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huhhCan installing software using an AppImage compromise stability?  It seemed that last time I installed Openshot on Devuan that it got less reliable, but it could have been something else I did.05:18
n0a110wi just did a fresh install from the ascii_2.1_amd64_netinst.iso and afterwards my ethernet interface shows 4 ipv4 inet addresses. kinda weird05:54
huhhh21 hours uptime!
huhhhbut why is the swap file only at 256M?  That is like a joke.16:20
huhhhalso, the screenshot app should be tied to the prtscn button on the keyboard16:20
huhhhI almost crashed the computer via lockup because the swap file is so low as to be useless16:21
huhhhDon't make me break this thing!
fsmithred256mb is about four times what most people need18:20
golinuxhuuhhh: <fsmithred> 256mb is about four times what most people need18:33
huuhhh Since RAM is expensive compared to hdd space, Pareto optimalization would suggest a larger swap space would be better18:35
huuhhhI notice that my RAM usage is now 330 MB off the bat since installing NVIDIA drivers, where it was 270 MB before.  I also added the volume control applet, but when I got to adjust the volume control there is an awkward and redundant slider that comes up.18:42
specingthe 2000s are calling, they want their swap file back18:47
omnioswapfiles are actually nice sometimes compared to swap partitions. When you install more distros that use the same swap partition, each one wants to format it and change its UUID18:50
omnioI happened to run into this today18:51
huhhhhhhhhhI fixed the redundant slider coming up... just uncheck the behaviour boxes, it's probably the 2nd one that causes the slider to appear
huhhhhhhhhhI want to reinstall now.. I guess I will set up a swap drive ...18:55
huhhhhhhhhhinstead of using the stingy swap file18:55
huhhhhhhhhhMy demands are:  Network Manager not useless wicd, which cannot even share ethernet with other computers... and Nvidia drivers not nouveau, so I don't have the nouveau modules clogging up the kernel18:57
huhhhhhhhhhomnio... I might be done distro hopping for a while, if I can tame this beast Devuan19:04
omnioI guess the network-manager part is easy, I don't know about the nvidia drivers, I don't use them19:06
fsmithredhuhhhhhhhhh, you can make a swap partition or you can change the size of the swapfile in the config file19:08
onefangOr you can use swapspace, which does a swap file, but manages it's size dynamically as needed.19:38
huhhhhhhhhh thanks, this is more like it! :-D
huhhhhhhhhhfsmith, I used the fallocate command, mkswap and swapon/off... I don't think it is a config file unless I am mistaken... my fstab simply has 0 and 0 after teh swap heading19:44
onefangThose 0's don't relate to size.19:48
huhhhI just closed a process under firefox that was using 100% of one of the processors  at a time... and guess which tab didn't work afterward? chat hahaha... I think I need to install an IRC program
huhhh"Those 0's don't relate to size." Yes, I finally grokked that the swapfile is a persistent file, and not something that is set by a config, other than I guess to point that it is there... or so I surmise at this point in my understanding19:59
fsmithredhuhhh, the config file is /etc/refractainstaller.conf and you can set the size of the swapfile that gets created by the installer.20:59
fsmithredor make one like you did20:59
systemdlete(while attempting to remove sane-utils) dpkg: error processing package sane-utils (--remove): subprocess installed pre-removal script returned error exit status 322:02
systemdletetrue story, btw22:02
systemdleteso maybe this bug is not yet merged into devuan ascii?  (I'm just guessing here)22:16
systemdleteso I edited the prerm file in /var/lib/dpkg/info for sane-utils and commented out the line for stopping the daemon(s): it was not the start-stop-daemon -- sounds like an outdated prerm script22:26
systemdleteanyway, it is gone now.  Hopefully those mysterious port 8610,8612 packets will stop now22:27
thomaspeteroberlgood evening, what kind of virtualisation tool would you recommend - until now i was working with virtualbox to virtualize a Win7 machine - i need virtualisation because the scanner i need to work with has no linux drivers ... - thank you for your recommendations & ideas22:49

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