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xrogaanI need a good feed reader software. QuiteRSS has some issues and I can't figure out the code because everything is in Russian.04:16
onefangHave you tried Liferea?04:19
xrogaanLiferea doesn't have a filtering system, so I'd need to write my own fetcher and filter out whatever is crap before liferea gets it.04:20
xrogaanit's really annoying :P04:25
onefangMaybe you could use a web proxy to do the filtering?  I remember doing that with squid for schools long ago.04:28
xrogaanyou can set a local file as feed in liferea04:35
xrogaanso I could just write a python script that download a remote, parse it and create a new local one.04:35
xrogaanthen contrab04:35
chomwittgood morning from greece09:08
chomwittwhy chkconfig is not available?09:09
debdogprobably because it's not in debian either. just the bash completion thingy is there
chomwitti guess debian removed it due to systemd used ?09:37
chomwitti mean are there alternatives to chkconfig in sysvinit systems?09:37
lcuferwhat do you want to accomplish chomwitt09:38
chomwitti was reading a book on sysadmin09:38
chomwittand has many examples on sysvinit09:39
chomwittand i'd like to do them09:39
* debdog just alters the links in /etc/rcX.d/ directly09:39
* Humpelstilzchen is using update-rc.d09:40
lcuferinittab specifies the runlevel you want to start in, then /etc/rc[number].d specifies what to start or not, in which order09:41
chomwittwho would you replicate   $chkcongig --list ?09:41
lcuferi don't know that utility so you will have to say what you want to achieve09:42
rrqchomwitt: maybe rcconf is an alternative09:42
chomwittthat command show all services available and the runlevel they belong to in a raw table09:42
chomwittrrq: one moment to check09:43
debdogchomwitt: you might be able to just dpkg -i an older package from debian
debdogdepending on its depandencies09:44
lcuferi'd use 'ls'09:46
chomwittlcufer: you mean just read the contents on all dirs and see from their filename where they belong?09:49
]BFG[i wonder when will debian remove all the /etc/init.d/* scripts :P09:51
lcuferls -r -d -1 /etc/rc*/{*,.*}  |grep [service you are interested in, like ssh]09:52
rrqlcufer: I think you are floating on old knowledge; since a fair while ago, there is an additional "Makefile based" layer on top of it, which makes it slightly different09:57
lcuferi am old09:57
rrqthere is a "service --status-all" command that offers the listing that chomwitt asked for09:58
lcufercan service --status-all show "the runlevel they belong to"?09:59
lcufer*how can09:59
rrqno it doesn't .. not sure of anything better than your ls, although it might bring false positives10:00
chomwittrrconf has a cool ncurses text based interface10:01
rrqmmm if "cool" and "ncurses" can be used in the same sentence, yes10:02
chomwittits seems by searching in the net , that chkconfig must have been more redhat related.10:03
onefangsysv-rc-conf might be useful to.10:03
chomwitti read an article from 2007 suggesting rcconf for debian for more ''convenient'' servive manipulation10:04
onefangI can't find any rrconf package in Devuan ASCII.10:04
Humpelstilzchenonefang: rcconf10:05
lcuferclearly the /etc tree needs to be in a binary database accessible only through touch-gui without using a keyboard10:05
chomwittso i guess i try to stick and do my learning with rrconf and update-rc.d and having more lowlevel options like the ones proposed from lcufer in the back of my mind. thanks.10:05
rrqonefang: cool ;)10:06
* onefang installs rcconf to check it out.10:06
onefangThink I'll stick with sysv-rc-conf.  B-)10:08
rrqlcufer: that "Makefile based extension" uses /etc/init.d/.depend.*10:08
rrq.. and I think that a facility must be mentioned there to actually be enabled10:09
lcuferi've never had to do anything but enable or disable services in rc tree10:10
rrqyeah I lost a bit of hair learning that making a link in rc2 is not enough... I have gladly forgotten most about it by now though :)10:13
lcuferthings work best if kept simple when possible, adding complexity only when needed10:15
rrqwith "update-rc.d" all required incantations are voiced10:15
rrqlcufer: +110:20
chomwittonefang: i check also sysv-rc-conf.  i've set up a vps with devuan and i want to find the tools that suit me the most10:33
chomwittspeeking of which , in my devuan vps do i need services like : alsa-utils , avahi-daemon , slim , wicd ?10:34
chomwittor speech-dispatcher ?10:35
lcuferwill you run an x server on it chomwitt ?10:47
lcuferif not, i would disable or uninstall all those10:48
chomwittits just an vps mainly for webserver11:24
avboxdoes bluetooth work with devuan beowulf?12:56
lcuferi don't know, but the kernel supports bluetooth modules12:58
avboxlcufer: I get connections, but after 2 seconds, it does disconnect. Any ideas?13:00
lcuferi have no experience with bluetooth on linux sorry13:00
r3bootavbox: enable debugging in the bluez stack and try again. Linux + BT has worked for 10yrs already13:11
avbox@r3boot: I find lot of info about adding debugging for debian, but not for devuan. A hint?13:19
r3bootyou can (re)use most of the debugging info for debian and apply it to devuan. They're not that different.13:22
avboxr3boot: Doe I have to add debug mode when starting /etc/init.d/bluetooth with the option '-d'?13:32
r3bootavbox: thats one way of doing it, but personally, I'd run the command specified in /etc/init.d/bluetooth by hand, in a terminal, as root13:43
r3bootEg, something like running '/usr/sbin/bluez -d' as root in a terminal + capturing the output13:43
toprohi there, just realized that installing latest ascii-backports kernel 4.19.0-0.bpo.6-686-pae obviously removes dependency on irqbalance as apt autoremove would like to remove it. is this on purpose or possibly wrong?14:00
r3boottopro: irqbalance functionality is handled by the kernel since (forgot which kernel version). So there should be no need to run irqbalance at all14:01
toprooh ok, good to know :)14:02
r3bootYou can validate this by monitoring /proc/interrupts btw. Boot, wait a while, verify that interrupts get nicely scheduled across cores14:02
toproso I'll double check that and then let go irqbalance. thank you!14:02
r3bootDo note, not all interrupts will be balanced by default. On my own system, (archlinux, 5.3.1, no irqbalance) it looks like this:
toprothis looks quite similar to what I get on the system where irqbalance is to be retired. so I think we're good to go14:04
r3bootyeah, I think so too14:05
toprolearned something on #debian about it.
avboxr3boot: Thank you for your help. Bluetooth does work now. I just did not find out why a smartphone does disconnet/reconnect only when something is happening (my be power saving). Thank you!14:19
lcufervery informative chat, thanks14:59

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