freenode/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2019-12-04

FatPhilI did get some -security updates recently, so it's not totally unsupported ;-)00:03
FatPhilEven stable is too old, so the question would remain even after an upgrade00:03
masonashp_: Devuan stable will still get security updates for a year after Debian Buster came out, so it's not done yet.00:06
masonUm, FatPhil*00:07
masonWas going to type in another channel.00:07
masonFatPhil: EOL dates:
masonFatPhil: Something I'm not sure of actually is whether Devuan automatically switches to LTS... If it does, then Devuan oldstable would still have some life as well.00:09
mazes_80beowulf i386/amd64 version mismatch: libmount1 libuuid1 libblkid100:31
FatPhilmason: my little baby (RasPi) is nearly 2 years old, I don't want to risk losing it (or its "up 699 days, 14:44")! :-)00:39
masonFatPhil: Fair enough. :)02:20
tuxd3vhello, I discovered a bug in sane-utils04:50
tuxd3vwhen trying to start the service..04:50
tuxd3v/etc/init.d/saned restart04:50
tuxd3vtested in [ armel ]04:50
tuxd3vapt-get install libsane-hpaio libsane-common05:32
grin[m]Good localtime()!11:25
nemook... it's been several weeks and apt-get update for me still hangs on "working" right after the ascii-backports main i38613:53
nemodoes anyone have any ideas for what could be broken?13:53
nemoah. DDG search says to try "apt-get clean"13:54
nemothat did not work13:56
nemonor did blowing away /var/lib/apt/lists/13:57
nemorighto gonna get rid of some sources then13:57
nemohm. that did not help either13:58
nemoah. getting rid of the mariadb debian one fixed. interesting14:00
systemdlete2I switched my desktop to lxqt on my laptop just to see if the battery/power function works any better.16:45
systemdlete2So far, no.16:45
systemdlete2It is sitting at 13% now after almost a day of charging.  This can't be a good sign.16:46
* systemdlete2 imagines what else he could have spent $450 on...16:49
nemosystemdlete2: well. there *are* power debug tools for linux16:49
nemosystemdlete2: and linux is notorious for having issues with configuring power profiles safely16:50
nemobut 13% after a day of charging sounds like a lot more brokenness than that16:50
nemosystemdlete2: the problem is the usual linux issue with undocumented hardware and lack of vendor support16:50
systemdlete2but, nemo, it was charging much more rapidly under xfce!16:50
nemosystemdlete2: but yeah. 13% sounds like way beyond that.16:50
systemdlete2Maybe I should switch back and observe, then return to lxqt16:51
nemosystemdlete2: do you have a CPU monitor enabled?16:51
nemois anything continuously burning CPU?16:51
systemdlete2firefox.... heheheh16:51
nemosystemdlete2: well. that's entirely dependent on the websites you are visiting usually โ˜บ16:52
nemoand how much you are using or not using noscript ๐Ÿ˜‰16:52
systemdlete2sure.  But, again, on xfce, totally different story16:52
nemosystemdlete2: and whether you enabled layers acceleration in firefox about:config16:52
nemosystemdlete2: what window manager are you using for lxqt?16:52
nemoand does it use hardware compositing?16:52
systemdlete2no idea16:52
nemohow did you install lxqt?16:52
systemdlete2I think when I looked it was xfwm16:53
nemoare you using compton?16:53
systemdlete2apt-get install lxqt16:53
nemohrm. problem is I don't want to do that locally. let's see what the deptree is for that16:53
systemdlete2It hauled in tons and tons of shit16:53
nemo  looks like you're right16:54
nemosystemdlete2: xwfm4 does have compositing these days16:54
nemosystemdlete2: could you check to see if it is enabled?16:54
systemdlete2all 4 cpu cores are "quiet"16:54
nemoyeah, I figured from your confusion16:55
nemothus why I wanna check the gpu16:55
nemosystemdlete2: but such slow charging is ridiculous if it is plugged in16:55
nemothat really suggests something terribly broken in how you are charging it16:55
