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Walexmason: USB audio is a good idea, and built-in audio is in effect a "fixed" PCI card.01:01
Walexmason: there can be meany reasons for pops, and usually they are either PCI latency settings or insufficient ALSA buffering.01:02
Walexmason: check these sections:
xrogaanare devuan cloaks still being given?02:12
* xrogaan pings golinux 02:14
braboxrogaan: looks like devuan made it through the freenode procedure for cloaks. so at project group managers discretion should be doable02:14
xrogaanSome time ago, some were given to people, but I didn't jump on the occasion.02:15
braboi can imagine GMs not wanting to jump every week for a single one02:16
brabobut afaik there's no limit or so02:16
ukineheh true02:16
xrogaanit was at a time when I used a bnc02:16
golinuxxrogaan: Possibly.  Ask freenode02:17
braboxrogaan: hm so you had one of them gateway cloaks which.. override project cloaks?02:17
brabogolinux: no, a project GM must request one for a project participant02:17
brabonot the user02:17
xrogaanbrabo: exactly02:17
brabounaffiliated cloaks are the only ones a user can request themselves02:18
brabounless it all changed02:18
xrogaanI tell myself I need a raspberry to take care of all the presence thing.02:18
golinuxparazyd was doing that at one point.02:18
golinuxHaven't seen him in a very long time.  What have you contributed to Devuan, perhaps under another nick?02:19
ukinedo you mean a raspberry pi for communications? for a second i thought an actual raspberry would make you satiated enough to do it yourself heh02:19
braboxrogaan: if you have a very stable home connection, may be02:19
xrogaanit's alright02:20
ukinethose olinuxino's have a much more open/free/secure design than the pi's if you're informed enough to believe that broadcomm is big bro02:20
ukinebut having powers that be watching over you isn't all too scary…02:21
braboalso, afaik they do not have usb and ethernet on the same bus02:21
brabothough someone told me the 4th pi incarnation actually had that fixed02:21
brabowell, at least 2 iterations too late to keep folk interested for any serious use02:21
golinuxThis is not really Devuan related chat so #debianfork might be a better place02:22
ukinetrue thank you golinux02:22
tuxd3vhave been for a lot of configs and trycks and usb scanner is not working..02:57
tuxd3vit was under debian 702:58
tuxd3vcan't put it to work..02:58
tuxd3vitsa combo printer and scanner..02:58
tuxd3vConfigured /etc/saned.conf02:59
tuxd3v /etc/net.conf02:59
tuxd3vxinet service, but stil no joice..02:59
xrogaanIt worked before?03:01
tuxd3vbut I also had a printer server, here I have only focused in the scanner03:01
xrogaanDo you remember the version of the software you used when it worked?03:01
xrogaanBy printer server, you mean CUPS or a machine?03:02
tuxd3vI mean a scanner server03:04
tuxd3vsoftware to connect to my usb scanner03:04
tuxd3vto share it in the network..03:04
tuxd3vthe device is there:03:26
tuxd3vcrw-rw---- 1 root lp 180, 0 Dec  3 02:23 /dev/usb/lp003:26
tuxd3vstill no joice..03:26
tuxd3vsane-utils package is not present in armel :(03:54
rrqsane-utils is available on beowulf/main04:02
tuxd3vbut in armel?04:03
tuxd3vor only in amd64 ?04:03
rrqarmel (as well)04:03
tuxd3vrrq, I also see it in armel...but when trying to download it, it fails :(04:03
rrqright .. it did install for me (just now)04:06
rrqon an armel04:06
tuxd3vwait.. now it worked.. but ended with errors..04:06
rrqI have a memory that somewhere on the timeline since [before] udev/saned started to use "facl"(?) for access permission ...04:11
tuxd3vthe tool:04:12
tuxd3vsane-find-scanner tool04:12
tuxd3vfinds it04:12
tuxd3vbut if I do a scanimage -L04:12
tuxd3vit shows nothing..04:12
* rrq has nothing :(04:17
xrogaansorry, had to step out04:18
xrogaanWell, I don't know either.04:19
tuxd3vcould not open USB device 0x0424/0xec00 at 001:003: Access denied (insufficient permissions)04:23
tuxd3vas a saned user04:23
tuxd3vas root I can run 'sane-find-scanner'04:24
tuxd3vwithout permision problems04:24
xrogaangroups issue?04:27
tuxd3vbut saned is:04:28
tuxd3vuid=105(saned) gid=108(saned) groups=108(saned),7(lp),107(scanner)04:28
tuxd3vI am for aweek now to try to setup the scanner on devuan ascii..04:29
