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gnarfacewhat hack or package include am i missing to get debootstrap working with ascii again now?14:33
gnarfacei'm excluding udev and rsyslog, and including syslog-ng, task-laptop, and apt, but it doesn't seem like it's finishing extracting and setting up everything14:34
gnarfaceit just validates and downloads, extracts only the base files, then quits14:34
gnarfacewhat am i missing here?14:34
fsmithredI don't think you should be excluding udev14:34
gnarfacei needed to before for something... package issue like with rsyslog14:34
fsmithreda version of udev gets installed with eudev14:34
gnarfacei can try without excluding it...14:34
fsmithredthe rsyslog problem was before ascii was stable14:34
fsmithredlast time I did a debootstrap, I didn't need to exclude anything14:35
fsmithredthat was some time in the past 6-8 months, I think14:35
gnarfacei swear i tried it without any excludes or includes first, and it immediately died on rsyslog14:35
fsmithredand you're doing this in devuan, right?14:36
gnarfaceyea, but it's arm64.  think that would matter?14:36
fsmithredoh, maybe14:36
fsmithredsince there's a problem building packages for arm, some may not be right14:36
yetican please someone kill my git.devuan account? I'm stuck with it because a config change is waiting to be confirmed by mail and it somehow blocks that domain. I tried different accounts with that domain and none of them ever gets a confirmation mail. there are no projects now, so killing yeti@git.devuan probably is the fastes solution.16:12
nemohm. got a curious error on our devuan servers16:33
nemoinsserv: warning: current start runlevel(s) (empty) of script apache-htcacheclean' overrides LSB defaults (2 3 4 5)16:35
nemoreading about it, it seems like it isn't a big deal though...16:35
nemojust figured I should check just in case it was a distro packaging thing16:36
masonnemo: For some packages, you need to enable them manually. For instance, update-rc.d foo defaults ; update-rc.d foo enable17:21
masonnemo: I could be wildly wrong but I'm guessing that insserv is noticing defaults specied in the init script but not in the runlevel directories.17:22
nemomason: 'k.  just so long as it is expected and normal18:03
nemomason: I just keep an eye on "init-anything" due to debian18:03
nemomason: scenario in particular being that debian is now using systemd and only applied the "enable this service" in systemd but not init.18:03
nemotraditional init18:04
nemobut yeah could be "not enabled by default" is how the packagers have always done this18:04
masonnemo: I mean, I'm just guessing, but I ran into that somewhat recent with the zfs-on-linux start-up scripts.18:05
nemoI kinda count on distro to enable "reasonable defaults"18:06
nemoesp debian/devuan18:06
jarfrTake 5 minutes to read this , it's very important , thx guy's ! :
nemohm... no idea what parrot linux is, but if it's being used by any companies at all, you'd think they could at least contribute to infrastructure20:07
nemothey'd have a vested interest20:07
furrywolfI don't know what parrot linux is either, but I instinctively distrust anyone who begs for money in random channels.20:09
nemoon the other hand I do sympathise w/ difficulty of keeping a FOSS project running. thankfully hedgewars infrastructure costs are managed by one nice guy donating his VM20:11
nemoand... the server definitely does not have that many requests per minute20:11
nemoalthough it can get high-ish sometimes20:11
nemocertainly it has had that many in the past20:12
golinuxGood grief have you all been living under a rock?   And too lazy to search:
golinuxnemo: furryw20:31
golinuxolf ^^^20:31
nemogolinux: there are way too many linux distros to keep track of.  and yes, certainly capable of reading about it, which I did after checking his announcement20:37
nemogolinux: hm. wikipedia said "considering" devuan in 201720:37
nemoeither wikipedia is out of date, or that considering is taking a long time20:37
nemosecurity sounds like an excellent reason to pick devuan though20:38
nemoah. still not on devuan according to your forum thread20:38
nemoyeesh. that's taking a long time20:38
golinuxBut planning to be20:38
nemoand here I was impatient for devuan to get on with their beta20:39
golinuxparrotOS is a big deal.20:39
onefangDoing security right takes a long time.20:39
golinuxDoing anything right takes a long time20:40
nemoyou'd think if parrotos was a big deal, *some* company out there would be using it and would not even blink at covering infrastructure costs.20:40
nemosomeone needs to pick up a phone and call the top domains hitting their logs and explain the situation ☺20:40
nemobet it could be fixed in a few hours20:40
golinuxMaybe they don't want to go corporate20:40
nemoit's not really going corporate to ask corporate to help pick up the bills20:41
nemo"hey, you're using our stuff. we could vanish. that's a risk. help us out"20:41
golinuxThis is way to off topic for here.20:41
nemoeven "your load could increase chance of vanishing"20:41
nemooh well20:41
golinuxtoo really20:41
golinuxJust know what you're talking about before opening mouth20:42
tuxd3vgnarface: maybe you need to create a service file: /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d with20:55
tuxd3v#! /bin/sh20:55
tuxd3vexit 10120:55
tuxd3vchmod +x  /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d20:55
tuxd3vbecasue if not the services will startup..20:56
tuxd3vI am trying a Crossdebootstrap, now and it seems ok, its already in the second fase..20:58 had finished Successfully21:03
klaushi all, i was wondering if using plain "gpg -c .filename" command to encrypt text files and mails was considered secure ?21:15
fsmithredklaus, yes, it uses good encryption.21:16
klausfsmithred: thank you for telling21:17
fsmithredrelies only on something you know, not accompanied by something you have.21:17
fsmithredso it's less secure than a key pair with a passphrase21:17
fsmithredbut they'd still need to beat the passphrase out of you, either way.21:17
klauseven if i haven't created any keys, nor followed any special step to secure things, i mean for example right after the initial install, open a term, type "gpg -c myfile.txt" (a password will be asked twice)21:18
klausthat pass phrase / password i'm being asked, does it need to be long and complex or just fair password is ok?21:19
klausit's very convenient21:20
fsmithredI'm not sure if you want -c or -e21:20
fsmithredlonger is better21:20
fsmithredincreasing the length of the passphrase has more of an effect than increasing the character set21:21
klausi mean can i go crazy and post (encrypted) sensitive info online with this ?21:22
fsmithredyou can select the cipher when you use -c. CAST5 is default. I don't know what that means.21:23
klauswell, i'll see and experiment a bit with it.. thanks again fsmithred21:27
fsmithredsee this chart for someone's estimate of how long it takes to crack a password:
systemdletethanks for this!   It seems to me, at least as I usually do my passwords, that the 9th character is the one that trips things from months to centuries.  10th character is already getting me into the millenia.22:12
systemdleteI use a combination of characters and letters, and a special if permitted (surprisingly, not all password systems permit specials like '@' and '#')22:13
systemdleteStill, I will be extending my passwords everywhere -- thanks to this heads up!22:13

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