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tuxd3vworks nice00:02
tuxd3vIam trying to crossdebootstrap to arm64 on beowulf..00:03
fsmithrednot all mirrors support https. If you want to use https in sources.list, pick a mirror that supports it.00:27
yetihe's gone00:32
tuxd3vdoes any one knows how to apply 'clearlooks-phenix-darkpurpy-theme' instead of 'clearlooks-phenix-cinnabar-theme' ?02:52
tuxd3vthe redhat colors are making me hangry :D02:53
tuxd3vcan I do it via update-alternatives?02:53
fsmithredit's not the same red02:57
fsmithredbut anyway, go into the desktop settings to select a different theme02:58
fsmithredin xfce it's under Appearance and Window Manager02:58
tuxd3vI mean the desktop image, sorry02:59
tuxd3vforget fsmithred ... yeah you right, I already found it :)03:00
tuxd3vI made a stupid question sorry03:00
tuxd3vI was already playing with synbolic links to alternatives and such loool03:01
tuxd3vI know its not the same red, but its very bright03:02
tuxd3vI see very badly03:02
yeti <<< warm winter background (from an older upbbuntu SE)03:02
tuxd3vhave you guys ever experimented the Icon theme Plataro?03:03
tuxd3vits awesome!03:03
fsmithredtuxd3v, you like plataro because it's easy to see?03:08
MinceRtango's more to my liking03:09
tuxd3vwell Plataro  as a icon theme is very rectamgular for each icon03:10
tuxd3vand its also beutifully made , yeah its easier to distinguish, between diferent type of things03:11
golinuxtuxd3v: I keep my monitor at 45 % brightness.03:11
* golinux prefers monochromatic themes03:12
tuxd3vgolinux, now I know why it was so bright :)03:12
* fluffywolf finds golinux a rainbow sparkledog theme03:13
tuxd3vin fact we all should put bright at 50% because of radiationit really husrts but I believe that my display is close to 90%03:13
fluffywolf50% on one monitor might be 150% of another...03:14
tuxd3vdon't know why, but I lost around 4 GB going from ascii to beowulf03:14
fluffywolffor example, I keep this one at 100% and it's just right, while my other laptop with a 1000nit display is absurd at 100%...03:14
tuxd3vfluffywolf, that is also true03:14
fsmithredtuxd3v, something must be missing. Each release gets bigger.03:15
tuxd3vI believe display manufacturers have a hiden contract with ophthalmologist doctors03:15
tuxd3vfsmithred, it could be03:16
tuxd3vbut 4 GB I think its a lot.. even tought that my dist-upgrade crashed on me... since I have done it in a very stupid way, in X11 :S03:16
tuxd3vif I started doing it in console mode, I believe it woudn't03:17
fsmithred4gb is just about enough for a full desktop install03:17
tuxd3vthings that one sometimes need to pass to learn for next time..but when next time forgot :|03:17
tuxd3vI have around 1890 packages03:18
tuxd3vbut this is also not a metric since some are bigger than others..03:19
tuxd3vits not a good metric03:19
fsmithredthat's about 400 more than default xfce desktop install03:19
tuxd3vSo.. could it be that I left a lot of packages from ascii?03:19
tuxd3vsince it crashed, it could make sense03:20
tuxd3vif I do a dist-upgrade again...does you think it will do the job?03:20
tuxd3vmaybe not :)03:20
fsmithredI don't know. It's hard to install 4gb of stuff on top of a full install. I mean hard to find that many things to install.03:21
fsmithrednot hard to install them.03:21
tuxd3vyeah, I got a message from apt-get saying that tons of packages were kept back, after crashing.. in next console mode..03:22
tuxd3vand I created a file with all packages on it and apt-get install --reinstall on them03:23
fsmithredoh, then you should repeate the dist-upgrade03:23
chillfantry apt-get -f install then apt-get dist-upgrade03:23
chillfanwhat are you upgrading from btw?03:23
tuxd3vI was in ascii, but I have a strange x11 setup with a intel graphics and at same time with a Nvidia pcie graphics card03:24
chillfanah yeah, you probably need -f install then dist-upgrade if going to beowulf03:24
tuxd3vI beliebve that this factor made x11crash on dist-upgrade, and since I was in x11, with no screen or nohup... my  dist-upgrade may have died in the process lefting the system at midway03:25
tuxd3vafter that I tried in console mode, because no X, not even xserver03:26
tuxd3vthey were installed initially by hand03:26
tuxd3vlater apt returned a lot of packages that were kept back, and they were undreds of them03:26
tuxd3vwith that list I made a script, and install --reinstall on them..03:27
tuxd3vI say this because I were with aroung 18GB free before and now I am with 13.5gb free03:27
tuxd3vI am trying to justify the diference03:28
