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buZzeyalroz: > sa1 - Collect and store binary data in the system activity daily data file.00:37
buZz> Please refer to the /usr/share/doc/sysstat/README.Debian file for details.00:38
eyalrozbuZz: But does that really need to pollute my logs so much?01:05
buZzeyalroz: i'd guess 'no' :)01:06
eyalroz... so why would this be happening? Is there someplace I could go look for actual error messages?01:07
gnarfaceeyalroz: isn't it optional?01:56
gnarfacei would assume you could just uninstall it if you don't want it01:57
gnarfacebut there is probably a way to make it log somewhere else01:57
NagerstI need a link to a mirror of devuan ascii in nothern europe that has the netinst iso. Ansy suggestions?03:24
NagerstI am in Sapmi so norwegian, swedish or finnish sources should be fast03:24
NagerstHope the iso also has the firmware, since i am using a mediatek wifi device (works with ubuntu 12.04)03:25
Nagerston the official mirrors i can only find the huge versionjs that include xfce03:30
golinuxNagerst: You can choose a mirror here
golinuxOh wrong mirrors.  Try this page
golinuxThe netinst iso will allow you to choose the DE04:13
systemdletedhcpcd is not sending host-name to my router.  It would be a nice touch if it did.04:53
systemdleteminor, but annoying, and apparently -- from what I've been seeing in google searches for a solution -- this is further damage from the transition to u-no-wot04:54
Sirius32BlackHola, buen dia12:07
systemdlete3interface eth0 already configured12:14
systemdlete3I've gotten rid of connman and wifi12:14
systemdlete3I have my /etc/network/interfaces config'd as I want, and it gives me the correct result12:15
systemdlete3(I'm on it now!)12:15
systemdlete3so I don't get it.   Did something configure eth0 before the init script did?12:15
systemdlete3I mean I got rid of connman and wicd12:21
nemosystemdlete: what's enabled in /etc/defaults/networking ?13:44
nemoI gotta say I'm not really sure what the question was ☺  but, yeah, seeing the file might help13:45
omnioI think he was asking why the boot message was "interface eth0 *ALREADY* configured"13:55
omniowell, it says the same on my machine and I use connman13:58
omniomaybe /etc/init.d/networking is running "ifup" twice or something14:05
fsmithredor udev vs. ifup14:17
fsmithredallow-hotplug or auto?14:17
fsmithredsystemdlete, systemdlete2 ^^^14:18
fsmithredI've seen that same message and ignored it because everything is working14:19
systemdlete2hold on...14:19
systemdlete2why would the init script run twice?   Anyway, I DO ignore the message, but it is rather worrisome14:19
systemdlete2I mean, I watch error messages in the boot, and when I see that, I think, gee, maybe my network connection is messed up somehow14:20
systemdlete2My network connection actually does work, but that error says something is amiss.14:21
fsmithredwhat's in /etc/network/interfaces? allow-hotplug or auto?14:22
systemdlete2maybe it needs to be auto14:24
systemdlete2I converted it from the dhcp config it was originally when I installed the VM.14:24
systemdlete2I'll try auto and see if the message goes away14:24
systemdlete2that might not apply at this point for me, because I've changed the connection from dhcp to static14:26
systemdlete2But I will change it to auto14:26
fsmithredallow-hotplug causes udev to bring up the interface14:27
fsmithredthen I guess ifup tries and sees that it's already up14:27
systemdlete2ifup being called from the init script?14:27
systemdlete2that makes sense14:27
fsmithredthat's my best guess14:29
systemdlete2I wonder if I need that line at all14:30
fsmithredI think you need a line there, not necessarily that one14:30
fsmithredcould be auto or manual14:30
fsmithredif manual, you need to bring it up yourself14:31
fsmithredtry with nothing on that line and see what happens14:31
systemdlete2nah.  I'll take your word...14:31
systemdlete2busy trying to install and configure bareos atm14:32
fsmithredmy word is a guess14:32
fsmithredah, ok14:32
systemdlete2good enough for me14:32
systemdlete2thanks buddy14:32
systemdlete2That done did it!   Thanks nemo, omnio, fsmithred.14:33
james1138FYI: New Stable kernels 5.3.8, 4.19.81, 4.14.151, 4.9.198, and 4.4.198 have been released.
