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rwpA good friend was able to cross-upgrade from Debian Buster to Devuan and reported all happy results!  Good job!01:15
gnarfacepeople have reported successful cross-grades from multiple origins, even the ones that aren't supposed to work.  in general if you have fewer gui desktop integration thingies, you're more likely to succeed.01:17
masonMm, it seems to work pretty reliably lately.02:15
masonMy latest win, earlier today, was getting a ZFS root on a legacy system. It wasn't as straightforward as it would have been on a UEFI box, but for once I managed to bend GRUB to my will.02:16
masonThis done, my next thing will be getting back to the traditional netboot installer.02:20
mrpfilseri cross-upgraded ubuntu-arm to devuan-arm and it werked04:01
tuxd3vmrpfilser, can you expand on that? :)04:48
mrpfilsertuxd3v: i bought a nvidia jetson nano and had to fix the problem that it shipped with ubuntu05:24
mrpfilserbut i didn't want to create an image, so i pulled in devuan packages piecewise05:25
mrpfilseronly thing left to swap out is their borken kernel05:25
tuxd3vHo... I think I remember of a conversation about that :)05:35
tuxd3vor something related :)05:35
tuxd3vI am having a bug in beowulf..05:36
tuxd3vudevd[339]: specified group 'kvm' unknown05:36
tuxd3vI don't have this group :S05:36
tuxd3vits specified by who?05:37
mrpfilserwas it groupadd or addgroup, idk05:38
yeti$ id kvm05:38
yetiid: ‘kvm’: no such user05:38
mrpfilseris a kvm issue05:38
yetibeowulf on cubietruck05:38
tuxd3vdoes you have the same message?05:39
tuxd3vI believe yes :)05:39
tuxd3vI grepped for searching kvm group05:39
tuxd3vgrep -rni kvm /etc/udev/05:39
tuxd3vbut nothing..05:39
tuxd3vyeti, does you have already CEDRUS driver working?05:41
tuxd3vI have compiled 5.5.005:41
yetiwhat for?05:41
tuxd3vwith support for it..05:41
tuxd3vfor video decoding and encoding in hadrware :)05:42
yetiLinux cubietruck1 4.19.0-6-armmp-lpae #1 SMP Debian 4.19.67-2+deb10u2 (2019-11-11) armv7l GNU/Linux05:42
mrpfilserpackages that need user group mods should change them as needed, imo - preferably with a dialogue05:42
yetino experiments05:42
tuxd3vtype 'modinfo sunxi_cedrus'05:43
yetiI'm not interested05:43
yetiI dont care for graphics speed05:43
tuxd3vin 5.5.0 was added support for HEVC/H.26505:43
yetiI dont always need the freshest bugs05:44
yeti$ uptime05:44
tuxd3vits only a adition, but still only h264/h265, mpeg2,... I beliebe partial mpeg4(which means no support lool  :))05:44
yeti 04:44:39 up 69 days, 18:43,  6 users,  load average: 0.27, 0.22, 0.1405:44
tuxd3vyeti...6 users05:45
tuxd3v beliebe ->  believe05:45
tuxd3vI am with 53MB occupied, so I am worried that this video playback aceleration will steal some resources from me...05:46
tuxd3vmy precious05:46
yetion my notebook I get "31 users"05:47
yetiprobably every shell counts as loginshell05:47
tuxd3vyeah, you should have lots of them open :)05:48
yetiI need em all!05:48
tuxd3vthat s a lot05:49
tuxd3v5.5.0 seems to be a nice adition to someone that uses this boards as a media center apart from that...he..05:51
yetinext life...05:51
tuxd3vactually I developed a hardware pwm driver for a small fan... and I wanted to test it on Lime205:53
tuxd3vbut the problem...05:53
tuxd3vLime2 has very tinny contacts05:54
yetino olinuxinos here... just lots of pis and cubie3s and 3 banana-pi-r105:54
tuxd3vI don't have so small pins05:54
