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fsmithredfree_rabbit, a graphical what??00:03
free_rabbitsome gui where you type in the password for disk decryption00:16
fsmithredum, what's the advantage? Either you type in a text box or you type on the bottom line in the console.00:21
Walexfree_rabbit: some like VeraCrypt?00:23
fsmithredgotta go. bbl.00:23
free_rabbitit is for a computing beginner00:28
free_rabbitWalex: no00:28
free_rabbitWalex: something like plymouth00:28
gnarfacefree_rabbit: plymouth is in the banned packages list because it couldn't be extracted fully from systemd01:08
gnarfacethis has come up before though01:08
gnarfacemaybe there is a non-systemd fork of it somewhere01:09
gnarfaceor maybe something like it01:09
gnarfacelike i said, it came up before, and i think there was a suitable alternative found but i can't remember what01:12
free_rab1itgnarface: i thought that this is the reason thx01:33
free_rab1itgnarface: maybe this is something:
free_rab1itbut im not sure what does it mean (hook?) i never used plymouth before...02:23
gnarface"hook" is like a generic term for a function call i guess02:26
gnarfaceor like a program startup or script run02:26
free_rab1itso this does not mean that plymouth can be run without systemd(eath)02:42
gnarfacefree_rab1it: it might mean that.  i don't know, didn't read it.  sorry02:46
gnarfaceis that what it says?02:46
gnarfaceit is believable02:46
gnarfaceif that's what you're asking02:46
* Simeon2 cannot comment02:53
free_rabbit*sigh* =(02:54
free_rabbiti wonder why a splash screen needs systemd...02:55
free_rabbitits only a gui for the decryption dialog...02:55
systemdletelooking for a free aquarium screensaver.  Googling, it seems there was one with xscreensaver, but it might not be installed.  I searched the repo but the only thing close was xfishtank, and I am not sure how to make that work.07:22
systemdleteI installed it, but it doesn't show up as a choice in xscreensaver07:23
Guest66177  workaround for xfce4 (xfwm4) not inheriting proper background colors for task-switcher (tabwin.c) - make it transparent08:58
gnarfacesystemdlete: apt-cache search ^xscreensaver09:13
gnarfaceit is in one of those other packages09:14
gnarface(probably xscreensaver-gl or xscreensaver-gl-extra09:14
systemdletegnarface:  There is xscreensaver -data -gl gl-extra -bsod -dizzy -webcollage10:59
r3bootSo basically, xscreensaver will look in $somedir for existing screensavers. Your xfishtank would need to have a symlink in this directory in order for xscreensaver to find it11:12
systemdletewouldn't the package installer create the symlink?11:13
r3bootnot if it's not a default screensaver11:13
r3booterr, only if it's a default screensaver11:13
r3bootbut you can basically make any program act like a screensaver, given you add the correct link/script to the above mentioned dir11:13
* r3boot used to run mplayer with a video of rick ashley's never gonna give you up (w/o sound) as my screensaver :P11:14
gnarfacesystemdlete: note that they are not all of the same quality11:34
gnarfacesome introduce instabilities, depending on various factors like video driver11:34
systemdleteright.  Which is why I am not so sure I want to install all of them.11:35
gnarfaceand that webcollage thing i just wouldn't even now a days... but it's fun if you want to be suicidal...11:35
systemdleteWhat is the secret recipe again for listing the files in uninstalled packages?11:35
gnarfacebut i really wouldn't11:35
gnarfaceapt-file, if it still works?11:36
gnarfaceyou'd have to install it11:36
gnarfaceit might be broken though11:36
r3bootdpkg -S11:36
r3bootor use packages.debian.org11:36
systemdleteweird.  First time I tried to install apt-file, I got all kinds of nasty messages about network problems11:37
systemdletesecond time, all is well.11:37
systemdleteapt-file list xscreensaver-gl   shows nothing!11:39
systemdlete(I did apt-file update)11:40
systemdleteso... as you suspected, gnarface, it looks like apt-file might be broken?11:40
gnarfacesystemdlete: what happens when you run "apt-file update"?11:54
systemdletewell, it does about what I expect:  It runs through all the url's in the repo file12:56
systemdleteprobably to collect the data that it needs to be usable12:56
systemdletethat part works.  It's the querying mode that doesn't do anything.12:56
systemdleteapt-file list xscreensaver-gl   just returns to a prompt.12:57
systemdletenvm gnarface.12:58
systemdleteFinger check.12:58
systemdleteproblem occurred between brain and fingers.12:59
systemdleteI just ran apt-file on all those packages ^xscreensaver and none of them say anything about aquarium13:02
