freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2019-11-09

xrogaanI had to compile several software I use daily, I'm reluctant to upgrade to beowulf01:49
xrogaanbut I really want to.01:49
xrogaanIs there a distro that is half rolling and half stable? Keeping the core libraries as LTS but day-to-day software like hexchat and gimp get fast upgrade lanes.01:51
golinuxIsn't that what backports is for?01:53
gnarfacexrogaan: did you check ascii-backports?01:53
gnarfaceyes, that is what backports is for01:54
golinuxHa beat you!  :p01:54
gnarfacebut there are limits to how far stuff can feasibly be backported01:54
gnarfacesometimes the only options are 1) wait 2) install something broken01:54
golinuxTesting and stable is the usual  mix01:54
gnarfaceplenty of "rolling-release" distros will happily ship you something they know is broken01:55
gnarfaceit's rarely worth the risk in my experience01:55
golinuxLike the U distro.  LOL!01:55
gnarfaceheh, indeed01:56
gnarfacewell, gentoo does it all the time too.  they just accept the risk as par for course.  my own statistical observations defy that logic though01:56
onefangEvery rolling distro I have tried eventually tied itself in knots and was no longer possible to update.01:56
golinuxgentoo users are masochists trying to prove something01:57
gnarfacei can confirm that first-hand01:57
golinuxThere are a few in the Devuan camp.01:57
golinuxBut we're getting OT01:58
shibbolethyeah, i've never really trusted someone running gentoo02:11
shibbolethlike... with important stuff02:11
shibboleth"breaks often" being the base of your platform?02:12
xrogaangnarface: yeah, gimp ain't in there.03:18
gnarfacexrogaan: there's probably a good reason for it, like recursive dependencies all the way down to glibc03:19
xrogaanIt's an issue with maintainer I believe, not enough to properly maintain all the stuff.03:19
gnarfacexrogaan: may i suggest running beowulf in a chroot on your ascii system03:19
gnarface(with the backports kernel on the host just to be safe)03:19
xrogaanI'll probably just need to recompile everything I use, it's not a big deal, time consuming though.03:20
gnarfaceyea, just rebuilding it all is an option in theory too... at that point it is possible that you might as well be just running beowulf anyway thoguh03:20
gnarfacei've been in that situation before too03:21
gnarfacebackported most the system from testing to stable and then thought "well, that was stupid."03:21
gnarfaceand i mean, it worked03:21
gnarfacebut it took like 3 days to hammer down03:21
gnarfacewhen i could have just completed the update to testing in about 10 minutes03:21
gnarfaceit does depend on your priorities though03:22
gnarfaceis the primary use of this machine that gimp?  and is having the new version of gimp mission-critical?  if so... you know what you need to do03:22
BeerbelottYou could use a VM or containers on your host to run apps you wanna have in beowulf's version03:22
gnarfacethat was sorta what i meant by the chroot, Beerbelott03:22
gnarfacebut yea, any VM or type of container would be fine probably03:23
gnarfaceqemu-kvm is fast03:23
BeerbelottWith a bit of adapting, you can craft proper devuan Docker images from that work:
BeerbelottI did that on my box. Fresh hand(well... script)-crafted Devuan Docker images03:24
BeerbelottHaven't pushed the scripts I used (no dependency on any GitLab instance whatsoever) anywhere yet03:25
xrogaanGimp was just an example. This is my main desktop. I was simply voicing my reluctance to make the step. ;)03:38
BeerbelottYou could simulate it03:42
BeerbelottUse the live desktop, boot on it03:42
Beerbelott(from ascii)03:43
Beerbelotttry to upgrade to beowulf & install/compile any major tool you might need03:43
BeerbelottWell... scratch that03:43
BeerbelottYou'd need to reboot :|03:43
BeerbelottIf you got the hardware, and if standard backup is too complicated, I would dd everything to another disk, and try the upgrade03:45
Beerbelottif things go south, just use the exact copy03:46
yeti <<< Tomorrow I will have sore muscles from shaking my head over this review.21:00

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