yetinot 305:54
tuxd3vnice arsenal :)05:54
tuxd3vdoes you have a pi405:55
yetiich warte bis der seine kinderkrankheiten los ist05:55
yetior maybe a 8G RAM version shows up05:55
yetiI think the 1st announces mentioned an 8G version to appear somewhen05:56
tuxd3vI also got buned by the second version of it..05:56
tuxd3voscilator gone..05:56
tuxd3vno only a rpi1b05:56
tuxd3vand no pi405:57
tuxd3vbut yeah I agree a 8GB would for sure make me think again :)05:57
tuxd3vmrpfilser, so you after all succeded doing your port to devuan05:58
yetisanta has forgotten to bring me that 16core with 32G RAM05:58
tuxd3vyou just need to compile a kernel,05:58
yetiba santa05:58
mrpfilserkernels i have, but nvidia won't boot them05:58
tuxd3vmrpfilser, why?05:58
mrpfilseri don't know05:58
tuxd3vyeti, yeah, this year was harsh no me05:59
tuxd3vbut maybe I will eventually avenge his acts :)05:59
tuxd3vit supports 32 GB RAM?06:00
tuxd3vyeti ?06:00
yetiup to 64GB DDR4 memory06:00
tuxd3vthat seems to be a very nice target06:00
tuxd3vwow, nice!06:00
tuxd3vit his standard somehow with power supplies and so on?06:01
tuxd3vthe price would be very prohibitive..?06:01
yetiITX board, so prob'ly a standard power connector06:01
yetiI've no idea about the price...06:03
yetithat's santa's problem06:03
tuxd3vyeah, you right :)06:07
tuxd3vmrpfilser, you need to compile  a 'boot.scr' file pointing to your kernel06:09
tuxd3vho... I forgot, you have a extlinux menu06:09
tuxd3vright :)06:09
tuxd3vyou can do that in the extlinux menu06:10
mrpfilserhmmmm i have extlinux06:10
tuxd3vyeah in /boot06:10
tuxd3vits the menu were the kernel are loaded..06:11
tuxd3vin jetison nano06:11
mrpfilserdoes this look reasonable tuxd3v ?
mrpfilserthat /should/ give me a secondary kernel in a boot menu, afaik06:12
tuxd3vyeah it should06:13
tuxd3vdoes your kernel06:14
tuxd3v'vmlinuz-5.3.0-3-arm64' is compressed?06:14
tuxd3vhow you compiled it?06:14
tuxd3vbecause it seems a lot smaller than the Image kernel06:15
tuxd3vI am asking because of that, maybe it has nothing to do.. with06:15
tuxd3vrun this command were you have the kernel06:17
tuxd3vgrep Image arch/arm64/Makefile --color06:17
tuxd3vI mean, sorry, the kernel source code06:17
tuxd3vmaybe you are compressing the kernel06:18
tuxd3vand for now I think its not yet possible to load compressed kernels06:18
tuxd3von arm6406:18
tuxd3vdo a06:20
tuxd3v'file vmlinuz-5.3.0-3-arm64'06:20
tuxd3vand you see if its ompressed or not ;)06:20
yetivmlinux would be uncompressed06:20
redrickBy convention, the 'z' in vmlinuz indicates gzipped.06:21
tuxd3vsomehow when I build Umcompressed Images it names them as vmlinuz06:21
tuxd3vbut you right by convection z menas  comporessed..06:21
tuxd3vmeans compressed on gzip :)06:22
tuxd3vyeti, $750.00 the 16 core arm miniitx.. excluding Ram memory06:27
tuxd3vI can  blame you...I was looking and still thinking in going with this:06:28
tuxd3vit will be around 1500€06:29
tuxd3vbut will be Cern Open Hardware based06:29
tuxd3vand open specs06:29
tuxd3vits a laptop06:29
tuxd3v I can  blame you -> I can't blame you06:30
mrpfilsersorry tuxd3v someone called me away06:31
tuxd3v mrpfilser ,  no problem :)06:32
mrpfilsersorry tuxd3v someone distracted me06:32
mrpfilserfile vmlinuz-5.3.0-3-arm6406:32
mrpfilservmlinuz-5.3.0-3-arm64: MS-DOS executable06:32
mrpfilserthat's from devuan repo iirc06:32
mrpfilserthe others also say MS-DOS executeable06:33
tuxd3vyou compiled that kernel ?06:33