systemdlete2this laptop has issues even under xfce, just not this bad16:55
nemono matter how much you are burning CPU16:55
nemoI'd RMA it ASAP16:55
systemdlete2but i thought of that also16:56
systemdlete2and I balked at the idea16:56
systemdlete2compton: no16:58
systemdlete2I can enable it16:58
systemdlete2now on16:59
nemosystemdlete2: seems like that would hardly clarify matters16:59
systemdlete2let's wait a moment, shall we?16:59
nemosystemdlete2: are you *sure* your CPU was quiet before that? how were you measuring it?17:00
systemdlete2could be it started going a bit faster17:00
systemdlete2really haven't been on this thing much17:00
systemdlete2have an open ff running though17:00
systemdlete2but no heavy graphics or the like17:00
nemook. I have software compositing enabled in MATE on this computer (necessary to have firefox hardware acceleration and vmware view working normally)17:00
nemoand wiggling a window around in htop reliably kicks up CPU17:01
nemoso you should have seen desktop burning CPU if that was the issue17:01
nemosystemdlete2: do you have layers acceleration enabled in firefox?17:01
systemdlete2not sure17:01
nemolayers.acceleration.force-enabled  true17:01
nemooptionally gfx.webrender.all true17:02
systemdlete2now it is17:02
nemook. you'll need to restart firefox17:02
nemosystemdlete2: without those flags it uses software rendering too17:02
nemosystemdlete2: and might be a reasonable hit on interaction w/ X. dunno how that works 'sactly17:02
systemdlete2rebooting.  lxqt or xfce this time?17:03
systemdlete215% now!17:03
nemosystemdlete2: I have noticed on wimpy laptop graphics cards that accelerated apps like firefox/vmware/games can break badly with hardware composited desktops17:03
nemosystemdlete2: that's just insane.17:03
nemosystemdlete2: what the heck CPU are you using anyway?17:04
systemdlete2so it appears to be more rapidly charging now17:04
systemdlete2it is asus T101AH17:04
nemohm. Intel chip17:05
nemosystemdlete2: I assume you have all the security microcode to waste intel CPU due to their idiocy enabled17:05
systemdlete2I went for features and price, sorry...17:05
systemdlete2well let me reboot17:06
systemdlete2hmmm.... tried to leave the desktop and got a (blocking?) notificatoin that the power manager is havenig an error17:07
nemoI'm just speculating as to possible causes of CPU power consumption that would be so awful as to completely eff up charging.17:07
systemdlete2wont let me log out17:07
nemoIntel chip performing subpar is a possibility17:07
nemowow. that's nuts17:07
nemowhat's the error?17:07
nemofound asus website for your laptop. don't see any information on the powersupply though. what's printed on it?17:08
systemdlete2interactive authenticatoin required17:08
systemdlete2not much actually.  Pretty plain case.17:08
systemdlete2ASuS logo17:09
nemosystemdlete2: there's no black AC/DC converter anywhere on the power supply with an output DC printed on it?17:09
nemoyou know, like 95% of laptops have? โ˜บ17:09
systemdlete2the brick?17:09
nemoyou know, the laptop equivalent of the power supply ๐Ÿ˜17:10
systemdlete2yes.  Lots of teensy weensy lettering in a rather beige color against black17:10
systemdlete2I'll need a flashlight, magnifying lense, and rosetta stone17:11
nemonear the top you should see OUTPUT somewhere17:11
systemdlete2I have 2 of 317:11
nemoI think it's one of the major things to report17:11
nemowith a number in probably amps17:11
systemdlete2when I say weensy... I mean WEENSY17:12
nemoI just dug my work laptop out of bag17:12
nemoit's a dell (and thus intel โ˜บ )17:13
systemdlete25V 2.0A17:13
nemoit charges very normally17:13
nemowow. that's pathetic17:13
nemoit's like a laptop17:13
systemdlete2came with the laptop17:13
nemoer *tablet17:13
nemowell. you can't do much about it. but no wonder it charges like crap17:13
