freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2019-12-10

FlibberTGibbetlightdm greeter settings are a pain in the fundament00:18
FlibberTGibbettweaked one setting on beowulf to get rid of the 'bleeding out' colourscheme and now have this undelightful black and white polkadot thing going on :(00:19
buZzoh right, i need to nuke that fugly red theme aswell00:21
FlibberTGibbetreally does look like somebody tapped a major artery over the screen00:21
tuxd3vHello, I am on ascii, and I started to get errors compiling stuff..00:21
tuxd3vdpkg-checkbuilddeps: error: cannot read debian/control: No such file or directory00:21
tuxd3vdoes any one knows how to solvfe it?00:22
tuxd3v solvfe -> solve00:22
golinuxFlibberTGibbet: Have you never read Beowulf?00:51
golinuxbuZz: ^^^00:51
buZzi have not :)00:51
golinuxIt was a bloody mess00:52
buZzi do read ascii really often00:52
fsmithredThanks for that, buZz :)01:36
emdetehi, i use devuan on an old hp proliant with an raid adapter which is detected by linux as cciss. a kernel module is loaded for that with that name. but when i upgraded to linux 5.x this kernel module is missing and the boot fails. i tried to figure out if just a config was changed but could not find which CONFIG_? enables that module and if that is missing in 5 or if the whole mdule was throughn out of the kernel. how can is10:51
emdetefigure out the CONFIG_ for that module?10:51
gnarfaceemdete: you can search through menuconfig for the module name with /10:53
gnarfacemaybe that will turn up a clue10:54
gnarfacethere's probably a better way to do it but that's what comes to mind off the top of my head10:54
emdetegnarface: thats what i did first place 😉10:57
emdeteCCISS or similar doesnt show up. maybe i need to install the kernel source (which i wanted to prevent)10:58
gnarfaceoh, yea i meant through the kernel source11:03
gnarfacethrough "make menuconfig" on the kernel source11:03
gnarfacealthough, maybe you can just google it11:04
gnarfacesomeone certainly knows this already, i just am not one of them11:04
emdeteoh, found something: This obsolete driver was removed from the kernel in version 4.14, as it is superseded by the hpsa(4) driver in newer kernels.11:04
emdetemeaning, the name in /dev changes... probably... hm11:05
gnarfaceah yes, there you go11:05
gnarfacei figured it would be something like that11:06
emdetebut, hm, shouldnt LVM find it anyway and after your have the same names?11:06
gnarface(there's not always a new driver to replace them)11:06
gnarfacehonestly i don't know11:07
emdetei have a limited initrd shell and now i know where to look for... will see.11:08
fsmithredHuh. Overwriting crypto/luks used to require upper-case YES response. Now it just gives a warning, waits a few seconds and proceeds. (in buster and beowulf)15:18
fsmithredAh! More info on that: If you do 'luksFormat --type luks1 ...' you get the old question (Type upper-case YES). And using the luks1 format also allows /boot to be encrypted. (Testing this now.)16:13
masonfsmithred: nice17:40
tom_work_How come in Devuan ASCII, qtwebkit is using a different openssl library than the system one?21:55
tom_work_Is that normal?21:55
tom_work_I have openssl 1.1.1 installed, but otter-browser reports this:21:55
tom_work_Otter 0.9.99 weekly RC 1221:55
tom_work_Web browser controlled by the user, not vice-versa.21:55
tom_work_Web backend: WebKit Backend (legacy) 538.1.21:55
tom_work_SSL library version: OpenSSL 1.0.2t 10 Sep 2019.21:55
tom_work_where is the 1.0.2t coming from?21:55
novemberrainhi, for the last couple of days my apt-get update fails with tor transport22:26
novemberrainis this a known problem?22:26
novemberrainseems like the devuan onion domain is down22:27
tom_work_novemberrain, I've seen other people complaining about something wrong with the onion service as well23:04
tom_work_it's not just you23:04
novemberraingood to know23:07
novemberrainso the domain didn't change and i just need to wait for things to get sorted out?23:11

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