onefangShouldn't you be fishing for xfishtank instead of aquarium?13:03
systemdleteI am looking for a screensaver.  xfishtank is actually under games.13:04
systemdletefrom what I can glean from googling, it seems that aquaria for linux are more or less defunct.  There was one or two years ago (I'm talking c. 2005?) but the maintainers disappeared...13:06
onefangHydrostat screensaver looks interesting.  Still searching my xscreensaver collection.13:07
onefangTry Atlantis.13:09
systemdleteit's not installed.  And apt-file doesn't list anything for it either.13:10
onefangIt's installed here, and I just installed normal xscreensaver stuff.13:11
systemdletedevuan ascii?13:11
gnarfaceatlantis, yea that's it i think13:13
systemdletewhich package is that from onefang?13:13
gnarfaceatlantis is the opengl one anyway13:14
gnarfacei think13:14
systemdletethere's also a xscreensaver-gl package13:15
gnarface*might* not be very stable13:15
systemdleteand gnarface says he thinks that might be the source of instability13:15
systemdleteI'd like a fishtank, but not THAT badly!13:16
onefangAll those sharks swimming around your system are byting your system?13:16
systemdleteno, and I want to keep it that way, onefang!  LOl13:16
onefangxscreensaver-gl has the hydrostat module, sorta squid looking things.13:17
systemdletewell, maybe I can find some other interesting screensaver instead.13:19
systemdletethanks, onefang and gnarface.13:20
onefangIf you could combine atlantis, hydrostat, and the coral screensavers, you could have an entire reef.  B-)13:22
r3bootDont forget electricsheep ;)13:22
onefangIs that available on Android?  B-)13:23
Guest66177onefang: try the rss-glx screensavers14:41
Guest66177helios set to slow speed, with compositor is relaxing behind terminal windows14:42
onefangIt's not me that's looking for fishy screen savers.14:42
Guest66177btw 15 years ago i had an idea for window compositing that nobody ever implemented, and it's obvious and correct14:42
r3bootonefang: dont know. It should work under devuan :)14:42
onefangI just use a blank screen saver, delay, then monitor power off.  The job of a screen saver is to save the screen, not to entertain.  If I want entertainment, I have Netflix.14:44
r3bootHistorically, a screensaver was meant to prevent burn-in of CRT's ;) You could argue that those are useless ever since we invented LED based screens and DPMS14:45
onefangNot wasting energy and locking the screen while I'm gone is still a good idea.14:46
r3bootthen why even turn on your computer??14:46
r3bootI mean, IRC'ing is also wasting energy in a sense :P14:47
onefangTo do actual work with it, or to watch Netflix.  ;-P14:47
Guest66177devuan runs great on the nvidia jetson nano.  thank you so much.14:51
Venkerhi people15:39
GoatAvengerVenker: greetings15:42
VenkerI've got an issue with cdist, anyone uses it?15:46
r3bootWhat issue?15:48
VenkerI try to add a new host which could be accessable with a non-root user16:01
Venker5.1.3 version is -in theory- able to do that16:01
Venkerhowever, I don't understand well the logic of these config managers16:05
Venkerwhere the global and custom config parameters are stored and what they mean16:06
Guest66177never heard of it16:35
Venkeransible is too heavy to be deployed on targets and difficult to understand16:37
Venkerso I searched for alternatives16:37
nemohm. seem to have a dependency tree problem installing qtbase5-dev meta package in ascii16:48
nemoqtbase5-dev depends on libgl1-mesa-dev or libgl-dev  (picked libgl-dev)  libgl-dev depends on mesa-common-dev which depends on libdrm-dev which saaaaays16:48
r3bootVenker: whats difficult to understand wrt YAML?16:48
nemo libdrm-dev : Depends: libdrm-intel1 (= 2.4.74-1) but 2.4.95-1~bpo9+1 is to be installed16:48
nemoanyone have any ideas on this one?16:49
nemothe libdrm is part of stable-backports16:49
nemoso the libdrm-dev meta package was not bumped?16:49
Venkerr3boot: it's not a YAML thing, but ansible concepts (roles, tasks...)16:49
nemoI don't actually remember installing this particular backport, but maybe it was for MATE or something...16:50
nemooooh there *is* a libdrm-dev in stable backports16:50
r3bootAh okay. you might also want to try mgmtconfig then, another lightweight alternative16:50
nemoguess I can install that one instead16:50
nemoyay that did it16:51
Venkerr3boot: also, I don't wanna have python in targets to be mandatory.16:55
Venkerr3boot: yes16:56
Venkercdist only needs /bin/sh on targets16:59
Venkerit's POSIX17:00
Venkercdist is python code but it only executes in the push machine17:01