nemomy work laptop here is 4.67/19.5 !17:13
systemdlete2Is that V and A or A and V?17:14
nemoso, can supply like ยผ of the power of my desktop PSU17:14
nemosystemdlete2: doesn't really matter if you're just wanting watts but A/V17:14
nemoso 9x the watts of your wimpy power supply17:14
nemowhat idiots designed that17:15
nemopoor thing should be able to handle max load!17:15
nemowhat if you want to do something fun with it for a significant amount of time?17:15
nemothere's no way your system consumes that little when in use17:15
nemosystemdlete2: so. sounds like you might need to do some power profiling too to make that thing usable17:15
systemdlete2let me try to reboot again17:16
nemoI have zero familiarity with that btw17:16
nemobut... powerstat?17:16
systemdlete2same error17:16
nemosystemdlete2: yeah. dunno. check your xsession errors or something maybe.  I'm unfamiliar with what XFCE is even using for power management17:17
systemdlete2well it's lxqt, xfwm is just the wm17:18
systemdlete2it has its OWN power management widget17:18
nemoah. thought you were back on XFCE17:18
systemdlete2can't reboot!!!17:18
systemdlete2I'll have to do this the nasty way17:18
systemdlete2(cmd line)17:18
systemdlete2btw powertop shows compton top consumer n17:19
systemdlete2powerstat says device not discharging17:20
systemdlete2so it can't measure17:20
systemdlete2again, let me reboot17:20
systemdlete2stuck at 15%, btw... ugh17:20
systemdletenemo:  Back on my desktop17:32
systemdleteNow, when I try to login to xfce4, the entire desktop is gone.  So I tried mate, but I can't get a wireless connection -- says no wireless netowrks found17:32
systemdletewhich is nonsense.  There are tons around here that are on all the time.17:32
systemdleteThat RMA is beginning to sound good... even relieving!17:33
systemdleteI'm seriously thinking of re-installing the whole damn laptop with the new 2.1 ISO17:34
nemosystemdlete: as for the desktop missing. no idea. some corruption?17:34
nemosystemdlete: could check the drive for issues, and run memtest17:35
systemdleteI removed .config/xfce4 and tried logging in again, but no dice17:35
nemobut expecting the system to work fine on so little power is pretty nuts period17:35
nemosystemdlete: probably should ask the xfce channel how you properly reset it17:35
systemdleteme or it?17:35
nemothat power supply - I'm still stuck on that17:35
nemoyou shouldn't have to hack the desktop to support something so ridiculous17:36
systemdleteI just googled it, and I did reset it the right way.17:37
systemdlete(I actually mv'd the directory, just in case I want to restore some parts of it17:37
systemdleteIt looks to me that xfce4 installation is now corrupted somehow.  BTW, there is a ton of free space on that thing.17:37
systemdletebut now that I lost wireless also...17:39
systemdleteyesterday, I had to restore my home dir after trying ecryptfs.  But it was only AFTER that restore that I first tried lxqt.17:40
systemdleteNot sure if the order makes any difference17:40
systemdletenemo:  USB *cable* ?17:40
systemdleteI'm pretty sure I'm using the one that came with the laptop, but they all sort of look similar.17:40
nemosystemdlete: as for what's going on w/ it, I guess you could just wipe your whole home folder... but if XFCE4 itself is corrupt17:42
nemowonder if some desktops conflict17:42
nemocould try manually launching XFCE4 desktop manager I guess17:43
nemosee if fires up17:43
nemo(after logging in, from vt)17:43
systemdleteoh it fires up, but my whole config is missing (panels etc)17:47
systemdleteI am doing a forced reinstall of xfce17:47
systemdletewhy wipe the home folder -- that part seems OK17:47
systemdleteagain, restored the whole thing from backup just yesterday17:47
systemdleteI think lxqt might be the culprit, actually.  I noticed that the fonts looked shameful, I was able to change some of the fonts, but not some of them.17:48
