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Xenguykudos devuanistas00:01
tuxd3v BobbyBudnick, you should have amdkfd which is the kernel part of amdgpu and others00:42
tuxd3vyou can see it with 'lsmod'00:42
tuxd3vand also amdgpu00:43
puriaciao *, release history missing
puriaand latest release not updated... maybe you want give some love to that page10:52
systemdlete2I changed the user password on my laptop (Devuan Ascii 2.1).  Then I tried to encrypt the user home, which failed (I'll get back to that later).  It ended up corrupting the user home, but thankfully I was able to restore.  Its all working again, and I'm on the laptop now.  But I could not log in via lightdm for some reason.  It failed repeatedly.  I was abble to start the current (this) session by logging in from console and15:54
systemdlete2Why would lightdm have a problem all of a sudden?  I didn't change lightdm or its config.15:55
systemdlete2the system auth log says the user tried to execute a program without privilege -- but it doesn't indicate WHAT program!15:55
r3bootsystemdlete2: did you check the logfiles of lightdm?16:04
systemdlete2no, wait...16:04
systemdlete2it seems to have reported an auth failure, but I don't see anything else.  Paste?16:06
r3bootin a pastebin16:08
systemdlete2sorry to be slow, but this laptop is hard to work on16:10
r3bootAuthenticate result for user devmob: Authentication failure16:11
r3bootthat's the actual problem; Does that user exist? does his homedir exist? Can she/he read her/his homedir?16:11
systemdlete2but I can log in at a console with the same password16:11
systemdlete2yes, yes, and yes16:11
r3bootAha, okay. So why is lightdm not picking it up then :)16:12
systemdlete2I am logged in now, as a matter of fact16:12
systemdlete2so PAM is not nice to the user in lightdm, but is OK from console with the same dude?16:13
systemdlete2PAM is psycho16:13
r3bootyep, would point at an issue with PAM16:13
r3bootbut, unless you manually changed something in the policies, that should just work(tm)16:13
systemdlete2I did not touch PAM, to the best of my recollection16:13
r3bootYou also mentioned that your homedir got corrupted. What was the cause for that?16:14
systemdlete2(yes, one would think)16:14
r3boot(yeah, just thinking out aloud here :)16:14
systemdlete2that was a "side effect" from my attemt at encrypting my home16:14
r3bootaaaah, check16:14
systemdlete2that's another problem yet16:14
r3bootyeah, just stick to LUKS the next time ;)16:14
r3boothrm.. work is calling as well :S16:15
systemdlete2I googled for a reason for the encrypt fail but found nothing relevant16:15
systemdlete2next time.16:15
r3boot <-- something like this16:16
systemdlete2I will need to creat a separate /home.  No point in the penalty for generic OS stuff.16:16
systemdlete2I mean, I don't care if the FBI finds out I've been running Devuan.  ;)16:17
systemdlete2so PAM does not keep logs...16:22
mcr1r3boot, a problem with LUKS is swap.  Ubuntu at least, won't let you put swap on plain disk if you have LUKS.  (Devuan doesn't have this limitation, but I did it by mistake).  The issue is that when you go into heavy swapping, like after resuming from a suspend, you wind up CPU starved due to I/O :-(17:10
mcr1I recently installed a separate Ubuntu in a second HD in my laptop as the "sacrificial" install for spooks due to a trip I was on.17:11
jaromiltomb warns you about swap. LUKS is pointless for /home partition without physical key separation anyway... (IMHO)17:15
jaromilDistrowatch made me notice a new Devuan derivative for professional audio works! https://viragelinux.com17:30
jaromilBeowulf based, mounts a kernel patch for real-time17:30
jaromilfsmithred: I bet you wanna take a peek. the DAW is REAPER (shareware.. strange not Ardour however..) full list of SW
furrywolfohh, shiny.  but I think what I need next is two hardware parametric eqs, not plugins...17:33
furrywolfI'm fed up with twiddling the sliders on my dual 31-band eqs just to end up with the stereotypical smiley when I'm done.17:35
jaromilyou mean physical controllers? MIDI/OSC can work for that?17:39
furrywolfI mean I need more hardware to put in my rack, not a software solution.17:41
coagenI couldn't get pi-hole working on devuan :( they have some systemd dependency17:44
furrywolfI currently have a pair of dual 31-band graphic equalizers, like  , with a zillion little sliders to adjust.  They're adjusted into variations of a smiley, which is a joke people with real audio equipment make about those of us with lesser equipment, with the sliders looking like  .17:47
systemdlete2r3boot:  Rebooting did wonders.  It's all working again.  Lightdm, yada.17:48
systemdlete2I'll not go near ecryptfs again; looking at lux now.17:48
furrywolfa more-complex, and thus much more expensive, equalizer is a parametric equalizer, which lets you get smooth curves using just a few knobs, like,t_large/v1549196707/u3wh5mnpagr0iarr9znc.jpg  .  the functionality of one is a standard software feature in every DAW package, but I'd prefer hardware ones with the rest of what's in my rack.  but they cost a lot.  :)17:48
FatPhiloh, man, why did tkdiff get merged into tkcvs? I want neither cvs nor subversion polluting my system. Nor tkcvs for that matter. I just want tkdiff.18:32
Magnus_KDo any of you guys use the repository?20:02
Centurion_Danfurrywolf: I'd suggest the software approach is better then those crummy hardware soln's where they give 3 or 4 knobs per curve and bugger all visual feedback about what the effect is.  In that respect the 31 band eq's actually are better.  On the software side there are quite a few nice plugins for linux DAW's particularly for Ardour.20:51
furrywolfI wouldn't call a good parametric equalizer "crummy".20:52
* tuxd3v ZAS, tuxd3v is forking develop a new Library!22:52
masonYou guys inspired me to order a low-end USB audio adapter today. My media center pops insanely, and hopefully the USB audio will do better.22:52
furrywolfpops are other problems are usually caused by using pulseaudio.22:55
furrywolfbbl, work22:55
masonfurrywolf: Not here. Both PA and raw ALSA get it, just at different times.22:56
masonfurrywolf: Right now the system's using straight ALSA.22:56
furrywolfmake sure you're actually using alsa, not pulse's alsa emulation22:57
Centurion_Danmason: you might get nice low latency with a higher end usb3 audio interface, usb2 is crap for audio...22:57
masonAlmost can't be worse than the popping. Let's see...22:58
Centurion_Danwhat chipset?22:58
masonActually, I'm not sure this box has USB3... Looking.22:58
mason00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Atom/Celeron/Pentium Processor x5-E8000/J3xxx/N3xxx Series High Definition Audio Controller (rev 35)22:58
masonOh, xHCI, kk.22:59
masonThe USB audio device is assuredly low-end.22:59
masonIt has good reviews.23:01
masonI'll report back when it comes in. FWIW, the box is running Beowulf.23:01
Centurion_Danspend a little more and get a soundblaster pci-e23:01
masonHm. Let me see if this has a slot... It's super low-end. Not even a real power supply.23:02
masondmidecode says it has four slots, all in use, but I'm pretty sure they're not actual places for cards.23:03
Centurion_Danwhats your usecase?23:03
masonThis box is plugged into my TV, and it shares up our DVDs over NFS, and Netflix/CBS All Access via Google Chrome.23:04

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