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agrisis that the game with the pixels?00:03
specingpixels? No, it is a world war II RTS00:11
systemdletelost sound on my laptop -- I think there is a solution, but i forgot.07:11
systemdleteaplay works at command line, just browsers have no sound07:11
systemdleteascii, with all the latest updates07:11
systemdleteI tried running each browser with apulse also, no sound07:12
systemdlete(sound WAS working for some time on ascii on my laptop)07:12
gnarfacesystemdlete: did you have a custom ~/.asoundrc maybe and deleted it accidentally?09:03
osdfhaoehgsdahgoI don't want to troll but have to say that the new Devuan is a huge step backwards, compared with the first version. The desktop and menu are horrible eg icon-labels are not readable (consist of 4-6 letters or overlap other icons or are overlapped by the taskbar, many menu-items are under the wrong category etc. The first impression is really disappointing.13:41
buZzosdfhaoehgsdahgo: are you talking about XFCE?13:41
buZzor what13:41
buZzok, havent looked at XFCE in ages13:41
osdfhaoehgsdahgoI think nobody did, or will13:41
buZzyou are talking about the unreleased devuan version beowulf?13:41
osdfhaoehgsdahgoI was so impressed with the first Devuan13:42
r3bootosdfhaoehgsdahgo: you know, one of the nicest things about FLOSS, is that you can contribute yourself13:42
osdfhaoehgsdahgoI'm talking about the ASCII version13:42
r3bootSo did you already file a bug report?13:42
buZzosdfhaoehgsdahgo: you mean, you liked ascii's default xfce themes?13:42
osdfhaoehgsdahgoI don't care about themes, I care about normal thing eg that an icon is identifiable, labels are readable, that a menu has some logic etc13:44
osdfhaoehgsdahgoIt just a first impression, without touching/clicking anything13:44
osdfhaoehgsdahgoI don't like to be negative but had to tell, although I think no one really cares about trivial things.13:47
r3bootosdfhaoehgsdahgo: a lot of people care about it actually. The amount of people that reports it otoh is very slim, so in the end, not that much gets changed13:48
r3bootso, get your bugreport in, work with the devs, and fix it for all of us13:48
osdfhaoehgsdahgor3boot: :) I don't consider this all as bugs but as bad development. Filing bug report about such trivial things is a waist of time if the reason why everyone neglect this basic rules is not clear to me.13:51
r3bootosdfhaoehgsdahgo: complaining about it on irc doesnt help a lot as well ;)13:52
osdfhaoehgsdahgoThanks for reacting. I don't want to continue talking negative and wish you all good luck with ...13:52
r3boothey, just trying to make devuan better for all of us13:52
r3boot(I love it that he used knoppix to report this ;')13:54
DocScrutinizer05/topic update due?21:18
DocScrutinizer05at very least s/2.0/2.1/ ?  Give me a go21:19
nemooh neat. new release21:19
nemoDocScrutinizer05: do I need to do anything on existing ascii devuan machines?21:19
fsmithrednemo, no. Just regular update/upgrade will do it.21:19
DocScrutinizer05nemo: sorry I'm completely out of the loop, busy with unrelated stuff since ages21:20
fsmithredWhat's new is that the installer isos have been rebuilt, so they are current.21:20
DocScrutinizer05fsmithred: topic update?21:20
nemospent a little bit of time unbreaking my SO's machine today btw21:20
nemoshe suddenly needed virtualbox, and I'd updated the kernel with apt-get update -t ascii-updates21:20
fsmithredDocScrutinizer05, yeah, you can change 2.0 to 2.1 now. Thanks.21:21
nemoapparently that does not result in updating the headers unless you explicitly ask for them in -t ascii-updates too21:21
nemoso had 4.9 headers and 4.19 kernel21:21
nemodidn't help that I read 4.19 as 4.9 at first ☺21:21
malade_mentaljust wanted to congratulate you for the 2.1 release, and for the choice of OpenRC which I use on gentoo and artixlinux since several years, and that is a very good default choice that is not frustrating for initV users22:18
fsmithredmalade_mental, thanks for the kind words, but the default is still sysvinit. If you want openrc, you can choose that during the install.22:19
malade_mentalhuh, that's even better!22:24
fsmithredwe like choice22:25
dbristowFinally there is someone who is seeding the 2.1 torrent22:38
dbristowI hope they stay around until I finish downloading the whole torrent22:39
dbristow23.11 technically22:39
fsmithredyeah, that sounds better22:39
dbristowAt least that's what transmission says the size is22:39
dbristowI've got 5.39G so far and if the seed stays around at this rate I will finish downloading in about 3 hours22:40
dbristowI was stuck at about 2.11G for several days though22:43
fsmithredprobably nobody was seeding then22:43
dbristowonce I finish downloading I usually seed until my ratio is 3.022:44
dbristowwith the size of this torrent looks like that will take a while :(22:44
fsmithredI think most people just download one iso22:45
dbristowWell, if you broke up the torrent into individual torrents for each iso, I would too.22:47
dbristowOne thing I wish torrent had was the original modification date of the files.22:47
xrogaanannouncment on DNG about the release of 2.1. Isn't it a bit late?23:02
fsmithredxrogaan, nope. It's just right.23:04
xrogaanI thought it was released weeks ago :P23:05
fsmithredthere were isos a couple weeks ago.23:05
fsmithredbut the installer isos were replaced with better ones23:05
systemdletethe Ascii 2.1 release notes do not seem to expressly state how to upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1; they DO say how to upgrade from Beta or RC, though.  Is it correct to assume the same applies to existing 2.0 installs?23:51
systemdleteOr is doing an update enough to get 2.1?23:51
* systemdlete is trying hard, very hard, to follow instructions!23:51

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