freenode/#devuan/ Friday, 2020-01-31

tuxd3vit sayd Alt00:12
tuxd3vI juste used the man pages00:12
Digiti guess that was something i changed then.  tried both alts?00:13
tuxd3vno it doesn't work00:17
Digitwell, next time, ask a whole room who might know (like #suckless), rather than trying to snipe an individual for help.   many eyes...00:25
tuxd3vstterm - suckless tools simple terminal for windowed system00:26
tuxd3vthis is the one I know00:26
tuxd3vwell that I don't know and were trying to check its capabilities..00:26
tuxd3vI wake you up?00:27
tuxd3vdon't know if I understood it correctly?00:27
tom_workI am trying to test out the latest eudev from ceres with full disk encryption01:18
tom_workI'm having trouble verifying sources for building01:18
tom_workdscverify: udev_3.2.9%2Bdevuan4.dsc failed signature check:01:18
tom_workgpg:                using RSA key 72E3CB773315DFA2E464743D94532124541922FB01:19
tom_workHow do I install the Devuan keyring into my personal keyring, or point dget's GnuPG to the installed Devuan keywring for verification?01:19
fsmithredyou can't 'apt install devuan-keyring'?01:20
tom_workfsmithred, I have devuan-keyring installed01:20
tom_workbut it does not seem to work when verifying source code not as root01:21
tom_work$ dget -x
tom_workdscverify: udev_3.2.9%2Bdevuan4.dsc failed signature check:01:21
gnarfacetom_work: sounds like a really old bug, one that should have been fixed already, but you can try adding the key to root's apt keyring with "apt-key" manually01:21
tom_workgnarface, I'm on stable ASCII01:22
tom_workhow would I do that?01:22
gnarfaceyou upgrading from a jessie install?01:22
gnarfacethis bug really was fixed already01:22
tom_workmy laptop was installed from a fresh ASCII beta01:22
tom_workback when ASCII was first released01:22
gnarfacehmmm... maybe this is a red herring then01:22
tom_workI purchased a new SSD at the time01:23
tom_workand corebooted01:23
tom_workthen freshly installed ASCII01:23
gnarfacewell you can check it with "apt-key list" as root01:23
tom_work72E3CB773315DFA2E464743D94532124541922FB shows up01:24
gnarfacefsmithred: is that the right one?  do you happen to know? ^^^01:24
* gnarface didn't memorize it01:24
tom_work72E3 CB77 3315 DFA2 E464  743D 9453 2124 5419 22FB01:25
tom_workuid           [ unknown] Devuan Repository (Primary Devuan signing key) <>01:25
tom_workit matches the fingerprint01:25
gnarfacewell it looks like what i've got here too01:25
gnarfacewell i suppose there is a possibility something actually has gone wrong at the repo01:26
gnarfacebut i wonder if it's not some other issue with a old library version just reading the key wrong01:26
gnarfacethe bug i thought you were experiencing was one i had before where the package fails to actually put the key into the keyring post-install01:27
fsmithredsorry, I was afk01:28
gnarfaceapt-key shows the right key in his keyring.  i'm outta ideas.01:28
tom_workgnarface, do you think that dscverify is being pointed to the wrong GnuPG keyring file?01:29
tom_workand instead is only using the user's keyring?01:29
tom_work  --keyring keyring01:30
tom_work              Add keyring to the list of keyrings to be used.01:30
tom_workthis is rather a temporary bodge fix but let me try $ alias dscverify='dscverify --keyring /usr/share/keyrings/devuan-keyring.gpg'01:32
gnarfacetom_work: i don't know, but what i do know is that i don't have dscverify installed here01:32
gnarfaceoh, nevermind.  i do, i'm wrong.01:32
tom_workGAH! no it doesn't work01:32
gnarfaceoh wait01:33
gnarfaceare you trying to install the ceres eudev package in a ascii install?01:33
gnarfacemaybe that's the thing it doesn't like01:33
fsmithredit's in the devscripts package01:33
