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tom_workHow can I get a more recent version of Wireshark on Devuan ASCII?00:54
tom_workI didn't see anything on the ascii-backports repo, however I am not very familiar searching alt repos with apt00:55
tom_workperhaps i might have missed something00:55
xrogaandownload from their website01:07
xrogaanmight have a appimage or something.01:07
gnarfacetom_work: yea it's not backported, you'd have to backport it yourself01:07
gnarfacea 3rd party package might work but at your own risk01:08
tom_workdo you know if I /need/ to backport the whole program or can I just get up-to-date protocol decoders?01:08
gnarfacethat i don't know either, sorry.  you'd have to consult the wireshark documentation01:08
tom_workgnarface, doesn't look like wireshark has official linux binaries. only windows and apple01:08
gnarfacewell that's whack01:08
tom_worki'm not sure how well they are separated or not01:09
gnarfacetom_work: did you check to make sure the updated protocol decoders weren't already patched into the ascii version?01:09
gnarfacesometimes debian backports patches01:09
tom_workthe version of wireshark in ascii can't decode WireGuard properly01:09
tom_workit thinks it's malformed DCRPC01:09
gnarfacetom_work: ok, just wanted to make sure you actually tested instead of just looking at the package version and assuming it wouldn't work01:09
tom_workhmm. would apt search -t ascii-backports wireshark show it?01:10
gnarfaceit would if it was present01:10
gnarfaceit would show up here too01:10
tom_workno I'm not just guessing based on versions. I'm at the road with my laptop and trying to make sure I'm not leaking anything over public wifi01:11
tom_workwireshark isn't seeing wireguard at all01:11
tom_workwell, it's seeing it just not decoding it properly01:11
gnarfacewell, you can attempt to backport a version from beowulf, ceres, or the upstream source01:11
gnarfaceor you could just install beowulf in a chroot and try it from within there01:12
tom_workyeah looks like i'm all patched up to devuan01:12
tom_workprobably more than I can do right now on the road, perhaps I'll look into that later01:12
tom_workthanks for your help01:12
gnarfaceinstalling the beowulf version or a 3rd party package directly into ascii *might* work but is just strongly advised against because it could introduce stability problems or sneaky long-term package dependency corruptions (the type that don't rear their ugly heads until the next time you're doing a dist-upgrade)01:13
gnarfaceso that might be a solution in a pinch, but i'd recommend making a full backup first01:13
tom_workI'll probably want to make a properly bpo whe ni get back home01:15
tom_workI wish I understood the debian packaging system a little better so that I could share my backports with the rest of Devuan users01:16
tom_workvia upstreaming them01:16
tom_workcurrently I can make unsigned bpos and they work fine enough01:17
tom_workI tried bpoing mariadb but quickly realized a massive metapackage like that was probably over my head01:17
tom_workI've currently been writing a lot of ebuilds01:17
gnarfaceyea, sometimes backporting isn't worth it if you have to backport a ton of dependencies that are core OS components01:19
gnarfacesometimes, by the time you have backported everything you need to make it work, you might as well have just upgraded to the next release01:19
gnarfacei've been forced to do that once or twice at the behest of employers but it wouldn't be my first choice either01:20
fsmithredwhat's up with sound in firefox-esr in beowulf? It was working yesterday or the day before and now I have no sound in ff. Sound works in audacious. I did not upgrade ff or anything else. If I add apulse, now sound works. Can they change the need for pulse remotely in a running browser? FTR I was using 68.3.0esr-1~deb10u102:48
fsmithredI upgraded to 68.4.whatever and it's the same. I now need apulse.02:48
