freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2020-02-04

tuxd3vhello, does anyone knows if syslinux is on arm64 repos?02:45
tuxd3vi need to create a menu entry for it02:45
XenguyI'm getting errors when I try to update, on ascii02:47
tuxd3vwhat type of errors?02:48
XenguyErr:12 ascii-security/main amd64 libqt5xml5 amd64 5.7.1+dfsg-3+deb9u202:48
Xenguy  404  Not Found [IP: 80]02:48
XenguyE: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found [IP: 80]02:48
XenguyDead mirror?02:48
XenguyI'm using in my sources.list02:49
gnarfaceprobably a dead mirror.  just retry.  there's 13 mirrors in the DNS round-robin.  don't panic unless you start getting multiple failures in a row02:51
gnarface13 volunteer mirrors isn't really enough to generate a complete illusion of 100% uptime02:52
Jjp137wait deb9u2? even Debian's package website is still showing deb9u1 so this is really new02:52
Jjp137so it's likely the mirrors haven't even caught up yet02:53
gnarfaceyea i think you can catch them mid-update and get a failure similar to this02:53
gnarfaceit would happen with Debian too, but it's less common because they have hundreds of mirrors02:53
yetituxd3v: on armHF: $ apt-cache show syslinux02:55
yetiN: Can't select versions from package 'syslinux' as it is purely virtual02:55
tuxd3vyeti, thanks I was concerned with arm6402:55
tuxd3vto add support for Devuan in a new board :)02:56
fsmithredI see syslinux-common and syslinux-efi in the arm64 Packages.gz02:56
yetitoo late for my eyes or no .deb02:56
yetimy am64ers are sleeping... only i386/amd64 and armhf are "on"02:57
yetinah... ARM64ers are sleeping02:58
tuxd3vyeah I don't have now any board running on arm64 only armhf02:58
yetithat way02:58
tuxd3vI wanted one that has the binary :)02:58
yetiwhere should that come from?02:58
yetiis ist unpatched by devuan?02:58
tuxd3vthe Idea is create a Menu for devuan to boot the desirable kernel :)02:58
yetithan grab it from debian02:59 only has amd64 and i386 for syslinux02:59
yetiI expected such02:59
yetibecause it boots old stuff02:59
fsmithredwill syslinux work on that arch?02:59
yetiI vote fror no02:59
tuxd3vwell I understand your concer fsmithred, and yeti02:59
tuxd3vits very real03:00
yetiunless arm boards get a 86 emu ike vga cards03:00
fsmithredyou're using fat32?03:00
tuxd3vbut it turns out that Uboot03:00
tuxd3vwhen finds a directory and menu in /boot03:00
fluffywolfI purchased 4 wooden snap traps, 2 plastic snap traps, 2 bait stations with poison bait, and 4 glue traps.  whatever rat killed my car is going to have lots of options tonight for how to kill itself.03:00
fluffywolfgrr, wrong window03:00
tuxd3vthe first thing he will do is... call ''/usr/bin/syslinux', *only* to be able to interpret the menu file :)03:01
tuxd3vthen it boots up the system :)03:01
* yeti afk... for caffeine refill...03:02
fsmithredit actually needs syslinux, or it just needs a syslinux-style menu?03:02
tuxd3vuboot call s internally syslinux, only to be able to parse the file03:02
tuxd3vwhen parsed it forget syslinux03:02
tuxd3vand itself boots the system :)03:03
tuxd3vits a nice way for us to have a menu at boot with several options :)03:03
fsmithredyou might have to compile it yourself.03:04
tuxd3vyeah maybe, I don't have here a arm64 machine with a sdcard to boot and check if devuan arm64 has the bynari in some package03:05
tuxd3v bynari -> binary03:05
tuxd3vI don't know how toficult it isto compile it, or cross compile it..03:06
gnarface the binary package for syslinux?03:06
gnarfaceif it doesn't show up in then probably not, and probably due to a broken compiler03:06
tuxd3vI added to 'include' in debootstrap syslinuc and syslinux-commun03:06
tuxd3vbut the system image don't have the package I believe that its not there..03:07
tuxd3vgnarface, yup03:07
tuxd3vto be able to create a '/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf'03:07