tuxd3vchillfan, yes in the process I got broken packages, true03:29
gnarfacetuxd3v: you were trying to upgrade from ascii to beowulf?03:29
tuxd3vgnarface, yes03:29
tuxd3vI was on ascii 2.103:30
gnarfacewell, recommends can bloat the sysytem out a lot if you don't block them03:30
tuxd3vI tried it yesterday in a old laptop and everything went smoth03:30
gnarfaceyou might have packages in /var/cache/apt/ still too03:30
fsmithredyeah, clean the cache03:30
fsmithredand after finishing dist-upgrade, you probably need to autoremove03:31
gnarfaceoh, yea also autoremoves03:31
gnarfacebut just getting texlive/latex installed accidentally as a recommend can eat up a bunch of space on it's own03:31
fsmithredand then deborphan and aptitude purge ~c03:31
gnarfaceand dev tools take up a lot of space too - some of which you would need to upgrade nvidia drivers, but those would probably pull in way more that aren't needed03:32
gnarfaceif it's a derailed upgrade with broken packages though, i'd expect you also still have a lot of downloaded packages that haven't completed install, and a lot of old stuff still duplicating it03:33
gnarfacebut some of the window managers got a lot bigger too03:34
gnarfaceno one by enough to account for that much space on it's own... but if you have a few big ones installed concurrently it could get out of hand fast03:34
gnarfaceso like if you have kde and gnome both installed, make sure you ditch the one you're not using (then to "apt-get --purge autoremove" again after that)03:35
tuxd3vI have lots of liboost packages that I don't know why I need them03:38
tuxd3vsome 30 packages or so..03:38
fsmithredaptitude why <package>03:38
tuxd3vliboost -> libboost03:38
tuxd3vwith only this:03:57
tuxd3vafter a apt-get update03:57
tuxd3vapt-get upgrade03:57
tuxd3vthe system showed me lots ofpackages03:57
tuxd3vand I autormoved them :D03:57
tuxd3v1GB space free03:57
tuxd3vbut will not the system work..only a way to see that..03:58
tuxd3vwell, it seems at leat it survived a reboot :)04:00
tuxd3vfor sure I still have packages at midway04:05
tuxd3vwhy should I need 'libqt4-network' if I am in xfce?04:07
tuxd3vto see my userspace nfs3 shares I still need to issue as root 'mount -o remount -a'04:09
tuxd3vit doesn't mount them04:09
tuxd3valso the swap is not mounted automatically04:09
tuxd3vI need to issue 'swapon -a'04:10
tuxd3vthis is already something I knew before because in ARMhf or arm64 when I have done migrations from ascii to beowulf, I lost the auto mount for swap04:10
gnarfacetuxd3v: you need to edit your fstab04:10
tuxd3veven if you add 'sw' to fstab04:11
tuxd3vit still doesn't mount them..04:11
tuxd3vits a nown issue at least for me..04:11
gnarfacedid the kernel get updated, or are you still running the ascii one?04:11
tuxd3vstill haven't found a way to automatically bring swap on04:13
tuxd3vI believe I already spoke also with CenturionDan, about this04:13
tuxd3vbut no clue04:13
tuxd3v'sw' directive in /etc/fstab doesn't mount them04:14
tuxd3vI don't know if this also happens when swap is harddisk based04:14
tuxd3vor only when it is ramfs based..04:14
tuxd3vbut is ascii, ramfs come up automatically at boot time..04:15
tuxd3vgnarface, I updated the kernel to 4.1904:15
tuxd3vI still have the 4.9..just in case :D04:15
tuxd3vand I still need to update the kernel driver for the nvidia card04:17
tuxd3vI am thinking in moving only to it, and no more dual graphic stacks04:17
tuxd3vbut with this update come libreoffice, and Kicad, which per se it uses a lot of space..04:18
yetilook for swapon in /etc/init.d/mountall.sh04:23
yetiaaaaand /etc/init.d/checkroot.sh04:24
tuxd3vyeti, well thanks04:29
tuxd3vI indeed have already looked at the first, but I failed to see were that var 'NOSWAP' comes from :(04:30
tuxd3vin fstab maybe could be that it is not parsing, or ignoring the '/dev/zram?' devices04:32
tuxd3vbecause in fact they are not real devices..04:32
gnarfaceis there a kernel module for that?  maybe it's not loading early enough?04:36
yetisure they are devices04:40
yetithe module theory at least applies on some of teh systems I have running04:40
yetibut he's red now04:41
yetibut what do I know... I silly still kernel4.x.y user... :-P04:43
yetimoar T04:43
tuxd3vyeti, NOSWAP is defined in '/lib/init/'04:57
tuxd3vand sources by '/etc/init.d/' :)04:59
tuxd3vbut I don't know why it gets NOSWAP=yes05:00
tuxd3vbut even changing it dosn't show the swap :(05:00
rrqare the zram? formatted?05:01
tuxd3vho I forgot... swap is created via eudev :S06:08
tuxd3vmaybe it hasn't run went the scripts are called..06:08
tuxd3v yeti, '/etc/init.d/ start' or '/etc/init.d/ start' activate zram swap06:09
