freenode/#devuan/ Friday, 2019-11-22

tuxd3vhello, I made 2 packages fluxbox and debug.. of version:1.3.7-105:03
tuxd3vfor armhf05:03
warmfuzzyfeelsHello people!16:36
warmfuzzyfeelsThere is no Virtualbox in apt-cache, do I have to enable some special license?16:36
fsmithredwarmfuzzyfeels, it's in ascii-backports16:42
warmfuzzyfeelsfsmithred: which file, something like apt configuration?16:43
fsmithredyou can edit /etc/apt/sources.list or add it in synaptic if you're using that16:44
fsmithreddeb ascii-backports main contrib non-free16:44
fsmithrednon-free is not required for getting virtualbox16:44
warmfuzzyfeelsfsmithred: thank you :)16:44
dbristowI am trying to torrent devuan 2.1, hardly getting anywhere.18:21
dbristowI have only been able to download about 80M of the 23.11 file size total18:22
warmfuzzyfeelsdbristow: just download it through http(s) or ftp18:57
dbristowUsually the problem is getting it to finish seeding with a decent ratio.  But this is downloading, usually not a problem19:22
dbristowNow I am getting soda straw speeds from the main site.  Trying a mirror19:22
dbristowAhh, much better from .nl19:24
Guest65Hey all.  I have an application that requires glibc version 2.27 but it seems the latest version of devuan's glibc is 2.24.  I was wondering if anyone knew when devuan will have that version or higher...?21:23
furrywolfbeowolf, due out soon, has 2.2821:28
furrywolfbeowulf is currently mostly stable and installable, and you can upgrade to it without problems in most cases.21:29
Guest65awesome thanks for the answer!21:30
Guest65do you know where I can find the .isos for beowulf?21:31
furrywolfI don't think there's isos built for it yet, since it's not released yet.  You'd want to install ascii then immediately upgrade.  Someone else will have to help you on the details with that - I haven't poked at it in a while.21:34
Guest65got it! Thanks!21:34
tuxd3vI am sorry to trouble you.. :)21:59
tuxd3vI am stuck at boot21:59
tuxd3vwith this:21:59
tuxd3vWaiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p2...21:59
tuxd3vI changed the rng to /dev/urandom, to eliminate that..21:59
tuxd3vbut still hanging at boot :(21:59
tuxd3vcan anybody give me an advice?22:00

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