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inklrcould you please stop that IoFran16:56
debdognomen est omen (SCNR)18:06
* yeti sees no IoFran (filtering nonchat noise)18:38
yetithat HelpsALot-Forte™18:39
inklradded  keycode  28 = t T U2122  to ~/.Xmodmap for ™18:47
* yeti . o O ( Compose® )18:51
inklrkeycode  27 = r R 0xae ®18:55
masoninklr: Might be better to set up .XCompose for that sort of thing.19:13
masoninklr: Otherwise you'll end up running out of keys.19:13
inklrperhaps but i only have 13 added special characters so far19:14
masonThat's enough to make it worthwhile. I say "remove Mod4 = Super_L" and "keysym Super_L = Multi_key" to turn my "Windows" key into Compose, and then I use XIM to enter keys. My ~/.XCompose starts with 'include "/usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose"' and then has custom entries, like '<Multi_key> <p> <i> : "π"' or '<Multi_key> <p> <c> : "☮"'19:24
masoninklr: ^19:24
* yeti is happy with capslock reused as compose19:25
inklri do not understand the benefit mason19:25
inklrkeycode  66 = Mode_switch yeti ;)19:25
masoninklr: You don't have to use an ever-expanding list of keys. Gives you a system to flexibly add more and more things.19:26
masonyeti: If you don't make caps into control, how can you pretend you've still got a Sun Type IV keyboard?19:26
inklrhow would i add new mappings without adding new mappings, if i use XCompose?19:27
masoninklr: It's all keyed off compose, rather than consuming unique keycodes.19:27
inklrok, it solves a problem i do not have, but thanks for telling me about it19:28
masonSo, you type keycode 28, I type compose-t-m for ™19:28
masoninklr: You can do it however you like. I'm just pointing out the traditional way to do it.19:28
inklri type capslock-t for ™19:31
yeticompose d f --> #debianfork   # o:-)20:27
inklrwhat the heck is /usr/bin/xkeystone for?20:31
inklrno manpage...20:31
se7enEverything I see in related results, inklr, show either relation to Xkeystore or the Qanon retards20:35
debdoglooks like a script20:37
se7enIt looks like a broken program bundled with x11-utils dependent on the "Nickle" library, and used to adjust x11 keystone20:39
se7enkeystone being the Keystone Effect; the angle at which an image is projected20:41
inklrKeith Packard does interesting stuff20:42
eyalrozMy quassel is having trouble playing audio notifications,23:21
eyalrozcomplaining about failing to connect to PulseAudio23:21
eyalroz(which indeed is not running - but why should it be?)23:21
masonI think I see the problem!23:23
masoneyalroz: I'm no expert, but, is your user a member of group 'audio'?23:23
eyalrozmason: I haven't added myself to that group...23:23
eyalrozOh wait,23:24
eyalrozyes I am.23:24
eyalrozchecked /etc/group .23:24
masonDo you have other things using audio?23:24
masonand if you say id, does it show audio now?23:24
eyalrozMy browser is paying some video.23:24
eyalrozwhat do you mean by "say id"?23:24
masonrun the 'id' command in your terminal23:25
masonBUt if you're already playing audio that's probably not it.23:25
masonIt can come up if you add yourself to a group but haven't restarted that session, which has your permissions and memberships set without that group.23:25
masoneyalroz: I'm not seeing anything relevant. Might be worth actually runing PulseAudio if it's built to use it.23:27
masonAlternately, you might get the source and rebuild without PulseAudio. Maybe it's a knob you can impact.23:27
masoneyalroz: I've got to go off and do a couple things, but:  and/or
eyalrozmason: Ok, thanks, I'll look into it. However,23:29
eyalrozif pulseaudio is not running by default, it's inappropriate for Quassel to depend on it running, on one hand, and not tell the user graphically about this dependence, on the other hand.23:30
masoneyalroz: Might be worth a bug report, sure.23:30
debdogjust fyi, there's apulse for progs that depend on PA23:33
gnarfaceeyalroz: most stuff that depends on pulseaudio assumes you're not smart enough to turn it off.  and pulseaudio itself intercepts alsa commands by default in a way that assumes you're not smart enough to turn it on.23:33
eyalrozgnarface: You might not be smart enough, but distro packagers are.23:33
debdogdoes quassel support native alsa?23:34
