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luke-jrdevuan_ascii_2.0.0_armhf_beagleboneblack.img.xz doesn't seem to boot?00:41
gnarfaceluke-jr: i vaguely recall there being an issue with multiple revisions of that board, and only some of them worked00:44
luke-jrthe image seems to be missing u-boot00:44
gnarfacei'm not sure it even used it, but did you read the release notes?00:44
luke-jrcouldn't find any00:44
gnarfacethis came up at least twice already, but i forget what the status is right now.00:45
gnarfaceit might be that they're awaiting build hardware00:46
gnarfaceit might just be that they're awaiting a tester00:46
luke-jrcopied over the Debian u-boot and now it hangs at [    2.884878] Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p2…00:46
gnarfaceare you sure that's the right root device?  maybe there is a simple fix...00:46
luke-jrhrm, seems like beagleboneblack is abandonware? no current distros for it :/00:47
luke-jrit should be00:47
luke-jrwell, normally it is, but this kernel seems to have detected it as mmcblk100:47
luke-jrwhich is what it is if there's a microSD card :p00:48
masonluke-jr: For completeness, there's also a #devuan-arm channel.00:48
luke-jrI'mk at the channel limit00:48
luke-jris there an easy way to change root= at the u-boot shell?00:50
gnarfacei think so actually but i forget the commands00:52
golinuxbeagleboneblack has always been a bit of a pain.01:07
gnarfaceluke-jr: try to hang out until you cross paths with the others who have one.  you're not the first.01:09
golinuxSearch old irc logs01:10
gnarfaceluke-jr: i see minnesotags1, nexgen2, and drizzt all talking about the BBB and the "Pocket Beagle" in my recent logs of #devaun-arm01:15
gnarfacealso lvd01:16
gnarfacesome of those names may be re-used01:16
gnarfacethe logs also mention there is a #beagle channel01:17
gnarfaceluke-jr: this might be relevant: <drizzt> as for the different versions of the BeagleBone Black, I've had many, and the only difference is about the onboard flash (emmc) on new rev C which is not supported by old kernels01:23
gnarfaceluke-jr: <drizzt> (old rev C have a supported emmc chip ...)01:24
gnarfaceluke-jr: so maybe you can put the backports kernel in there or something01:25
luke-jrgnarface: I don't have a rev C. It's from many years ago03:08
luke-jranyway, it's booting with those modifications - now just need to set up the USB network that used ti just work :x03:09
luke-jr(that was simple enough)03:16
gnarfacewell, glad you got it worked out03:18
luke-jrhaving trouble getting to the AINs tho09:23
_abc_Hello. Is there a direct way to determine if a kernel was configured with support for a certain USB part? FT200XD in this case? Devuan kernel? I mean like a website similar to's? Or does one have to sift through config files and the like?10:32
r3boottry ftx-prog,
james1138My apologies all. I just need to rant. My office updated our workstations and running Windows 8/10  - hate windows!!17:31
fsmithredwash your hands after you touch that keyboard!17:32
james1138I feel so... dirty17:35
golinuxPlease rant on #debianfork17:36
HumanGeeki dont know why but i have an fatal: privsep_preauth: preauth child terminated by signal 31 on a tdevuan testing device when i try to ssh on it18:07
HumanGeeki m the only with this error ?18:07
TwistedFatedevuan keeps keeping back packages from updating, what do i do?23:24
golinuxTwistedFate: Get to the root of the problem and make a LOT of noise.  Then maybe . . .23:28
TwistedFategolinux: stop trolling, this is a serious channel23:28
golinuxMy suggestion was serious23:28
golinuxWhining that packages aren't updating won't fix it.23:29
golinuxFigure out why that happens, offer a solution and then maybe it will get fixed.23:30
yetiaptitude may show deeper dependencies which are missing or conflicting23:30
TwistedFatehmm let's see if apt autoremove kills my system this time23:32
golinuxTwistedFate: Evilham offered a patch which has basically been ignored:
Evilhamdon't think that patch is related23:50
Evilhamamprolla seems to not be locked23:50
Evilhamthey probably meant "apt something something keeps back a package and prevents its update"23:51
Evilhamyup, amprolla is not locked23:52
masonapt policy can help sometimes23:52
masonbbiab, dinner23:53
Evilhamdoesn't mean having more people review that patch isn't useful, or maybe it is useless and the thing will never land, who knows :-p23:53
golinuxI never run into these issues23:53
TwistedFateWorks on my machine™ :')23:54
golinuxSo should probably remain silent.  :D23:54
golinuxMinceR: A blank page?23:59

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