fluffywolfalsa is a configure option, so I doubt it got turned off randomly.  do you have something else holding the alsa device open?  firefox does a bad job sharing sound devices.02:49
fsmithredsomething might be stuck open02:50
fluffywolfalso, make sure pulse didn't get installed without you asking for it.  for example, gimp drags in it these days, because of excessive dependencies.  heh.02:50
fluffywolfps ax | grep pulse.  heh.02:50
fsmithrednope. just libpulse installed02:51
fsmithredand apulse now02:51
fluffywolfit's theoretically possibly mozilla could disable alsa through one the backdoors ("studies", etc), but it seems unlikely they'd do so like that.02:53
fluffywolf60-esr is working fine here.  listening to  right now to test.02:53
fsmithredI wish they'd add audio device settings like every other program that plays audio has.02:54
fsmithredI was watching youtube a couple days ago, no problem.02:54
fluffywolfthey did add one.  it's called "use pulse or fuck off".  oh wait, that's not a setting...02:54
fluffywolflsof /dev/snd/* show anything unexpected?02:56
fsmithredjust volumeicon02:57
fluffywolfnot finding anything googling...02:58
mrpfilserthat is not unusual nowadays02:59
fluffywolfno mention in the debian changelogs of disabling alsa lately...  also, there's a newer version with security fixes.03:02
fsmithredyeah, I got the latest and it acts the same.03:04
fsmithredI'll test it again whenever I reboot.03:05
* fluffywolf would have figured auxy had one of those .50 BMG wristbreakers or something equally silly.03:09
fluffywolfgrr, wrong window03:09
mrpfilserfirefox broken here so i dropped it03:11
mrpfilseralsa still works03:12
fsmithredpalemoon works03:22
masonfsmithred: I'll try 68.4.1esr-1~deb10u1 on Beowulf with ALSA in just a moment - got one in the other room.03:24
fluffywolfI haven't upgraded anything to beowulf yet...  waiting until it's less-likely to break.  and I don't have the bandwidth until at least 2/21 anyway...03:25
fluffywolf(used too much of my data up this week already)03:25
masonfsmithred: Yep, audio works in Firefox, although all I can say for sure is that Banghra Empire dance videos on YouTube produce audio. Didn't try anything else.03:26
masonfsmithred: Double-check that pesky mute in alsamixer...?03:26
fsmithredno, I tested by playing audio in audacious03:26
masonah, good point03:26
mrpfilserbleh, palemoon build barfing with -O303:36
tuxd3vhello all,04:10
tuxd3vDoes somebody here have a RaspberryPi4?04:11
xrogaanfsmithred: surround sound with firefox is being forwarded to specific channels, so if you have a headphone with card settings set as 5.1, you'll get no sound.04:54
xrogaanSends some audio to the front speaker, so stereo doesn't work.04:54
xrogaanIt only happens with firefox on my end.04:54
fluffywolfI've never had that problem, but I only use stereo...04:55
xrogaantake the same video, play it through mplayer, and I have audio just fine.04:55
xrogaanwhat does pavucontrol say?04:56
xrogaanif you're using pulseaudio04:56
fluffywolfthe whole point is he's not using pulse.04:56
xrogaanoh, well, IDK then :)04:57
mrpfilserbrowsers playing media.  cats and dogs sleeping together..06:19
mrpfilsera browser is a bad thing to play video or audio06:20
xrogaanlet me introduce you to electron07:02
onefangWhich is much bigger than an electron, maybe it should be renamed to lumpoflead?07:03
mrpfilseryou can write a book in GIMP too07:40
frabbithi. anyone has a good suggestion for a cheap printer and scanner combo?10:59
frabbitall in one device i mean11:00
frabbitmrpfilser: u dont use any?11:03
mrpfilsermine were stolen11:03
frabbitmrpfilser: ok.. and u used to use it with devuan?11:04
ddudeno sry, i would try r/printers. i got good advices in the past11:05
mrpfilsercups did get better recently11:06
mrpfilseri don't know about sane11:06
frabbitddude: ok but i need it to run under devuan11:06