fsmithredI got that far01:33
tom_worki'm not trying to install it i'm trying to grab the source code01:33
tom_workbut yes01:34
tom_workceres eudev in ASCII01:34
gnarfaceapt-get source eudev?01:34
tom_workno that would not work01:34
gnarfacethat's the command that gives you the error?01:34
tom_workthat would grab stable's eudev01:34
gnarfaceapt-get -t ceres source eudev01:34
fsmithredyou can specify the version01:34
fsmithredor that01:34
tom_workk hold on. apt-updating at 28.0 kB/s01:36
tom_workno idea why apt is like that01:36
tom_workinternational peering probably01:37
gnarfacetom_work: i have that problem intermittently, too.  it varies but tends to be worse hitting pkgmaster.  i recommend using and just retrying if you hit a slow mirror01:39
gnarfacetom_work: (i also suspect shenanigans involving the international peering, but mostly only other people in the US are complaining about this)01:40
tom_workIf I understood apt better I would write a IPFS or bittorrent transport for apt01:41
tom_worknot have to deal with this kind of stuff anymore01:41
gnarfacei ... think there is a bittorrent transport already01:41
gnarfacei thought there was, i could be wrong.  maybe it's just for the install isos01:41
tom_workpackage distribution is the perfect use case for p2p01:42
gnarfacenope, didn't hallucinate it01:42
gnarfacedidn't dream it01:42
tom_worki'm honestly surprised it's not more widely deployed01:42
gnarfacei haven't looked into it really.  my assumption is that there aren't enough seeders to make it practical01:43
golinuxDevuan has a torrent on the index page of the website01:43
tom_workwell gnarface01:43
gnarfacegolinux: do you know if that's just for the install ISOs or if there is a way to use that on the repository as wello?01:44
gnarface*as well?01:44
tom_workthere aren't enough peers to make http practical01:44
tom_workI for one keep a bittorrent client running 24/701:44
tom_workand have multiple devuan installs and am in the US01:44
golinuxisos only.  Sorry didn;t read very well01:44
tom_workah, apt finnally finished01:44
tom_workh yeah01:44
tom_workgnarface, this is the reason I was trying to use dget01:45
tom_workE: The value 'ceres' is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources01:45
tom_workDevuan always breaks when trying to get stuff from other versions01:45
golinuxtom_work: Are you using a CC in your sources?01:45
gnarfacetom_work: you'd still have to add this line to your sources.list: deb-src ceres main01:45
tom_workthis is what i have01:45
tom_workdeb-src ceres main01:46
golinuxGood.   CCs are not working properly01:46
tom_workgolinux, this is the same problem i've had before01:46
gnarfacegolinux: he's trying to get the ceres source package for eudev downloaded to his ascii install and ran into keyring issues, but the issue wasn't the apparent one01:46
tom_worklast time I ended up just having to go through the mirror with a web browser and grab all my dependicies manually01:46
gnarfacegolinux: (i still don't know wtf is wrong)01:47
tom_worksometimes it works if I removed all the other ascii sources and only have the dev-src ceres, but that's a pain in the ass to do and risky01:47
tom_workon this laptop I don't have any third part repos01:47
tom_workon my computer back at home too01:47
tom_worksame problem01:47
gnarfacei wonder if you accidentally got some debian packages in there but it seems like you've been careful01:48
gnarfaceit's a puzzle01:48
tom_workgnarface, was there anything wrong with:01:48
tom_work#deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 2.0.0-beta _Ascii_ - Official amd64 NETINST 20180213-11:35]/ ascii main non-free01:48
tom_workthis was the name of the CD I originally installed from01:48
