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se7en-It seems that the SocksV onion is down for apt07:51
se7en-deb tor+http://devuanfwojg73k6r.onion/merged07:52
yann-kaeligI'm creating devuan packages from scratch,  by taking example from others packages and debian documentation.13:01
fsmithredwhat packages?13:02
yann-kaeligskarnet packages which are borken by design on debian and 66 frontend.13:03
yann-kaeligI'm noob on devuan packaging so it's a first try13:04
fsmithredcool. You might want to let folks know on dng mailing list and irc #devuan-dev13:04
fsmithredhave you got any packages that work yet?13:05
fsmithred(BTW, I think the way you're doing it is pretty much what everyone does.)13:06
yann-kaelignot right now, I'm working on the control file for my first package skalibs- and I have a first question13:06
fsmithredthe answer may come in seconds, minutes, hours or days13:07
yann-kaeligok, well so I have executed dh_make  -f ../skalibs- , then I selected libs and what I notice is in the control file I do not have doc section for the package  > Package: skalibs-doc13:09
yann-kaeligdo I missed something, a dh_make  option ?13:09
fsmithredwell, I don't have the answer. I just include docs in the main package.13:10
fsmithredI do know that if you're making several packages from the same source, you need separate sections for each in the control file.13:10
fsmithredpaste your control file somewhere (not here) and maybe someone can see what's wrong13:11
yann-kaeligI take example on debian package. Also there is something different from my control file, library package has another naming scheme than mine. I suppose it's a chocie from the packager ? but perhaps somethign changed between debina and devuan. On the debina side, it's Package: libskarnet and on mine, dh_make produce skalibsBROKEN. I understand that I have to rename the package name, but well. I will stick with dh_make choice by13:13
yann-kaeligI will13:14
fsmithredwhere does the 'BROKEN' come from?13:15
fsmithredis that dh_make telling you there's a problem?13:15
yann-kaeligfrom dh_make after I choiced ' library' >  "make sure you edit debian/control and change the Package: lines from skalibsBROKEN to something else, such as skalibs1 "13:16
yann-kaeligperhaps I should start with a single package , test it and after that start to split it in a next pkg release13:18
fsmithredthat might work.13:18
fsmithredyou say this package is in debian?13:19
yann-kaeligyes it is13:19
fsmithredthen it should also be in devuan, unless it requires systemd or is still in debian's experimental repo13:19
fsmithredlibskarnet2.7 in beowulf and 2.9 in ceres13:21
fsmithredthey don't work?13:21
fsmithredyann-kaelig, here's the source repo. Did you clone this?
fsmithreddoes it build if you don't change anything?13:34
yann-kaeligok, very good :) Well. I will share everything as soon as I will have a system bootable with s6 and 66 frontend20:26
yann-kaeligtime to take a break, cu later20:27
yann-kaeligThe truth is devuan works perfectly with s6 and 66 but there is no package20:28
yann-kaeligand debian s6 package can not be used to get a bootable system, that why I need to write them20:31
masonHrm. There is no "steam" package available for Beowulf at present.21:34
Humpelstilzchenmy beowulf shows steam
masonHumpelstilzchen: I'm moving from to to see if it's just some lag21:40
masonHumpelstilzchen: What are you using in your sources.list? Not seeing it either way here.21:42
Humpelstilzchenmason: deb beowulf main contrib non-free21:43
Humpelstilzchennote the non-free21:43
masonHumpelstilzchen: Yep, got that.21:43
masonMoving back to deb.devuan as pkgmaster gives me the same results.21:44
masonHumpelstilzchen: Did you 'apt update' to refresh? Can you share your 'apt-cache policy steam' on or similar, please?21:45
Humpelstilzchen without locale21:47
masonHumpelstilzchen: Thank you. I'm a cluebat. I didn't realize the package was i386-only.21:48
masonI'll add the arch.21:48
masonHumpelstilzchen: We're replacing my oldest kid's computer with a Devuan box, and Steam will be critical there. :P21:50
specingmason: replace steam with foss games21:53
masonspecing: I try to dabble in both.21:54
masonWe're into 0ad lately.21:54
specingyou can extend this further21:54
specingthere are a lot of foss games out there21:54
masonSure. Minetest is good, also.21:54
masonI'm less zealous about games being free than necessary software.21:55
specinggames should be freer than other software21:55
* Humpelstilzchen likes warzone21:55
specingbecause games are not necessary to function in this world21:55
