freenode/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2020-01-22

mrpfilser what OS would you put on an old 32-bit cpu laptop?08:50
DonkeyHoteiusually, gnu/linux08:50
mrpfilserdevuan still support 32bit?08:50
mrpfilseroh there it is, it does \p/08:51
ham5urgCan't find ARM images at . Has someone a link for me?14:20
yeticheck too14:21
ham5urgI would like to buy a rk3399 but unsure if it will be compatible.14:27
yeti/join #devuan-arm ?14:29
ham5urgsorry, didn't know this channel. i will14:30
yetino need for a sorry...14:31
DanielTheFox[01:50:52] <mrpfilser> devuan still support 32bit?15:21
DanielTheFoxlike, 1/2 of my computers are 32-bit15:22
DanielTheFoxapparently, only Arch has sailed for 64-bit-only computers15:23
GyrosGeier32 bit packages are still required for Wine15:30
GyrosGeierand will be for a while15:30
nemoGyrosGeier: a long while with retro gaming15:30
nemoGyrosGeier: I dug up Spore just the other day to show to my kid15:30
nemoturns out 7yo is just about the perfect age to enjoy the disappointment Spore was to the rest of us ☺15:31
GyrosGeierI have put off moving this VM host from Debian to Devuan for far too long15:43
xrogaansoftware-properties-gtk is broken because the system is recognized as debian/beowulf16:55
xrogaan> aptsources.distro.NoDistroTemplateException: Error: could not find a distribution template for Debian/beowulf16:55
Jorilxrogaan: see
Wizzuphi guys, armhf release file seems buggy for a while now18:13
WizzupIgn:1 ascii InRelease18:13
WizzupErr:2 ascii Release18:13
Wizzup  404  Not Found [IP: 80]18:13
WizzupHit:3 ascii InRelease18:13
WizzupReading package lists...18:13
WizzupE: The repository ' ascii Release' does no longer have a Release file.18:13 is deprecated, please use instead.18:14
Wizzupouch, that means a lot of jenkins jobs.18:14
amarsh04is not accepting bug reports?20:04
amarsh04have a problem with base-files 10.3+devuan420:05
amesseramarsh04: it should work. Did you try using the "reportbug" command20:20
golinuxamarsh04: AFAIK it is working after the recent migration to a new server.   i will notify the maintainer about your inquiry20:22
mrpfilseri have a nice stripped down pale moon for devuan arm btw20:29
amarsh04I'll try resending the email21:01
xrogaanisn't apparmor installed by default on debian buster?21:07
Wonkaany guesses when xfce4-session >= 4.14 will be available?21:25
mrpfilseris there an important fix coming Wonka ?21:27
fsmithredWonka, when we get to chimaera (bullseye)21:37
Wonkamrpfilser: not that I know of, but every other part of xfce4 that I use is already at 4.1421:41
Wonkafsmithred: well, until then, xfce4 is uninstallable in unstable.21:41
fsmithredoh, sorry Wonka I now see what the issue is. I don't know when someone will get to that. Probably after beowulf goes stable, which should be fairly soon.21:49
Wonkafsmithred: that sounds better, thanks :)21:51
fsmithredelogind won't satisfy it?21:53
Wonkaxfce4-session is XFCE's session manager, and in the devuan version does not even have any dependency on elogind21:57

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