tuxd3vmenu file03:07
tuxd3vuboot can later boot it :)03:07
tuxd3vbut if he finds that file he will automatically forget about everything , and call syslinux to be able to parse the file03:08
tuxd3vwhen he gets the representation of the parsing he forget about syslinux and boots the system :)03:08
tuxd3vits a nice way to have a menu with several kernels for example to boot :)03:09
tuxd3vfor now I am with a 'boot.scr' boot script03:10
fsmithredthe boot script can't give you a choice of systems to boot?03:10
gnarfaceyou might be able to get the functionality you want with just more complex boot.scr scripting.  i've heard of such things, but never tested them myself03:11
tuxd3vfsmithred, be default no03:11
gnarfacei know for sure you can also just have multiple *.scr files that boot different kernels and partitions.  it'll call the boot.scr one by default unless otherwise specified, but you can specify it at boot time like with LILO03:11
tuxd3vI believe what gnarface is telling may be possible but it needed a very experienced Guru in Uboot03:12
gnarfaceanarsoul has a fancy one in his github somewhere.  i didn't try it, it frightened me.03:13
tuxd3vit could be03:13
gnarfaceit might be worth digging up to look at though as an example03:13
tuxd3vI need to talk to anarsoul03:13
tuxd3vyeah definitly03:13
gourwhich package you recommend for time-syncing, opentpd, ntp for desktop machine?09:32
gnarfaceit probably won't matter09:36
gnarfacebut openntpd is the bsd one, so for an all-linux setup of multiple systems, use the ntp one for less chance of compatibility issues09:36
gouri'm still shocked how my desktop machine does work with devuan (xfce) in comparison with systemd-powered manjaro/ looks as if i got a brand new hw :-D09:45
gnarfacea lot of people say that09:45
JackFrostI'm not entirely sure if that's a fair comparison.09:45
gourwhy not?09:46
sedroskenI've got a few little complaints to iron out with my openrc config09:46
JackFrostXfce to GNOME.09:46
sedroskenand hopefully transitioning from sysvinit/openrc paired to openrc whole-way09:46
gourJackFrost: ahh, with systemd i was not able to boot without passing 'iommu=soft' and it was not possible to do clean shutdown after systemd-update09:47
gourgnome --> xfce is just another benefit09:47
gouratm, i'm still with sysvinit and whatever i need it does work. if devuan is going to deploy openrc/runit in the future, i do not mind much, since it can't bet worser than systemd :-)09:48
sedroskenI vastly prefer OpenRC to sysvinit myself, I'm just waiting for the right time to completely break my install, hehe09:49
gouris openrc still actively developed?09:52
sedroskenoh heck yeah it is09:52
gourwhat about openrc vs runit?09:52
sedroskenit's gentoo's default09:52
sedroskenopenrc is the more robust one I say, but runit has a vast speed advantage09:52
sedroskennot that boot speeds should be priority, but I'd use openrc on my server and runit on my laptop, for example09:53
goursedrosken: i had short encounter with runit on voidlinux in the past and i recall it was very easy to use, but no experience with openrc whatsoever09:53
sedroskenwell, ill put it this way, if you like sysv I'll bet you'll love openrc09:54
gourto use == to manage services09:54
sedroskenmay follow this guide later today/tomorrow
sedroskenwell, "guide" loosely speaking09:58
sedroskenI'll use his trials as a blueprint to my own transition09:59
sedroskenI don't mind keeping sysvinit installed since openrc still depends on it (I think)09:59
gourrunit has not been (yet) considered as an option?10:01
sedroskenI think they're considering it for later releases10:01
sedroskengetting OpenRC playing nice is apparently enough work as it is, heh10:01
gourbtw, i need wine32 for some legacy apps. i see it's not available for ceres?10:01
sedroskendid you add the i386 arch?10:02
