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eyalroztuxd3v: Found the solution. It seems that , somehow, nvcc or nvlink have -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/stubs baked in to them. Or they get it from some configuration file I can't locate. Luckily, this can be appended to, or overridden, with the LIBRARIES environment variable.00:10
eyalrozWe just need to make sure it is set.00:10
tuxd3veyalroz, I believe you are talking about this:
se7enI just realized the newest stable of Debian is Buster, with Oldstable being stretch. I am on ASCII, and am wondering if when I use third-party repos I should be using their stretch or buster versions10:19
debdogso stretch10:21
se7enWhat is the ubuntu equivilent of stretch10:22
debdoghehe, none10:23
se7enWell, I add several repos from launchpad10:23
onefangXenial seems to work most of the time when I try Ubuntu PPAs.10:24
debdogwell, you're now on my list to ignore when asking for messed up package installtions :P10:24
se7enI still have this in there10:25
debdogD O   N O T   E F F I N '   A D D   P P A s   –   E V E R !10:25
se7endeb stretch main10:25
se7enWonder if I still need it10:25
debdogwell, if there's a 'stretch' in there, it prolly is not ubuntu10:28
se7enI know, I was just looking through them all10:29
se7enI was told a while ago that Deb-Multimedia is archaic10:29
se7enThis was not proved to me10:29
onefangPPAs work fine.  :-P10:30
debdogyah, prolly should have said PPA in its original sense10:53
* yeti grabs them by the sources!11:49
* yeti ____( mwhuaahahahahahahahahaaa... )11:50
yetipackaging has grown in complexity, so I call my local debs quich-and-dirty even if just recompiled from existing deb sources11:51
onefangQuiche-and-dirty?  Do you need to clean your kitchen more?11:52
* yeti has teh right to typo befor the 1st caffeine!11:52
onefangJust use a clean cup.  B-)11:52
yeti80% of my workspace in the kitchen is filled with electronic ingrediants11:53
yetithe remainig space s enough life support area11:53
yetiI have my tricks to keep the analog slime from invading te digital ingredients of my life!11:54
onefangYou clean your kitchen then.11:55
yetiand from new year/2020 this channel will be switched to german11:55
yetiwe'll see how many typos you make then11:56
onefangI'm half German.  ;-P11:56
yetiyour problem11:56
onefangI blame my dad.11:57
yetiI was thinking about the language only, not about genes, nation or even race... *yuck!*11:58
yetiI will not open that can of worms11:58
yetinationalism in europe is purely ridiculous if you look at all the migration in the history...11:59
yetiit always was a colourful soup11:59
yetijust some idiots think different12:00
yetiyou can bet on me keeping my electronics clean... so assuming that the space around it is not filled with dirt is a good hypothesis12:02
yeti <<< will results be there without delay or will they play afghanistan with the results?12:06
Beerbelottfsmithred: Following your advice from the other day, here are the packages installed on my office computer:
BeerbelottI got all the policy pakcages required, and still (sometimes) I need to authenticated as superuser to shut the machine down19:07
BeerbelottI did not happen today though19:08
fsmithredBeerbelott, that set of packages looks good. Check to see if you have a root login somewhere when it happens.19:44
Beerbelottroot login?20:36
BeerbelottThe prompt I got before some shutdowns happened when all those packages were already installed20:37
BeerbelottI merely checked on my office computer, I did not change a thing about all those packages20:37
fsmithredBeerbelott, what I mean is this: if you have something open as root, like synaptic or a root terminal, or you have a login as root on the console, I would expect the desktop to ask for root password before it let you shut it down.20:39
fsmithredif it's doing it randomly or inconsistently, then I don't have any good ideas.20:40
eyalroztuxd3v: Yes, but not quite - I'm talking about the nvcc.profile under /etc21:52
eyalroztuxd3v: it comes from the nvidia-cuda-toolkit package21:53
eyalroztuxd3v: And by the way - I think it is kind of lame and inappropriate that /usr/local/cuda is a link to /usr21:54
tuxd3veyalroz, I installed it from the site :)23:46
eyalroztuxd3v: Yes... my whole point is that I didn't; I used the Devuan package, hence my complaint here :-)23:47
tuxd3veyalroz, yeah, I understood that :)23:49
eyalrozSo, what do you suggest I do about it?23:57
eyalrozTalk to the Debian CUDA package maintainers?23:57
eyalrozOr is this something that can/should be handled in Devuan?23:57

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