mrpfilseri did not06:34
mrpfilserthese .dtb files maybe they are needed for nvidia06:34
tuxd3vthe dtb files are descriptions of the devicetree06:37
tuxd3vyes they are needed for botting the kernel06:37
tuxd3vand you need one by kernel06:37
mrpfilserwhy doesnt i have them for other kernels06:37
mrpfilserwhat can i get them with06:37
tuxd3vyour vmlinuz-5.3.0-3-arm64, should also I beliebe provide one :)06:37
mrpfilseris it hidden in there?06:38
mrpfilserit has no .dtb files06:38
tuxd3vif you compile the kernel yourself, you have the option to generate them06:38
mrpfilserah this is helpful.  in make menuconfig somewhere eys?06:38
tuxd3vwhen you get it from somewere they should be there in some format06:39
mrpfilserthere are many dtbs in /usr/lib/linux-image-5.3.0-3-arm64  and /usr/lib/linux-image-4.19.0-6-arm6406:39
tuxd3vyou can do a:06:40
mrpfilserbut none for tegra jetson at all06:40
tuxd3v'zcat /proc/config.gz >> .config'06:40
tuxd3vand then copy that file to the linux kernel06:40
tuxd3vsource code root directory06:40
tuxd3vthen you need to compile it..06:40
tuxd3vto compile it you need to follow some rules06:42
tuxd3vI believe that nvidea has them in the documentation06:42
mrpfilserbut i need to change the config06:42
mrpfilserto add scsi cdrom support06:42
tuxd3vand it will build everything for you..06:42
mrpfilseri edit config directly, menuconfig is a pita06:43
tuxd3vyou can go with menuconfig06:43
tuxd3vthen go to device drivers06:44
tuxd3vindeed its a pita06:44
tuxd3vand I don't recall now were exatcly that options are but they are in 'device drivers' for sure06:44
mrpfilseryou think this missing .dtb is why boot did not give me other kernel as an option?06:44
mrpfilseri have it written down somewhere06:45
tuxd3vyes you can edit manually if you know ere they are ;)06:45
tuxd3vI do that very often..06:45
mrpfilserthank you for the help tuxd3v06:46
tuxd3vmrpfilser, no problem, any time :)06:46
mrpfilserotherwise the extlinux.conf was sane?06:48
tuxd3vyes extlinux seems nice06:48
tuxd3vgood job!06:48
mrpfilserthere is also some tweak needed to read seagate drives over usb-sata adapter06:49
mrpfilserbecause apparently their firmware is broken06:49
tuxd3vwell yes :)06:49
tuxd3vseagate OpenSeaChest06:50
tuxd3vuses undernet06:50
tuxd3vand they don't pass on the usb-sata adapator06:50
tuxd3vOr at least some don't06:50
mrpfilseri read there's a boot option or module blacklist workaround06:50
gnu_srs1tuxd3v: udevd[339]: specified group 'kvm' unknown: Have you upgraded to eudev 3.2.9-4?10:54
tuxd3vgnu_srs1, no, I am in 3.2.7-612:16
tuxd3vshould I upgrade?12:17
tuxd3vapt, saysto me that 3.2.7-6 is the most recent version in beowulf12:19
l41f3nHello here, I have installed a ceres version and when I want update my system, I have this error :
l41f3nHow can I solved this please ?14:17
mrpfilserhi l41f3n14:31
* debdog never used apt but have you tried "apt --fix-broken install"?14:31
mrpfilseri forgot what the issues with eudev were14:33
fsmithredl41f3n, try 'apt install eudev=3.2.9-4 libeudev1=3.2.9-4'14:34
l41f3nsame error :)14:34
debdogoops, skipped that line, my bad14:34
fsmithredI know there's a simple way around this14:35
fsmithredjust can't recall exactly what it is14:35
fsmithredmaybe remove libudev1 (not libeudev1)14:36
fsmithredor maybe just try 'apt dist-upgrade'14:39
fsmithredI just looked at my upgrade history, and I obviously ran into issues with eudev, but I don't see anything special I did to get around it.14:39
