freenode/#devuan/ Thursday, 2019-11-21

tuxd3vdoes anyone knows what are the default user & passwords for Raspbian, I am trying to get the dust of my rpi( v2011) :)00:49
tuxd3vbut I want to check some things first, for the boot process ;)00:49
golinuxDDG won't tell you?00:50
golinuxNot much chatter lately here or on #devuan-arm or on the forum . . .  :(00:50
tuxd3vimpressive the Documentation I saw till now, doesn even talk about users & passwords... and I am talking about RaspBerryPi..00:57
tuxd3vThe Other maybe bad thing... my RPi original, and from my earlir adopter times... doesn't boot00:58
tuxd3vOne of my fears after shutdown and after serving me since 201100:58
tuxd3vlet's see..00:58
golinuxtuxd3v: Hope it goes well.01:29
tuxd3vgolinux, thanks! :)01:30
tuxd3vI am trying a new card, to test the card.. if all goes well, I will try to make a build for Devuan :)01:31
tuxd3vgolinux, bad sdcard, up and running :)04:09
tuxd3vand and running.. Iam exploring now the idea of a build for rpi's :)04:15
tuxd3vactually I am adding the necessary bits for describe the boards :)04:16
tuxd3v for describe -> to  describe04:16
systemdlete2install systemtap on devuan ascii, then try to run stap-prep.   Says "stap-prep: rpm: not found" which is not surprising, given that... uhm...05:41
systemdlete2nvm again... seems that debian has its own procedures for stap.  I was looking at more generic docs.  Gotta remember to seek help at debian first.05:52

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