gnarfacecups runs under devuan11:07
mrpfilserif i catch someone stealing my things i will happily sink a knife into their heart and watch them die11:07
gnarfaceso does sane11:07
gnarfacethey use the same drivers as everything else11:07
ddude@frabbit everything that runs under debian should work here11:08
frabbitgnarface: yes i know but not all devices run under debian11:29
frabbitat least not with third party cartridges11:30
frabbitim not willing to buy those expensive printer vendor cartridges...11:35
mrpfilserhardware choices are pretty far removed from topicality13:12
mrpfilserand they depend on your personal needs and preferences which no-one else knows13:12
mrpfilserand there is nothing particular to devuan about hardware support13:13
mrpfilserwho is op in devuan-arm and could they possibly allow unregged chatters there?13:14
mrpfilseri jus/213:29
ddude@frabbit there are CIS/CISS mods for some printers. and there are printers like epson ecotank where you dont need any cartridges14:24
ddudejust fill in the pure ink14:25
Wizzuphi peeps, where can I find the repository with all the -dbg and -dbgsym packages?18:06
WizzupI don't see it anywhere on pkgmaster18:08
Wizzupjust added the debian repo instead...18:09
fsmithredWizzup, don't put debian repos in sources.list. You should be able to get everything through devuan sources.18:28
Wizzupwell, then please tell me how to.18:32
WizzupI googled quite a bit and found nothing18:32
Wizzupand last time I touched the amprolla code was a while ago18:33
fsmithredapt-cache search <pattern>18:39
fsmithredto find package names18:39
fsmithredapt-get download <package>18:39
fsmithredor install instead of download18:39
fsmithredif you want to download through a web browser, then get devuan packages from devuan repo and the ones we don't change are at packages.debian.org18:40
fsmithredwhat are you looking for?18:41
fsmithred'apt-cache search dbg' gives me 841 hits18:57
mrpfilseri don't find any matches for amprolla18:59
* mrpfilser squints at Wizzup 18:59
fsmithredamprolla has not been packaged19:00
mrpfilserthat explains it19:00
fsmithredbut you can clone it and run it locally if you want. Aitor has done that for gnuinos.19:00
mrpfilserah here is explanation
Wizzupfsmithred: ...19:02
mrpfilseri don't seem to be missing any debian packages, is amprolla working for me on devuan repo servers?19:02
fsmithredTL;DR - we don't have to keep 50,000 packages on our own servers19:02
Wizzupfsmithred: -dbgsym packages are not in standard components19:02
mrpfilserthat's cool19:02
fsmithredWizzup, what -dbg or -dbgsym package are you looking for?19:03
Wizzupin beowulf19:05
fsmithredgood, I'm in beowulf now19:05
fsmithreddoesn't look like it exists19:06
fsmithredif it did, you would find it on a debian server. Note the absence of "+devuan" in the version.19:07
fsmithredand you would also be able to pull it in with apt from devuan sources19:07
Wizzupit does exist, in debian-debug19:09
Wizzupsee deb buster-debug main19:09
gnu_srs1Hello, I'm working on Debian buster to Devuan beowulf. Seems to be a lot of issues with dbus packages.22:22
gnu_srs1It's not as simple as replace systemd-sysv with sysvinit-core (+reboot) before switching Debian repositories to Devuan...22:22
gnu_srs1Anybody has more info?22:22
fsmithredgnu_srs1, yeah, gimme a sec22:23
fsmithredok, there was a script attached to this message:
fsmithredif you can't retrieve it in your mail, I can send it to you.22:27
fsmithredgnu_srs1, I'll just send it to you22:28
GyrosGeiergnu_srs1, that worked for me, problem is that buster already has a few packages that have hard dependencies on systemd22:49
GyrosGeierif you have one of those installed, then it's more involved22:49
gnu_srs1fsmithred: GyrosGeier: Thanks :) I currently have these problems switching to sysvinit-core for a Buster installation: dbus, ssh, MTA hangs until timed-out.23:46

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