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tuxd3vhello all,04:36
tuxd3vI compiled lima and panfrost drivers for sunxi hardware for arm6404:37
tuxd3vIf someone needs them, they are here:
DonkeyHoteiwrong channel04:37
tuxd3vyou right04:38
magnus_kHi all, I'm trying to set up devuan ascii on an Intel Nuc 8. Going to upgrade to Beowulf as soon as the base system + internet is working so only minimum install now. I can't get Ethernet to work, wired or wireless. I've set up a DVD image as local repo so I got basic packages available. The only device visible now is lo. Installed firmware-iwlwifi. Does anyone have some hints for me? Best regards.08:57
magnus_kI've tried moprobe iw13945 and iwl1496 that I've gahered are necessary but no device is detected.09:00
magnus_klspci detects the hardware, Ethernet controller [0200] Intel [8086:15be]09:01
magnus_kBut iwconfig lists only lo and iwconfig detects no wireless at all.09:02
magnus_kCan anyone help me out I'd appreciate it09:03
rrqtry rfkill to begin with; might us it to turn on a powered off wifi09:06
DonkeyHoteimagnus_k: what kernel version do you have?09:08
magnus_kThanks, do you know what package does it comes with, command not found when I do rfkill --help09:08
magnus_kNevermind, it was rfkill (duh)09:10
DonkeyHoteimagnus_k: ^09:13
magnus_kOk, but the Wired should still function?09:15
magnus_kTried rfkill unblock all09:15
magnus_kStill only lo visible09:16
DonkeyHoteithe wired has issues, as mentioned at that link09:17
golinuxmagnus_k: Do you need non-free firmware?09:18
DonkeyHoteiand lspci should show a separate line for "Network controller" and "Ethernet controller"09:18
magnus_kI've got non-free firmware installed09:19
DonkeyHoteirfkill may hide the former09:19
magnus_kAnd I got two lines for Network and Ethernet09:20
magnus_kFirmware-misc-nonfree, firmware-iwlwifi, firware-realtek installed09:21
DonkeyHoteiand what is the pci id for Network?09:27
magnus_kNetwork controller [0280] Intel corp Dev [8086:9df0]09:29
magnus_kAny chance an upgrade to Beowulf at this stage could help? I'm planning om running that anyway09:36
emdetemagnus_k: check the syslog for failed firmware loads, the name is given and you can check with apt-file which package is needed09:40
DonkeyHoteikernel module for wifi is iwlwifi09:40
emdetemagnus_k: upgrade will probably introduce a new kernel, that may be a chance as well09:40
DonkeyHoteiand that pci id has been supported in iwlwifi since kernel 4.509:41
DonkeyHoteiwired may be more difficult09:41
magnus_kI've got some unsupported modules09:44
magnus_kThough I cant see what package is needed09:46
magnus_kAny idea what to grep for in syslog?09:47
magnus_kThe iwl3945 and iwl4965 are loaded09:56
magnus_kAny other ideas?09:56
magnus_kIf I want to give Beowulf a try, where can I get a DVD iso? I only found stable and oldstable on the download section09:58
DonkeyHoteiiwl3945 and iwl4965 are irrelevant to your hardware10:01
DonkeyHoteidon't load them10:01
magnus_kOk, what modules are relevant?10:02
DonkeyHoteii already told you10:02
DonkeyHotei[Sat 2019-11-30 12:40:30 AM PST] <DonkeyHotei> kernel module for wifi is iwlwifi10:03
DonkeyHotei[Sat 2019-11-30 12:40:59 AM PST] <DonkeyHotei> and that pci id has been supported in iwlwifi since kernel 4.510:03
magnus_kI'm running 4.9.0-12 so kernel is good10:04
DonkeyHoteithe module for wired is e1000e, but you need to compile it out-of-tree10:04
DonkeyHoteiand you may need to boot Windows to get that to work10:05
magnus_kOk, I'll leave the Wired untill I got a full system running10:05
magnus_kBut module iwlwifi, should it not load on boot?10:07
magnus_kBoth Wired and wireless work on Windows 1010:08
magnus_kThe module iwlwifi is loaded but used by 010:10
magnus_kBut module cfg80211 uses iwlwifi10:12
magnus_kNo more ideas on this, anyone?10:23
magnus_kHi, all. I'm trying to get Devuan ascii going on an Intel Nuc 8 but internet isn't working. No devices exept lo is showing with ifconfig and iwconfig.13:43
magnus_kNetwork controller is [8086:9df0] and firmware is installed13:44
magnus_kMod lwiwifi doesnt load at boot though13:45
magnus_kModprobe works though.13:46
magnus_kCan anyone give me some help on this?13:46
DonkeyHoteidoes internet work after modprobe works?13:47
magnus_kNope, but it loads cfg80212.ko and iwlwifi.ko13:48
magnus_kBut Still only lo visible13:48
magnus_kDo I need to do anything else after modprobe to activate device?13:50
DonkeyHoteithere are no errors in dmesg after the modprobe?13:51
