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agrisare the bug report servers down?06:16
agrisDo you want to continue? [Y/n] y06:16
agrisRetrieving bug reports... 0%06:16
agrisapt hangs trying to download06:16
gnarfaceagris: is up for me06:22
gnarfaceagris: something might be wrong with some of the access methods still, but i seem to recall them saying the email submission method works06:23
agrisapt fails saying it can't contact the bts server06:24
agrisnot the mail server06:24
gnarfaceyea but i'm saying it might be trying to connect to the wrong one06:24
gnarfacei don't know if it's been un-debianized, so you might need to use web/email instead06:24
gnarfacei'm running out of ideas about ways to restate that06:25
agrisgnarface, I'm not trying to submit a bug. I'm trying to run apt upgrade06:26
gnarfaceyou said retrieving bug reports...?06:27
gnarfacecheck your /etc/apt/sources.list06:27
gnarfacemaybe something is wrong with it, or with one of the repos06:27
agrissources look fine06:42
agrisit appears if you just let apt try to download for 10 minutes it eventually works06:47
agristhat's strange07:45
agris /etc/init.d/nftables does not exist07:45
agrislooks like nftables is pretty broken on ascii08:16
gnarfaceyou're fully upgraded?08:27
gnarfacemaybe you'll have better luck with the kernel in ascii-backports08:27
DarwinElfwhere would I put my own initialization scripts on classic Debian/Devuan, and what style is it? (I'm used to SysVInit...)08:50
gnarfaceit is sysvinit08:50
gnarfaceyou add them to /etc/init.d/08:51
gnarfacethe documentation for debian wheezy and earlier should still be relevant08:52
DarwinElfwell that doesn't look familiar.  I use /etc/rc.d09:19
DarwinElfthanks.  Then I add them to /etc/init.d/rc.local ?09:20
DarwinElfand what happened to /etc/init.d/rc.local_shutdown?09:24
gnarfaceDarwinElf: no, you still use /etc/rc.d/ too, but they're just symlinks that point to the scripts in /etc/init.d/ ... it has always worked that way09:35
gnarfaceyou could use /etc/rc.local instead if you want09:35
gnarfacethat runs at the end, after everything else.  there's a package you need to install first, maybe it adds a /etc/init.d/rc.local...09:36
gnarfacemay or may not need to install, i should say10:11
gnu_srs1Hello., I need some help to detect if a process runs inside a container lxc/docker/podman/etc:11:00
gnu_srs1Can you check the output of "cat /proc/1/sched  | head -n 1" if you run sysvinit, openrc, runit, s6, systemd or some container?11:00
gnu_srs1Thanks :)11:00
gnarfacegnu_srs1: i think the answer is going to be container-specific, but probably it will NOT report processes of guests IN the container on the host without special tools11:39
gnarface(that is sort of the whole point of such containers)11:40
gnu_srs1gnarface: Yes, I know the output is container-specific, that's why I ask.11:46
gnarfacewell, you'll have to pick a container first, then check the documentation for it's tools11:49
gnu_srs1I was asking for people out there running a container the output of the command: "cat /proc/1/sched  | head -n 1"11:51
gnarfaceoh, i see11:53
onefangThe qemu that I'm experimenting with right now says "init (1, #threads: 1)", Does that count?11:55
gnu_srs1cat /proc/1/sched | head -n 1; bash (5276, #threads: 1)11:55
gnu_srs1onefang: Yes, you are not running in a container, right?11:56
onefangJust a chrooted qemu.11:56
gnu_srs1The previous was a container host. For a non-container host you get for example: cat /proc/1/sched  | head -n 1; init (1, #threads: 1)11:58
gnu_srs1All this is needed for checking if you should start udevd or not, being in a container you should not.12:00
onefangAnd being in qemu I should.12:01
sedroskenis there a way to install the OpenCL ICD for AMDGPU-PRO without installing the rest of the stuff? all I wanted was the OpenCL ICD, not all the dkms stuff15:27
sedroskenI literally built the open source AMDGPU thing into my custom kernel15:28
gnu_srs1Hi again: Anybody running a lxc/docker/podman? container? Please, report the output of: cat /proc/1/sched | head -n 115:39