gnarfacetom_work: uh... nothing wrong with that as long as it's commented out...01:48
golinuxAnd fully upgraded01:49
gnarfacetom_work: that would definitely cause problems if it's not though01:49
tom_workyeah all packages up to date right now01:49
gnarfacetom_work: yea, if you don't configure networking before the first boot then it dumps the instal cdrom path into apt sources.  the assumption is you must be doing a dvd-only install at that point.01:49
tom_workI setup unattended upgrades long ago because the mirror peering is such a pain in the ass01:50
gnarfacetom_work: (it is safe to remove that - you don't want it there once networking is set up)01:50
tom_workdon't worry the cdrom:: source has been commented out for years01:50
tom_workI would like to get to the bottom of this, because I do end up building packages from source often01:52
tom_workand these same isues keep needing to be worked around01:53
gnarfaceseems like something is whack01:53
gnarfacelemme run a test here on an ascii machine01:53
gnarfacestand by01:53
tom_workgnarface, you can reproduce it as well right?01:54
gnarfacetom_work: unknown yet.  i said stand by01:54
tom_workbtw. the debtorrent wiki. It's out of date. there are a lot of improvements to the bittorrent protocol than what the page describes. for one, libraterbar-torrent can also handle http sources in addition to peers, and it can handle thousands of torrents well even in low memory situations.01:56
gnarfacetom_work: had you used any backports on this install?01:57
tom_workand the locality problem can be solved by choosing peers based on latency, which librasterbar-torrent already does with uTP to some degree01:57
tom_workgnarface, on this machine.hmm. probably not01:58
tom_workis there a way to check?01:58
gnarfacetom_work: any packages with "bpo" in the version string01:58
gnarfacetom_work: ok, i have a breakthrough01:59
gnarfacethis syntax does not work: "apt-get -t ceres source eudev"01:59
gnarfacethis syntax does: apt-get source eudev/ceres02:00
gnarfacei do not know why02:00
tom_workand libpolkit02:00
gnarfacethis is the first time i'm seeing this bug02:00
gnarfacebut mostly i'm building ON ceres these days02:00
tom_workgnarface, huh02:00
tom_workyour right02:00
gnarfacefor the first one, i get the same error as you do about "The value 'ceres' is invalid for APT::Default-Release..."02:01
gnarfacefor the second one, it just works like nothing was ever wrong02:01
gnarfacethat's weird02:01
gnarfacegood catch02:01
tom_workso the syntax changed in newer apt?02:01
gnarfaceno, i'm assuming this is a bug02:01
tom_workwell dget not verifying certainly is02:01
tom_workgnarface, thanks for your help02:05
gnarfacetom_work: no problem.  good luck!02:05
tom_workI can now test the newwer eudev to see if it fixes the full disk encryption failing to shut down bug02:05
tom_workand report back to the tracker02:06
tom_workI need to brb02:06
fsmithredtom_work, did you try the patch for cryptsetup that people are using?02:09
tom_workwas not aware02:10
fsmithredhang on02:10
fsmithredyou're using cryptsetup from ascii?02:10
fsmithredI'll get you another link that just has the file you need to replace02:12
fsmithredor you could get the package from mxlinux and install it. It uses dpkg-divert to replace the file safely.02:13
fsmithredit's not in ascii, but it will be in beowulf02:13
tom_worki'll test that out too and report02:14
tom_workbut one mor thing before I have to brb02:14
tom_workI can't build the package because dh_missing is missing?02:14
tom_workis that a package I need to install that isn't convert by sudo mk-build-deps --install --remove02:15
fsmithredI have no idea02:15
fsmithreddh_missing is probably a command in some dev package02:15
