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Simeonhow would you fix this?00:55
Guest28411 openvpn : Depends: libssl1.0.2 (>= 1.0.2d) but it is not installabl00:55
Guest28411Source: openssl1.000:55
Guest28411Version: 1.0.2n-1ubuntu5.300:55
Guest28411i have 1.0.2n installed and that is > 1.0.2d00:56
Simoen2i'll just download the .deb and dpkg -i --force-depends01:01
Simoen2i seem to require libssl1.0.2d for openvpn01:02
Simoen2Package: libssl1.0.001:03
Simoen2Version: 1.0.2n-1ubuntu5.3  is installed01:03
Simoen2how do i tell devuan that 1.0.2n resolves the dependency for openvpn01:04
Simoen2ok i'm past it thanks anyway - ignore the above01:10
XenguyI have installed Ascii on a new (refurbished) Thinkpad here, and what I notice is that the brightness is dimming after 40 seconds or so of inactivity...01:41
XenguyThis is MATE desktop...01:41
XenguyI have checked the power management dialog, and I don't see any configuration that would account for that behavior...01:41
XenguyWould anyone happen to know where this dimming behavior could be originating?01:42
Xenguye.g. is there another power management package that could be producing this effect?01:43
XenguyI find it annoying because often times I'm just reading onscreen, so of course there is often 40 seconds of inactivity.01:44
gnarfacethere's a bunch of stuff that could be causing it in theory01:44
Xenguyhi gnarface01:45
XenguySay it ain't so Joe01:45
gnarfacewell check the mate configuration first01:45
gnarfacei don't know anything about it01:45
XenguyYeah, as above, I've checked the basic PM settings in MATE01:45
gnarfacebut it's possible it's some battery usage profile01:45
XenguySo it must be something else01:46
gnarfacegot acpid and pm-utils installed?01:46
XenguyDoes pm-utils contain pm-hibernate ?01:46
XenguyIf yes, then yes.01:46
gnarfacealso make sure you have task-laptop, and check for maybe some non-free thinkpad package that might contain firmware01:47
XenguyLooks like acpid is not installed though01:47
gnarfaceyou probably want that but it's not a guarantee01:47
XenguyYeah, pm-utils is installed01:48
XenguySo is task-laptop01:48
gnarfaceafter it dims, does it brighten back up if you plug the AC adapter back in?01:48
XenguyI'm running on AC when this occurs (forgot to mention that)01:49
gnarfaceoh, interesting01:49
XenguyYeah, it is 'battery'-like behavior01:49
gnarfacethere could be kernel modules too01:49
gnarfacethat you need to load01:50
gnarfacebut i thought that was only for really really old thinkpads01:50
gnarfaceprobably older than this one if you're running MATE01:50
gnarfacebut i'm not sure01:50
gnarfaceno maybe not01:50
gnarfacei'm seeing thinpad_acpi.ko01:51
gnarfaceis that module loaded?  ^^^01:51
gnarfacethe brightness should show up in /sys/ somewhere if the right modules are loaded01:51
XenguyI have no idea, and I would truly hope this has nothing to do with kernel level stuff01:51
gnarfacewell sometimes the modules you need don't auto-load and it's a pretty simple thing to add them to the /etc/modules file01:52
gnarfacemaybe i'm wrong mabye it is in /proc/01:53
gnarfacei dunno01:53
gnarfaceit varies depending on the hardware01:53
gnarfaceyou can check what modules are loaded with "lsmod" just fyi, in case you didn't know01:54
XenguyThanks, I honestly haven't touched anything module for years, so I'm hoping it's something else that is causing the dimming01:55
XenguyBut you know how Nasrudin is, he likes to look for his keys in lighted areas01:56
Xenguyer, well lit areas01:56
XenguyWell I read the pm-utils README, and there doesn't seem to be any mention of dimming02:00
rrqXenguy: check xrandr for brightness control (works sometimes)02:07
XenguyThanks folks, I think I have it licked now.  I unchecked a couple of PM options in the 'battery' section of the power management config (which I had assumed should not effect the operation when I'm running on AC, but it turns out it did)02:10
XenguyIf that makes sense.  So looks all good as far as I can tell.02:10
Simoen2i can't install openvpn  openvpn : Depends: libssl1.0.2 (>= 1.0.2d) but it is not installable02:14
XenguyI really do love linux's 'just copy over your dot files', and all your config's are easily in place02:14