sedroskenthat was my screwup earlier, i didn't add it and was trying to get i386 packages10:02
gourapt search does not report wine3210:03
sedroskenhonestly would not know, I use the wine-staging repo that's meant for debian (but works on devuan)10:03
gouralthough repos is dsynced: et:13 ceres/main i386 Packages [8.311 kB]10:04
gourok, i might try wine-staging. maybe i had to use it under sid as well10:04
gordonDrogonHi. A possibly dumb question (or I've missed something obvious): Running ASCII. Trying to upgrade to 2.1, but the usual apt-get update/upgrade/dist-upgrade doesn't seem to pull in the 4.x kernel. Any clues? Thanks.10:07
gordonDrogon(fwiw: Debian user since day 0, switched to devuan when I could a while back)10:08
gnarfacegordonDrogon: maybe somehow you didn't get the linux-image-amd64 meta-package10:10
* gordonDrogon checks.10:10
sedroskenyeah I'm not feeling froggy enough to tackle moving to pure openrc tonight, I think it's time I went to bed10:10
gnarfaceor linux-image-i386 as appropriate10:10
gordonDrogonii  linux-image-3.16.0-4-amd64             3.16.51-3                                   amd64        Linux 3.16 for 64-bit PCs10:11
gordonDrogonmaybe I picked the wrong one from the 'netinst'...10:11
gnarfacethere should be linux-image-amd64 and linux-headers-amd64 meta-packages you can install to get kernel upgrades along with everything else10:12
gnarfaceotherwise you have to install them individually10:12
gordonDrogonsearch finds linux-image-amd64 - I'll install that. what's the worst ...10:13
gordonDrogonhere goes nothing..10:17
gordonDrogonok. seems to now have 4.9. Thanks. I guess I just picked the wrong one when I did the 'netinst' thing.10:21
gnarfacethat might be a possibility, or maybe it was a really old netinst image?10:22
gordonDrogonit was ASCII. I was already running Jessie, but decided on a fresh install.10:22
gordonDrogonI do recall it giving me a choice of kernels but don't recall what I did at that step.. ah wel.10:23
goursedrosken: for which version you use wine-staging repo? i tried with bullseye, but got Failed to fetch
sedroskenI used buster since I'm on beowulf11:36
gouraha...what would you recommend for ceres?11:37
gourwhich iso should i put on a stick to serve for rescue-mode when required??13:11
fsmithredgour, any of the installer isos will work13:19
phaoostHi all. I've just updated my system and unable to boot now. cryptsetup fails with message: must be installed for pthread_cancel to work16:17
phaoostCan someone point me on some bootable ISO with the recent devuan version? Ascii won't work on my hardware16:18
fsmithredphaoost, what did you upgrade from (and to what?)16:23
fsmithredor are you just looking to do a fresh install?16:23
phaoostI am looking for bootable iso to repair my system16:23
phaoostI upgraded from ceres to ceres16:24
fsmithredthere aren't any official beowulf isos yet16:24
phaoostright, maybe some nightly pre-alpha?16:24
phaoostmy network won't load on kernel less than 4.1416:25
fsmithredthere's an unofficial beowulf desktop-live iso made by aitor (gnuinos), there's an unofficial desktop-live with backports kernel that I made,16:25
fsmithredthere's a refracta-beowulf-beta iso that I made - if you want to repair from a live system, this is a good choice16:25
GyrosGeier" must be installed for pthread_cancel to work" sounds like something weird happened while building the initrd16:25
fsmithredif you want to use the installer's rescue system, use the one aitor made16:26
GyrosGeieras in "this is a should-not-happen" error16:26
phaoostI don't think I need installer16:26
fsmithredyeah, that is a weird error16:26
phaoostjust need some system to boot and hook up encrypted rootfs16:26
GyrosGeierI mean, I understand that glibc tries to avoid a hard dependency on libgcc_s, because that dependency would be cyclic16:27
GyrosGeierbut all the other programs would have a dependency, so it should definitely be present16:27
