm for a while, too02:40
gnarfacei don't know if that is a known issue or not02:40
free_rab1itgnarface: thx ;)02:43
free_rabbitis there any tool that i can run in background or foreground to monitor my network and report me if there is a disconnect?03:58
free_rabbiti have it in dmesg03:58
free_rabbitautomatically disconnects me an irssi is reconnecting then everytime (very annoying...)03:59
Pr0metheushi, does anyone know if xfce4-session 4.14 is getting worked as I went to gitlab and there has been no change for the last 4 years and it is not currently possible to update xfce408:29
free_speechwhich devuan release is the current stable? ASCII ?09:17
fsmithredyes, ascii09:24
free_speechokay, ty.09:25
free_speechafk, too ... migrating my laptop to devuan09:26
free_speechwhat does tasksel of devuan ascii mean by offering "console productivity" ?10:27
gnarfacefree_speech: probably like, non-X stuff10:28
chomwittwhich distro does devuan support ?   a question in the wiki account creation page11:01
r3bootcentos, duh11:01
r3bootalso, I heard rumours that there is an openbsd port coming up! ;+11:01
chomwitthow should i now?11:02
r3bootI am joking11:02
chomwitti am thinking to write all11:02
r3bootdevuan *is* a distro11:03
chomwitta base-distro11:03
chomwittok devuan worked11:03
james1138I switched IRC clients from Pidgin to Empathy. I hope people will no longer see strange messages from me whenever I leave chat.15:31
onefangThere's one way to find out.15:32
james1138Back in few moments15:38
onefangMuch better.15:39
onefangjames1138 ( has left the room (Quit: james1138)15:39
james1138I am back. How was that?15:39
onefangMuch better.15:40
onefangjames1138 ( has left the room (Quit: james1138)15:40
sixwheeledbeastI have never had an issues with Pidgin15:44
nemojames1138: you can turn off quit messages in almost any client15:50
nemobut I wouldn't say pidgin is best choice for IRC though.15:51
james1138Maybe Pidgin is just too much (meaning to complex) for a old fart like myself.15:51
onefangDid you see his previous quit message?15:52
nemoonefang: it seemed totally ordinary15:54
onefangjames1138 ( has left the room ("PART #libreoffice :PART #xfce :PART #gamingonlinux :PART ##ibmthinkpad :PART #vivaldi :PART #winehq :PART #startrek :QUIT :Leaving.")15:54
nemooh that one15:54
nemolisting his channels. heh15:54
onefangAnd lots of poking out tongues to those of us running IRC clients that turn certain bits of text into icons.15:55
nemoonefang: ah. I do not have one of those. if I want tongues sticking out I'll use the unicode 😝15:56
nemoonefang: our work IM does that though. drives me bonkers when pasting code snippets to coworkers15:56
nemojames1138: according to ↑  it is a bug in the the "IRC More" pidgin plugin FWIW15:57
nemoactually looks like that one is a dupe of  which is an 8 year old bug O_o15:58
sixwheeledbeastIt's a WONTFIX due to being a third party issue16:01
nemosixwheeledbeast: yeah. I'm just surprised people are still encountering it16:11
nemoclearly the plugin is unmaintained16:11
nemoprobably should be pulled16:11
sixwheeledbeastIt's not on the pidgins webstie as a listed third party plugin so it's likely dropped16:12
james1138Devuan question: where is the folder containing the default wallpaper??16:16
djphwhich DE?16:16
fsmithred /usr/share/desktop-base/something16:18
hightower2Hey help me a little bit here, I downloaded this install image:16:46
hightower2however during install, when I choose mirror from, then it asks me which release I want to install16:46
hightower2and regardless of whether I choose unstable or stable, it tells me that it can't find kernel modules16:47
hightower2and if/when I continue the install regardless, due to missing modules it doesn't detect the disk16:47
hightower2Should I be using a different ppc64el install image, or what?16:47
fsmithred hightower2 what's the date on that file? If it's older than the latest kernel update, it won't work16:51
hightower2it says  27-Jun-2019 12:2316:52
fsmithredyeah, too old16:52
hightower2ok I'll try stable mini.iso16:53
fsmithredyou want to install ascii or beowulf?16:53
hightower2(even though I'm surprised that ppc64el mini.iso exists for stable, but obviously it does as I see it in the stable folder)16:53
fsmithredI don't know if there are new isos for that arch16:54
hightower2well I wanted ascii, but I'll take any, that's why I went with unstable16:54
hightower2hoping that new kernel etc. would be in it16:54
fsmithredpretty sure unstable or testing would have the latest one16:55
fsmithredI think there were some problems with building that arch16:55
hightower2but it's stupid that I used this image like last month and all worked fine16:57
hightower2now it's gonna delay me in plans16:57
hightower2or force me to install debian  :-) j/k won't do that16:58
hightower2(- Press P. - What? - "P" on your keyboard, Bob. - I'm not gonna do that!)16:58
fsmithredI looked around and didn't find a newer image17:00
fsmithredbut we are working on new isos for ascii point release17:00
hightower2aah I know what am I gonna do, reuse the install which is already on the system17:01
hightower2that'll do, should have thought of that up front17:01
fsmithredyeah, you can copy it to another location17:01
fsmithrededit a few configs17:01
hightower2yeah even simpler, it's the same machine I wanted to reinstall, gonna just delete things I don't need and reuse17:02
fsmithredif you're up for an experiment, you could try making a live iso with refractasnapshot17:02
fsmithredI have no idea if it works on that arch17:02
fsmithredyou could also do a debootstrap install17:02
hightower2not adventureous enough, need to progress with my task17:08
hightower2btw, I'm trying to debootstrap a debian chroot17:08
hightower2and it tells me "Release signed by unknown key"17:08
hightower2and I do have debian{-archive}-keyring packages installed. What do I need to do to solve this error?17:08
hightower2(I'm doing this on devuan, obviously)17:10
hightower2(used combination of advices from )17:14
fsmithredsorry, I was off making coffee17:15
hightower2fsmithred, I needed to debootstrap debian, so needed debian's key17:34
hightower2sorted it out tho17:34
hightower2(my mistake was saying 'stable' since I was assuming that'd be debian's when it wasn't. Needed to say 'buster' explicitly)17:34
fsmithredyeah, we're out of sync with debian right now17:41
m3ttiwhere to start if one wants to participate in #devuan20:23
fsmithredm3tti, if you see something that needs to be done, you can offer to do it20:25
fsmithredalso join #devuan-dev to see what we're up to20:25
free_speechis contributing to the devuan project as complicated as at the debian folks?23:08
hkramerwhat leads to this question?23:11
golinuxfree_speech: No23:14
golinuxNot yet at least.23:14
beagleboniushow can i prevent wicd from dropping a wired connection when it connect to a wireless network?  i've looked around the preferences and haven't found an appropriate setting.23:33
beagleboniushow can i prevent wicd from dropping a wired connection when it connects to a wifi network?23:36
beagleboniusdoes anyone converse here or is this channel full of lurkers?23:38
DonkeyHoteiit's for support with the distro23:38
beagleboniusno kidding.23:38
DonkeyHoteiavailability of responses varies at different times; be patient23:39
beagleboniusi have been on this channel a fair number of times and it seems pretty dead. almost never see a conversation here23:39
james1138Beaglebonius - you may want to try google search first.
mtnmanis there a way to prevent wicd from dropping a wired connection when connecting to wifi?23:56

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