xrogaanmight need a udev rule for that device04:29
xrogaanafterward, if it doesn't work, unplug and replug the device04:31
xrogaanthere is a /lib/udev/rules.d/60-libsane.rules ; your device is probably not in it.04:36
xrogaanat the end of the libsane rules: `ENV{libsane_matched}=="yes", RUN+="/bin/setfacl -m g:scanner:rw $env{DEVNAME}"'04:38
xrogaanwhich set permission to members of the scanner group to read and write to those devices.04:39
tuxd3vas saned04:42
tuxd3vcould not open USB device 0x0424/0xec00 at 001:003: Access denied (insufficient permissions)04:42
tuxd3vbut : crw-rw-r--+ 1 root lp 180, 0 Jan  1  1970 /dev/usb/lp004:42
xrogaanhave you changed the udev rule thingy?04:52
gnarfaceyou shouldn't be getting access denied if you're in the lp group with those permissions05:03
gnarfaceif you just added yourself to the lp group, make sure you relogged05:03
tuxd3vyeah.. its a lot strange..05:04
gnarfacehmm, or maybe the saned user needs to be in the lp group?05:04
gnarfaceoh! or maybe you need to change the device's udev rule to put it in the saned group instead of the lp group05:04
gnarfaceeither would probably work05:04
gnarfacehere on my ceres install, the saned user is in the "scanner" group05:05
gnarfacebut that may have been inherited from the sid install i upgraded from years ago, i can't be sure now05:05
xrogaanno, scanner here too05:06
gnarfacesee if your /etc/group file also reports that saned is in the "scanner" group, if so, maybe change the udev rule to put that device in the "scanner" group too05:06
xrogaanascii > saned : saned scanner05:07
tuxd3vid saned05:07
tuxd3vuid=105(saned) gid=108(saned) groups=108(saned),7(lp),107(scanner)05:07
gnarfacei also have a lp group but my saned user is not in it05:08
gnarfacewell, to be fair i don't have a scanner so maybe it wouldn't work for me either05:08
xrogaanI don't have a scanner either :)05:09
gnarfacewell, i even have one but it was already confirmed as unsupported05:09
tuxd3vHow to set group to scanner ?05:11
gnarfacei just edit the /etc/group file directly05:12
gnarfacebecause i'm crazy like that05:12
gnarfaceyou can use adduser though instead (check the man page)05:12
gnarface Add an existing user to an existing group05:13
gnarface       If called with two non-option arguments, adduser will add an existing user to an existing group.05:13
gnarface(the relevant line from the man page but you should still read the whole thing yourself)05:13
gnarfaceoh, but according to what you pasted, saned is already in the scanner group.  or did you mean adding your own user to the scanner group?05:14
gnarfacewell, adduser should work in either case05:14
tuxd3vsaned can't start :(05:15
gnarfacedoes it say why?05:16
gnarfaceit might need access to it's home directory (/var/lib/saned according to my /etc/passwd, but that directory doesn't exist... might cause issues)05:17
tuxd3vi will try with strace to check were he goes..05:22
tuxd3vin the logs I could only get:05:25
tuxd3vDec  3 04:16:42 localhost kernel: [  306.985184] warning: process `saned' used the deprecated sysctl system call with
masonWalex: There's some interesting stuff there. The specific popping I hear is when the channel to the speaker is first opened, it seems, not during actual playback. I don't see that particular symptom. I also haven't seen the issue with other audio chipsets (with different computers in the role) which is what makes me think it's an issue with Linux's handling of that sound chipset.15:13
flingmason: tell pulseaudio to not shutdown16:46
masonfling: I'd have to start using pulseaudio first.16:46
flingmason: because it is restarting every time on playback and changing your volumes16:46
FatPhilif I want a more modern package than old-stable has (lua-sec, I need a >= 0.7), what should I do?23:32
FatPhilI'm generally not interested in more modern versions over stable ones. (but I promise, I will upgrade to stable eventually!)23:34
masonFatPhil: Devuan oldstable is unsupported, as far as I understand it.23:44
masonFatPhil: I'd recommend upgrading to stable sooner rather than later. Devuan stable being Debian oldstable means the clock is ticking on it as well.23:44
masonAnyway, bbiab.23:45

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