Simoen2either with beowulf or ceres repos02:15
golinuxXenguy: +1 for the Nasrudin reference02:17
Xenguy8 -]02:18
golinuxSimoen2: Maybe this is the reason why?  <Simoen2> Version: 1.0.2n-1ubuntu5.3  is installed02:18
golinuxYou should not be using Ubuntu packages02:19
Simoen2i purged it02:19
Simoen2i'm not trying to02:19
golinuxYou might be mixing Devuan repos then?02:20
Simoen2i'll try with latest02:21
Simoen2Get:1 ceres/main arm64 openssl arm64 1.1.1d-102:21
Simoen2why protonvpn needs 1.0.2d idk02:21
Simoen2 openvpn : Depends: libssl1.0.2 (>= 1.0.2d) but it is not installable02:22
Simoen2i have libssl 1.1.1d-1 installed02:22
Simoen2there is no libssl1.0* in repository02:22
Simoen2maybe i gan build openvpn cfom source02:23
Simoen2git clone git://[0:]: errno=Connection refused02:25
Simoen2ah it is deprecated02:26
Simoen2building from source02:27
Simoen2crypto.h:437:12: error: field ‘ctx’ has incomplete type02:28
Simoen2oh openvpn 2.4 will work with openssl1.1
Simoen2fixed two years ago02:33
Simoen2openvpn 2.4 builds fine from
dgriffihas anyone noticed that the DVD image is too big for a single-layer disc?03:06
Simoen2perhaps, but i can't ask everyone03:20
Simoen2you using nvidia gpu with nvidia drivers dgriffi ?03:20
Simoen2i have 80x25 console and don't know what boot flag will fix03:21
Lippsask me for help if you need openvpn!03:27
dgriffihuh?  I was asking about DVD image size03:28
Lippsare single-layer cheaper?03:29
dgriffiit exceeds the limit by about one gig03:30
fsmithreddon't they hold close to 4.5G?03:31
Lippsi am not the maintainer of that03:31
Lippsif you could contact the maintainer that would be best03:31
dgriffi4.7 gigs03:31
fsmithredthat's the capacity of a DVD or that's the size of the iso?03:32
dgriffiwhich is 4812 megabytes03:32
fsmithredit shows as 4G on the website. I don't have one here to check.03:32
dgriffithe ISO, as determined by cdrecord is 4442 megabytes.  with overhead, it's 5102...  which won't fit.03:33
fsmithredThis is the first time I've heard that. But your timing is good - we're in the process of making new isos.03:34
dgriffiwhat's the proper way to document this?03:34
fsmithredwhy so much overhead?03:34
dgriffifsmithred: it's how DVDs work03:34
dgriffiit's why 650/700 megabytes won't all fit on a CD03:35
dgriffithe measurement is raw data03:35
fsmithredI usually can fit 71003:35
fsmithredor a little more03:35
fsmithredanyway, a bug report at if you can file one against debian-installer03:36
fsmithredbut I'm not sure that will work.03:36
fsmithredyeah, you can. It recognizes the package name.03:36
xormarhi all04:35
Lippsgreets xormar04:35
xormaris multiarch working in beowulf?04:35
Lippsi have run i386 stuff on it04:35
xormarhm, i'm trying to install wine32, and it gives me errors along these lines: libmount1 : Breaks: libmount1:i386 (!= 2.32.1-0.1+devuan2.1) but 2.33.1-0.1+devuan1 is to be installed04:36
xormarlooks like a version mismatch in the 64 vs 32 bit pkg04:36
xormaranybody seen this?04:39
golinuxYes, in Beowulf iirc04:45
golinuxxormar: ^^^ And read
dgriffiI think my report about the DVD iso being too big is premature...  The DVD burner I was using appears to have croaked.05:01
Lippsi can test if i can find a dvd05:06
Lippsone site says 4.7 gigabytes05:08
LippsDVD-RW can add up to 515.94MB of overhead05:09
dgriffiI swapped out my burner (UJDA782) for a bluray burner05:12
dgriffiserial ultrabay interface on a Thinkpad T42005:12
xormargolinux: thanks for the links, they did not turn up in any search i did. works with the extra steps described there!05:12
golinuxYeah, the search function isn't all that great even when I remember the post I'm looking for05:14
xormarthe forum also seems to be not indexed by search engines05:23
xormarthx again & bb05:25
TwistedFateDoes anyone here use auto log-in on Steam?08:37
fbtIt doesn't work without a dbus session running, if you're asking about that08:54
fbtOr at least used to not08:54
* Lipps tries forwarding sound from one devuan box to another08:55
HumWhen will the new Devuan release be published?10:25
Lippsit seems 'soon'10:25
HundNever ask devs for ETA's. :P11:09
Wonkaso, there's another exim4 bug, fixed in 4.92.3 - which is not yet available in Debian either.11:09