Guest66177does redirect to fastest local mirror?17:06
Guest66177getting 19-36kB/s17:06
arminhello! is it nowadays possible to properly install devuan from a running iso live system?17:14
fsmithredarmin, you can install the live isos directly or you can do a debootstrap install from the live isos17:24
EvilhamGuest66177: nope, its a DNS round robin, maybe itll be possible to do sth smarter soon18:33
EvilhamThose speeds dont sound rightt though18:33
nemois it difficult to convert a debian stable to devuan?19:13
buZzyou would be going from debian10 to devuan9 , if you want to remain on stable19:14
buZzi wouldnt recommend that :P19:14
furrywolfmoving to devuan testing would be the obvious path.19:14
buZzbeowulf (our 10.0) is getting more-done every day but isnt yet19:14
buZzotoh , i'm running beowulf for weeks now and dont have much issues19:14
golinuxfurrywolf: The current Devuan testing is beowulf > buster19:15
golinuxIt is not in sync with current Debian testing.19:16
golinuxThat is why we recommend using release names in sources.list19:16
nemoso. is there any current debian that matches ascii?  oldstable?19:24
fsmithrednot exactly19:24
fsmithredwell, stretch matches ascii19:25
fsmithredbut oldstable does not19:25
golinuxnemo: Please read the last section on this page:
fsmithredif you use oldstable you'll get debian packages from stretch and devuan packages from jessie19:26
fsmithreduntil beowulf becomes stable and we are once again in sync with debian19:26
golinuxThat has now been memorialized in the page mentioned above19:27
golinuxBottom line . . . use the release codename and forget about stable, testing, unstable for devuan sources19:28
fsmithredor suffer the slings and arrows of mis-matched versions19:30
sicelohi, if i want to use/try beowulf, i first install ascii, then upgrade?21:20
gnarfacesicelo: yes21:23
gnarfaceno problem21:24
dgrifficritical question... Do the install images include nonfree firmware as do the Debian images at ?23:15
TwistedFatewhy does the network status affect the boot sequence? when i lost network connection today, MTA/exim4 slowed down my OS boot to a crawl23:22
TwistedFateand xorg refused to start because there was no valid nameservers available23:23
MinceRit seems exim is waiting for an internet connection for some reason23:24
MinceRthis isn't new23:24
MinceRmy "fix" was to replace it with postfix23:24
MinceRcould be23:27
yetiI just switched to opensmtpd23:27
yeticurrently only local delivery23:28
yetibut later mor shall come23:28
TwistedFatei'm shocked that being without a DNS has anything to do with starting a video server23:28
yeti<--- no multimedia guy23:28
golinuxdgriffi: From the Release Notes: All Devuan 2.1 ASCII install media make non-free firmware packages available at install time. In the majority of the cases, these packages are needed (and will be installed) only if your wifi adapter requires them. It is possible to avoid the automatic installation and loading of needed non-free firmware by choosing the "Expert install" option in the installation menu.23:29
TwistedFateyou live in tty?23:29
yetimail and surfing in GUI23:29
TwistedFateso you do use xorg23:30
yetiwhatever X11 is there...23:30
TwistedFatexorg refused to start for me today because it had no valid dns23:30
yeticlock applet somewhere waiting for ntp?23:31
golinuxdgriffi: ASCII Release Notes are here:
yetihmmm... some update killed my wifi (cubietruck)23:33
yetiluclily cablenet still works23:33
yetiwell... I wanted to switch back to copper... it just got accelerated by that update23:35
MinceR30 233036 < TwistedFate> xorg refused to start for me today because it had no valid dns23:37
MinceRmaybe something's missing from /etc/hosts?23:37
TwistedFateMinceR: looks like all is there, but still, why does that affect the xorg?23:37
MinceRwell, X can use a tcp connection to have clients connect to the server, iirc23:38
MinceRit usually uses unix domain sockets23:38
MinceRbut it might do some setup for the other one23:38
MinceRalso, it likes to know what host clients are from, so it can show you sometimes23:38
TwistedFatedoes it use networking for a single local computer?23:38
MinceRit can23:38
MinceRi'm not sure if it can be configured not to23:39
MinceRand in any case, it might be configured to make it possible to use tcp to connect to your x server23:39
MinceRby default23:39
TwistedFateif it's not setup to run locally by default, that's insane23:40
TwistedFateif it requires network23:40
MinceRthe installer usually does some setup for /etc/hosts that it might depend on23:44

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