freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2020-02-22

Mike_YHello!  Is Whonix working in Devuan?08:00
xrogaanwho's whonix?08:18
Mike_YHello, Does anyone know if Whonix workin in Devuan 64bit?09:14
gnarfaceMike_Y: give it a try and let us know?09:22
Mike_YYea, would like to do that but I'm on 32bit working and making sites, not sure if I should invest the time to install 6409:27
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vapidis there a way of just throwing in a list of package names into a file16:17
vapidand having it auto-built whenever the source packages update16:17
vapiddependencies optionally included16:17
fsmithredvapid, maybe16:20
fsmithredclone the source repos and pull daily, if anything has changed, trigger a build16:20
uzivatelHi guys, does anybody know if the slim`s wtmp/utmp registration was fixed?thanks17:13
uzivatel_2Hi guys, does anybody know if the slim`s wtmp/utmp registration was fixed?thanks17:21
bugmanxterminatoI upgraded to beowulf today and I also installed firmware-amd-graphics but when I startx, xorg throws a fit.  The log shows AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for driver 021:45
bugmanxterminatoThings work mostly fine without the binary firmware but It21:46
bugmanxterminato'd be preferable to have it installed21:46
bugmanxterminatoAny ideas?21:46
moiree_bugmanxterminato: Did you "startx" as root or as user?21:54
moiree_Do you have xserver-xorg-legacy installed?21:55
bugmanxterminatostartx as root works21:55
bugmanxterminatolet me see21:55
fsmithreddid you edit Xwrapper.config? (or is elogind installed?)21:59
bugmanxterminatoelogind is not installed and I have not edited Xwrapper.config22:00
fsmithredyou need to do the latter22:00
fsmithredit's in the release notes, same place where the isos are22:00
fsmithredneeds root rights yes (with better punctuation)22:01
bugmanxterminatoawesome it works now!22:06
bugmanxterminatothank you22:07

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