phaoostcool, thanks, I'll check it16:28
phaoostyeah weird, I'll check if I can add to initrd16:29
specingphaoost: boot into old kernel?16:29
specingphaoost: old initramfs? Or where is cryptsetup erroring out?16:29
phaoostkernel was not updated with recent updates, it's 5.4 I believe and it was booting fine16:30
phaoostbut after recent update I got this error. but I'll try older one, I think I have 4.9 still16:30
phaoostI am getting this error after entering passphrase16:31
phaoosteven hitting enter with no passphrase give the same error16:31
specingdo you have encrypted system or just data?16:38
gnu_srs1phaoost: Which version of gcc is installed, on debian-devel there is a lot of discussions and bugs on
phaoostspecing: rootfs is encrypted16:39
phaoostgnu_srs1: with recent update I've gotten gcc10 installed but I think I still have 9 also16:40
specingphaoost: then it is not system update that broke it16:40
specingif it fails before mounting system16:40
specingbut an initramfs problem, and going back to old initramfs should fix that16:40
gnu_srs1See #950525 and #95062416:40
phaoost36ok thanks all, I'll check and be back soon hopefully ;)16:44
gnu_srs1See also #950254 and #95055116:49
phaoostok looks like older image really worked16:51
phaoostso how would I fix newer image? should I repack it manually to include ?16:55
fsmithredphaoost, try rebuilding with 'update-initramfs -u -k all' and then check the new initramfs with 'lsinitramfs /boot/initrd.img-<version> | grep'16:58
gnu_srs1which version of initramfs-tools do you have?16:58
phaoostI see only gcc-10-base was installed with the recent update16:58
phaoostinitramfs is 0.136 here16:59
phaoostlsinitramfs /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-3-amd64 |grep shows nothing, while lsinitramfs /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-2-amd64 |grep shows usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
phaoostI would refrain from rebuilding all images as I can get totally unbootable system17:02
gnu_srs1I think the solution is in:
phaoostthank you, this is it17:07
GyrosGeiershould we perhaps teach debootstrap a mapping between distribution codenames and keyrings?17:16
GyrosGeierE: Release signed by unknown key (key id CBF8D6FD518E17E1) The specified keyring /usr/share/keyrings/devuan-archive-keyring.gpg may be incorrect or out of date. You can find the latest Debian release key at
masonGyrosGeier: It would be a bit out of scope for debootstrap to imbibe signing keys.17:35
GyrosGeierit seems there is a mapping, and "jessie" is hardcoded to use the Devuan keyring17:40
GyrosGeierso one cannot debootstrap a VM or container with Debian jessie in it17:40
fsmithredmy initrd for 5.4 does not have but I can boot my encrypted root.17:43
fsmithredI just upgraded my ceres a few minutes ago.17:43
GyrosGeierDevuan reportbug configures as SMTP host by default17:44
GyrosGeierthat is kind of broken17:44
fluffywolfreportbug is fairly broken in general, since you generally can't randomly send smtp from home connections anymore, with most isps blocking all relevant ports in and out, and usually not even being nice enough to provide a smarthost anymore.17:46
fluffywolfit needs to use some other method to submit its reports.17:46
fluffywolfit can't send smtp directly, and who ever configures working local mail on a desktop anymore?17:46
fsmithredsend bug reports to submit@bugs.devuan.org17:47
fsmithredreplies to bug#NN@bugs.devuan.org17:48
fluffywolfimho, it should be modified to report bugs over https.  even if it just dumps the email to a little script that forwards it to the mta on the bugtracker.17:49
GyrosGeierfluffywolf, it works for Debian, because they run an SMTP server that accepts incoming bug mail17:51