fsmithredit's in debhelper02:15
tom_workhopefully not ceres only02:15
gnarfacetom_work: make sure you did "apt-get build-dep eudev" once first, and also "apt-get build-essential" (though i know that sometimes you still will need to find a few things by trial-and-error then add them manually)02:17
g4570nOops :P02:21
gnarfacetest acknowledged, tom_work02:29
tom_workok good, wireguard ipv6-roaming works02:29
gnarfacetom_work: did you get my message about build-dep and build-essential?02:29
gnarfacetom_work: make sure you did "apt-get build-dep eudev" once first, and also "apt-get build-essential" (though i know that sometimes you still will need to find a few things by trial-and-error then add them manually)02:30
tom_workis that different from sudo mk-build-deps --install --remove02:31
gnarfacetom_work: i suggested it because i don't know02:31
tom_workoh well. probably as apt-get build-dep results in 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:31
gnarfacewhat about build-essential?02:32
tom_worki already have that02:32
gnarfaceeh, it was a thought02:32
tom_workI'm just going to try removing all calls to dh_missing in debian/rules02:33
tom_workI'm thinking it's a dpkg feature not available in ascii02:33
fsmithredtry installing debhelper02:33
tom_workbut gnarface, how come you don't use ascii anymore?02:33
tom_workfsmithred, debhelper already installed02:34
tom_workah yes, removing those rules made it not error out anymore02:34
fsmithredand you have /usr/bin/dh_missing?02:34
tom_workdh_missing is missing02:35
fsmithredit's supposed to be there02:35
tom_work /usr/bin/dh_missing: cannot open `/usr/bin/dh_missing' (No such file or directory)02:35
fsmithredmaybe reinstall debhelper02:36
fsmithred$ apt-file find dh_missing02:36
fsmithreddebhelper: /usr/bin/dh_missing02:36
tom_workcan't I just do a debsums check?02:36
fsmithredhow will that get the missing file back?02:36
fsmithredand why is it missing?02:37
fsmithredthat seems weird02:37
gnarfacetom_work: i do use ascii a lot still, but i'm also using ceres because of the collective atrocities and mistakes of the organizations/entities controlling: Wine, Steam, Blizzard, and Nvidia02:37
tom_workyour games don't work in ascii?02:38
gnarfacenot all of them, unfortunately, no.  :(02:38
specingyou have a bad choice in games02:38
specingif you played only FOSS games you wouldn't have these problems02:39
gnarfacespecing: yes, i can admit that to myself.  i also have objectively bad taste in clothing, movies, and music.  my parents dropped me on my head a lot.02:39
gnarfaceso, ascii for all the servers and laptops and workstations... ceres for the gaming computer02:39
tom_workfsmithred, reinstalling debhelper did not provide dh_missing02:40
tom_workgnarface, I feel your pain. I got so pissed off from linux steam ported games crashing so much and terrible support I took a whole break from gaming for a while02:41
specingas if there are no foss games to play02:41
tom_workgnarface, now I make sure to really evaluate a game within the first 2 hours of play, so if it ends up breaking on linux I don't bother trying to shimmy it into working i just get a full refund02:42
specingThis attitude right there is the reason why FOSS games are dying02:42
tom_workbut minecraft is fun02:42
fsmithredI have that file in my ascii (and beowulf, too)02:42
specingtom_work: minetest02:42
tom_workand I run a modpack + 24/7 server02:42
tom_workspecing, minetest does not compete with minecraft02:42
tom_workmaybe like, minecraft vanilla02:43
tom_workbut I occasionally build the latest minetest from source and play on a few servers02:43
gnarfacespecing: ioquake3 server here, loaded with custom maps.  don't fucking blame me for FOSS games dying.