l41f3neudev : Depends: libeudev1 (= 3.2.2-13) but 3.2.9-4 is installed14:39
fsmithredI just ran the upgrade again14:39
fsmithredyeah, that's not right14:39
fsmithredeudev in ceres depends on the same version of libeudev 3.2.9-414:40
fsmithredanother option is to use aptitude - it will give you more options14:41
fsmithredaptitude full-upgrade14:41
l41f3nok thank you :)14:41
tuxd3vl41f3n, so you are one 3.2.9-415:40
tuxd3vI am on  3.2.7-615:40
tuxd3von armhf, seems to be the most recent version15:40
tuxd3vmy message is: udevd[339]: specified group 'kvm' unknown15:41
tuxd3vgnu_srs1, sugested eudev  3.2.9-415:42
tuxd3vbut its not available in beowulf for armhf15:42
tuxd3vat least it doesn appear :(15:42
tuxd3vdoesany one know what is the gid of kvm group?15:43
tuxd3vmaybe I can create it by hand :)15:43
tuxd3vonly to test15:43
debdoghmm, or is that the uid?15:44
tuxd3vthanks :)15:45
tuxd3vgrep kvm /etc/group15:45
tuxd3vnice the message disapeared :)15:47
tuxd3vmaybe 120 is correct15:47
tuxd3vI rebooted, and now its clean15:48
gnu_srstuxd3v: eudev 3.2.9-4 is at ceres/unstable, not yet merged into beowulf.16:01
gnu_srsl41f3n: Which kernel do you have installed?16:04
gnu_srsl41f3n: From your paste: it seems like you did not install libeudev1 3.2.9-4??16:06
l41f3ngnu_srs: my kernel is 5.4.0-2-amd6416:12
gnu_srsl41f3n: I think this is a ceres kernel, right? Can you apt-get install eudev=3.2.9-4 libeudev1=3.2.9-4 and report back.16:16
l41f3ngnu_srs: yes it's a ceres kernel16:16
masonAnother successful migration today, Buster -> Beowulf for an internal mail server.16:19
gnu_srsl41f3n: I suspect the problem might be with eudev.postinst doing update-initramfs -u, i.e. updating initramfs for the old kernel, not the new one.16:23
gnu_srsCan you run update-initramfs -u -k 5.4.0-2-amd64 (or what is correct) manually, and try again?16:24
gnu_srsman update-initramfs: -u     This mode updates an existing initramfs.16:26
gnu_srsl41f3n: Alternately, boot to the old kernel and  apt-get install eudev=3.2.9-4 libeudev1=3.2.9-4.16:27
gnu_srsA simple way to find out which features your kernel has is to do: cat /boot/config-4.19.0-6-amd64 | grep CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER; CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER=y etc.16:29
tuxd3vdevuan image for Olimex Olime2 updated with kernel 5.5.018:01
golinuxtuxd3v: tuxd3v: You are a one-man "arm"y!!18:07
* fluffywolf grabs the newspaper for use on golinux this time!18:11
tuxd3vgolinux, its some commitment from me.. I really enjoy Devuan! :)18:14
golinuxDevuan is about joy and love18:15
tuxd3vyup! ;)18:15
gnu_srsl41f3n: tuxd3v: anything new of interest?18:26
tuxd3vgnu_srs, Cedrus hardware decoder support was improved, but that is important for someone that uses it as a media center or so..18:29
tuxd3vit loads on start but the cold boot Ram consumption is 38MB18:29
tuxd3vits not that diferent from the 35-37MB without it.. so it as activated..18:30
tuxd3vit also has Lima kernel driver for graphics.. but I still need to build the complete userspace part...the Mesa part :)18:31
cc___hello people22:43
cc___I had some 404 problems on devuan repos and I've been told to use the general instead of the local ones22:44
cc___I still have errors when doing apt-get upgrade22:45
yetidid you "apt update" after changing the URLs?22:46
gnu_srscc___: Do you use, where CC=country code? CC is no longer supported.22:46