fluffywolfexcept it doesn't, because ISPs block outgoing SMTP, by blocking all common ports, and often doing deep packet inspection of various kinds to find smtp on non-standard ports, to prevent zombie windows boxes sending spam.17:53
fluffywolfand even if your ISP provides a smarthost, that's setup that many people aren't going to want to do just to report a bug, and ISPs seem to be increasingly rarely providing one.  and MTAs on the desktop seem like a dead concept now.17:56
GyrosGeierthat doesn't change the fact that we have a package that generates an annoying non-working configuration17:56
EvilhamConfiguration -- Using a custom SMTP server17:57
Evilhamneeded by pretty much everypony17:57
fluffywolfthe easiest fix would be for the reportbug server to have a trivial script that accepts an email over https and feeds it to the local mta, and reportbug to fire up wget, curl, whatever and post the email to this script.17:57
GyrosGeierwe still shouldn't default to "" though17:57
GyrosGeierthat is pretty much always guaranteed not to accept mail to the Devuan BTS17:58
fluffywolfEvilham:  what percentage of gmail users do you think know what SMTP is?  heh17:58
fluffywolfalso, as I said, most ISPs these days block smtp, either by blocking all standard ports, or also by packet inspection.17:59
fluffywolfI can't remember the last time I saw a residential ISP allow outgoing smtp.17:59
Evilhamfluffywolf: actually, that wiki is soon to be outdated: gmail is deprecating IMAP and SMTP17:59
phaoostfsmithred: hm, what could be the issue then? are you using 5.4.0-3 ?17:59
fsmithredyes, with encrypted lvm17:59
fluffywolfit used to be they insisted you send anything through their smarthost, but now it seems many don't even provide one.17:59
phaoostaha, I don't have lvm18:00
fluffywolfwith the assumption that you can use webmail, or fuck off.18:00
fluffywolfI mostly blame gmail for this.18:00
fluffywolffor making people think webmail was a good idea...18:00
fluffywolfmy ISP doesn't even provide you with an email address at all, and I think this is slowly becoming the norm.18:01
fluffywolfthat is, they run no mail servers of any kind, and you have to find email elsewhere.18:01
GyrosGeieroutgoing SMTP works fine both at home and on mobile for me18:02
fluffywolflast time I used reportbug, I ended up scp its dump of the email to my web server and feeding it manually to the mta there.18:03
fluffywolfthis pissed me off.18:03
fluffywolfI haven't reported any bugs since.  This is not because I haven't encountered any bugs, but rather than the process of reporting them took excessive effort.18:04
GyrosGeierthat is why it needs to be fixed18:05
fsmithredwtf?? gmail is going to webmail only?18:05
fluffywolfeven configuring a custom SMTP server, like shown in the wiki, exceeds the difficulty most desktop users are prepared for.18:05
fluffywolfit should default to something that Just Works, and have the option to be configured some other way for advanced users.18:06
GyrosGeierthat is what I'm saying18:06
GyrosGeierreportbug --configure asks you "do you run your own SMTP server?", and if you say no, it configures Debian's server for you18:06
phaoostI think gmail will close imap soon. I was receiving some notice about that time ago. so smtp will be probably closed too18:07
GyrosGeierwhich is a reasonable default for Debian, but doesn't work for anyone else18:07
fluffywolfhell, at the rate we're going, it wouldn't surprise me if a non-trivial percentage of new users have never even used email...   SMS, telegram, facebook messenger, discord, amino, whatever...18:07
GyrosGeieremail isn't going away18:07
GyrosGeierneither is IRC18:07
fluffywolfI didn't say it was going away.  I said it's possible a percentage of new users have not used it.18:07
fluffywolfand none of them have used IRC.  we're all old farts.  :P18:08
GyrosGeieralso, I'm fairly sure everyone is using email18:08
GyrosGeierbecause it's still the lowest common denominator protocol18:08