emdeteHi, i installed a Devuan image on a pi zero and wonder where the kernel comes from. There is no package containing it (it's just /boot/kernel.img it seems), version is 4.14.44+ reported by `uname` but i can't find any package with that version number. i want to use dkms to install wireguard, how can i do so?17:47
masonemdete: There's #devuan-arm but my general understanding is that we don't have a solid RPi build as yet.18:03
tuxd3vus and Germany working together..18:08
yetiemdete: yip. the kernel was beamed into the image via subspace... or magic... a big problem...18:26
yetithe debian image has a packaged kernel but goes suicide on kernel update18:27
yetione line un config.txt gets lost18:27
yetimaybe we can transfer debian's kernel update method to devuan...18:28
yetior transgrade a debian image18:29
yetiimaged for pi0,2,318:31
yetithe pi0 image runs on pi1 too18:31
yetiuntil the next kernel update ... :-P18:32
emdeteyeti: so bettter i dont touch that ;) but can i get dkms working somehow?18:45
yetiI've put using debian and devuan on PIs on hold.18:46
emdeteyeti: i decided to use that zero cause its cheap - do you have a better suggestion?18:48
emdeteyeti: it's for a school project, so the pupils may break some ;)18:48
bsd4mehello! Looking at download sites, I see ascii and jessie. Is it possible to get a beowulf or ceres iso to install with? Must I start with ascii and upgrade?18:48
yetithen using everything other than raspian will be a pain18:48
yetithey will start googling and will find 99% raspian answers18:49
bsd4meThis lenovo ideapad is pretty harsh with anything other than newer kernels :(18:49
fsmithredbsd4me, do you need a kernel newer than 4.9?18:51
bsd4meAt minimum 4.16, but the newer 5.x work great18:52
fsmithredI've got an unofficial devuan desktop-live iso with backports kernel18:53
bsd4memain problem, but not only problem, is amd18:54
fsmithredI think the amd firmware is installed18:55
bsd4mefsmithred: what is the difference between the 10 and the test iso?18:57
bsd4meJust curious which to try :)18:57
fsmithredunofficial desktop-live is the same as the official desktop-live except for the kernel18:57
fsmithredthe test-oblx is beowulf with openbox, lxpanel and beowulf-backports kernel18:58
fsmithredboth have wireless firmware installed18:58
fsmithredthe oblx has almost no apps installed18:58
fsmithredthe nodbus builds are truly experimental. No dbus.19:00
bsd4meis the oblx with a 5.3 kernel, or does that mean something else?  I'm not good with abbreviations :(19:00
fsmithred5.3 kernel19:00
fsmithredfrom beowulf-backports19:01
bsd4meOk, I'll try that one! Thanks :)    I've used openbox/etc before so no problem there19:01
fsmithredthere's a file manager and text editor included.19:01
fsmithredProbably links2 browser.19:02
fsmithredpretty sure.19:02
fsmithredmake the web look like 1995 again!19:02
bsd4meIf it will boot, X will start, and my touchpad works, then I'll be happy. I can worry about browser after that :D19:03
bsd4medownloading it now19:03
bsd4melol, just read the txt file :D19:06
MinceRmake the web work on machines made in 1995 again19:07
fsmithredthat would be nice19:08
emdeteyeti: are you maintaining the pi stuff? in that image a file (/lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43430-sdio.txt) is missing, whom can i tell?19:08
yetino... I'm just another nobody with some PIs19:11
bsd4meok, off to boot oblx. Will report later.19:28
yetithis patch should fix the suicide on kernel update problem of the pi0 image20:19
yetibut I dont see new images20:19
bsd4mefsmithred: here's dmesg.
bsd4meand here's the xorg.log.
fsmithredcool, it works?20:24
bsd4mewell, it booted but I had to crtl-c during booting. It couldn't initialize loopX sdX20:25
bsd4medidn't recognize wireless at all. Not even usb dongle20:26
fsmithredenable contrib and non-free in sources.list, apt update, apt install firmware-amd-graphics20:26
bsd4meok, can do that :)20:27
bsd4meI'll try to get output of the not initializing loop and sdX lines. Seems like related to dbus???20:29
bsd4mefsmithred: here is a pic of what I was talking about during booting.