magnus_kNo errors for last 15 lines. Does say Intel "Wireless wifi driver for Linux" which is hopefull13:53
magnus_kBut still no device visible13:53
DonkeyHoteinothing in ifconfig -a?13:54
magnus_kNo, only lo13:55
magnus_kWhich is weird, there is no Interface to configure13:55
magnus_kFirst time for me13:55
magnus_kls /sys/class/net shows only lo too13:59
magnus_kWait, /etc/Network/interfaces show only auto lo14:01
magnus_kIs this the problem?14:02
magnus_kDonkeyHotei: I already have the firmware installed14:04
DonkeyHoteiif iwlwifi does not load at boot but lspci shows the wifi, something is wrong14:06
magnus_kTrying the other packages mentioned14:06
magnus_kTrying the last advice by stevepusser in the link you provided14:08
magnus_kNope, still only lo after reboot and No iwlwifi loaded14:11
magnus_kDonkeyHotei: could it be that /etc/Network/interfaces needs to be edited, or is the lack of the devices there rather an effect of the problem?14:13
DonkeyHoteithe latter14:13
magnus_kSuspected as much.14:14
magnus_kI'm thinking that my best option might be to try to get the wired to work instead, with module e1000e14:17
magnus_kI tried to find a Beowulf DVD iso but couldn't, any idea where I can get one?14:19
fsmithredmagnus_k, there aren't any beowulf isos yet except for some of the derivative distros.14:26
fsmithredalso possible to do a beowulf debootstrap install from the ascii live isos14:27
magnus_kHi fsmithred, mojoman here from the old forum 😁14:28
magnus_kLong time, No see14:29
fsmithredyeah, welcome to devuan14:29
fsmithreddo you have very new hardware? Is that the issue?14:29
magnus_kNo, bought an Intel Nuc 8 i5 yesterday14:30
magnus_kThe hardware should be supported as far as my research showed before I bought it14:31
magnus_kBut only lo is visible with ifconfig14:31
fsmithredI made a desktop-live iso with backports kernel you could try14:32
magnus_kOk, why not 😁14:33
fsmithredI don't know if the wireless firmware works with the bpo kernel14:34
fsmithredyou might need to pull that from beowulf14:34
fsmithred(not sure if that would work, either)14:34
magnus_kBut  dont have a Beowulf iso to Mount as repo14:35
fsmithredfor wireless firmware you could download the deb from debian14:35
fsmithredassuming you have some way to transfer the file14:36
fsmithredbut try it like it is. It might work.14:36
magnus_kYeah, I could use a stick14:36
jaromilabout the machine-id patch in ASCII 2.121:23
xrogaanyeah, found out that sublimeText relies on the machine-id to validate your copy.22:28
xrogaanThe fix is to put your license file in read only mode, and not allow sublimetext to change it with the nonsense generated with machineid22:29
xrogaanI bought the copy already, fuck off with your verification.22:29
specingDon't use closed source software and you wont have these problems22:34
xrogaanopensource alternatives are kind of shit though22:38
HumDo you need some programs for the weekend? (see animated gifs)  compiles with Devuan and a colorful text browser:
specingxrogaan: for me as a programmer, closed source is an insult. Therefore everything not open is automatically inferior22:47
specingIt confuses me as to why people with a view similar to mine are so rare22:47
DonkeyHoteispecing: all software is shit23:07
specingNot true23:07
xrogaanBecause I favor usability.23:11
sixwheeledbeasthardware and software are both tools. Use the correct tools for the correct jobs and all is right with the world.23:15
qbmonkeyOpen Code becomes more important via an internet culture. But it is becoming less relevant, in some ways, due to protected hardware layers. Then open code is only good for the sharing of functionality. But it will no longer respect the user. And the reason no one is doing anything about it, is because our power demands are too high. A more open hardware culture could be promoted, if people would write code to respect computer23:20
qbmonkeyresources. But that is hardly ever an industry consideration. And the open code culture is very much driven by industry. Thats why we accepted such high use of things like bloated JS.23:20
xrogaanAlso opensource is different than free and open.23:33
qbmonkeyYes there is a difference. Free doesn't account for much. But with, at least, open you can decide if you even want to use it. The opensource ideals are more useful to industry. And open code is useful to a user that can use it. The difference comes into play when you involve money and a lessor degree to sharing.23:58

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