tom_workit's still FAR off from replacing mc, if ever02:43
specingI will blame you, gnarface02:43
gnarfacespecing: download my maps!!!02:43
tom_workthe world feels static02:43
specingstop playing proprietary maps02:44
specingstop playing proprietary games * lol02:44
tom_workthe whole thing is sluggish in a 4 core i5 and a GTX 107002:44
specingand stop using proprietary software, in general02:44
tom_workIsn't minecraft more or less open source?02:44
tom_workor rather, the source code is out there but licensing is still screw you02:44
tom_workI built eudev/ceres from source successfully by removing dh_missing from the rules02:45
tom_workI'm going to install and reboot to test them now02:45
gnarfacehmm, dh_missing might be from ceres02:45
gnarfacei have it here02:45
gnarfaceit might not be super important02:46
gnarface(sorry about the slow map mirror on that server.  i've been trying to get something done about it)02:46
* tom_work is tom-mediapc02:47
tom_workno worries02:48
tom_workI understand the lack of manpower and resources02:48
tom_worki wish I could contribute more02:48
tom_workright now I can test eudev so i'm doing that02:48
tom_workkeep up the good fight02:48
tom-mediapcone thing I am concerned about02:54
tom-mediapcis I may not be able to use Devuan in the future02:54
tom-mediapcI may end up requiring a source distribution like gentoo because Debian opts to build things against gtk3 instead of gtk2 when available02:54
tom-mediapcso if your not running GNOME most of your graphical tools look pretty broken and out of place02:55
tom-mediapcThunar being a big thing in the next Devuan release02:55
tom-mediapcI've been testing the next stable in QEMU02:55
Digityou can still use devuan with gentoo, via bedrocklinux.  no need to give up a distro to use another these days.  bedrocklinux is a game changer.  no longer silo'd to just one distro choice.  mix n match, get the repos of all/any distro you want.   ~ pretty much.02:55
tom-mediapcI can build thunar itself against gtk2 instead, but if a majority of packages I use are like that it may be more effort effective just to use gentoo with it's USE flags and an overlay02:56
Digitand even keep the old stable devuan while trying the new.  brl clone.  ;)02:56
tom-mediapcbut i'm not entirely sure that's a good option either02:58
Digita typical use might be: use devuan for the majority (nicely easy & fast).  gentoo for something you want finer grain control over.02:58
tom-mediapcbecause while Portage is great, and so is the ebuild system02:58
tom-mediapcand it's easy to say "--fuck-upstream" in Gentoo I'm having second thoughts about the Gentoo community02:58
tom-mediapcI feel like I'm getting a hostile attitude when I sumbit patches to fix gtk2 programs02:59
tom-mediapcfrom devs02:59
tom-mediapcin the way they respond to the bugtracker02:59
Digittried funtoo?  drobbins has been putting out some nice innovations and videos specifically addressing that, helping newbies become contributors.  seems much friendlier.  gentoo does have an issue with that.03:00
tom-mediapcalso Gentoo has been doing a lot of removing of perfectly working ebuilds from their tree for no reason other than it not having a new release in N years03:00
tom-mediapcnot that there's a compile error or a QA notice03:00
tom-mediapcsimply because <thing> is old03:00
tom-mediapcit feels like some of the people in charge do not realize that software can be considered 'finished' where it reaches feature parity and only need rare patches to get it to compile on major libc changes03:01
tom-mediapcor OS ports03:01
tom-mediapcand then even though <software> has not had a new release in N years, it still does and solves the same needs it did N years ago03:02
tom-mediapcDigit, no I have not tried or heard much about Funtoo. I have heard that when Google was building ChromeOS they sucked a lot of talent from the Gentoo developer pool and it's been suffering because of that03:03
Digitstill tho... no need to stress over which one, this or that.  can s/or/and/ with (& it's advanced since those old forms... new video likely sometime this year).03:03
Digitthere's exherbo if you want to go the other way.  sorta like a mutant cousin of gentoo.  ;)03:04
Digitand no need to give up devuan while you do.    (once you realise what i mean by bedrocklinux)03:05
tom-mediapcoh, digit03:17
tom-mediapcit's not that software is available on one distro and not the other03:17
