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_abc_Didn't know this exists, nice to know
_abc_Of course endless is off topic here and systemd infested. Sorry about that. I'm done with it, just expanded on the is-in-display-shop-machines idea.00:02
James1138I used to use Devuan (Debian minus systemd) but use AntiX (also minus systemd) since it is based on Buster/10 while Devuan is still based on Stretch/9.00:04
golinuxThis has gotten a bit OT guys00:05
James1138sorry - moving back to topic00:05
golinuxChitchat should be on #debianfork00:05
_abc_yes, I am done with it. Sorry.00:06
tuxd3vhello guys..02:01
tuxd3vWhat is the name of the library to see dvds in the player?02:02
tuxd3vsomething like that?02:02
tuxd3vdoes any one knows?02:02
tuxd3vI have lots of movies here... popcorns too ;)02:02
tuxd3vI am ready!02:02
furrywolfdunno, I own zero video dvds.02:03
tuxd3vfurrywolf , umbelieveable02:03
tuxd3vyou don't own dvds?02:03
furrywolfI don't like movies.02:04
tuxd3vman... I have big boxes of them02:04
tuxd3vhug, that makes sense :)02:04
tuxd3vlibdvd-pkg, downçloads the code and compiles it..I will try it..02:12
fsmithredtuxd3v, in the repo there's libdvdnav4 and libdvdread402:13
fsmithredyou tried with those first?02:13
tuxd3vno I forgot02:13
fsmithredyou found the one I didn't know about02:13
tuxd3vfsmithred, thanks a lot02:13
tuxd3vits a package to build support for moovies CSS02:14
tuxd3vbut know that you are talking about it, I will go with them first :)02:14
tuxd3vnothing till now :S02:26
tuxd3vit says it can't because ther library is not there...02:27
tuxd3vhe his playing tricks with me.. I will try to reinsdtall ;)02:27
fsmithredthe secret non-free stuff is not in the repo02:29
fsmithredI guess that's what libdvd-pkg is for02:29
fsmithredyeah, it's in contrib02:30
tuxd3vyes it pushed the code..02:30
tuxd3vyou install the 'libdvd-pkg'02:30
tuxd3vdpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg02:31
tuxd3vbut even so, he his pushing version 1.402:31
tuxd3vand still giving me error, maybe a ldconfig solves it..02:31
tuxd3vthis is normal in smplayer?02:48
tuxd3v[dvdnav] DVD menu support has been removed.02:48
masonUm. But just once.02:53
tuxd3vfsmithred, well just compiled the cource code for it :)05:50
tuxd3vthanks a lot,05:50
tuxd3vwas a bit impatient05:50
d_noobI'm total newbie in devuan but I could like it to use as live development cd .. Myy question is how to install at least basic development tools13:51
onefangapt install build-essential13:53
debdoghehe, I knew this would show up13:53
onefangShould get you basic development tools, anything else depends on what languages you might need and other advanced tools.13:54
debdogplus, do not disable install suggested13:54
d_noobBecause I mostly used slackware were development tools inside by default13:55
debdogfor build-essential, that is13:55
d_noobIt instaled without any sugestions13:55
debdoginstall suggested is the default. if you have not altered that they prolly don't show up as such13:56
d_noobI see13:57
d_noobThan another stupid newbie question13:57
d_noobAbout configuring synaptic touchpad for tap13:58
onefangI can't help with that, someone else should be able to though.13:58
d_noobActually it's and odd decision to disable taht by default in all deb based systems or most of them13:59
d_noobWell anyway thanks for help in base13:59
fsmithredd_noob, do you have xserver-xorg-input-synaptics installed?14:16
Guest28778Hi guys , i have troubles with slim.It simply does not record sessions in wtmp.utmp.I update and upgrade but till now no fix.Does anybody have any idea howto fix this?15:38
masonSo, I end up needing to do a legacy install of Beowulf, and I'm struggling mightily to find a testing or unstable net-installer. Where can I find one? Or do we have docs for how we deviate from Debian in this regard, making them?18:26
fsmithredmason, here's how we're making them:
masonfsmithred: Thank you kindly!18:28
fsmithredthere are different branches for different suites18:28
fsmithredand it's all subject to change18:28
fsmithredthere aren't any official isos yet.18:29
masonThat's fine. I just want something for a one-shot install, and I don't want to prepare an install environment like what I use for UEFI installs.18:29
fsmithredwhat's your goal?18:29
masonThat said, maybe I should have such an environment for kicks. Hrm.18:29
masonfsmithred: One of my hypervisors doesn't do UEFI, so I need to get a base install on it.18:29
fsmithredyou can do a debootstrap install of beowulf with devuan or refracta live isos18:30
masonOh, that's also a good point.18:33
masonI really should sit down and figure out how to customize those. I looked briefly and was thrown off, trying to understand how to load additional modules by default.18:34
masonIdeally I need to spin up a PXE-bootable install environment, which would work for both legacy *or* UEFI systems.18:35
fsmithredseveral people have been asking for netboot files18:37
masonI can document what I do when I do it.18:37

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