gnarfacethat's a good question debdog.  i remember this coming up before and i don't know what the resolution was.  it might be worth checking for quassel alternatives though...23:34
debdogthere is no alternative23:35
gnarfaceoh what?  it's a IRC client... wtf does that need pulseaudio for??23:35
gnarfacethere's a billion alternatives...23:35
gnarface(hyperbole, but there's plenty of alternatives)23:35
wyatt8740heh I'm experiencing that crap too, but because I'm still on regular debian and systemd-shim just gave up the ghost23:35
debdogwell, not exactly. for quassel mono yes, but not for the server client one23:35
wyatt8740so I'm using wpa_supplicant now while I wait until I have more time to attempt a hop23:36
wyatt8740gnarface: have you tried apulse23:36
wyatt8740oh debdog said23:36
gnarfaceeyalroz: i guess the first step is to figure out if quassel actually requires pulseaudio officially.23:36
gnarfacewyatt8740: it's eyalroz's issue, not mine23:36
wyatt8740oh ok23:36
gnarfacewyatt8740: i have tried apulse though, and i can confirm it should work if you're not doing network streaming or recording23:36
eyalrozwyatt8740: What's apluse?23:36
eyalrozapulse rather?23:37
wyatt8740it's a wrapper for alsa that pretends to be pulse for apps that don't work properly in alsa23:37
gnarfaceeyalroz: its a quick+dirty pulseaudio to alsa wrapper, modeled after the old aoss one23:37
wyatt8740the guy also made a wrapper to let you use Chromium's flash plugin in firefox, which works quite nicely23:37
gnarfacethe mad man!23:37
gnarfacei wish he could fix apulse to simulate the network streaming feature of pulseaudio so it could work with Steam's requirements23:38
wyatt8740But yeah I use apulse with firefox nowadays, because I already compile the mozilla codebase once for seamonkey and don't really feel like doing it again for a browser I rarely use23:38
eyalrozwyatt8740: Ah. Interesting. Ok, I guess I can give that a try, but regardless - it seems to me like this shouldn't be happening in the first place.23:39
gnarfaceif i had a dollar for every time...23:39
wyatt8740mozilla is dropping the alsa backend last I heard, so yeah I know that feeling23:40
wyatt8740also since I am still on debian proper for the moment this is _every single upgrade_23:40
wyatt8740modified packages up the wazoo23:40
gnarfacefor the moment, i'm still not having a problem with firefox-esr23:40
gnarface(on devuan though, it might matter)23:40
wyatt8740I believe this is around ff60 or so that they decided to kill it. But it's still in the codebase, just not enabled except at compile time23:41
wyatt8740apparently because their telemetry showed no one used alsa without pulse and they trusted that opt-out telemetry data to accurately portray the kinds of people who use sysvinit23:42
MinceRi thought mozilla dropped that a while ago23:44
MinceRin their quest to make failfox Just Like Chrome, Except Even Worse™23:44
wyatt8740As a seamonkey user I'm falling victim to that, too, since they broke seamonkey/TB so badly in recent months23:45
wyatt8740sites are slowly starting to become incompatible23:45
wyatt8740and apparently all kde/QT stuff needs systemd init according to debian, too, so that's fun23:46
eyalrozwyatt8740: Tell me about it!23:50
eyalrozI'm trying to adapt my extensions to TB 68 now23:50
eyalrozAnd while it's not a nightmare, it's quite the ordeal.23:51
Centurion_DanI believe that debian currently re-enables the alsa backend in their build.23:51
eyalrozI  get stuck on the dumbest things.23:51
Centurion_Dan... for firefox.23:51
Centurion_DanI have firefox-esr 60.9 working with alsa23:52
wyatt8740hm, could be.23:52
wyatt8740a few months ago they didn't, I'm using sid though23:52
LtWorf_i'm using apulse23:54
wyatt8740I'm using dmix and dsnoop and nopulse right now, on this machine23:55
wyatt8740nopulse being literally no pulse lib or wrapper. Not another project23:56
MinceRi'm using dmix and no execute permissions on the pulseaudio server executable :>23:56
eyalrozSo, apulse is not helping, it gives me this error:23:57
LtWorf_isn't dmix the default on debian anyway? If nothing pulls pulse with recommends23:57
gnarfaceeyalroz: you might have a alsa config in place that is interfering, but this particular error is a complaint about the audio format23:58
eyalroz.oga file from /usr/share/sounds23:59

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