jordilai have a tiny server on Devuan Ascii ... , may i just change source.list repos to Beowulf in order to upgrade ?18:15
* jordila originally it was Debian Stretch , then went -> Devuan Ascii... Beowulf ^^ ?18:17
* jordila is reading...
systemdleteany chance of getting bareos-webui packaged?18:19
golinuxsystemdlete2: Sure, if you do it.  :)18:24
systemdletesorry lost my desktop...18:25
* jordila read on the Devuan news that after Ascii 2.1 ... 3.0 Beowulf would come after in time, right ?21:16
jordilaYet... i'm wondering if actually is it possible to unmh...ona simple GLAMP tiny server Devuan Ascii powered ... , may i just change /apt/sources.list repos to Beowulf in order to upgrade ? Please, correct me if i'm wrong.21:17
fsmithredjordila, yes you can change ascii to beowulf in sources.list update and dist-upgrade21:19
fsmithredit usually works, depending on what you have installed.21:19
fsmithredshould be pretty easy without a desktop21:19
jordilahey fsmithred... let's try, then. It's just some PHP, Apache, MAriaDB... and bla21:20
fsmithredyou got a backup of the data?21:20
fsmithredif so, go for it21:20
jordilasure, it's a VPS...21:20
jordilaeasy snapshootting21:21
jordilaOther question that came up to my mind... after giving a taste / try to beautiful and lean Desktop KDE Neon experience...21:22
jordilaThe community did it, ... more and more loving the KDE Plasma/Neon Desktop UX user friendliness at no (heavy) computing cost ? I've got it on Debian Testing (Sid)... temporarily...  So, i'm asking myself... while Beowulf is based on Buster(stable), may Ceres be based on Bullseye(Sid|Testing)... right ? In any case, is there a way to get to something like such a lovely  Frankestein as  KDE Neon Ceres would be .. or may have i dreamed ? In21:24
jordila other words, how to get latest (5.16) KDE Plasma Desktop on our beloved Devuan GNU+Linux "Freedom, your way..." OS ?21:24
gnarfacei'm assuming you'd have to compile it yourself21:26
gnarfaceif it's even too new for ceres, you have to compile it yourself21:26
gnarfaceand yes, ceres is based on sid21:27
gnarfacesid is unstable though, not testing21:27
jordilasure gnarface21:29
minnesotags1I may want to try this KDE desktop. I've got the xfce one and i3. What do I need to install/uninstall. I'm not giving up the i3, but xfce is meaningless to me and really ugly.21:56
jordilawell ugly, no ... is simply and functional, until you get to know KDE Plasma ? Still, Xfce is umh... is it lighter than GNOME and KDE ? (the X game is changing - 'watch your step'... )22:00
tuxd3vjordila, that is true, but kde is huge..22:01
fsmithredminnesotags1, install kde-plasma-desktop to get the basics22:01
fsmithredtask-kde-desktop to get every bit of bloat22:01
tuxd3vif you want a lean os, you need to loose functionality..22:01
fsmithredin either case, you should probably remove xfce first22:01
tuxd3vfor that fluxbox, is the way to go..22:01
tuxd3vthey are comming to wayland also..22:02
fsmithredxfce and kde use different polkit backends. See the info in the release notes about that.22:02
fsmithredgotta run. bbl.22:02
tuxd3vso having xfce and also fluxbox( which is nice for arm sbc boards.. )22:02
jordilatuxd3v ... 'that is true, but kde is huge..' this is changing ... KDE Plasma is slowly getting lighter...22:02
tuxd3vis nice..22:02
tuxd3vI stoped to use kde above kde 3 or 3.522:03
* jordila ... KDE Plasma 5.17 ^^22:03
tuxd3vthey got in the wrong way..22:03
jordilai know... i know... may they have learnt some lessons today ?22:03
tuxd3vwhat is the amount of ram that you need to have for it?22:04
minnesotags1argh. Removing is the hard part. what packages are xfce?22:04