tom-mediapcthe thing is that Devuan is extremely stable and very polished03:18
tom-mediapcbut gentoo Portage is extremely valuable. It's super easy to so "I don't want gtk3 or I don't want nls"03:18
tom-mediapcall you have to do is adjust make.conf's USE flags and rebuild03:19
tom-mediapcit's also very easy to patch software on the fly because all you have to do is place files in /etc/portage/patches03:19
tom-mediapcwhich makes going downstream much easier03:19
Digityup.  long time gentoo fanboy here.  n_n  it's very convenient.03:19
tom-mediapcand that's what really matters. downstream development, not chasing the newest updates03:20
fsmithreddebianfork would be a better place for this03:20
tom-mediapcMaybe Devuan is what I need I just need to study dpkg and apt more03:21
tom-mediapcbut Gentoo certainly does seem to have a better more flexible core system management structure that allows for more freedom in your software choices03:21
tom-mediapcsame thing is doable in Devuan but not without the manual mess of building and modding packages yourself by hand. not use flags03:22
Digitwhy are you still quibbling?  did you not get what i tried to say many times?  XD  i got no indication.03:22
tom-mediapcDigit, you recommended bedrock right? if i understand you right, that's just a kind of container or chroot system right?03:23
Digit~ not rly like containers nope.03:23
Digitdifferent.   n chroot was used just an early implementation.  not really characteristic.03:24
tom-mediapcthat does not seem like a good solution. my goal isn't to have every single program containerized03:24
tom-mediapcplus, his example with VLC. It's already solved with Portage Slots03:24
fsmithredplease take OT conversation to #debianfork03:24
Digityou get to use em like one system.  it's not containerized.03:25
tom-mediapcDigit, join fork03:25
Digitsry fsmithred i'll try stop being trolled by not being listened to, triggering me to answer again n again what i thought was just gonna be one line.03:25
fsmithredlol, ok03:25
tom-mediapcmaybe I should have mentioned in bug 261 that i had to remove dh_missing03:27
tom-mediapcfrom debian/rules03:27
tom-mediapcI'm going to read up on and try your patch fsmithred03:34
tom-mediapcany reason it was not accepted into mainline yet?03:35
fsmithredit's not needed with systemd03:35
tom-mediapcbut isn't eudev provided by the Devuan overlay?03:36
fsmithredthat patch addresses a cryptsetup issue03:37
fsmithredwhy are you looking at eudev?03:38
fsmithredI'm looking at the bug report now03:41
tom-mediapcbecause I got an email asking me to try installing eudev from ceres to test if the issue was fixed03:42
tom-mediapcshould be documented in the devuan bug tracker03:42 #26103:42
tom-mediapcalthough, the tracker seems to be delayed03:42
tom-mediapcI've since submitted 2 new messages and it's now showing up there03:43
tom-mediapcoh nvm03:43
tom-mediapcit's just delayed an hour or two03:43
fsmithredtom-mediapc, is /boot part of the encrypted volume, and is it lvm or just plain luks?03:45
fsmithredhow did you install it?03:46
tom-mediapcI used the ascii installer cd beta03:46
fsmithreddid you choose encrypted lvm?03:47
fsmithredtry the cryptsetup patch03:48
tom-mediapcbtw, I don't need a grub or efi partition. grub is installed in the motherboard's ROM. It just needs a disk to read grub.cfg and a kernel from03:49
fsmithredin ascii the file is /lib/cryptsetup/cryptdisks.functions and in beowulf it's cryptdisks-functions (and very different)03:49
tom_workfsmithred, this patch?03:50
tom_workalso, I'm not familiar with dpkg-divert03:50
fsmithredyou don't need to be03:51
fsmithredtake this file:
fsmithredmake a backup copy of the original and replace it with this one03:51
tom_workwon't this make debsums scream?03:52
fsmithreddebsums will tell you about it if you ask03:52
fsmithredand you'll see it and say, "oh, yeah."03:52
tom_workis that what dpkg-divert is for?03:52
fsmithredthat's to keep the file from being clobbered on upgrade03:53
tom_workSo i just replace the script by hand and then what?03:54
tom_workoh no03:55
tom_workthat's what divert is for isn't it03:55
fsmithredand then you reboot03:56
fsmithredfaster than before03:56
fsmithredif you don't like it, put the original back03:56
tom_workcan you give me an example of the divert command03:57
fsmithredit's not a command that you run, it's a way of creating a special package04:01
fsmithredhere are the mxlinux packages: use 18.11 for ascii.