onefangStandard answer from us devs - it'll be ready when it's ready.11:10
HumHund: I didn't take devuan-dev. Maybe I got a non-developer answer that is better ;)11:10
r3boot.. or, you know, help out in developing the new release ;)11:10
HundHum: :D11:11
Humr3boot: I can do bug-reports. I am not good in developing11:12
r3bootHum: you never know until you try11:12
r3bootalso, maintaining a distro is more then just developing :)11:12
onefangBug reports are great, things need testing, lots of testing.11:15
Humr3boot: Maybe I already tried ;) No, to be honest: reporting bugs and sometimes wrting some documentian is the way I help11:16
Humare there images of devuan alpha/beta? I could try to install them in a virtual environment11:17
onefang#devuan-dev might be a better place to ask that question.11:30
Lippsrebootedd and can only log in as root11:42
Lippslogging on as user brings me back to the login screen11:43
buZzso something in your profile crashes ;)11:43
Humdisk full?11:43
Lippsas user startx gives Segmentatoin fault at address 0x811:43
Lipps13GB free11:44
Lippsamusing, something broke11:44
Lippsfor the first time in years11:44
buZz0x8 is quite a low address :P11:45
Lippsrunning X as root is a bad idea right11:45
Lippscan modern X be started from console with startx?11:46
Lippsor do i need these gooey things that start x for me11:46
Lippsi used to always boot to console11:46
Lippsinint 311:46
Lippsjust seemed more sensible11:47
Lippspicked that up from the Sun days11:47
onefangDisk almost full should have been what was asked.  Usually there is a percentage of disk space, if it dcops below that, only root can write to it.  That percentage may be over 13GB on a really big disk.11:47
onefangEr *drops below*11:47
Lippsdude no way is login failing with 13GB free11:47
buZzwhy is login accessing 0x811:48
buZzor is that a abbreviation11:48
onefangOne of my disks is complaining about low disk with 71 GB available.  YMMV11:49
onefangSo if 13 GB is below the threshold where only root can write, and X11 is falling over coz non root can't write, but root can write...11:50
Humif 1% is reserved for root, and 13GB is about 1% then the partition would have more than 1.3TB. Could happen today in a irc chat with user who know that sun isn't only a planet11:51
buZzsun is a planet?11:51
buZzi thought it was a star ..11:51
r3bootSunOS||GTFO! :P11:52
HumbuZz: yes, sorry, I have no time for planetary questions...11:52
buZzHum: thats ok11:52
onefangSomething that big and dangerous can be whatever the hell it wants to be.  B-)11:52
buZz:D :D11:52
r3bootLipps: actually, Sun was pretty pioneering with X terminals back in the days .. how about recreating a SunRay environment instead?? The Network Is The Computer, you know!11:52
buZzisnt that called XDMCP ?11:53
HumI guess 5% is normally reserved for root with extX and btrfs. If 13GB are about 5%, then the partition would be 260GB. Am I right?11:53
r3bootbuZz: that's the network protocol that's used yeah. It was based on SunRay terminals, with a nice sunfire behind it, and gnome 111:54
buZz:) lovely11:54
r3boot(modern day Xorg doesnt do xdmcp btw, you'll need Xephyr for that)11:54
buZzhmmm, you sure? archwiki seems to suggest it still works11:55
r3bootMja, doesnt work with classic xdmcp11:56
Lippsok i can login to other users... there's something wrong with my primary user11:56
Lippsfun fun11:56
onefangOK, not the disk space issue then.11:57
Lippsyeh bro not expecting you to solve it remotely11:57
Lippsit's just chat11:57
Lippsi just like this treehouse a lot11:57
onefangThis is the Devuan support channel, some of us are here to help the rest solve their problems.11:58
buZzwe're all synapses in the globe-brain , firing off each others inputs and outputs11:58
Lippsyou ever read The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster?11:59
Lippshe predicted this in like, 190411:59
Lippsit's free online11:59
* Lipps bows to onefang 11:59
buZznice, 24 page shortstory12:01
buZz*adds to hacker library collection*12:01
Lippsi read it in 1987 for an english lit class12:01
Lippsand said 'this is the future!'12:01
buZzthat was kinda the feeling i got when i read Brave New World12:03
buZzbut replace future with today12:03
Lippsseems very obvious12:03
Lippsto not like tyranny12:03