systemdleteprobably needed some additional font packages for lxqt/lxde not sure17:48
systemdleteI connected to ethernet and I'm re-installing xfce.  Mate still works, but the power options seem to have issues on all of these desktops.17:49
systemdlete(not good)17:49
systemdleteascii release does no longer have a release file17:59
systemdleteis there some big repo op going on now?18:00
nemosystemdlete: well you said it was a new system โ˜บ18:09
nemosystemdlete: so figured your home might be pretty blank still18:09
nemosystemdlete: anyway one thing we've learned is using the GPU helps a bit with your power consumption18:09
nemosystemdlete: also we've established if your system uses a pathetic 10 watts of power, it will not charge18:09
nemowhich seems stupid-easy to do with moderate browsing18:10
systemdleteoh 5V * 2A18:10
systemdleteHS was a long time ago18:10
nemosystemdlete: which is what is so nuts18:10
systemdlete"using the GPU" -- ??18:10
nemomy laptop does 91W18:11
nemomy desktop can provide 350W18:11
nemo10W is more like... a mobile phone or tablet18:11
systemdletewell, nemo.  This is not a real laptop per se.18:11
nemoapparently ๐Ÿ˜ƒ18:11
systemdleteIt is a tablet which has a keyboard dock18:11
systemdleteso think:  "tablet"18:11
nemosystemdlete: bet it has heat dissipation issues too18:11
systemdleteeh, haven't noticed anything18:11
nemowell you probably haven't stressed it18:12
nemosystemdlete: try charging it to 100% and testing out like some webgl demo18:12
systemdleteI'll keep it in mind though, thanks.18:12
systemdleteOK.  So we'll meet back here some time next week.18:12
nemosystemdlete: when you enabled hardware compositing on your desktop and layers acceleration in firefox (and possibly webrender in firefox if you enabled it) you were offloading more work onto the GPU. your power consumption apparently fell because you started charging18:12
systemdletewell, the charging is back to being very slow, and this is running MATE18:13
systemdleteafter a reboot!18:13
systemdletealso, I carefully checked all the physical connections18:13
systemdlete(made sure brick was completely seated on power strip, connecctors in slots, etc)18:14
systemdleteit's flakey.  Verrrrry flakey.18:14
systemdletewhich makes this so hard to deduce where the point(s) of failure might be18:14
systemdletenemo:  On my desktop, running in a Vbox VM, would compton make any sense?18:15
systemdletethe GPU is onboard the CPU afaik18:15
systemdleteor it is on the MB18:16
systemdleteI'm thinking of this one VM that is really slow18:16
systemdleteeven if I am ONLY running ff18:16
systemdlete(this is a different topic now, yes)18:16
systemdletecan't get wifi anymore, network connections flake on me (even though other machines on my network have no problem, just the laptop18:33
nemosystemdlete: it really depends a lot on your system whether GPU acceleration of desktop is a win or not18:35
nemosystemdlete: for most of my systems at home it is not a win. My theory is that it is because I am vRAM constrained or the GPU's handling of vRAM is buggy, since the accelerated desktops seem to cause corruption/glitching18:36
nemosystemdlete: for your ยซlaptopยป it seems your main issue is power consumption18:36
systemdleteI've noticed that.18:36
nemoas for wifi completely failing. maybe check dmesg.  maybe a hardware kill accidentally got enabled18:36
nemoalternatively if you lost it after update, maybe check for loss of firmware18:37
systemdleteI'm shutting the laptop down, then I'll try a "cold" start -- btw, the laptop is surprisingly cool, even after being on for a day18:37
nemoalso, consider testing as a different user, like "guest" in case you completely screwed up your main user18:37
systemdleteGOOD IDEA!18:37
nemosystemdlete: well no shock it is cool if it uses <10W of power just to survive18:37