]BFG[fluxbox is the way to go for anything22:06
golinuxminnesotags1: Maybe task-xfce-desktop22:06
]BFG[my favorite vm over 12 years22:06
]BFG[xfce was good at start22:06
]BFG[but these days22:07
]BFG[i dont know what that monstrosity got to22:07
]BFG[maybe got plagued by shitD as well22:07
]BFG[you know there is always a jerkoff whizkid who thinks he can change the world through creating something shittier what it was22:08
]BFG[thats what systemd is a pure pile of shit made by a retard22:08
jordilastop it22:08
]BFG[and all the vms these days gnome kde and whatnot22:08
tuxd3vjBFG[: that is true, xfce is starting to go, in the wild way with bit swats of ram consumed..22:08
]BFG[they will not ever compete with m$22:09
tuxd3vbut let they port if to gtk3 completly22:09
golinuxPlease take those OT rants to #debianforkl22:09
]BFG[they are like 0.1% compared to mS windows22:09
tuxd3vwe will se at the end..22:09
golinuxThis is a davuan support channel22:09
golinuxdevuan really22:09
tuxd3vAnyway fluxbox, is the leaner of both22:09
tuxd3vso I assume its a good choice toa 2nd desktop22:09
]BFG[so these retards play on a cesspool, for M$ all linux vms are nothing22:10
golinuxIf anyone has the last word, it will be me22:10
]BFG[they are like dirt on your shoe22:10
]BFG[and thats a fact22:10
]BFG[for linux guys we dont need kde gnome just simple easy vms22:10
tuxd3vas a primary option, I believbe that xfe is still the best option..22:10
]BFG[like blackbox icevm fluxbox fvwm22:10
]BFG[we dont need windows like shit and this cretin harry potter he brings in an abomination22:10
tuxd3vSo having xfce, and fluxbox as options its very nice22:11
]BFG[and he does it for nothinglooool22:11
]BFG[Laughs Out Loud22:11
]BFG[he accomplished nothing22:11
]BFG[fuck him22:11
tuxd3vhas fluxbox also verve asa good( the best ) options for ARM sbc's22:11
]BFG[kill this fuck22:11
FleaFartThis is not the place to be hostile22:12
tuxd3vAnd in Devuan, we support x86 and aarch32,aarch6422:13
tuxd3vso xfce and Fluxbox are nice options22:13
* FleaFart I love Devuan 22:13
* tuxd3v me too22:14
FleaFartIn my dreams I dream of using a Devuan Browser and watching lots of ...22:15
minnesotags1Lol. I'm taking a sledgehammer to this machine removing xfce *xfce*, etc.22:15
golinuxPlease take it to #debianfork22:15
minnesotags1What is the "default" desktop for Devuan? Surely that is on topic?22:16
* tuxd3v I am sorry to debate, options, I tough we would have a calm discussion, I am the one to blame, sorry for that.22:18
golinuxminnesotags1: ^^^22:27
minnesotags1Ok. I remember starting with lxde in the first "alpha" Devuan.22:28
minnesotags1but I think even then xfce was "default"?22:28
golinuxlxde is no longer an option because it does not play well with the backend work-arounds22:28
minnesotags1What was the lime and purple one?22:28
golinuxYes. Xfce has always been the default22:29
golinuxleafy never made it to prime time22:29
minnesotags1I think lxde became lxqt?22:29
golinuxYes.  We do offer that.22:29
golinuxHaven't see you for a long time.  Welcome home22:30
minnesotags1I only rarely boot into anything except i3wm22:30
minnesotags1I'm now a working pro systems engineer, meaning I can only run Devuan on machines that "work well with others".22:30
minnesotags1Or work completely without others....22:31
minnesotags1At least I've trashcanned all the Fedora and Ubuntu servers....22:31
* golinux claps22:32
golinuxWell done!22:32
minnesotags1I tried to be a team player, but Ubuntu netman was the end for me. This junk has GOT TO GO!22:33
fsmithredlxde is still lxde22:55

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