fsmithredhere's the other relevant bug report:
masonfsmithred: That file you linked has the singleton loop in it. Is that the one you want to give out?04:12
masontom_work: Here's how you run dpkg-divert for this:
fsmithredcool, thanks04:18
masontom_work: It's worth reading the dpkg-divert man page.04:18
fsmithredmason, I wasn't going to bother with the ascii version04:18
masonThere won't be any measurable difference between the two. I'm just a style(9) fanatic.04:21
fsmithredthe beowulf version will not have the loop04:22
masonSomething to discuss for Chimaera is whether we want to add a crypttab flag for things that should be skipped.04:24
masonSomething like the 'initramfs' flag, but for the other end of the lifecycle.04:24
masonEven overloading the 'initramfs' flag for this function might be appropriate, but a new flag might cover circumstances I can't foresee at the moment.04:25
masonThe notion would be that we could put back the recursive fall-off but have a flag per LUKS block device that just skips that device entirely if so-configured.04:26
masonOr... Geometric fall-off. The loop. Nothing recursive about it. Sorry.04:27
masonI've got some other things I'd like to get into Chimaera as well, but I need to finish a couple learning projects as a prerequisite.04:35
sethmhurI'm using the live cd fore accessibility. I can boot to the tty but can't confirm if sound or espeakup is working? How will I load this? I'm using the amd64 live cd on a laptop?13:16
nemoHum: Cylance as noted15:49
nemoHum: the frustrating thing is they clearly are capable of handling different kernels since they deploy a hardcoded set of .ko files for ubuntu.  They just can't be bothered to update their sources.15:50
krauserAny idea on when beowulf will be released as the stable version?17:33
nemokrauser: fsmithred: said "soon" yesterday and also that it was safe for use, if he wouldn't recommend on servers17:40
nemokrauser: I upgraded my work laptop yesterday, and so far my only problem is with an awful crappy 3rd party .deb I am required to support to maintain the company rootkit17:40
masonnemo: FWIW, I'm running Beowulf on servers. All this means is that it works unproblematically for my use cases.17:50
golinuxnemo:  It's the beowulf desktop and GUI stuff that still might have issues18:01
James1138Question. Although my programming skills are non-existant compared to others on this chat... is there anything guys like me (I do not mean old farts like me) can do to help get the Beowulf ISO out?18:06
masonFWIW, we've got Beowulf on three desktop systems here. The only obnoxious glitch so far is that occasionally one of the systems has to switch virtual consoles off of X and back on to wake up.18:06
masonJames1138: This stuff would be useful:
James1138Thanks Mason, What stuff would need packaging?  Do not want to needlessly duplicate someone's else work.18:09
masonJames1138: You could look through here:
James1138Mason... how does a person view a list on the bug tracking page? Is there some wildcard like *.*??18:13
mason is an example18:14
James1138thanx again mason18:14
masonHappy to help.18:14
James1138will look at that in detail tonight.18:15
xrogaangolinux: actually, beowulf solved some issues on my Desktop.19:16
xrogaanxfce+slim+consolekit works pretty well now. Except for the xdg runtime variable not being populated.19:16
masonxrogaan: My big push for upgrading to it is that the ASCII vlc didn't work for some of my media.19:16
xrogaanGotta go sleep. Cya;19:17
interorw\o good afternoon20:46
interorwso I read about devuan  and excited to try it, have it installed and running on my laptop but trying to add blueman GNU from Synaptic Package Manager and it keeps asking for a cdrom... is there some way I can just force it to download from a repo like normal? not having much luck trying to mount my flash drive as a mountable cdrom it can detect20:49
interorwit seems how it would ask to install from cdrom vs the internet/network too20:49
