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hokeypWhere can I read about the depreciation of the CC package mirrors?08:41
hokeypSeems I missed the update. us.deb is the default install option. I am apparently not looking in the right place for updates that require manual intervention.08:53
climbingturtleI hvae not read into it much but I think this is what you are looking for:09:01
hokeypI found that, seems that was posted yesterday after the fact. Was hoping to find the notice to users about the depreciation, or discussion prior to it being depreciated.09:05
Humhow about resolving CC.deb to deb? Then no problems should happen and if there are one or many CC Server it could be changed.09:27
Hum+changed back09:27
Humgolinux: Could you modify your posting dev1galaxy and add https doesn't work, use http?09:28
golinuxhokeyp: and
golinuxHum:  Yes, I can add that.  The examples for sources.list on those web pages have never had https.10:13
golinuxHum: CC have always been a bit problematical.  CC is no longer the default mirror choice starting with ascii-2.110:16
hokeypgolinux, I was hoping to see the announcement to users RE the deprecation. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems you just reciently updated the website to reflect the depreciation10:18
hokeypbtw, appreciate the work you do. I just want to know where to look to see the manual intervention before I have to manually interevene and put out a potential fire.10:21
golinuxThe discussion was internal on irc and the dev list.  The question has come up many times in the past weeks.10:34
Evilhamhokeyp: "deprecation" --> it works and there are no plans to have them not work in the near future10:35
golinuxEvilham: Thanks for jumping in.  It's way past my bedtime10:36
* Evilham is just waking up10:36
hokeypEvilham: I understand, just missed the event entirely. I am having a hard time finding the discussion on https://lists.dyne.org10:54
Evilhamit was ad-hoc to keep things moving, basically CC.stuff never did what you expected it to do10:55
HumHow about adding details to the install guide: Where to get security/important/release updates? - Maybe the answer could be register at and subscribe to [News & Announcements]( at the bottom of the page10:56
hokeypyeah kinda says it10:56
hokeypHum: Great answer, Where is the post about us.deb that wasnt posted yesterday? The depreciation announcment?10:59
Humtoo many people used debian before starting with devuan and they just do everything like they did in Debian. If something is different in Devuan from Debian then there should be a /!\ Using the CC.deb. like in Debian doesn't work in Devuan10:59
hokeypI dont follow irc logs that closely, just when I have issues.10:59
hokeypHum: It's the default install option11:00
golinuxNot anymore as of ascii 2.111:00
Humhokeyp: Yes, it doesn't exist. I don't mind, because the developers of devuan are too few. And they don't communicate the perfect way like the debian developers are able to do. That is a disadvantage of using Devuan. I try to suggest a better way so next time it could go better.11:01
Humhokeyp: I am not always in this channel, I don't read everything here, too11:02
golinuxHum: You efforts are appreciated11:03
golinuxYour (stupid "r" key)11:03
golinuxDevuan is a WIP.  As yes, there are too few actually doing the work.11:04
Humgolinux: thx. I am thinking about how to help with this details without reading the whole channel all the time. Are the (ir)regual meetings in this channel/ on a mailing list?11:05
hokeypAgain, appreciative you guys. Just letting you know in a 2.1 net install no graphics I get us.deb as the main default mirror option.11:06
Humhokeyp: Are you able to do a bug report at
hokeypnot a big deal, was easy enough to remove .us from some text files on a handful of servers.11:07
hokeypHum: Not particularly.11:08
HumOk, I try to do it11:08
golinuxMaybe it was with beowulf.11:15
hokeypthe sha256 for the iso is 321292be7928f7f09918affe1529283d571930ec4a93a2cce8e0ce0d494058e8 devuan_ascii_2.1_amd64_netinst.iso11:18
golinuxOK.  The 15th image on lists  first but is the one that is hilighted and the text reads:11:18
golinux15) You can now select a Devuan archive mirror. You should choose "" unless there is a country code-based mirror available that serves you better. See
golinuxThat will need some revision for beowulf.11:19
golinuxI've got to get to bed  ttyl11:19
hokeypnight golinux11:19
hokeypIs there a way to search by date?11:38
hokeypfsmithred: ty11:55
eyalrozHello all,11:59
eyalrozI was just apt-get dist-upgrade'ing, and the packages was installing, I got the following message:11:59
eyalrozCould not parse file "/usr/share/applications/screensavers/glitchpeg.desktop": Key file contains line ?several times a second.  After a while, finds a new image to corrupt. Written by Jamie Zawinski; 2018.? which is not a key-value pair, group, or comment11:59
eyalrozI've never used that screensaver; but just thought I'd let you guys know.12:00
HumI tried to do a bug report, maybe it didn't work. I was root and don't have an active,  valid mail server configured.12:03
fsmithredeyalroz, what version?13:44
fsmithrednm, I see the fix was committed Feb 14, 2019, but the latest version in beowulf-ceres is a month older than that.13:53
gnu_srs1Nice: Successfully upgraded from Debian Buster to Devuan Beowulf/unstable: systemd-free :)14:44
fsmithreddid you use Mark's script?14:54
gnu_srs1fsmithred: Thanks, parts of it yes.15:00
gnu_srs1I was merely testing the latest transitional udev and eudev packages. Worked fine :)15:01
fsmithreddo I need udev in ceres?15:06
fsmithredif I upgrade to latest eudev, it does not try to pull in udev or libudev15:06
eyalrozfsmithred: 3.015:40
fsmithredyeah, the fix is in the link I posted. Just an extra newline in the .desktop file15:40
fsmithredthe fix hasn't been packaged yet.15:41
fsmithredeyalroz, which xscreensaver packages are installed?15:43
eyalrozfsmithred: xscreensaver xscreensaver-data xscreensaver-data-extra xscreensaver-gl xscreensaver-gl-extra15:44
eyalrozthat's everything beginning with xscreen.15:45
fsmithredthat file is in xscreensaver-data-extra. I just installed it, and I didn't get the error message. I see that the .desktop file has the typo in it.15:48
gnu_srs1fsmithred: You don't need udev packages for upgrading within Devuan. They are only needed for Debian to Devuan upgrades.16:35
metalaQ: Why does the i386 release require i686 instruction set? I am getting error that the kernel requires cmov using devuan_ascii_2.1_i386_netinst on Vortex86MX+.22:14
gnarfacemetala: upstream change like 5 or 6 years ago.  if you need to boot on something older than a pentium pro, you probably need to rebuild the kernel.22:15
gnarfacemaybe longer than 6 years, not sure about that22:15
gnarfacemost the packages probably still work on a 486 as long as it has a math co-processor, some may even work on actual 386 chips still, but the kernel needs 686 or higher22:16
metalaI see... that might mean that I would need to rebuild a lot of stuff. I might just Gentoo that machine. Not to worry, I am stil sticking with Devuan on those capable of running it.22:17
metalaWell, technically cmov is introduced in i686 and this one is running i586, so no luck there.22:17
gnarfaceyea when it came down to it they decided to drop 586 too, because they were so rare in the wild22:19
gnarfaceostensibly it made some code easier to maintain but that's above my head22:19
metalaIt makes sense, I don't mind that. I was just hoping that i386 is actually i386 :)22:20
gnarfaceyea it's a disappointment for sure22:20
gnarfaceand i think it will prove in the long run to be a mistake.  i have a suspicion those chips are going to make a comeback22:20
gnarfaceoh well22:21
gnarfacelemme know if gentoo works any better22:21
gnarfacei recommend that you consider setting up some distcc cluster on the other machines first, so that your builds won't take all day22:22
metalaSure thing. Thanks for the distcc tip. I need to emerge world now, cya.22:23

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