freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2020-02-18

TheBlueWizardHow do I get a screenshot of the screen on my Devuan box? Thanks!03:27
hemimaniacjust hitting print screen button outta do03:28
TheBlueWizardI did...GIMP said there is nothing to paste in03:29
hemimaniacif it took a screen shot it would have been saved to file03:30
TheBlueWizarda file? hmm...where would that be in? Downloads?03:31
hemimaniacpictures or /home/yourusername03:31
TheBlueWizarddidn't find any such files03:34
fsmithredTheBlueWizard, if you're in xfce, screenshot is in the menu under Accessories03:36
fsmithredI don't know about other desktops03:37
fsmithredand then there's always scrot03:37
TheBlueWizardHmm! Found "Screenshot" in Accessories...gonna try that03:38
hemimaniacty fsmithred , prntscrn always seemed to work for me03:39
TheBlueWizardIt works! Now I'm in business! Thanks a zillion!03:40
hemimaniacguess i forgot about the menu ones03:40
TheBlueWizardstart screenshot, then pick an option to make a screenshot of, then save it or launch an app (GIMP in my case)03:40
tuxd3v_'apt-get install xfce4-screenshooter'03:41
TheBlueWizardthanks all ... gotta go! bye!03:41
hemimaniacya, i know screenshooter will let ya fire straight to imgur03:41
fsmithredhemimaniac, what desktop are you using?03:41
hemimaniacmate right now03:42
fsmithredprintscreen doesn't seem to work in xfce03:42
fsmithredcan't remember the last time I used that03:43
hemimaniaci know there a screen shot usually in the menu, like i said, prntscrn just always seems to work so i forget about the longway sometimes03:43
fsmithred(long ago)03:43
fsmithredI use scrot when I'm in openbox03:43
fsmithredit's command line but pretty simple03:43
tuxd3v_xfce4-screenshooter works nice03:44
hemimaniaci tried flameshot in the past as well, it is kinda loaded03:44
tuxd3v_printscreen for all screen03:44
tuxd3v_xfce4-screenshooter -r(shift + printscreen) for region :)03:44
hemimaniaci gotta (hopefully tomorrow) re-install devuan xfce03:46
golinuxfsmithred: you have to set prntscrn in the keyboard shortcuts03:52
fsmithredyeah, I figured that was possible03:53
onefangUm, GIMP has it's own screenshot ability built in, if you are gonna use GIMP anyway.  File menu -> Create -> Screenshot...05:19
Mike_YThanks for all the great work in Devuan!16:23
Mike_YEven GNU is picking you up for GNewSense modules16:23
Mike_YCan I receive some guidance on setting up Whonix?16:23
Mike_YIs Virtual Box a straight forward install since it's not within repository?16:24
Mike_YPS the /apt/sources.list was not working on latest desktop_live i386 install, needed the #comment at top16:24
Mike_YI'll check the archive tomorrow, thank you16:31
furrywolfmeh, I was about to answer him.  oh well.16:33
toprofurrywolf: he said he's going to check the (channel?) archive tomorrow. so just write your answer, he'll read it16:34
furrywolfI was just going to ask what exactly was wrong with the sources.list, as that's an odd and unlikely thing to have broken.16:34
toprohmm, ok. thats hard through the archive :D16:35
buZzthere's a archive? :D16:42
buZzah, since 201816:42
fsmithredMike_Y, virtualbox is in ascii-backports17:08
xrogaanwhere can we query the package list present in devuan again?19:02
xrogaanApparently, beowulf's backports aren't tracked.19:03
golinuxYes. pkginfo.devuan.org19:04
golinuxYes they are19:04
golinuxOops. Since beowulf is still "teating" there are no backports yet.19:05
golinuxWhen It goes stable, there will be19:05
hemimaniacI can't wait19:06
Evilhamehem, there are backports already19:25
Evilhampkginfo isnt' updated just yet, but the backports repo is in place19:26
Evilhamand testing/feedback is appreciated19:26
Evilhamit should be working fine19:26
fsmithredI've installed the beowulf-backports kernel without any problems.19:51
GoatAvengerjoin ##truth22:44
GoatAvengeroops, ignore that >.<22:44
onefangCan we ignore the truth?  B-)22:45
GoatAvengerIt's been done before -.-22:45
Mike_YThanks for the info above23:59

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