interorwit seems odd*20:50
masoninterorw: You probably still have the cdrom source in /etc/apt/sources.list and need to remove it.20:56
masoninterorw: see
interorwthat was it thx mason20:57
masonhappy to help20:57
interorwmason maybe is 1 last thing could help me with, initally I was able to search and find blueman thru synaptic package manager now its not showing up at all as an option to download/install or otherwise - i tried removing bluetooth in general to see if i could remove it and add back just 'bluetooth' but after removing ti from Synapic Package Manager its now not showing up in the search results to add it back21:00
interorwso I can't find blueman or bluetooth now in Synaptic Package Manger but other things show up, any ideas ?21:00
masoninterorw: See about refreshing after you've changed your sources.list. I have an ASCII box that shows a bunch of those packages as being available:
masonI don't use Synaptic, but I wouldn't expect it to show you a modified list.21:02
interorwhm maybe my source list is missing any type of public mirrors to use21:04
interorwi just went with default install so figured it would at least have that by default21:04
interorwyup i think thats it don't rly see any listed except an commented ascii security repo21:05
interorwweird... not very useful like that lol21:05
masoninterorw: will help21:06
interorwany idea why these aren't added by default? seems silly to have everyone manually add them lol21:07
interorwevery other linux distro i know of / used always has default public repo mirrors21:07
masoninterorw: Not sure!21:12
interorwmm yeah maybe it was just my install that went odd, am hoping everyone elses isn't like that by default at least21:13
interorweither way other than a few oddities like that its an awesome distro looks like21:13
interorwmason, just curious but on this distro what do you use in place of Synaptic or you just manually install packages as needed?21:20
masoninterorw: For Devuan I mostly use apt. I mostly install with debootstrap. fsmithred has turned me onto debugging some issues with aptitude.21:25
golinuxinterorw: Not all of those source options are needed.   Make sure that your sources.list points to deb.devuan.org21:28
golinuxSynaptic is available in a default desktop install.21:29
Humis there any simple table with Debian - Devuan Release names?21:32
Humgolinux: thx, I didn't find it21:37
filipdevuan_hey devuan was first systemd-free distro i used for 6 months it was good, then migrated to others currently i am using void linux and hyperbola but i consider going back to Devuan though, i am not sure if it's really worth it..21:48
filipdevuan_Is downloading the 4GB DVD iso the only option for usb stick installation??21:48
gnu_srsfilipdevuan_: You can always install Devuan netinst ascii version and upgrade to beowulf.21:59
Humfilipdevuan_: Maybe it is not up to date,
filipdevuan_so it is mandatory to use beowulf now??22:03
Humfilipdevuan_: It is possible.22:06
golinuxfilipdevuan_: There are no beowulf isos yet22:15
golinuxYou will find the latest documentation at  The wiki may be out-of-date22:15
golinuxThere are several links about 1/2 way down this page and also on the index page.22:17
filipdevuan_ok tnx22:20
filipdevuan_yeah it will be exciting to be using devuan again...22:21
golinuxfilipdevuan_: Welcome back to the campfire . . .22:22
filipdevuan_yeah :PPP22:23
filipdevuan_ok so netinst will probably use less than 4,4GB???22:36
filipdevuan_it's probably more reasonable to download netinst if i have got internet connection22:38
golinuxnetinstall only has the base system on the iso.  It pulls everything else from the net.22:39
golinuxIt's maybe 350 MB22:40
filipdevuan_but everything it pulls from the net is the same amount of dvd iso???22:41
filipdevuan_or there is a list what to choose to get?22:41
golinuxDepends what you choose to install22:41
filipdevuan_oh, ok great :)22:41

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