debdogCC not Top22:49
yetiso cc___ is called ___ now.  :-P22:52
gnu_srsI dunno if cctop exists any more, I liked them. But all this is OT, we have to move to #debianfork  :(23:08
cc___E: Failed to fetch
cc___eb  404  Not Found [IP: 2001:878:346::116 80]23:12
cc___for example23:12
gnu_srsSorry the link is broken.23:13
gnu_srsAnd: how do your entries of sources.list look like?23:15
cc___for this one, it would be : deb beowulf-security main non-free contrib23:18
cc___deb-src beowulf-security main non-free contrib23:18
gnarfacecc___: i'm not sure beowulf-security is populated yet23:21
yetiI get no error on security23:22
gnarfaceyeti: yea but that might just mean you're getting debian packages that haven't been sanitized of systemd dependencies yet23:26
gnarfaceas in, it may work but that doesn't mean it always will, or was even ever supposed to23:26
yetideb beowulf-security main contrib non-free23:27
yetideb-src beowulf-security main contrib non-free23:27
yetithat works here23:27
cc___hos does it work exactly ? why does this line redirect to a debian-security repo ?23:32
gnarfacewell, most the packages are unchanged from debian, and are therefore served by HTTP redirect normally23:33
gnarfaceit's redirecting, i assume, to buster-security23:34
gnarfacebut the part i don't know is if it's actually ready for that yet23:35
gnarface(since buster has been stable for a while now, but beowulf still is not)23:36
gnu_srscc___: Every package forked by Devuan are available from Devuan. All other packages are from Debian!23:36
gnu_srsDon't ever use Debian sources in your sources :(23:37
yetiI do!23:37
yetibut only deb-src23:38
cc___is there a list of which repos are ready and which are not ? because I've got ascii-security too, as well as beowulf-updates23:38
gnu_srsyeti: Yes, deb-src from Debian is needed if you want to fork packages :)23:39
yetibuild-deps are taken from binary packages, so deb-src should™ be safe23:39
gnarfacecc___: ascii is stable and has been so for a long time now.23:40
gnarfacecc___: everything later than that is still a work in progress, though multiple reports cite that beowulf is usable23:41
yeti 22:42:45 up 70 days, 12:41,  6 users,  load average: 0.10, 0.14, 0.1723:42
yetibeo is good enough for me23:43
cc___yeti:  you don't get anything like this23:45
cc___# LANG=C apt list --upgradeable23:45
cc___Listing... Done23:45
cc___libjavascriptcoregtk-4.0-18/testing-security 2.26.3-1~deb10u1 amd64 [upgradable from: 2.26.2-1~deb10+1]23:45
cc___libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37/testing-security 2.26.3-1~deb10u1 amd64 [upgradable from: 2.26.2-1~deb10+1]23:46
yetiit is installed here23:47
yetiso apt will not list it as upgradable23:47
yetiVersion: 2.26.3-1~deb10u123:47
cc___ok so that would mean this particular version of the package got removed from the repo, but is still advertised somehow23:48
yetils -ltr /var/lib/dpkg/info/  # shows a timestamp from today for it23:48
yetiso I got it with the updates some hrs ago23:49
yetiapt download libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37 # errors23:51
yetiE: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found [IP: 2001:878:346::116 80]23:51
yetiso no pebcak!23:51
yetiGet:1 beowulf-security/main armhf libjavascriptcoregtk-4.0-18 armhf 2.26.3-1~deb10u1 [3664 kB]23:53
yetinow I'm the confuzzled one23:54

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