tuxd3v in '/lib/init/' there are no option to parse FSTAB with relation to '/dev/zram?'06:09
tuxd3v so I created a entry06:10
tuxd3v swap_on_zram=yes06:10
tuxd3v before06:11
tuxd3v /dev/*)06:11
tuxd3v but... running  '/etc/init.d/ start' or  '/etc/init.d/ start' by hand mounts swap06:11
tuxd3v automatically don't, but on ascii yes it is mounted..06:11
tuxd3vdon't ask me why..06:13
flingWhich package for winetricks?11:31
flingor is ascii too old for it?11:31
debdogit's just a script, just get it directly and be up to date
flingdebdog: needed to add more sources to apt11:36
flingwill not download random links as it will not get the deps11:36
debdogin that case you prolly want the package "winetricks"11:37
flinginstalled! thanks11:40
flingshould I use ascii?11:41
debdogas in ascii vs. beowulf?11:44
flingmaybe, idk what beowulf is11:45
flingI have some random debians here and there I would like to convert to devuan11:46
gnarfacein general you should use ascii until beowulf is declared stable, but if you plan to play games with wine that might change things depending on the game11:46
gnarface(and the wine version)11:46
debdogbeowulf is ascii's not yet but almost stable successor11:46
flingOk. Is there a good guide to read about the conversion?11:47
flingI have snapshots and everything, can always go back.11:47
gnarfaceit's basically the same as going from a debian stable to testing release, only the names are different11:48
flingI have no idea, need a guide to read.11:55
debdogalong these lines: just replace ascii with beowulf12:00
debdogand the devuan-keyring step can be omitted12:02
gnu_srs1Devuan ASCII corresponds to Debian Stretch (oldstable) and Devuan Beowulf corresponds to Debian Buster (stable).12:02
gnu_srs1And Devuan Chimaera corresponds to Debian Bullseye (testing).12:03
gnu_srs1For Devuan relaeses, see:
flingBut I wanted to switch from debian hmm.12:04
gnu_srs1fling: From Debian ??? to Devuan ???12:05
debdogfling: you could have said so earlier12:05
gnu_srs1From Debian Buster to Devuan Beowulf there is a script available.12:06
gnu_srs1From Debian Stretch you should definitely go via Devuan ASCII to Devuan Beowulf.12:08
fling< fling> I have some random debians here and there I would like to convert to devuan12:11
fling^ 20 minuts ago ;P12:11
djphhi fling12:13
flingdjph: Hello.12:13
debdogfling: ahh, I had no clue what you meant by that12:24
flinggnu_srs1: do you have a link to the script?12:30
gnu_srs1fling: There are some patches to it see:
gnu_srs1The whole email thread starts at:
flingthan ks12:55
phaoostlooks like issue has been fixed with the recent cryptsetup update in ceres: ```~# lsinitramfs /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-3-amd64 |grep
flingI got wine-1.8.7 and winetricks-20170101 on ascii :P13:18
debdogyou can have more recent versions by adding the winehq repo to your sources.list (for ascii use stretch repo)13:22
flingI'm trying to upgrade to beowulf13:23
debdogthat contains wine 4.013:24
flingIs it good?13:24
flingthe wine13:24
debdogwell, it's more modern than 1.813:25
debdogbut I  usually use the winehq repo ones13:25
flingThen I will just try it.13:25
djphI'll have a nice Bordea... ohhhh you aren't talking about that kind :|13:25
d1fbI'll take the house white, regardless what kind you're talking about ;)13:30
flingsomething went wrong, dpkg errored out13:39
flingI rolled it back, trying again13:39
gourfling: i'm on ceres and installed wine from winehq for buster...and it works13:51
flinghmm it shuts down on reboot for some reason14:36
flingis my inittab bad?14:40
flingWhich package to install mono properly? mono-complete?14:42
onefangDepends on what you mean by "properly".15:05
flingonefang: for wine to like it15:08
onefangI dunno about wine, sorry.15:08
onefangMono-complete will likely get you most of the way there, unless wine needs a recent version, then you might want to use the repository.  I do OpenSim development, so I do the later, and add in things like mono-devel.15:12
debdogfling: ideally do not do anything about mono and let wine handle it when creating a prefix (AKA say yes when it asks to fetch it)15:13
flingit is not installing mono for some reason15:14
flingbut complaining afterwards15:14
flingnot even asking for it15:14
debdogeach wine version requires a special version of mono15:15
debdogthere are some hints to get it and where to put it:
buZz> Docker implemented in around 100 lines of bash.17:22
golinuxMultiarch in beowulf was broken. Has it been fixed?17:25
golinuxIt was making wine difficult in Beowulf17:25