Lippsi cannot feel abnormal wanting some privacy and freedom.12:04
Lippsi am right12:04
Lippsand to have tha freedom you need to know and identify the aggressors12:10
Lippsc.f. debconf12:12
HundHow I change what things to start at boot and not?16:48
fsmithredsysv-rc-conf is easy16:49
r3bootwith rm and ln :)16:49
fsmithredif you want to control what desktop things start, that would be somewhere in the desktop settings16:49
r3bootno need for a frontend for some basic unix commands ;)16:49
r3boot(really, it's that  easy :)16:49
fsmithredif you like typing16:50
r3bootmja, muscle memory is fast and latency free :P16:50
Hundfsmithred: Thanks. I'm installing it and checking it out.16:51
fsmithredarrow keys, space bar and q to quit16:52
omniosysv-rc-conf is great and it doesn't hurt to check first "runlevel", just to be sure where to make changes16:52
HundWow. that was easy. :P16:52
* r3boot sighs :P16:52
onefangOnly one problem with sysv-rc-conf, but it only happens if you have over 100 lines in your terminal.  It'll crash if you try to arrow down all the way.17:10
onefangThough maybe that's just me.  lol17:11
fsmithredonefang, arrow up instead. It wraps.17:24
onefangI know that, but there's still the ones between where it falls over and the beginning of the next page that I can't get to.  Unless I use a smaller terminal.17:26
r3boot(really, rm and ln are way easier AND you get the chance to learn how sysv runlevels actually work ;)17:26
* onefang goes back to watching TV, that's even easier. B-)17:28
foresterhi. devuan 2 xfce. I had removed some applications. But they still remain in menu. How to remove them from there?18:43
Lippsi can't even get themes working in xfce18:50
Lippsuse fuckin fluxbox.  edit menus in a file18:50
Lippsgod damn gtk18:50
golinuxInstall desktop-base with Xfce and you get a coordinated theme from grub to desktop18:54
foresterI suppose there should be a config file somewhere?18:56
Lipps =>> Yilan bridge collapses in Taiwan - TomoNews <<=18:58
Lippsgtk developers designed the bridge18:58
Lippsdesktop-base is already the newest version (1:3.0).18:58
Lippsstop lying18:59
omnioforester: I'm not sure about XFCE but I think the menus just show the entries from /usr/share/applications19:03
Lipps  i might start supporting this19:05
foresteromnio:  Thank you. I have find an Main Menu there. This app I used with Mate DE. And this app did make what I needed.19:11
golinuxLipps: If you want the latest SNS, Devuan probably won't work for you.  Bye.19:17
Lippswhat is SNS19:18
golinuxShiny New Shit19:18
Lippsi'm just tired of broken shit19:21
Lippsi tend to hate new shit19:21
Lippsunless it's not broken19:21
Lippsthat's the only metric, golinux19:21
r3bootActually, I think you should be able to get most if not all new linux SNS working under devuan with a bit of effort19:23
r3bootbarring effort, I still recommend OpenBSD as a desktop. Slow, Sluggish, but reliable and predictable19:24
Demosthenexhey folks, seen a php7.1 for devuan? i checked backports, doesn't seem to be there19:26
Lippsi want dark themes to work19:26
Lipps"Minix, the most used operating system in the world, without anyone knowing it" < lol19:26
r3bootLipps: btw, xfce4 themes are fixed by d/l'ing a theme from, extracting to ~/.local/share/themes, and selecting it in the settings19:31
Lippswhich one works?19:32
Lippsdark theme19:32
r3booti use solarized-dark19:32
Lippswhich one works?19:32
r3bootxfce 4.14 btw19:32
Lipps  this one?19:33
r3bootyes, that one. Got that running under openbsd/xfce 4.14 btw, not devuan19:34
r3boot(not that that matters, since xfce4 looks in specified theme directories)19:35
Lippsdeliver a fucking dark theme with xfce19:38
r3bootsend a mail to their mailinglist!19:39
r3bootdid you get it to work btw?19:39
Lippsi'll try now19:39
r3bootxfce4 does come with dark themes btw, if you install the xfce4-themes package ofc19:39
Lippsthey are broken19:39
Lippsor gtk is broken19:40
r3bootcould be anything. You will know once you get the output of xfwm ;)19:40
r3boot(or just blame it on gtk and the world :P)19:40
Lippsmv Solarized-Dark-GTK .local/share/themes19:41
Lippsnot appearing in xfce appearance19:41
r3boottry restarting xfce419:41
golinuxNot dark enough for you?
