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Mike_YDo you think I will need to setup kernel headers for VirtualBox to work for Whonix?00:00
Mike_YDoes anyone have thoughts about what happened to Ian Murdock?00:03
Mike_YBefore Epstein... Ian Murdock did not kill himself00:08
Mike_YWhy???  Because 23,000 people starve to death and heaven each day from man made poverty.00:09
Mike_YI guess that good news for the poor from Yeshua - Isaiah 6100:09
Mike_YAnyone here get V2K like others all over the world?00:11
Mike_YTheres a binary blob for microwave processing of carbon/water in the body that they tried to push past Ian for probably 10 years.  Wonder what my Nexus5 Ubuntu Touch is doing?00:12
xrogaanaptitude search ?obsolete:
tomI get a segfault when programs try to use libgdk in ascii04:55
tomx00007fffdad8737c in gdk_display_open () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
tomdoes anybody know what this means?04:56
tomOnly is this a problem in Devuan04:56
tomworks fine in gentoo04:56
tomThread 1 "qt5ct" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.04:57
gnarfacetom: got anything in there from backports or some other repo or version?05:16
gnarfacetom: and are you fully updated?05:16
tomgnarface, yes I had to backport qt5ct05:16
gnarfacetom: i mean, it's obviously broken, but this type of error could be caused by lots of stuff... anything from hardware failure to version mismatch.  if you have anything from outside the repo though (like a backported version of qt5ct) that is the primary suspect05:17
tombut i tried both qt5-style-plugins/stable and a backport from beowulf05:17
gnarfacetom: perhaps you need to backport some of its dependencies as well.  perhaps it is not stable with all the ascii ones05:18
tomgnarface, how else do I tell qt5 to use the gtk2 styles if not qt5ct?05:18
gnarfacetom: hell, perhaps it is not stable at all, perhaps you should report the bug, but i'm guessing this is version related05:18
tomno qt5-style-plugins is from ascii05:19
gnarfaceand for that matter, does it happen with every theme?05:19
gnarfacemight be a known bug and a broken theme05:19
tomyes, qt5ct segfaults every time i set it to gtk205:19
gnarfacehmm, dunno what to tell you.  it is above my head.  make sure it is not happening on an all beowulf install...05:19
gnarfaceif you can05:20
tombrb i'm going to try editing Trolltech.conf by hand and relogging05:22
tomhuh. gnarface it seems to work just fine after a relog05:24
tomeven my local backport of qt5ct05:24
tomthat was weird05:24
gnarfacetom: is it possible you had forgotten to relog and/or run "ldconfig" after the initial install of the library?05:24
tommy gentoo desktop didn't require a relog tonot crash, just to get existing programs to takeup the new config05:24
tomgnarface, I was not aware an ldconfig was needed05:25
gnarfacetom: well maybe your gentoo desktop wasn't using the other library anywhere else but this install was...05:25
gnarface(like in the window manager itself perhaps)05:25
xrogaanoh, wow, buster's version of less is 3 years old.05:25
gnarfacetom: an ldconfig is *always* needed when adding, changing, or removing a library, but in a fair world usually the package manager or the package itself is smart enough to take care of it for you... but when building by hand...05:26
tomi guess portage did it for me on the other platform05:26
gnarfacemost likely05:27
gnarfacedon't worry... happens to the best of us05:29
tomnow all the qt programs on Devuan ASCII look uniform with all the gtk2 programs05:29
tomDevuan should do this by default yes?05:31
tomquestion about beowulf05:49
tomWill it not have nftables support or will it support both nftables and iptables?05:50
tomI have experimented on my gentoo system with nftables and converting over to it05:50
tomit's not as good as OpenBSD PacketFilter but it's certainly a welcome improvement to iptales05:51
tomhowever ASCII is NOT compatible with nftables yet05:51
tomI testing moving to it on ascii05:51
tomsystem just did not listen05:51
furrywolfbeowulf is similar to the current debian release...  if it's supported in debian, it will be supported in beowulf.  I'm not familiar with nftables myself, so don't know offhand if it is or not.05:56
tomI heard a lot about the way Debian handling it pissing off devuaners with breaking iptables, and that that was part of the work going into beowulf before it releases06:09
tomso i was justconfirming06:09
tomjust something cool i found06:09
tomxosview is much more capable of hooking into the kernel that it first appears06:10
tomafter using NetBSD for a while (masterpiece of an OS I must say) found out you can do things like represent IRQs and interrupts as LEDS06:10
tomit's very interesting06:11
tomseeing how the linux kernel optimizes itself in realtime. for example my PS/2 keyboard is always on a very low IRQ (one of the reasons I only buy motherboards with PS/2 or AT or similar keyboard interfaces) and seeing how moving my mouse will generate 1k IRQ/s and then stablize down to ~250/s or so06:13
tomand see just how busy the network card keeps the system06:13
tomapparently this tool is smart enough to differentiate hypervisor and kernel waits on linux 2.6+06:15
tomso you can use this to visualize steal on a virtual machine06:15
tomunfortunately Graphics Coproc usage is only supported in IRIX06:19
tomI wonder if there is some sysctl or procfs i could pull from in Linux to get that number06:20