flingI'm trying to add winehq repo but it says could not find a distribution template for Debian/beowulf17:30
flingShould I just edit it into sources list by hand?17:31
flingwhich one eoan/disco/cosmic/bionic to use for beowulf?17:31
buZzi think its still broken17:34
buZzfling: all 4 are based on buster, it seems? weird17:34
flingshould I just go i386? :P17:35
flinggolinux: if I don't need multiarch17:35
golinuxI think it depends on what you want to run on wine..  My system is still i386 so I've never had to deal with this issue.17:36
buZzseems i can install wine32 now?17:36
* buZz tries to get a game working17:37
golinuxAnd I'm still on jessie.17:37
golinuxThe wine bug is one reason I haven't gone to 64 bit.  There are other reasons too, of course . . .17:38
James1138GoLinux: you maybe able to find a Multiarch package in here that will work in Beowulf -
flingshould I go ascii or beowulf for x86 wine?17:38
flingI want the new one from winehq repo17:38
buZzThe following NEW packages will be installed:17:38
buZz  libwine:i386 wine32:i38617:38
golinuxI think it works OK in ASCII.17:38
buZz-seeeems- to work?17:38
flinggolinux: which package should I install from the winehq repo?17:39
flingit is getting installed from devuan hmmm17:39
golinuxInstall from the Devuan repo17:39
flingascii has wine-1 which is too old17:39
flingbeowulf has 4 :<17:39
golinuxI haven't set up a new wine in 5 years so I haven't a clue17:40
ZazemI'm from ubuntu but I'm curius... what can you tell about devuan?17:42
Zazemhi :'(17:43
Zazemholi, any advice to start with devuan?17:44
fluffywolfinstall, enjoy.17:44
Zazem.-. anyway, how hard its to run nividia free drivers there?17:45
buZzalright \o/17:48
buZzwine32 works fine17:48
buZzZazem: they should work by default17:48
buZzthe proprietary ones take a tiny bit of effort17:48
Zazemso, I think i'm gonna try it thancks17:49
golinuxbuZz: Thanks for testing wine and confirming that it now works18:12
buZz\o welcome18:28
nemoso... if, hypothetically, I had to run an ubuntu kernel due to that stupid kernel module workplace requires21:45
nemowould there be any likely surprises? could I set it it up in sources list to update automatically?21:45
fsmithredputting in sources.list is a bad idea unless you do some careful pinning21:46
fsmithredsafer to download debs and install manually21:46
nemofsmithred: mm...21:54
nemofsmithred: was hoping to come up with something less manual21:54
nemofsmithred: for a few dev VMs around here that I wouldn't be looking after21:54
nemofsmithred: basically it's that stupid kernel module I mentioned before that isn't compiling since I switched to beowulf21:54
nemoguess I should see if I can find someone who can help me figure out the build errors21:55
fsmithredthen you have to recompile every time there are security updates21:55
nemofsmithred: redeploying the kernel module wasn't a big deal21:55
nemoif it fails, no loss anyway21:56
fsmithredman apt_preferences21:56
nemobeen doing that with ascii already21:56
fsmithredpin it so you only get the kernel21:56
DonkeyHoteiif it's not a binary-only module, ubuntu would use dkms21:56
nemoDonkeyHotei: so... it's an awful .deb that bundles 4 .ko for various ubuntu versions.  but it also has sources in the .deb that it falls back to using. I don't believe those sources are being maintained properly by them.  but I could be wrong21:58
nemoDonkeyHotei: for ascii I made some minor changes due to ubuntu enabling a kernel feature that debian didn't and got it running21:58
nemobeowulf is blowing up on some change to a task structure or something21:58
nemoDonkeyHotei: if you like, I can share it with you, if you wanna try compiling it ☺22:00
nemowould definitely appreciate any advice22:01
DonkeyHoteiyou might be confined to some specific kernel versions22:01
nemowell. it definitely has a bunch of kernel version checks22:01
nemobut I don't see where I'm hitting a problematic one22:01
avbox@fsmithred  Could you already check falkon with libsystemd? I managed to install falkon with elogind, but then had problems with some sound cards (any longer recogniced) from intel compute sticks). If someone has any experience with elogind, falkon, mate and sound, any information is welcomed.23:30
fsmithredavbox, I might be able to try in a little while23:34
avboxfsmithred: Ok, thank you for the info. Have a good time. If you find something just put it here, I too will consult archived icr log.23:35
fsmithreddid you do anything to diagnose the sound problem?23:36
fsmithredare you using pulseaudio or just alsa?23:36

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