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WikiwideI am tired of dependency hell. I am using aptitude, that should help a little with understanding of dependencies. But still...00:43
WikiwideI am moving from Debian Stretch to Devuan Ascii. Yesterday, I had wicd working. Today, after reboot, I don't have Internet at all.00:49
WikiwideAnd given that Ethernet should be super easy to configure...00:52
gnarfacego on00:58
gnarfaceneed more info00:58
WikiwideThat's just, wow. Ifconfig doesn't seem to know of any interfaces outside lo.01:01
Wikiwide/etc/network/interfaces contains only auto lo. Should it contain auto eth0 , or something?01:02
WikiwideAnd, I managed to run wicd-gtk, despite having no taskbar or launchers or anything. Because I have psensors on start-up, and I put wicd-gtk into 'alarm' of psensors.01:02
WikiwideAnd, /etc/default/grub contains net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=001:03
WikiwideSo I would expect eth0 to be in existence, not enp4s001:04
gnarfaceit is strange01:05
gnarfacecan you think of anything at all that might have changed?01:05
gnarfacewifi can be fickle...01:06
WikiwideWhat changed... I tried to move from Debian Stretch to Devuan Ascii, which included move from Networkmanager to Wicd and uninstall of libpam-systemd (and hence policykit)01:07
gnarfacethe device disappearing though... that seems difficult to explain without a change to kernel/drivers/firmware01:07
WikiwideYes, Ethernet01:07
gnarfacenow wicd may store its config elsewhere...01:07
gnarfacethat may explain the /etc/network/interfaces thing01:07
WikiwideSee change to grub01:07
gnarfacedoes "/sbin/ifconfig -a" show you anything other than lo?01:08
WikiwideUsed to set eth0 as dhcp, works now.01:09
WikiwideWicd agrees01:10
golinuxWikiwide: There are notes about stretch > ascii here and network configuration too:
golinuxAh I see you fixed it while I was typing.01:12
WikiwideNow that I have Internet... What should I install to get taskbar/menuvdesktop/launchers? Because so far, I have only Debian wallpaper, and no way to launch anything.02:02
golinuxWikiwide: I have no idea how you migrated but I suggest that you look at the documentation here:   Sounds like you might have missed something:02:23
WikiwideGoing into shutdown after installing matchbox. Should provide something, at least.02:28
WikiwideMatchbox is interesting, but practically unusable with two displays of different resolutions.03:08
WikiwideMate is currently unusable because any attempts to install task-mate-desktop is causing apt-get to install slim? And I already have lightdm, I don't want slim yet.03:18
WikiwideInstalled xfce, will see how that goes. But I still want sawfish for window manager, not xfwm or something.03:19
Jjp137for mate, try installing it directly and not through the task package; I see a mate-desktop-environment package, so maybe try that?03:20
Jjp137but xfce isn't a bad choice (and is the default one in the installer anyway)03:21
WikiwideXfce looks interesting, yes. No idea how to set a different image instead of mouse in top left corner.03:43
WikiwideAbout xscreensaver: power management : off after 6 minutes is only about monitor, not shut down?03:44
OksanaI am doing dist-upgrade from Debian Stretch to Devuan Ascii . UPower.conf is significantly different. What should I do?06:06
* Oksana thinks of getting the new one, since surely package maintainers knew what they were doing when they were writing it.06:06
furrywolfif you haven't customized them yourself, you should generally use new versions of config files.06:07
OksanaI might have customised it, but only slightly. So I would rather use the new one, yes...06:07
HumanGeekyou remember my ssh issue10:23
HumanGeekits vanish alone10:23
HumanGeekwith unattended-upgrade10:23
EvilhamHumanGeek: yup, there were some updates to SSH I thought about asking because one re-enabled some ciphers10:32
Evilhamand thought it could be your issue10:32
HumanGeekso this can happen again in the future10:33
HumanGeekwhere do you follow news about it ?10:33
EvilhamHumanGeek: I think maybe this was related
HumanGeekok thx11:10
EvilhamHumanGeek: if you want to be up to date on such things, you probably want debian-security-announce and debian-announce, those are low-traffic and often relevant11:10
HumanGeeki need more time to read all stuff like that11:10
Evilhamit really is low traffic11:11
Evilhamand you read hilarious things like this:
onefangI use the RSS feed
james1138General question about Devuan Beowulf. When the ISO becomes available... will it use the newer XFCE 4.14?16:53
r3boot4.12 from the looks of it:
masonEvilham: I've never trusted sudo for that kind of function. Easy enough to write a SUID wrapper for that kind of thing, if you really need it.17:01
