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rehclahi all! Is Beowulf meaning Devuan Testing ?12:00
gnu_srs2rehcla: yes12:02
rehclagnu_srs: thx12:04
inklrwhat's the devuan offtopic channel again?13:19
rehclaso after upgrading from ascii to beowulf, in XFCE Window Decorations are missing and the mouse curser looks weird! This shouldt be a huge problem to solve... Anyone else saw this happening?13:23
inklrthere was a significant xfce upgrade rehcla13:25
inklrlots of changes13:25
inklr#xfce is the best place to learn about them13:25
rehclainklr: still 4.1213:25
inklri ended up switching back to fluxbox13:25
inklrbig changes were 4.12-4.14 here - confused beowulf with ceres, sorry rehcla13:26
rehcla4.14 would have impressed me :)13:26
inklrit impressed me also, but negatively13:26
inklrtabwin.c (the window switcher popup) stopped accepting my theme13:27
inklri found where to hack it to dark, but other breakage was too annoying13:27
rehclainklr: hmmm.... I am a little fed up with kde and gnome... so XFCE seemed a good choice.... Enlightment would also be interesting, but not available on devuan13:28
inklri just realized i'm happier without a 'desktop environment'13:29
rehclaplayed around with fvwm2 and windowmaker, but to geeky as a daily DE13:29
inklrwhatever works for you, as usual13:30
rehclaso here its only the window decorations... I cant even start the configuration for the windowmanager in XFCE.... After walking my dog, I will investigate futher13:31
rehclabtw, I only use defaut themes and sources... So no error to find in this direction13:35
gnarfacerehcla: enlightenment 0.22 is available on beowulf, actually.14:03
gnarfaceascii only has 0.17 though and it is in a package named "e17" instead14:03
rehclagnarface: thank you for pointing that out14:44
rehclaregarding XFCE.... Just started XFWM manualy and everything is as it should be14:45
rehclaNow I need help! How can it be caused that xfwm4 is not started with XFCE and where can I set it right?14:50
rehclaseems the problem is solved!XFWM4 is started now by default14:58
golinuxrehcla: Did you install desktop-base with Xfce?16:58
golinuxYou need that to get the default theme set up properly16:59
rehclagolinux: I did a standard install of ASCII with XFCE and then upgraded to Beowulf18:07
rehclaWhen evaluating what wrong, I found some similarities with fvwm2.... And fvwm has no windowmanager:) so I tried to start xfwm4 via konsole, and see, everything is fine now18:09
rehclanot konsole, terminal I mean18:09
golinuxfsmithred: ^^^18:10
golinuxrehcla: The default Xfce desktop should look like this:
golinuxPerhaps something is not translating properly in the upgrade.18:12
golinuxAlso, Beowulf is still a wip.18:16
fsmithredrehcla, can you show me what's in /etc/alternatives? Paste the output (don't post it here) of 'ls -l /etc/alternatives'18:17
fsmithredmy best guess is that something is wrong with desktop-base18:18
fsmithredI can do a default ascii install and upgrade to beowulf probably tonight (in about 10 hours)18:19
rehclagolinux: As i changed the default wallpaper, thats what differs to the screenshots in the forum.... the rest is the same18:22
fsmithredbut for some reason xfwm is not starting?18:24
fsmithredthe links all look correct18:24
fsmithredbut I'll try it. I might not be remembering something.18:24
rehclafsmithred: yes, until I started it manualy, xfwm4 was missing18:25
fsmithredyou're using slim for a login manager?18:25
rehclasince I started it once via terminal, it starts anytime I log in18:25
fsmithredyou mean on log out and log in, or do you mean after a reboot?18:26
rehcladidnt reboot till now18:26
rehclawait, I do it right now18:26
rehclapulseaudio was also disabled18:26
rehclastarted it via terminal, sound works fine18:27
fsmithredthat shouldn't affect xfwm18:27
fsmithredme too18:27
rehclaI can confirm that xfwm4 starts also after reboot! Maybe it has something to do that when I log out, the "save session setting" mark is checked18:29
rehclapulseaudio is off18:29
fsmithredso now it works normally?18:34
fsmithredmaybe a one-time glitch? I'll try to reproduce it later today. Or maybe earlier if we don't go anywhere. Everyone else is still asleep.18:35
rehclalet me know if I can help further18:37
golinuxHappy to hear things seem to be working now.18:37
rehcla"pulseaudio &" fixed the rest18:40
rehclaanother thing.... services are stoped and started via the "service" command! How do I enable or disable system services? Too long ago for me^^18:50
