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pav5088:)  "usability" without regard to openness will see you bent over eventually...00:24
pav5088Closed hardware just means we're all limited to the inhouse driver expertise of our hardware vendors of choice, not to mention security.  It's depressing.00:29
qbmonkeyVery depressing. Security, DRM, and vendor lockin. Developing on those systems over the long term, gets you building on a card house.00:45
qbmonkeyNot a big issue, for everyone, but I think we are losing "real mode" soon.00:46
qbmonkeyNot much of a loss for Linux/BSD/Win/Mac00:46
MinceRdosbox still has real mode :>00:47
tuxd3vxrogaan, So that means SublimeText is tracking you..01:04
MinceRvim ftw01:05
tuxd3vI for once love to see the good old days comming back, random is the way!!01:06
tuxd3vthat way is dificult to track!01:06
xrogaantuxd3v: no, it generate a file based on your license and the machine id. Which is absurd.02:43
tuxd3vbut that Machine ID is the CPUID..that is trackable..02:46
tuxd3vA program in Userspace should not be allowed to get CPUID in first place..02:46
tuxd3vbecasue with the CPUID, you go to the tels you the country, and the company that brought that CPU02:47
tuxd3vthen you go to that country, and you get who brought the machine..02:47
tuxd3vits a tracking devi8ce02:47
tuxd3vdevi8ice -> device02:48
tuxd3vIn the NIC's MAC address its the same thing02:51
tuxd3vwith a diference you can fake your MACAddress02:51
tuxd3v now, it you also fake the CPUID02:52
tuxd3vwhich i9s very nice feature02:52
tuxd3vi9s -> is02:52
tuxd3vIf your brake your CPU, what happens with your license? does you tough about that?02:53
xrogaanyour license, as is, works regardless. That is why I said the way they do it is absurd.04:01
xrogaanhowever, if that license key is copied by a bad actor, then you're screwed. So they store a "hashed" version using the unique machineid string.04:02
xrogaanNot my fault if the implementation of machineid is flawed.04:03
tuxd3vIt was at fault, now have been fized in Devuan! :)04:08
tuxd3vWell, sublime-text should be the first ones to not use CPUID..04:09
tuxd3vthat walays was understood has a tracking device04:10
tuxd3vfized -> fixed04:10
MinceRyet another reason to stick to free software: no need to count or personalize licenses04:11
tuxd3vsorry for the typos :)04:11
_abc_In xfce, suggest a way to supervise xfce4-terminal sessions to ring a bell or otherwise notify when new text is being written or when no activity occurs for a while. kterm had this way back in kde 314:04
onefangtmux can do that.14:05
onefangAnd maybe screen as well, though both are a bit over the top for just doing bell rings.14:08
BobbyBudnickIs this thing on?  I am having trouble with an AMD Raven Ridge APU.  The "amdgpu" driver says "no devices detected".  Is there some way to troubleshoot this?19:57
systemdletewho put the files in /usr/local/bin?   It's not a problem, but I am curious.20:12
systemdleteY'know what?  They are perl scripts.20:14
systemdleteI installed some perl modules by cpanm, and those probably rode along with them20:15
systemdleteSo... once again, nvm.20:15
DonkeyHoteiBobbyBudnick: you need a 5.0 kernel at least20:21
BobbyBudnickThanks very much for the reply.  Would you recommend I update to the latest version of Devuan (beowulf or ceres?)?20:24
Akuliis there a reason why simple-scan needs to be ran as root? (i use gksudo, because sudo with gui applications can screw up stuff) otherwise it doesn't find the scanner?21:40
DonkeyHoteisounds like you need to fix permissions on the device21:53
tuxd3vhello all,21:59
tuxd3vDoes any one know anny restrictionsof the whiptail License?21:59
tuxd3vI know that it was developed by RedHat as Newt21:59
tuxd3vthen brought to debian By a Maintainer..22:00
tuxd3vDon't know about its licelse much, parat from beign LGPLv222:00
fsmithredAkuli, are you a memeber of the scanner group?22:03
fsmithredthen I don't know. I've never used simple-scan.22:04
Akulii need to go, but if someone knows, i'll find it in the logs later22:09
BobbyBudnickI am still having troubles with my Raven Ridge APU.  Even after installing kernel 5.3 the amdgpu driver still reports "no devices detected".  amdgpu is not a part of the kernel and is a part of xorg so that should not have worked anyway.  I updated Devuan to "Beowulf" but was met with an ABI mismatch between xorg and amdgpu so I am stuck now.22:31
BobbyBudnickI think I found the solution to my problem.  I was checking the xorg logs to see the loaded driver.  I did not understand that the logs do not show the full picture.  "lspci" showed that I am now using the amdgpu driver with the 5.3 kernel.  Performance is not what I hoped but I can fix that along the way.23:35
fsmithredBobbyBudnick, did you try firmware-amd-graphics?23:48
BobbyBudnickI installed a newer kernel from this page:  .  It came with an AMD firmware package.  As I mentioned it is "working" now but slow with only around 3000 fps in glxgears.23:49

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