nemosystemdlete: I'd recheck that statement after 100% battery and using something real like a GL game or webgl โ˜บ18:37
systemdleteFor browsing and email, and hexchat, no issues I've ever noticed.18:38
nemosystemdlete: well those are all pretty lightweight activies, apart from "browsing" which can be light or heavy depending on noscript and the insanity of the remote site18:39
nemosystemdlete: do youtube videos play at reasonable framerate?18:39
systemdleteI think so -- I don't often watch videos on it.  I'd rather watch them on the TV!!18:40
systemdletefor one thing, the sound is louder18:40
nemoeh. I'm sure there'd be a time you'd want to do it. airport or whatever18:40
systemdleteyou are right, of course.  to the best of my recollection, videos seem to play fine.18:41
nemosystemdlete: fair nuff. but might discover it running out of juice18:44
nemosystemdlete: WRT running hot, my thought is, if the system is designed w/ an itsy bitsy 10W PSU, the assumptions the system are designed around are probably 10W18:44
nemosystemdlete: if you do an activity (watching a 2h video) that consumes 20 or 30W, even that piddling amount might possibly overwhelm its tiny brain18:45
nemoand btw, if you are streaming netflix, the BS DRM VM is probably gonna suck up even more18:45
Magnus_KHi all, could anyone tell me if the best way to set up flashplayer in devuan is to get the tar from adobe and copy the relevant file? Works fine but I prefer to have as much as possible updated through apt.19:18
nemoMagnus_K: hm.  that's probably the correct way to do it nowdays.19:19
nemoflash is aggressively deprecated and unmaintained upstream19:19
nemoI would hope debian has removed it19:19
nemoit's a security hole waiting to happen. even browser support has gone away19:19
Magnus_Kyeah, I suspected as much19:19
nemosecurity exploit must say. the holes are not in dispute19:20
Magnus_KThanks for the reply19:20
nemogl.  I could search the repos but hardly seems worth the effort :)19:20
nemobetter to maintain it yourself19:20
nemoMagnus_K: btw I'd recommend using a separate firefox profile for that so you don't use it accidentally19:20
Magnus_Kgood idea, thanks19:21
furrywolfdoes firefox >56 or whatever even have the ability to load it?19:21
Magnus_Kyeah, I believe so19:22
furrywolfgoogling says it was disabled by default in 5219:22
furrywolf(netscape-compatible plugin support was disabled)19:23
Magnus_Kwell, I can run it, have to allow each seperate occassion but that's how I prefer it19:24
furrywolflooks like the -esr releases might still be compiled with it enabled19:25
Magnus_KWell, I seldom use it but if I do need too I want to be able to.19:26
furrywolfI haven't seen flash installed in like 20 years.19:26
furrywolfit's dead.19:26
Magnus_K20 years sound like a gross exageration19:26
furrywolfand back when it might have been relevant, it was a buggy, crash, insecure, evil piece of shit.  :P19:27
Magnus_Kyeah, you don't need to convince me, I just had a short question, not here to preach the gospel of flash, ok?19:27
furrywolfsometimes it's necessary to stage an intervention.19:28
Magnus_Ksometimes it's necessary to not take everything too seriously19:29
systemdletewhere can I find older ISO's of devuan?  Specifically, the 2.0 ISO?19:41
debdog ,too19:43
onefangOr the archive directory of any of the other ISO mirrors.19:43
systemdlete"archive"  of course20:06
systemdletemissed that20:06
systemdletetheoretically, Ascii ISO 2.0 + ALL THE UPDATES == Ascii ISO 2.1  (other than additional packages installed)20:39
systemdleteis that correct?20:39
systemdleteI'm talking about the "core" of the system:  Kernel, system libraries, utilities set, etc.20:39
systemdleteobviously, users might install other items as well, or even remove some perhaps.20:40
systemdleteMy real question is:  Has anyone actually tested this?  I'm suspicious that these 2 are not exactly equivalent.20:40