GyrosGeieruntil Russia and China agree that they want their companies to communicate internally via Facebook18:09
fluffywolfreally?  you mention email these days to anything under 25, and they give you that patronizing-the-old-fogey look.  :P18:09
GyrosGeierthey don't use email for private stuff18:10
GyrosGeierbut they will send a nicely formatted PDF as an attachment when applying for a job18:11
fluffywolfLOL.  maybe for tech jobs...18:11
GyrosGeieralso, it seems my setup is broken18:11
GyrosGeierI haven't received a security update for sudo18:11
GyrosGeierSecurity Advisories18:12
GyrosGeierNone so far.18:12
GyrosGeiernevermind then18:12
fluffywolfit's getting really hard to get people onto IRC these days too...  and I've lost channel members to telegram, discord, and amino in particular...18:13
specingfluffywolf: the best way is not to use those chat services18:14
specingthen you are only available on IRC18:14
fluffywolfI don't use them.  eventually I'll be sitting here alone.  :P18:14
golinuxNo you won't18:16
* fluffywolf sits on golinux's lap for company18:17
specinggolinux: they will, I know from personal experience ;)18:20
fluffywolfbbl, thawing out outside, working on car.18:25
tuxd3vhello guys,18:40
tuxd3vdoes anybody knows what is the miniSSDP demoan?18:40
fsmithredminissdpd - keep memory of all UPnP devices that announced themselves18:41
tuxd3vI am tryin got migrate my desktop to beowulf... I need it to create arm beowulf images based on crossdebootstrap..18:43
tuxd3vin this process , it his asking me about if it should start automatically anow and at boot time?18:43
tuxd3vI don't know what to say :)18:44
tuxd3vit shoulçd be started automatically?18:44
tuxd3vin a desktop?18:44
fsmithredI don't know anything about it.18:45
tuxd3v‎l say no to this Upnp, is something intrusive right?18:46
tuxd3vdlna and others..18:47
tuxd3vfor what I see:
tuxd3vit was introduced in debian in 2017 iirc18:48
fsmithredI don't think I've ever had it installed18:54
Palituxd3v: Hi! I know what is minissdpd18:58
Paliif you are not using upnp network devices, you do not need it18:59
Paliand if you do not use upnp clients then you do not need it too18:59
Paliand if you properly configure your firewall (to do not drop multicast replies from upnp devices) you probably do not need it too19:00
Palisee section * Linux firewall configuration for UPnP clients *19:02
tuxd3vhello all,21:17
tuxd3vIn  the process to transit to beowulf in my main desktop, I took the very unwise path, and decided to do that in a graphical environment..21:17
sedroskengour: I honestly would not know21:18
tuxd3vafter some time the list of 1.8GB od data to install.. run bad as X crashed..21:18
tuxd3vand so dist-upgrade crashed with it..21:18
tuxd3vlet me in the dark21:18
sedroskenyou should be able to do another dist-upgrade from console and it should pick up where it left off21:19
sedroskenit did for me21:19
sedroskenor maybe an apt --fix-broken install21:19
tuxd3vwith hundreds of packages at mid starte, some installed but majority don't21:19
tuxd3vwell, at least apt was nice enough to tell me that some hundred of packages were kept back :)21:19
tuxd3vI made a script took that list and apt-get install --reinstall all of them21:20
tuxd3vI recovered mostly of my desktop21:20
tuxd3vI believe21:20
tuxd3vbut there are still some anoiances21:20
tuxd3vlike sound21:20
tuxd3vI don't have sound in xfce21:20
sedroskenkinda like how last night I ripped out consolekit in favor of having 100% elogind -- apt was giving me a scarily huge list of stuff to autoremove, and I eventually got it figured out I think21:21
sedroskeneven if a lot of deps are now considered "manually installed"21:21
tuxd3vthe blueman applet to deal with bluetooth was also broken21:21
sedroskenyeah I still haven't quite got it going, it complains about dbus21:21