specingso you can impose harsher restrictions on them21:56
masonspecing: That's just it. I think thinks we need ought to be free. Games are closer to luxury items, and as such, it's not as harmful if you don't have them.21:56
masonBut, yeah, if there's a free software equivalent, that's preferable.21:57
specingmason: yes, and hence you can demand FOSS games and refuse to play proprietary ones21:57
specingbecause they are luxury items and not needed21:57
masonspecing: I could. I won't impose that on my kids until they decide they want to make that moral choice. Also, unrelated, we might want to move this to #debianfork.21:58
sixwheeledbeastCan't stop playing Mindustry at the moment.21:58
masonsixwheeledbeast: Oh, looks neat. I hadn't ever heard of that previously. Thanks for the reference.21:59
sixwheeledbeastIt's very addictive source is available on github22:00
sixwheeledbeastVery well designed IMO22:00
masonsixwheeledbeast: Want to hop over to #debianfork? Be better to discuss it there, and I'd like to do so. (I like the notion that you can use Steam there to easily support the author.)22:07
golinuxmason: Thank you for minding the channel22:08
masongolinux: Sure, sure.22:09
masonAnd hello.22:09
masongolinux: I've just seen the Devuan default login screen for the first time. We're using a stock XFCE4 for my daughter's machine, instead of the xdm/openbox I use for my own stuff.22:10
golinuxYou need to install desktop base to get the theming22:11
masonOh, I'll do that. I just installed xfce4 to start.22:11
golinuxI love the slim design that hellekin did22:11
golinuxHe and I did all the desktop graphics and logo22:12
masongolinux: Oh, hrm. xfce4 seems to have pulled in lightdm by default.22:12
golinuxDefault should be slim22:13
masonIt does show Devuan theming... Red swoosh, "software theming, your way" text.22:13
masongolinux: Did this change for Beowulf? I did an install straight to Beowulf, via debootstrap.22:13
golinuxYeah I did a theme for it but it shouldn't be the default22:13
golinuxSpeaking of theming . . . I'm starting to think about chimaera:
masonMaybe when I install desktop-base it'll do the desired thing.22:14
golinuxIt should set everything up from grub to the desktop22:15
fsmithredat the moment I can't remember why lightdm gets pulled in22:15
masonI like the blue/green feel.22:15
masonfsmithred: It would have been with xfce4. I'll look.22:15
fsmithredbut if slim is installed, you can run 'dpkg-reconfigure lightdm' to set slim as the default22:15
golinuxColor in honor of
golinuxHydrolagus trolli22:17
masonfsmithred: Unsure why I got it:
fsmithredaptitude why lightdm22:18
masonOh, I'll try that. I never install aptitude any more, but I will.22:27
masonfsmithred: Useful!
fsmithredaha! mason 'apt-get --no-install-recommends' FTW22:33
golinuxfsmithred: It is fixed in desktop-base, right?22:39
masonI'll be installing that soon and I can note what happens.22:42
mason0ad was a slow download22:42
masongolinux: Ah, xfce4 seems to have pulled in desktop-base already.22:46
masonAnyway, manually installing slim, and I'll boot into it.22:47
fsmithredgolinux, it's not broken in desktop-base22:47
fsmithredxfce4 Recommends light-locker22:47
fsmithredlight-locker depends on lightdm22:48
fsmithredin the dekstop-live isos, I've got code to remove lightdm before it makes the iso22:48
golinuxfsmithred: Clever!22:49
fsmithredI don't know what we can do about installer isos22:50
golinuxSunny afternoon.  I'm going to wander about outside for a while.22:50
golinuxLet's discuss tomorrow.22:51
golinuxI'm thinking that Xfce might not suit us for Chimaera which would solve the problem going forward.22:51
fsmithredand what instead?22:52
* fsmithred sends a shipping container of snow to onefang22:52
golinuxI'm open to all suggestions . . .22:53
golinuxbut that will have to wait till we see the headaches that xfce creates for us22:54
golinuxSun is calling me . . . bbl22:55
ngshli[m]do debian packages work on devuan?23:10
masonngshli[m]: Most Devuan packages *are* Debian packages.23:10
ngshli[m]so i can get them from debian repositories?23:12
masonngshli[m]: You don't need to. Point to Devuan repositories, and those packages that aren't modified by Devuan are passed through from the Debian repositories.23:15
ngshli[m]is there a list of devuan repositories?23:20
ngshli[m]also do i download a specific package?23:20
ngshli[m]i'm talking about downloading it from another system23:25
masonngshli[m]: There's a lot of information here:

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