james1138Thanks r3boot. Just wondering. From what I have seen on online - XFCE 4.14 still seems to have a few "glitches".17:22
r3bootjames1138: I run it under OpenBSD, works just fine17:30
r3boot(4.14 that is)17:30
tom_workhello, I'm on my clean workstation and for some reason apt is not able to find ceres19:25
tom_work$ apt-get source -t ceres mysql-workbench19:25
tom_workReading package lists... Done19:25
tom_workE: The value 'ceres' is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources19:25
tom_workdespite having deb-src ceres main in sources.list and running apt update19:25
tom_workany ideas what this means?19:26
xrogaanceres isn't devuan?20:22
xrogaanor is it?20:22
xrogaanceres sounds like a debian name20:22
xrogaanor, it is.20:23
xrogaanSorry, pretty tired here.20:26
xrogaanCeres is a devuan release, but people are busy with beowulf right now.20:26
zellkouI had the same issue with my fresh install. I swapped ceres for unstable in sources.list and and fixed it20:27
tom_workxrogaan, I'm trying to build a modern version of mysql-workbench to work with the latest stable MariaDB server release20:32
tom_workI'm on ASCII building a backport20:32
xrogaanDid you try the zellkou method? :P20:34
tom_work$ apt source -t unstable mysql-workbench20:37
tom_workReading package lists... Done20:37
tom_workE: The value 'unstable' is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources20:37
tom_workE: Unable to find a source package for20:37
tom_workdeb-src unstable main20:38
xrogaanis mysql-workbench in main?20:39
xrogaanI don't know, and I need to sleep.20:41
* xrogaan pushes golinux towards tom_work 20:41
zellkoutom_work can I see your sources.list?20:45
zellkouok now this is getting interesting. I was using so I swapped it over to and was able to copy and paster your command and it ran without any problems20:51
golinuxMaybe there is some pinning interfering?20:55
zellkoushouldn't "-t unstable" override any pinning?21:03
EHeMHopefully this has already been noticed, but the amd64 variants of Apache are missing (everything non-amd64 is at 2.4.25-3+deb9u9, amd64 only has 2.4.25-3+deb9u8).21:04
zellkoutom_work are you getting any errors when you run apt update?21:06
Jjp137EHeM, I think I know why; are you using either or in your sources.list?21:16
EHeMJjp137: Presently, which was correct as of a few months ago; did things get randomly changed *again*???21:37
tom_workzellkou, no21:38
golinuxThere is no us mirror atm21:39
golinuxThere has never been one21:39
masonBut there is a cname.21:39 is an alias for
golinuxEHeM: ^^^21:40 is an alias for
masonsorry, got the wrong us21:40
golinuxBut there is no mirror to connect to21:40
golinuxEHeM: Use instead or choose another mirror from the list
Jjp137the problem affects anyway (see #devuan-dev)21:42
EHeMgolinux: As of a few months ago that was the recommended setup.21:42
masonJjp137: Just updated from pkgmaster, still seing 8 there.21:42
golinuxYes, and it was a mistake, error, whatever you want to call it.21:43
masonoh, yoiu'd noted that, right right21:43
golinuxIt has been corrected on every instance of the website and install documentation.21:43
masonIt's still in the installer, at least until the point release.21:44
golinuxIn the point release we are recommending and referring to the mirror list posted above to choose a CC mirror.21:44
golinuxMore testers pre-release would reduce these kind of oversights.21:46
golinuxEHeM: I know the corrections have been made because I did them myself.  If I missed one, please ping me.21:47
EHeMgolinux: The dual hopes of using <country> are that you hopefully get nearer mirrors which are faster and use less bandwidth, even if they point to the big round-robin they should be kept so that in the future if that becomes a big deal everything is already in place.21:53 is the round-robin address21:56
tom_workthere are no US mirrors and pkgmaster is the fastest and most reliable mirror for US users right now22:06
tom_workthat is why i'm using that22:06
tom_workthe other ones have constant issues22:06
golinuxPkgmaster is the root of everything else22:07
tom_workanything from not being a perfect faithful copy of master to TCP throughput having major issues due to routing issues22:07
bob38Anyone there?22:32
gnarfacethere's always someone here, bob3822:34
gnarfacebut you have to try to be interesting to guarantee a response22:34
gnarface(try asking specific questions, but be patient.  it's still often slow around here)22:35
tom_workany ideas why I can't pull the source of ceres/unstable of mysql-workbench?23:13
gnarfacedo you get an error?23:14

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