tuxd3valso the marvel solution that I and fsmithred found21:21
tuxd3vfor correcting my screen resolution doesn't load in .config/autostart21:22
GyrosGeierI'm kind of nervous that there still hasn't been a security update for sudo21:22
tuxd3vsudo is not my principal concern right now, but what is hapening with it?21:23
specingthere is a security update for sudo21:23
specingit's "remove sudo" :)21:23
tuxd3vdon't understand, sudo is working for me21:23
tuxd3v..maybe I still have the older one :D21:24
sedroskenwhat's insecure about it now?21:24
tuxd3vafter all the update crash wasn't in vain :)21:24
fsmithredtuxd3v, is pulseaudio installed?21:24
tuxd3vI have a pulse audio plugin21:26
tuxd3vbut alsamixer crashs21:27
tuxd3vand the audio simbol is with '-'21:27
tuxd3vmeans mute, or no sound21:27
tuxd3vI have my eyes hurting from the console zillion things that I already made..21:27
tuxd3vbut now I have graphical environment21:28
sedroskenI wonder if there's a way to apply truetype fonts to actual ttys21:28
sedroskenor would that require being in a graphical mode21:29
GyrosGeierthe latter21:29
tuxd3vfsmithred, I will try to install or '--reinstall' pulseaudio plugin21:29
fsmithredtuxd3v, why?21:29
GyrosGeieryou could probably render a monospaced TT font out to bitmaps21:29
sedroskenoh well21:29
GyrosGeierand then use that21:29
yetimy eyes hurt less when not using a GUI21:29
sedroskenooh, yeah that actually sounds like a fun project there21:29
GyrosGeierI just use ratpoison as a WM and a fullscreen xterm21:30
yetituxd3v: maybe you shouldn't use a 5x7 font in xterm21:30
tuxd3vyeti, but the problem here was that I had to type hundreds of packages by hand, so visually intense..21:30
GyrosGeiersame effect, but full acceleration21:30
tuxd3valso update-alternatives --all by hand21:30
fsmithredI don't think that pulseaudio plugins will do anything if you're not using pulseaudio21:30
tuxd3vno copy & paste21:31
sedroskenI use urxvt and a solarized color scheme, they were right, it's going to be hard to ever go back21:31
sedroskensolarized dark21:31
yetituxd3v: redirection... or install gpm21:31
tuxd3vI noticed that the grub theme, the cinnabar one..21:31
yetior screen or tmox... they can do it21:31
tuxd3vat beguining was showing me the devuan entry21:31
tuxd3vbut after some mooves and install of kernel 4.1921:32
tuxd3vit cowardly call the entry 'debian'21:32
fsmithredtuxd3v, you can change that with a simple edit and update-grub21:32
fsmithredin /etc/os-release ID=devuan21:33
sedroskenyeah it calls this debian and so does hexchat's sysinfo plug21:33
tuxd3vin '/etc/default/grub' ?21:33
fsmithredin /etc/os-release ID=devuan21:33
tuxd3vfsmithred, thanks21:33
fsmithredthen run 'update-grub' to regenerate the menu21:33
tuxd3vI will do that21:33
tuxd3vand then update-grub2 ;)21:33
sedroskendid that myself, thanks for the pointer21:34
tuxd3vthank you!21:34
sedroskenI wonder if that'll make sysinfo see it as devuan now or if it just won't no matter what lol21:34
fsmithredit got changed to ID=debian so that some third-party software will recognize us21:34
fsmithredwhat is this hexchat sysinfo?21:34
sedroskenthat's weird, I'd have figured the ID-LIKE thing would be enough21:34
sedroskenClient: HexChat 2.14.2 • OS: Debian 10.0 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz (1.60GHz) • Memory: Physical: 15.2 GiB Total (10.2 GiB Free) Swap: 16.4 GiB Total (16.4 GiB Free) • Storage: 2.0 TB / 8.0 TB (6.0 TB Free) • VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Ellesmere [Radeon RX 470/480] @ Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor DRAM Controller • Uptime: 14h 33m 17s21:34
sedroskensays I'm running debian 10 when I am very much not21:35
specingIsn't devuan what debian should have been?21:35
fsmithredspecing, yes, pretty much21:35
sedroskenwell, yeah, but i'd appreciate it seeing Devuan 3 instead of Debian 10.021:35