Lippscopied over my old ~/.config and now i got no xfce-desktop19:44
r3bootnice and clean golinux :)19:44
Lippslook at that white shit19:45
golinuxTo each his own19:46
Lippsi swear to fucking god i will fucking force gtk apps to dark19:47
Lippsfirst order of business is delete every light theme19:47
Lippson the system19:47
Lippsevery one19:47
r3boot <-- my current driver19:50
Lippscan i delete Daloa, Default, Default-hdpi, Default-xhdpi, Kokodi, Moheli  from /usr/local/share/themes or are any of them dark?19:50
r3bootSure, but they are part of a package, and if you remove the files manually, you break the package19:51
Lippsthe package IS broken19:51
Lippsgtk is broken19:51
Lippseither that or i have the usual suspects in my system19:52
r3bootlook, this is getting old. This channel is for devuan support. If you want to continue ranting, please take this to #debianfork or somewhere else19:52
Lippswhich is also likely19:52
r3bootThe wise thing to do in this case, is to file a bugreport with the xfce4 people, to figure out whats going on19:53
r3bootthat'll get things sorted the quickest19:53
r3bootif your reaction is to randomly delete stuff from your system b/c you think it's broken, you will actually break stuff, eventually19:54
Lippsit's gtk19:54
r3bootwhy do you think so?19:54
Lippsbecause i've been dealing with their shit since the 1990s19:55
r3bootso then you know you need to capture debug output and/or an actual error message before you can even start to make such a claim ;)19:55
Lippsscreenshot is enough19:57
r3bootno, not at all actually :)19:57
Lippsstarting a new user19:58
r3bootyour session manager (xfce, gnome, mate, whatever) should (and can be made to) log its output to a file. In that file, you can find the actual thing that is keeping you from being able to do $whatever. Find that file, analyze it, fix stuff, rinse, repeat.19:59
r3bootsomething you should know after having survived atleast two major gtk updates ;P19:59
Lippsno man, this is a 'you had one job' situation20:02
Lippsi can't drill down into everything20:02
r3bootlook. You've spent atleast an hour ranting about it on irc .. Sure you can find a spare minute for egrep -i 'error|warning' /some/log/file | less20:03
Lippsi rand on the side20:04
Lippson a working machine20:04
Lippsyep see20:05
Lippsi select adwaita-dark20:05
Lippsand xfce has no window borders anymore20:05
Lippsit's locked into some bright theme20:06
g4570nDemosthenex: try with repos20:07
Demosthenexg4570n: those are compatible with devuan?20:08
g4570nwhy not? try, there are jessie (jessie), stretch (ascii) and buster (beowulf) versions20:11
Lippsapt-get install libxnvctrl020:20
Lippslibxnvctrl0 is already the newest version (430.50-1)20:20
Lipps nvidia-settings : Depends: libxnvctrl0 (= 418.74-1) but 430.50-1 is to be installed20:20
Lippsok i have a simple question20:20
Lippswhy does a package maintainer specify = and not > ?20:21
r3bootthat depends on the package manager and output format; ssome do20:21
Lippsshould i email Debian NVIDIA Maintainers < and tell them to not fucking require libxnvctrl0 (= 418.74-1) ?20:22
Lippshow about a patch to apt that will accept higher version numbers even if the fucking package specifies a particular one?20:24
r3bootlol, no, read what it said. nvidia-settings is linked to an old version of libxnvctrl0, so blame nvidia20:24
r3bootor even better, update (or deinstall) nvidia-settings20:24
Lippsi removed and reinstalled20:25
Lippsbuilding from source now20:25
golinuxLipps: Settingds > Window Manager to choose the window frame20:28 cannot open shared object file20:28
Lippsnah i'm back to fluxbox20:29
Lippsit works20:29
Lippsany of you running nvidia-settings on ceres?20:36
Lippscp src/_out/Linux_x86_64/  /usr/lib/  fixes the install btw20:39
Lippsand same with gtk220:40
Lippscan i help devuan by packaging this?20:41
Lippsi'll tell nvidia what they fucked up first20:41

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