bsd4meamd-graphics installed and didn't help starting X20:54
fsmithredshould have already been installed20:55
bsd4meI'm going to be busy for a while now, but will still be connected here.20:55
bsd4meyes :)20:55
fsmithredI booted the iso and I see it20:55
fsmithredI can't see that paste20:55
bsd4melet me check20:55
bsd4meoh, ok20:57
bsd4meobviously I'm able to ctlr-c out of it and continue booting.20:58
fsmithredmaybe add 'nomodeset' to boot command20:58
fsmithredis it waiting for a network connection?20:58
bsd4meno, just goes through a very long list of sd(a-?)21:00
fsmithreddoes it say something about waiting for udev?21:00
fsmithredand 'not found in database'21:00
bsd4menot found in database21:00
fsmithredok, I haven't figured out how to predict when that will happen21:01
bsd4menot initiazlized in udev database21:01
fsmithredI get it sometimes when chrooting to install grub21:01
fsmithredand the fix there is to bind-mount run/udev to the chroot21:01
bsd4medoesn't seem to hurt when I ctlr-c out  of it21:02
fsmithredotherwise it takes a few minutes21:02
fsmithredyeah, that too21:02
james1138Sorry about the delay. Bsd4me: maybe these will help you with Lenovo support on Devuan -
bsd4meI have to delete a partition to install it, so trying to make sure I can boot and get X running before installing the iso :)21:06
bsd4mejames1138: ?   what is this referring to?21:06
bsd4memaybe somebody else?21:06
james1138Bsd4me - you wrote earlier "lenovo ideapad is pretty harsh with anything other than newer kernels"21:07
bsd4meah, ok :)  thanks!21:08
james1138sure thing21:08
bsd4melol, I really have a very strong dislike for this laptop!  Just got it brand new at a very good price, and I needed something right then :/21:10
james1138Sorry all for now being strict Devuan - just giving Bsd4me just one my tip (being a fellow Lenovo user). Bsd4me: check out the website devoted to Linux on Lenovo -
james1138"I meant one last typ"21:12
bsd4mewill do. Thanks! :)21:12
bsd4meI have lenovo ideapad 320-15ast, but bought it for $280 iirc21:13
DarwinElfcan't one get an aptitude package, etc.?21:23
DarwinElfotherwise I'm not sure how to find packages & dependencies, and it seems it'd be very laborious.  Debian already had aptitude several years ago so I'm quite surprised why it doesn't seem available...21:29
fsmithredDarwinElf, 'apt install aptitude'21:34
fsmithredmaybe add --no-install-recommends21:34
DarwinElfwhat's '--no-install-recommends?'21:35
fsmithredit excludes extra packages that are recommended but not required for whateer you're installing21:35
fsmithredsome people use it to avoid cruft21:36
fsmithredanything that's in debian should be in devuan with the exception of systemd and a few things that go with it21:36
DarwinElfwell it still said 'Package aptitude is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source'21:37
fsmithredor something in your sources.list needs to be adjusted21:37
DarwinElfi didn't change it from default21:37
fsmithredapt update21:38
fsmithred  <-- examples21:39
DarwinElfwell I did then changed it back; so that's what I need to do (apt update; ) have aptitude now :)21:39
DarwinElfi have a virtual private server (VPS) I followed instructions to convert from Debian 9 to Devuan but not sure what version it actually is.  I'm trying to compile ZNC 1.7.4 and it keeps saying 'c++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)'... maybe because the server doesn't have a lot of memory resources?  Isn't there a way to run it with less memory?22:10
DarwinElfyeah; I viewed htop and it took all the 128MB RAM and maybe swap space...22:11
DarwinElfshould I ask in #znc?22:11
m3ttiis distcc an option?22:12
DarwinElfsure... but I've never setup that over a WAN...22:12
DarwinElfif I could let distcc use my PC for that, it'd be great, as I have 8x4GHz and 64GB RAM... just didn't think I'd need a more powerful VPS22:13
m3ttioh shit than you would need a vpn i guess :D22:13
m3ttior what about compile a package and ship the package to the server22:13
m3ttialso an option22:14
m3ttibut i've never set up a deb package22:14
DarwinElfmaybe, but I don't have Devuan on a more powerful system... I usually use *BSD Unix or Slackware GNU/Linux... but I'm not even making it a package, just installing it... it probably has a 'make uninstall' but if not, I'm not sure I care.  I'd make it a .deb if it's not too difficult...22:15
DarwinElfi guess I can install Devuan in an emulator/virtual-machine on this PC and it'll be powerful enough... but not sure what my version is considered.  lsb_release -a says Devuan 9...22:16
m3ttisetup a changeroot with devuan or a vm and try to build a package or even in a virtual environment22:16
m3ttidevuan 9 is basically ascii i guess22:16
DarwinElfi'm not sure I've ran an OS in a chroot before but that sounds more interesting... I've installed an OS just to compile stuff, maybe that's all I'd need to do (not 'mount --bind' /dev,/proc,/sys?)22:17
bsd4mefsmithred: rebooted with nomodeset added to grub, then did apt update and apt install firmware-amd-graphics, and then apt reinstall firmware-amd-graphics. Still couldn't get X.22:17
fsmithredI don't know what the issue is. I'm not that good with diagnosing xorg problems22:18
bsd4meok, thanks for all your help anyway :)22:19
bsd4meIf I could log in X, I'd then see if james site would help.22:19
DarwinElfok, are there instructions somewhere for installing a Devuan chroot within some other POSIX-based (at this time GNU/Linux) OS?22:22
fsmithredbsd4me, links2 will work in console22:28
bsd4meoh yeah, forgot :D  Thanks22:29
fsmithredit'll be fast, too22:30
DarwinElfyes, exactly: I need to learn how to make a chroot of Devuan22:41
bsd4meoff to install refracta via console. bbl23:14
gnarfaceDarwinElf: it isn't fundamentally different from a debian chroot but you will need the devuan version of debootstrap23:43
gnarface(unless debian has finally patched theirs, but i suspect they have not)23:44
DarwinElfok, well I've never done that.  I stopped using Debian around 2002 and switched back to older POSIX-based OSes23:49
DarwinElfok, I installed debootstrap23:50
gnarfaceDarwinElf: well, yes, basically you run the debootstrap comand, then you run 3 (optionally 4) bind mount commands, then you chroot in23:58

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