fsmithredtwo ways18:51
fsmithredservice <name> stop|start|restart18:51
rehclathats on the fly18:51
fsmithredor instead of 'service' use '/etc/init.d/<name>18:51
fsmithredupdate-rc.d commands18:51
fsmithredor sysv-rc-conf18:52
fsmithred(checkboxes for the different runlevels)18:52
rehclacan you give me an example with disabling minissdpd?18:53
fsmithredan example for update-rc.d? maybe18:53
fsmithrednah, I'd have to look at the man page18:54
rehclaso can I18:54
rehclathank you18:54
fsmithredupdate-rc.d gdm disable18:54
fsmithredmight be right18:54
fsmithredbeen too long18:54
fsmithredI use sysv-rc-conf - I can remember where my arrow keys and space bar are located18:55
rehclaI did spend the last 4 years with OpenBSD... rcctl is nice18:55
rehclabut as much as I wanted it, its not a DesktopOS18:55
r3bootsimple, reliable, predictable :P openbsd++18:55
r3bootthat does kind of depend on your standards. For a late 90s/early 00s unix desktop, it's mighty fine18:56
fsmithreddesktop linux without systemd is exciting these days18:56
rehclaso when coming back to Linux, there was only one choice --> Devuan18:56
rehclafsmithred: I could upgrade my laptop from ascii to beowulf right now and see if there is the same issue as with my desktop (xfwm4)19:03
fsmithredI wouldn't do that with my laptop19:07
fsmithredwell, right now that's the only computer I have19:07
fsmithredI'll test in VM19:07
fsmithredif you have a full backup and can fix it easily in case there are problems, then go for it19:08
fsmithredI've done several upgrades to beowulf of slightly leaner xfce installs without any trouble19:09
rehclaits for fun and helping the project! My really important data are somewhere else ;)19:10
rehclafsmithred: Hereby I confirm upgrading the laptop ASUS UX303L without any xfwm4 problem, pulseaudio also seems "not running" out of the box20:17
fsmithredthanks. i don't know how pulseaudio is supposed to start20:18
fsmithredmaybe something in /etc/default/20:18
fsmithredDoing an install now.20:18
fsmithredrehcla, pulseaudio is running here on fresh install.20:53
rehcla2 time not here20:54
rehclaone AMD and one Intel Chipset20:54
fsmithredoh wait, I'm still in ascii20:57
fsmithredI'll upgrade now20:57
fsmithredum, I'll upgrade later. I have to change my network connection. (Need to get a wire from another room.)20:59
fsrok, my name changed <- rehcla21:26
fsruh-oh, it's possible to run two instances of the same VM (same virtual disk) at once in qemu21:28
rehclasure you can teach me some things there^^21:28
fsryeah, I can, because I just learned something else21:29
fsrit screws up the filesystem21:29
MinceRyeah, most fs-es don't like being mounted from multiple OS-es at the same time21:30
rehclais xen also supported in devuan?21:30
fsryes, same as debian21:31
rehclajust played around with it some time ago with opensuse... never got a booting kernel21:32
rehclaat the hostOS21:32
fsrok, doesn't fsck have an option to bypass the questions and just fix the errors?21:33
fsrI'm not seeing it21:33
rehcla-a or -p21:34
fsryeah, ext421:34
fsrnope. Had to hit enter a few times21:36
fsrdist-upgrade is running21:40
fsrgoing for coffee21:40
rehclai have to pick up my wife! see you soon21:43
fsrrehcla, after dist-upgrade to beowulf, pulseaudio is installed, not running, but sound works22:47
fsrcan play an audio file. Haven't tried firefox yet.22:47
rehclasame here22:47
rehclaworks fine22:47
rehclaafter starting it from a terminal22:47
rehclauntil now beowulf makes a nice impression22:48
fsryeah, sound works in firefox22:51
fsrand golinux will be pleased to hear that the themes upgraded correctly - grub, slim and desktop22:51
rehclacan confirm the theme thing too22:52
* golinux breathes a sigh of relief . . .23:22
fsrthe upgrade was smooth and easy23:29
fsrall I did was change sources, update and dist-upgrade23:30
fsrto be exact, I did 'apt update' and 'apt-get dist-upgrade' then reboot23:31
fsralso did 'apt autoremove' after boot23:31
fsrpackage count is above 1500, or around 100 more than in ascii23:31
fsrdidn't check installed size, but that's probably bigger, too23:32
rehclaso when to expect a next stable release? :)23:34
golinuxrehcla: After the ascii point-release23:35
golinuxWhich means rebuilding all the ascii isos and then the beowulf isos.  Beowulf will likely have a beta release before the final23:36

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