fsmithreddid you restart hexchat?21:36
GyrosGeierspecing, not yet21:36
sedroskenjust did21:36
sedroskeni run znc so that's pretty quick and painless21:36
sedroskenClient: HexChat 2.14.2 • OS: Debian 10.0 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz (1.60GHz) • Memory: Physical: 15.2 GiB Total (10.1 GiB Free) Swap: 16.4 GiB Total (16.4 GiB Free) • Storage: 2.0 TB / 8.0 TB (6.0 TB Free) • VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Ellesmere [Radeon RX 470/480] @ Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor DRAM Controller • Uptime: 14h 35m 4s21:36
fsmithredis that a plugin that gives you the system info?21:36
sedroskenstill says that21:36
sedroskenI mean, it sees Artix as "Unknown Distro" so maybe it's better this way :P21:37
sedroskenat least it says something comparable21:37
fsmithredI was going to suggest looking at the source code - it might be an easy fix21:37
fsmithredotherwise, just don't look at it21:37
sedroskenI'm not super worried about it, just a little annoyed21:37
sedroskenit's not like I'm using that for support or anything, just to brag in other channels :P21:38
fsmithredyeah, I get annoyed when I see 'debian' in the boot menu21:38
sedroskenI wonder what applications work with ID=debian that don't with ID=devuan? I never noticed anything funny when it was calling it Devuan21:38
fsmithredalso confuse, because I do have at least one debian vm floating around here somewhere21:38
fsmithredthird-party enterprise stuff21:39
sedroskenI still need to set up some of my server stuff -- apache2, vsftpd, samba, maybe even nfs21:40
sedroskensamba and vsftpd because I run some older machines on the LAN that need that to access my network shares21:41
tuxd3vfsmithred, thanks21:44
tuxd3vthe /etc/or-release solved the grub thing ;)21:44
tuxd3veven the icon is there, up and kicking!21:44
tuxd3vI installed the pulse audio packages 'pulseaudio xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin libpulse0 pulseaudio-module-bluetooth'21:44
fsmithredtuxd3v, do you like using pulseaudio?21:45
tuxd3vI have a xfce4 pulse audio plugin icon in desktop, i believe that I were using it with blueman for bluethooth audio21:46
tuxd3vbut When I click on it it says 'stablishing conection with pulse audio.Please wait'21:46
tuxd3vbut nothing appears21:47
fsmithredmake sure it's running21:47
fsmithredyou might need to edit /etc/pulse/client.conf.d/00-disable-autospawn.conf21:47
fsmithredcomment out the line that says autospawn=no21:48
tuxd3vfsmithred, rock!21:49
tuxd3vits correct now apears the gui. I will check if sound comes out :)21:49
tuxd3vsound via jack is working22:03
tuxd3vbut I can't start blueman22:03
tuxd3vand bluetooth adaptors gui, only shows a close button...yeah only a close button :)22:04
tuxd3vcouldn't stablish what is wrong with my bluetooth manager(blueman)23:35
tuxd3vits noit working..23:35
tuxd3v noit -> not23:35
tuxd3vsomeone mentioned a problem with sudo?23:35
tuxd3vwhat problem?23:35
fsmithredlocal root exploit:
fsmithredthat's from 200223:39
tuxd3vfsmithred, thanks23:44
tuxd3vthey say that in 1.8.26 was introduced a change in EOF handling that by itself prevents it from happening , but the issue by itself was only corrected in 1.8.31, which let us in the middle of something.. :)23:47
tuxd3vcan anyone access to: https://deb.devuan.org23:51
yetituxd3v: Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN23:53
tuxd3vyeah I get the same23:53
yeti is ok23:53
tuxd3vtry it :)23:53
tuxd3vI think its not :)23:54
yetiI can update via http:23:55
tuxd3vto me it gives the exact same error about certificate23:55
tuxd3vwhich is strange23:56
tuxd3vunless there are a redirect somewere from http to https23:56
tuxd3vit could be23:56
yetisome mirrors have a https-problem, some not?23:56
tuxd3vit can also be :)23:57
tuxd3vit redirects to https23:58

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