systemdleteagain, referring to core pieces of the system, including configuration files20:41
* systemdlete realizes he may not be "putting" the question precisely; he's just trying to get a general sense20:45
jonadabIf you apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade, you can turn your existing ascii system into the new one.20:46
jonadabThe advantage of the new .iso is fewer updates need to be installed when installing a new system.20:47
systemdleteOK, so essentially, then, the answer to my query is "yes" (with some caveats of course)20:53
eyalrozHello devuaners,20:54
systemdleteMy real question is, are we CERTAIN that they are (mostly) equivalent?20:54
eyalrozI'd like to draw your attention to this issue with cinnamon, nm-applet and the wicd applet:20:54
systemdleteI mean, has it been tested?20:54
systemdleteReason I am asking is I am thinking of re-installing my laptop, which is experiencing a lot of weirdness, esp. for the time approximately since the upgrade.20:55
eyalrozAnd to ask whether something more distro-integrated could be possible.20:55
systemdleteeyalroz: Can't you remove it from the startup options?20:56
systemdleteOr do I misunderstand the question?20:56
eyalrozsystemdlete: No, it's baked in.20:56
eyalrozThere are ugly(ish) workarounds.20:56
systemdleteSo cinnamon has no "system startup" configuration UI?20:56
systemdletexfce, mate, lxde, lxqt all have it. That's how I am able to configure, say, a clipboard to start at login20:57
eyalrozIt has, but it doesn't let you not-load nm-applet20:57
systemdleteooh.  yecch.20:57
eyalrozupstream GitHub issue:
systemdletenemo:  Running memtester from a boot stick now.  Want: 4096G21:02
systemdleteGot: 3444M21:02
systemdleteis this definitely a memory fail?21:03
systemdleterunning as root, afaik21:03
systemdleteeyalroz:  In my cinnamon environment I see a menu with controls for add,edit,delete at the bottom.  Are you saying those don't work?21:17
systemdleteI'm talking about the startup UI21:18
eyalrozsystemdlete: It's not in the startup UI AFAICR.21:18
systemdleteoh, I see.21:18
nemosystemdlete: odds are it's just the rest is reserved by your graphics card21:19
eyalrozYup, not there.21:19
nemosystemdlete: on wimpy crappy systems the card does not have its own vram21:19
systemdlete[nemo continually deprecates systemdlete's little tablet/laptop and makes him cry, regretting ever buying the stupid thing already...]21:20
nemosystemdlete: if you want to test more of it you can probably go into BIOS settings and set vram as low as possible21:20
nemosystemdlete: heee I'm very bitter about it as you can see ๐Ÿ˜21:21
systemdleteI don't know if the EFI has that option, but I can check.21:21
systemdleteYes, I DO indeed see how bitter you are!21:21
nemosystemdlete: I already do not care for the tablet/laptop combo 'cause it's what pushed the windows 10 transformation into an unusable UI that I curse every time I'm on a windows machine21:21
nemosystemdlete: and the ruining of gnome321:21
systemdleteAnd it's not even your own buyer's remorse!21:21
nemono. but it broke UIs I actually had to use21:21
nemodamn tabletification21:21
systemdleteI'm a old desktop man myself, nemo.21:22
systemdleteMuch more comfortable to sit with and especically type on21:22
nemoyeeeep and naturally gotta have a good commandline ๐Ÿ˜21:22
nemoconverse with system using actual sentences. just like this21:23
systemdletewell, I've got bash on the laptop21:23
systemdleteare you using a voice software thingy?21:23
systemdleteoh, wow.  You type faster than I do then.21:23
systemdleteI type 61 WPM, which is considerably fast.21:24
nemohm... how'd you test yourself?21:24
systemdleteI have been tested by 2 companies as part of the hiring process.21:24
systemdleteI think they were pretty impressed.21:24
tuxd3vhello all,21:24
systemdletebut anyway, we are OT here, so21:24