* xrogaan has no idea of what is being talked about06:33
Mike_YQuestion: Do you think Whonix will work in backports Virtualbox?17:30
Mike_YBefore I reinstall Devuan for 64bit?  Is Devuan running Whonix?17:31
xrogaanone thing I liked about gksudo is that it was able to complete the line using sbin's content. pkexec is just useless.18:46
xrogaanyou need to type the full path of the application you want to start18:46
xrogaanisn't there a way to get gksu[do] back?18:46
xrogaanpkexec feels like a regression.18:47
xrogaan$ pkexec synaptic18:55
xrogaanCannot run program synaptic: No such file or directory18:55
masonSo, I did an in-place upgrade from a newly installed Vanilla ASCII to Beowulf the other day on a VM, and the screen blanked out at some point with the VM frozen. I'll have to try it again, and maybe use a netconsole to get logs, but I'm curious if this is a new thing, as I've done the upgrade before unproblematically.20:10
_abc_Hi. Anyone here have a Qualcomm/Atheros QCA9377 wifi adapter working? I am trying to find out what version of kernel supports it, ascii or beowulf ?21:19
_abc_This seems to have been around since 2016 and had trouble with older kernel versions21:20
fsmithredAR9285 here21:20
_abc_ascii is 4.9.0-8-686 and some messages seem to indicate the QCA started working right from 4.8 . Suggest a way to check? Read config perhaps?21:21
fsmithredyeah, look in /boot/config&21:21
fsmithredtry bpo kernel21:22
fsmithredascii-backports has 4.1921:22
_abc_/boot/config* has QUALCOMM in it but not specifically QCA937721:22
_abc_fsmithred: and hi21:22
fsmithreddoes lspci see it?21:23
_abc_Do you have a direct link to the sources online? I'm going to grep them but I do not have the kernel source unpacked on this machine21:23
fsmithredI don't21:23
_abc_fsmithred: it's in a laptop I plan to buy :) doing research on drivers beforehead.21:23
fsmithredmight be at salsa.debian.org21:23
fsmithredthat's where it's supposed to be21:23
_abc_What would the filename be...21:24
fsmithreddamn, I don't remember where that stuff is. It's been a few years.21:24
fsmithredsomething net something drivers21:26
fsmithredtry debian wiki for that model number21:26
_abc_ath10k-firmware is the package which should contain the driver for this21:27
fsmithredsounds right. Mine is older and is using ath9k21:27
fsmithredyou want to try a live iso with newer kernel and wireless firmware installed?21:27
_abc_have you got /usr/lib/firmware/ath10k/QCA9377/hw1.0/firmware-5.bin ?21:29
fsmithredoh, nm. They won't let you do that in a store.21:29
_abc_fsmithred: I can try it in the store, I told you about this here some time ago.21:29
_abc_/usr/lib/firmware is missing here.21:30
fsmithredsame here21:30
fsmithredtry /lib/firmware21:30
_abc_sudo apt-get install ath10k-firmware -> E: Unable to locate package ath10k-firmware21:31
fsmithredfor one thing they all start with firmware-21:31
fsmithredif it's not already in the kernel21:31
_abc_ls /lib/firmware/ath10k/QCA9377/hw1.0/firmware-5.bin exists21:31
fsmithredI don't have it installed, but the wireless works21:31
fsmithredlsmod |grep ath21:32
_abc_this is ascii on 4.921:32
_abc_fsmithred: that does not help since the module is not on this machine21:32
_abc_I just try to infer if there is support in ascii:: there is21:32
_abc_beowulf should also have it, perhaps newer version21:32
_abc_are you on beowulf fsmithred ?21:32
_abc_What's under /lib/firmware/ath10k/QCA9377/ ?21:33
fsmithredI have /lib/firmware but no ath in it21:33
_abc_What's the ath10k firmware package called21:33
fsmithredshould be firmware-atheros21:34
_abc_yes, correct per dlocate21:34
_abc_So you likely do not have that installed?21:34
fsmithreddidn't need it21:34
_abc_Mystery elucidated.21:34
_abc_Anyone else on reading this care to comment on their /lib/firmware/ath10k/QCA9377/* ?21:34
fsmithredI can't modprobe ath10k21:35
_abc_I don't think you need to modprobe it, pulling in the package should install it21:35
_abc_You said you are on ath9 I think?21:35
fsmithredwas just checking to see if it was there21:36
_abc_ this thread has references showing the firmware is from 201321:36
fsmithredI'm booting up a beowulf live-iso to see if it has it21:36
_abc_So there's already version 6 fw for that21:36
_abc_fsmithred: oh, nice21:36
_abc_They also say 4.9 kernel should work with fw 5 and 4.19 with 621:37
_abc_which distribution is the "pre compiled" arch again? manjaro?21:38
fsmithredI have firmware-5.bin and firmware-6.bin21:40
_abc_great. Thanks, I'm set.21:41
fsmithredfirmware-atheros is installed here21:41
_abc_So was it in a different location?21:41
_abc_You could not find it before. Or are you talking about the booted iso?21:41
_abc_fsmithred: anything new re: refractausb ?21:43
_abc_I'm about to config a new usb stick in the multi boot refracta way.21:44
fsmithredI think 2.4.2 is the newest one out there21:45
fsmithredI just built a newer one but haven't tested it yet, and the only change is the stuff for patch-initrd which you probably aren't using21:45
_abc_I am not sure what I have. Probably 2 years old. What I have.21:55
_abc_Do you have a link to the d/l repo?21:55
_abc_I have readme for 2.3.6 and the real r2u 2.4.1.deb21:56
_abc_brb food21:56
_abc_re. Thanks fsmithred22:21
_abc_Any changes from the help files from 2.3.6?22:23
fsmithred_abc_, I don't think so. Changelogs are copied to the page where that .deb came from.22:50
_abc_ok, thanks fsmithred22:58

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