nemoI'm a coder myself, so I guess that's good typing practice21:24
nemoand too much time on IRC ๐Ÿ˜‰21:25
tuxd3vwhen trying to Cross bootstrap in [armel] for beowulf21:25
tuxd3vI get when trying to install some packages:21:25
tuxd3vqemu: Unsupported syscall: 38221:25
tuxd3vits more than that.. I see now..21:27
nemosystemdlete:   hm. missed something. doh21:30
* nemo tries it again21:30
systemdleteholy f--- !21:30
systemdlete80WPM and only 1 typo21:30
systemdletetuxd3v:  I concede my erstwhile pride as self-styled typist extraordinaire, to you21:31
nemoalways easier second time though. fewer surprises21:34
nemosystemdlete: on ?21:34
systemdleteBut I was nervous.21:34
nemothat's the one I was using21:34
systemdleteyou beat me21:35
systemdletebut good21:35
systemdleteand we are Waaaaaaaay Off topic21:35
systemdletea certain go-linux will come and kick our butts shortly21:35
systemdlete(go-linux without the dash)21:35
tuxd3vSeesm to be abug in glibc 2.2521:38
tuxd3vwith the clone() function21:38
tuxd3vqemu simply emulates that.. and it goes wrong..21:39
nemohuh. that's a really old commit21:40
nemobut then, I guess debian stable is pretty old too21:41
tuxd3vweird we ar at glibc 2.28-10 in Beowulf, and the problem continues..21:42
tuxd3vI am on ascii and using ascii qemu version.. maybe Ineed to update the qemu packages too on ascii, and then try to Crossdebootstrap..21:43
nemotuxd3v: backports qemu?21:43
systemdletebtw, that concession of mine was for nemo, not you tuxd3v.  (I'm tired; didn't sleep last night)21:43
tuxd3vnemo, probably I will checl ascii-backports :)21:44
tuxd3vthanksfor the sugestion ;)21:44
nemolol. I've got no clue just FYI ๐Ÿ˜ƒ21:45
nemoif I was going to attempt arm builds, I'd probably just do it on the raspberry pi or pinebook21:45
tuxd3vheheh interestingly, this also afects MS Windoes services in linux:21:47
tuxd3vnemo, I do them for the hardware I have21:50
tuxd3vseveral boards laying around :)21:50
tuxd3vthis id actually for rpi121:50
tuxd3vho you mean natively?21:51
nemoI've never enjoyed cross-compiles21:51
nemowhenever possible I do native hardware21:52
tuxd3vnot sure the amount of Ram ~230MB is suficient of rpi121:52
nemoit's always a mess21:52
nemothought my RPI1 had a lot more than that21:52
nemoI guess it depends on your patience and what you are building21:52
tuxd3vthere are 2 versions21:52
tuxd3vI own the earlier adopter version21:52
tuxd3vwhichis 256MB21:52
tuxd3vlater they releaseda v1.221:53
nemook. yeah, I was in that group. guess I just forgot21:53
nemoI have it lying around here somewhere21:53
tuxd3vwith 512MB21:53
nemoditched it for the rpi321:53
tuxd3vnemo hehe, rpi3 is a diferent thing :)21:53
nemotuxd3v: yeah, well I'm not doing packaging21:54
nemoit was always just a toy21:54
tuxd3vbut with that, you can do :)21:54
nemocomputer w/ handy dandy pins21:54
tuxd3vI also do with rpi1, but small ones21:55
nemotuxd3v: are you sure it wouldn't work on rpi1?  I built hedgewars on it21:55
tuxd3vlike fluxbox21:55
nemotuxd3v: it even ran at 15fps at 640x480 in software rendering only which was all that was possible at the time21:55
nemotuxd3v: only some things don't build on it, like browsers.21:55
tuxd3vthe problem is mybuilder to Crossdebootstrap :(21:56
tuxd3vit was coded that way..21:56
tuxd3vbut yeah, I can only bootstrap and see what hapens ;)21:56
tuxd3vto -> do21:56
tuxd3vhere is the fix for glibc:;a=commit;h=fe05e1cb6d64dba6172249c79526f1e9af8f2bfd22:00
UsLis ascii 2.1 still considered stretch or is it semi buster? I need to add a non devuan ppa.23:03
AkuliUsL, i need to go now, but there is /etc/debian_version23:14
UsLyeah, I know. But since 2.1 has a lot of changes I figured I'd ask23:16
golinux_UsL: It's still ascii.  Even bigger changes in beowulf23:30
UsLright. Thanks, golinux_23:31
golinux_beowulf will be 3.023:31

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